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Lunar not in a pleasant mood was being tied up he was wearing rags his morpher was in the back as he was being escorted to the arena by the Papal Knights every body else stood at ring side C.T. was holding his weapons when he breaks free he can wield them.
Ivory as well as Kate looked on Tails and his children were the only ones that had Faith in him also Regal was there Raine and Genis were with their mom not at the arena (for shame, for shame!!)
The Pope was in a VIP booth (Very Important Pope) enjoying as Lunar was tossed in the ring a Dragon Knight appeared Lunar just looked up not even caring. He just fell on his belly and lied there as the Dragon Knight hammered away at him as people booed Lunar had a plan.
Break the ropes, of course he knew the Pope would try something he got up and drop kicked him and fell back down the Dragon Knight breathed fire on him however the fire burned the ropes and he broke free he now had full use of his hands and legs the Dragon Knight was now pissed "oh yeah it's Morphing time!"
He turns into powered Lunar as C.T. tosses in his sword not easy either since he remains in reg from not powered up "oh yeah time to kick some ass!" Lunar fought off the Dragon Knight with ease the Pope irate "now what send in more troops!" a rouge and some thieves show up he takes them out with one swing. Of course the Pope knows he's loosing so to better his chances he sends in some ice monsters and a Heavy Armor they all were like stealing candy from a crack baby to Lunar with his black sword but one he sent in the Bigfoot and demons from the Underworld he was screwed since he can't possess magic he fought them off but to no avail.
"Well I hope this works." He said he was thinking of getting he power from the Master Emerald but the only one he knows could do that was Knuckles but he was no longer the guardian "can this work?" he raises his sword as the monsters keep attacking "I CALL UPON THE SEVEN SREVERS OF THE MASTER EMREALD HEED MY CALL AND GIVE ME THY STRENTH!!" Back on Angle Island Tikal stood guard as the Floating Island started shaking a beam of green light flew out of the master emerald and went away Tikal got up and looked surprised.
The beam hit Lunar with sheer force as a new sword appeared in his hand a green sword dark and powerful as his uniform now turned green with a gold vest around it (he looks like the green ranger) as the green ranger theme was being played he now had 2 swords in his hands "oh yeah come on ulgy's!" He boasted of course The Pope did the unthinkable he sent in the Hell Knight (those who played the game know he is not a piece of cake) Luanr now was fighting off the 2ndworst of the worst but he some how managed to over come him.
The Pope now super irate as he leaves "dammit just kill him off!!" he sends in some of his own men 6 Papal Knights and a commander Lunar jumps in the air and slams down his sword "Wolf Fang Thunder!" thunder sends the Knights flying everywhere they fall one by one "long live the Pope!" one says as Lunar stands over him he slams his sword into him "see you in Hell!" he smiles everyone runs to him and cheers him on he is not yet happy he just looks on.
He confronts the Pope snatches the Crown and is now known as King Lunar I
"Long Live King Lunar, All hail King Lunar!!!" the people rejoice everyone but Lunar.
The Pope still irate goes off some where trying to find a way to be King. The Desicians are now forming a new plan Magnius not too pleased he suffered a beating by a little girl Kvar only thought of getting the ranches back up and running and Forcystus was going with the flow that and getting revenge on Kratos. Of course their main goal was to resurrect Yggdrasill (yeah right) Zelos in the royal chambers along side Princess Kate and Regal as he is being forced to wear the clothes of the royals, Kate feels his sadness. She offers to console him but his pride got in his way.
A maid looks at him all dressed up like a king "you look much better now" she smiled "well why do I not feel better?" Nobody says a word "I missed the birth of my children and that is very heart breaking." Everyone leaves Miles, Tails, and Faith sees him "look we'll get home right?" Faith says that somewhat cheered him up "yeah till then I'm going to rescue Hilda!" said Miles. Tails looks on. C.T. and Zelos take off to Altamira possible to get drunk C.T. is happily married so he won't go after women.
Time passes Lunar finally speaks to the people listen since I am the King you do as I say as of no any hatred or discrimination of half elves with be punished by death! Any problems you shall see me or my associates and we can solve it diplomatically." Some people cheer and the rest boo!
Lunar heads back to meet Regal "so Lunar you know where C.T. went?" "to get drunk like I truly care" "what about Raine and Genis" "they are with their mother" Just then Virginia shows up beaten and exhausted tears fill her eyes "my children were kidnapped by some solders they say if you don't show up they will be killed!" Lunar looks at Regal Kate and you are in charge alert Miles to stand guard, I' the one there after so be it!" Virginia is somewhat please the king himself is going to rescue them Lunar now in his reg clothes heads to the old-worldly gate Kvar is holding Raine and Genis at Knife point "well, well the mangy mutt of a king showed up hahahaha!!" "run Luanr it's a trap!"cried Genis "silence you impudent little brat you may be one of us but I despise your cause!" the Grand Cardinal said sadistically.
"Look it's me you what let them go!" barked Lunar as a beam of light came down the gate opened "I wanted you get resurrect some one you may not like very much but getting rid of you would be more fun!" he grabs rains who screams "catch the bitch if you like" and tosses her in the portal "Raine!!!" cried Genis "your going to pay for that!" "Lightning Strike!" Kvar attacked Genis and knocked him out cold "when I return I'll send you to hell my self!" barked Lunar as he jumped into the portal. "Hahaha that was easer than it looked." He then leaves.
Time passes everyone is worried about Lunar "this is not good" said Regal "what if he found a way home you think he'd leave us?" Said Tails "no he would never do that whatever happened I'm sure he's fine." Said Faith.
Just them Maginus showed up everybody got on guard "now, now there no need to fight I just want to talk" "what do you want" barked Sheena "just to inform you your king is gone my partner sent Raine into a portal" "noooooo!!" cired Virginia as she fell to the ground Ivory was there to console her "yes your king decide to head home to your world so he took off, oh don't worry when we take over and send you back you won't need to worry about this world soon we will take over yours as well!" he then disappears "dammit" said Tails Miles rushes in to see what happened Faith with tears in her eyes touches his shoulder "Lunar left us your now in charge" Miles just gives a hard look "if he returns I will kill him! "Dad when we get back report him to the wolf/fox alliance!" Tails nods Ivory concerned is only worried if they hurt Genis.
Out side they here commotion and look the entire city is having a riot no law no king total anarchy!
"Oh great where is the chosen when we need him" barked Sheena
"Hey crazy you mind getting my s-sister in the sw abbet?" Zelos now drunk with 3 women around him C.T. just had his 3rd beer and is feeling fine. "Fine, Chaos Control" he accidentally teleports to the odd-worldly gate and stumbles upon Genis badly hurt he then morphs into powered form that makes him sober again he revives him and finds out they tossed his sister in the portal "oh crap if she confront Molly all hell will break loose"
"You need to come with me I promised I would get Seles so here we go!" They arrive at he south east abbey head up to Seles room "so how can I help you" she said C.T. holds out his hand "come with me if you want to live" "ok but what's happing" "Chaos Control" they are all gone.
they arrive at the castle  Ivory tends to Genis' wounds Seles has a coughing fit Ivory looks at her and finds out she has a case of  bronchitis and a weak immune system  “hmmm here take this” Ivory hands Seles some antibiotics and codeine.
She takes them and is starting to feel better.“Well now what” asked Faith?
“We stop those crazy people” said Seles
“But how” said Miles “leave it to me”
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