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Chade and Star are only in a brief cameo the oc's belong to me
Ivory belongs to Star, the ToS belong to Namco
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Faith was out side because she heard her brother was there she all ready saw Collette and the baby Ivory made sure they were fine so she decided to join her Lunar was pleased yet concerned when Faith saw her younger brother her eyes filled with tears of joy as did Miles as they rushed to embrace (awwww) ass they held each other they were both happy to Faith is was only a few min to Miles longer of course she was surprised her little brother was dressed like a mercenary.
She just noticed his head was wrapped up she kissed him on it “so I see your got ruffed up eh?” “tsk I save a king you want to see it?” he removed the bandage it was almost healed and the stitches were almost out Dr.Ivory come quick!” Ivory goes to the kids and checks out Miles “well guess your finally one of them she smiled as she cleaned his wound and made sure it was fine” Just then Tails showed up “Faith what the hell are you doing here?” they then hugged as Tails was grateful he saw his daughter and remembered how Shadow made sure she was alive (read tails becomes a d ad to find out more)
“Well I knew you would need my help I all ready saw Lunar and well you know” she smiled faintly.
Back in the real world Gust alongside Thunder and Peach walking thru Station Square Peach playing her PSP (not PCP you sick people!) on the farther side Star with her date Chade as a waiter with black eye served them very nervously Star being crazy gave him a hard stair and he almost fell down he left feeling ashamed (yeah who's evil now!)
“Let me guess that diplomat bitch slapped him and you want to have fun” Star very worried just looked at him. “Look I know your worried but trust me there fine I bet anything on it.” He holds her hand “yeah just I still think I should have waited” “hey it's not your fault he wanted to save his dad so it's no ones fault.” A tear left her eye as he wiped it off “oh shit!” Star quickly grabbed a menu and hid under it “I know you're a Cancer but damn” “look you see that guy” a guy dressed up in a blue body suit with long rubber quills and white underwear with white gloves and boots a blue mask covering his eyes sped past them “oh that's the world renowned super hero Hedgehog Man. Don't tell me you and the click….” She remove the menu “well he started it.” Chade rolled his eyes “Christ let's see Hilary Duff now the Hedgehog Man!” “hey he stole Shadow's shoes made C.T. looks bad and made Lunar look like a wimp!”
“I love you and could care less but don't be surprised if I leave after C.T. set me up!” “Oh will you let it go he stopped the poison of Hilary Duff!”
They kiss “why do we argue?” “who cares.” Hedgehog Man bumps into Gust and Thunder he sounds real arrogant “you little bastards you set me up! How dare you!”
Star and Chade watching from a far “this is getting ugly” “I am a hero and you ruined me how dare I say how dare you insult me like that!”
Gust and Thunder look at each other “Fox Wind! Vine Whip!” Gust has the hero tied in vines as he struggles “I'm telling your parents!” Thunder gets on all fours and starts bucking him Gust summons another vine and starts whipping him nasty so much he starts to cry “Peach help us!” yelled Thunder “I'm wearing a dress you nitwit!” “and” “Chaos Spear!” he strikes the poor wannabe however that blast breaks the vines “you klutz!!” Hedgehog Man give Gust a swift kick but misses Gust uses his tails to trip him and he falls down scratching his knee Peach flies up flapping those big ears of hers ready to give him a Chaos Spear herself Gust looks ready as he accidentally looks up and sees her underwear white with teddies on it he falls back “dammit Peach now I'm blind “ “chaos spears!” her attack does more damage than her brothers but he's is still standing he grabs a vine and swings it at her she falls down landing on Gust Thunder now annoyed points to the sky he looks and `Bam!!' a pimp slap to make Ike Turner proud he falls back tripping over Gust as Peach gets up Thunder gives him a low blow and “Chaos Control!” there are back in the Mystic Ruins.
Hedgehog Man gets up and limps away sobbing (YOU JUST GOT YOUR ASS WHIPPED!) Gust stumbling around cussing “I'm blind, I'm blind!!”
Luna comes out Peach is turning as red as Knuckles “sorry you saw that but I warned you” Luna sees him running around crashing “Gust stand still and wait till I get you.”
Luna extends her tail and he feels for it now being walked back inside Luna is now his eyes the hedgerabbits follow Gust sits down as Luna hugs him and smacks him up side the head now how are your eyes “now just because you accidentally looked up a dress you don't have to go blind but you are a gentleman' Gust fell back because the twins kicked him hard he gets up “look I don't know when Lunar is coming back but your now in charge till he does.”
Gust's eyes fill with tears “you mean my dad isn't coming home?” Cosmo shows up “no dear that means your the man of the house till he returns, your responsible for me and Luna.”
She hugs her son as he goes to Luna hugging her thunder and Peach join them (awwwww)
Back in the other world the reunion is bitter sweet Lloyd, Kratos, Yuan, and Genis stay behind Ivory pulls out some pills C.T. teleports “yoink!” grabs them and leaves “how did I know he was after the pills” she leaves Lloyd some antibiotics and pain killers.
C.T. sees some more opium poppies, But Lunar stops him “touch one poppy and you'll need more that that for heal your self”
“Let's get ready to return to Tethe'alla” said Lunar as every body got ready “let's see Tails, Faith, Miles, Lunar that's 4 plus me is 5 also Persea, Sheena, Regal, Zelos, that's 9. also Ivory and Raine that's 10 well let's try. Chaos Control!!” everyone heads back to Tethe'alla.
Back in the real world Hedgehog Man now at Eggman's base sobbing as he gets his wounds cleaned “hold still” “it hurts!” “quit being a baby” he poured a bottle of alcohol on a wound “eeeowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Back in Tethe'alla Ivory tends to the king as Kate takes over the matter being a half-elf and a princess is not a cake walk (Mmmmmmm cake walk dreaming of a cake walking)
The king is very ill and on death's door the pope knows this but won't jump in yet since Lunar and Miles will most likely take him down
Zelos and Regal both worried since Kate is going to be princess however they are both nobles so they could help in their own way.
Ivory comes out with Raine tears fill her eyes “well I tried but he's too far gone he wants to see Lunar and Miles but remember put on a strong face.” Lunar removes the fake fur covering up his metal place Ivory looks at him “you said a strong face.” That sarcastic joke helped her a bit.
Lunar looking bold yet the reg side is with despair Lunar you were brave he said his breath dying Miles I though of you as a son.” Tears fill the young foxes eyes as Lunar rests a hand on his shoulder “messenger” a messenger comes up “as king I step down Lunar be the king” and he died.. Lunar has a strong look on his face he closes the eyes on him.
Miles exits tears in his eyes Faith is there open arms he rushes into them as she holds him he says “Lunar is now the king!”Lunar looks at C.T. with sick look I'm going to be fair with you either learn how to act like a diplomat or I remove your status.”
C.T. is not too please “ fine but who will show me how to act?” “I shall” Regal smiles come we have work to do they both take off Raine with hearts in her eyes “ oooo a true diplomat!!” every one looks at her and she's as red a Zelos' Hair.
Miles exits from Faith's grasps and heads outside wondering how everyone is doing if Gust if being a fool or Tom hustling hell even Aries and Jewelle are out having a good time he looks up it's sunset.
He walks around the back of the castle the only other time he went was with Aries and Jewelle along side Knuckles and Rouge last summer he misses them of course he knows a dark secret on Rouge but has way to much respect to say it
Narrator: she slept with his dad and everybody else even Eggman and my dad!!!
Miles: hey you big mouth that's not fair!!!
Narrator: oops my bad heh heh heh..
Raine: oh there you are dippy!
Narrator: Oh shit Chaos Control!
Raine: awww he's so shy..
Faith sees him and feels real bad he really looks up to Lunar she goes to him “you want to walk in the moon light?”
(NO YOU SICK PEOPLE NOT MilesxFaith you people make me sick!!!)
“I guess” she takes his hand even though it's gloved and he's in armor they walk around the castle.
Miles: I don't want to loose Lunar I all ready lost Star!
Faith: look I don't wean to loose him either but these people need him until the true princess is found hopefully alive.
Miles: I could care less but if Lunar stays I stay!
Faith has tears in her eyes
Faith: you would give us all up just to stay here, we all love you think about it I know you love Lunar but with out a king these people will suffer I'll suffer.
Miles just looks at his sister
Miles: fine I'll rescue the princess my self!
Zelos appears healed by Ivory
Zelos: whoa, whoa, whoa!! You crazy the pope finds out he'll have us all killed and if he finds the gate you world is fucked!
Zelos: yeah I said FUCKED!!
They all leave the kings body has been moved yet Lunar is not yet the king.
The pope got word and is pissed as hell “that mangy mutt is going to be king this happened before a sub king that means the tournament!! If he fails and gets killed I shall be king!!!” a messenger arrives “your holiness you still have the power to change the rules” the pope has a sick look….
Regal at his house giving C.T. some fancy clothes “come out Thomas” he is dressed like a Dandy “well now your behavior just have well manner and be polite and civil” he bows “how do you do.” In his mind when I get back your ass is mine!
Well shall we see the others C.T. acting all civilized “hello your majesty I shall be at your side?
Everyone is shocked he is well behaved and civil also humble Lunar knows he hates it but has enough sense to keep quite.
Miles, Faith and Zelos come back Miles removes the bandage Ivory removes the stitches a huge nasty scar is shown “I could fix that when we get back.” Leave it be I'll fix it when I'm ready Faith has a scar on her arm I have one on my head and Gust has one on his heart(mentally)”
Just then a papal messenger tomorrow you have to fight in the arena however you will be in this dire situation your hands must be ties behind your back and legs bound once your free you may fight and yes the pope will be there” he leaves.
Lunar looking puzzled “well I leave my fate with C.T.” “why him” “ because he knows more and can handle a dire situation”
C.T.: oh yeah I am sooo loved
Zelos: hey that's my line
Narrator: silence!!!
Randy: hey I only get to say that
Narrator: my bad
Randy: silence!!!
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