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The world of Tehte’alla is a total disaster Meltokio is having a riot. Zelos and Regal are having a hard time controlling them crowd as the nobles and ‘ghetto’ are fighting among themselves "this is awful" said Faith as she looked at her brother "those cursed Desians, well we need to get the princess" "but how" she asked "leave it to me" he smiled as he flew outside.
"White Fox Thunder!!" he unleashed a powerful attack stunning he people and calming them down Zelos showed up ok people they king was captured but me and the Noble Regal as well as the Ambassador shall take his place as well as the Princess Kate we will get him back real soon so everybody calm down!" they do and peace returns once again.
Back in the Mystic Ruins Gust with Luna being there as his mom hands him a cup of coffee "here drink this" he does and gags "this is awful!! What the hell is it?" "add sugar and cream dear, your no longer a child you hare a responsibly now. Smiled Cosmo" Luna wrapped her arm around him "I trust Lunar will be back sooner than you think" she said. Just then some pounding on the door Gust answers it an artic wolf/fox with black greasy hair slicked back in a leather jacket, red t-shirt black boots and blue jeans "hey sis how’s it hanging eating for 3 I see." "Aska will you please grow up your 20 years old stop acting like your 13" she gets up to hug him. "So did Mr. Tin man dump you on me or what" Luna gave Gust a look "Thunder Attack!" he gave him a much deserved shock. His hair was standing up "hey what the fuck was that for?" "don’t insult him he was transported to another dimension so till her returns Gust is in charge." She said in a soft tone "you mean I have to take orders from this runt?"
Gust charging his hands up "I-I mean that is sweet you helping he help her." "Well I’m off I promised to meet Thunder and Peach" he hugs Luna and Cosmo and takes off Aska heads for the couch he sits down and puts his feet on the coffee table Cosmo summons a vine and removes them. Aska just scowls.
Gust now at the train station Thunder and Peach are waiting for him "hey where is Violet and Rusty?" "they said they would meet us there you ready for your last meal?" Thunder said pushing back his quills. "Oh shut up I’m not getting executed" "yeah be nice he’s being sweet" said Peach smiling at him. "Oh boy, here we go you and your boyfriend" Thunder rolls his eyes. Peach gets on her toes and kisses Gust on the cheek , Gust just stands there with a sweat drop on his head. "Ok here we go" Thunder grabs Gust’s arm and puts it around his sister. "Now sit together" they do Thunder pulls out a camera phone "oh yeah I’m going to put this on myspace.com." Gust gives him a look "you do that and you will never need to pay an electric bill again."
"Gust you want to use the PSP?" "sure since mine is still charging" Thunder give him a look hey I don’t want to over load the damn thing. What games you got anyway?" Grand Theft Auto Vice city stories, Grand Theft Auto III and pretty much every GTA around you do know I’m a good girl" she snuggles with him (awwwwww). As they train move Thunder replies "good girl my ass playing game like that." "What about you huh your playing Strawberry Short Cake and My Little Pony your one to talk!" Gust just "ooooooooo damn she got you dead to rights." Thunder now annoyed "well at least I got Angle she likes them so I play them with her!" "suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!" they say in unison no really ask Luna she’ll back me up besides she never lies." "Yes she did she said you like girls" Gust said proudly.
"Shut up!!" The train arrives in Station Square, they see Amy in a simple red dress and shoes with a violet hedgehog in the same dress along side another blue hedgehog in a white t-shirt and jeans with black shoes. "Well I heard about your father, how are you holding up?" "well I have to take care of Luna now but it’s all good so what are you doing here?" "well there was a sale and the kids were meeting you here so I dropped them off take care now" she kissed her kids and left.
"So where to twinkle park or the arcade" said Violet. "Arcade where else besides I have no plans on having Thunder on my shoulder people will think he’s a pede" "you mean pedo" said Violet "besides you know what one is?" "yeah a bad man or woman, a sick one too." They 5 of them continue walking when a flash of light appearsGust holds out his hands as if he’s holding them back and a woman with white hair wearing a white tight skirt just to the knees and brown boots with a black jacket lands in the middle of the street (it’s Raine who else) she gets up but is still on her knees as a huge truck is coming. Gust sees Hedgehog Man coming to investigate oh crap Gust rushes into the street and grabs her and rolls her out of the way as the truck driver says "lie on the side walk you nut!" "lady you ok?" she looks up "Miles?" "no I’m Gust his older bother" Raine hugs him "sorry I have a un girl" he gets up helping her up as well "so how do you know him and how did you get here?" "Oh crap here he comes!" Hedgehog Man very disgruntled "so now your pushing women in the street" Raine looks at Gust as a Cop shows up with a thick Irish accent "ok what seems to be the problem here
"this idiot shoved me in the street!! Hissed Raine "trying to get to those kids Gust here risked his life for me" Hedgehog Man now shocked and hurt "she’s a liar I was going to save her this punk stole my save!!!" Just then Thunder and the rest teleported across the street. "So you want to fight us now old man it’s 5 on one that seems fare"
"well O’Brien you decide who’s the liar now" smiled Gust "well your green and that is my favorite color besides you have the Luck of the Irish matie your coming with me downtown we don’t need costumed freaks running around this city!" He hands cuffs Hedgehog Man as he protests I want my lawyer, this is an outrage!!" "Yeah, yeah tell it to the judge" they leave.
"Now tell me about Miles, wait why did you cover for us?" "he seemed like trouble besides the way you save me I say I owed you one" "Raine right how is everybody doing" well your Cousin tried to rescue me but was sent thru the odd worldly gate so he could be here or in another part of you world." "You brother and sister as well as your dad any that dreamy diplomat are there too." hearts are in her eyes as she thinks of C.T. " What about Dr. Ivory" asked Rusty she’s there but……" she froze "what’s wrong" asked Peach " if there is a way for me to get back I must." "Why?" I have brother to look after besides there are toehr matters I need to attend to.
"Let’s head back to my place" Said Violet "I’m sure Dad knows what to do"
They take off Gust holding Raine’s hand Making Peach somewhat jealous.
Outside the Mystic Ruins Lunar lands hard on his ass "dammit remind me to have ass armor too." He’s still dressed as a king as he sees Tails house "if Luna is there I have a chance to explain as well as see my kids."
He runs to Tails place as fast as he can and opens the door to his shock he sees Luna just as he left lying her head on Aska’s lap "what the hell!!" "Damn look who’s back." Smiled Aska.
Cosmo shows up with a blanket and drops it "Lunar what are you doing here?" "Long story what day is it and how long was I gone?" she looks at her watch "3 no 4 hours." All that commotion awoke Luna who arose was surprised and happy" Oh Lunar I knew you would come back!" "well I have to return soon I only hope Tails forgave me for…" Lunar took a long pause "Raine oh crap!" "Who is Raine" asked Cosmo "someone I saved when I got transported back" "Lunar Gust is now in charge, that means he as well as You and Aska will be in the delivery room" "like hell I’m going to be there" hissed Aska. Lunar smacked him upside the head "your going to be there if I have to bring your here at gun point!" "awwww come on help a brother out!" "Martel is stuck at the campus your parents can’t seem to get a train so you’re the only family that’s available at the moment." Look I’ll be back I need to go to the wolf/fox alliance there is going to be trouble big trouble and I will need all the help I can get." He kissed Luna then took off.
Raine and the kids walking back to the Train station "so where do you live?" asked Gust well dear I live in a place called Iselia that’s in Sylvarant I don’t know how we got here but we somehow got separated." "Who is we?" asked Gust "Lunar Prower" Gust almost fainted but Thunder and Rusty caught him.
"Well let’s head to my place" said Violet "our dad can figure this out." Just then a large skunk wearing burgundy boots and underwear with a harness in the form of an ‘X’ "so we meet again kids" Raine pulled out her staff Gust started growing a vine "so I see you got another to join you hahaha you kids are more pathetic than your parents are ha!"
"Don’t speak ill of our parents Geoffrey!" barked Thunder "your ready lets finish this" shouted Gust "oh wait I got some friends too ha!" Just then Mighty and a raccoon showed up "oh great Bandit I hate that guy!" Hissed Violet
Geoffrey only smiled as he swung his tail aiming for Peach but Gust took the hit and was knocked out cold "Gust!!!" she cried she started flapping her ears flying up "Chaos Spears!"
And unleashed a barrage of small Chaos Spears
Mighty spun into a ball and started homing attacking them Violet and Rusty countered as did Thunder as Raine started a spell "bring back this soul from purgatory! Resurrection!" a flash of light appeared and Gust arose "time for some payback!" "Vine Whip!" vines started wrapping Geoffrey up "White Fox Thunder!" he gave Geoffrey a huge shock making a nasty odor like a brunt skunk "ok so you brats like to play ruff ok" said Bandit as Violet and Rusty did a double homing attack "Chaos Control!" Thunder said as everything slowed down for 30 seconds
"I’ll help Sharpness" said Raine as she cast another spell this time razing their defense. Bandit was unable to move "oh crap not" again Raine started swinging her staff knocking them around As thunder was charging up a final attack "Ultra Chaos Blast!" a huge Chaos Blast appeared and knocked the trio into a wall smashing it "That wasn’t too bad" smiled Raine. As soon as they get up "let’s get out of here" "were screwed" "shut up all of you!"
"Well lets see Sonic" said Gust.
"Let’s make it quick" said Thunder "Chaos Control" they all teleport.
At Sonic’s house Molly is there all dressed up in a white business suite (white skirt to the knees tan panty hose white jacket and black shoes) "well the kids are with their grandfather, I know he’s ok but still we all lost some body important" "Look I don’t like to think about how bad it is I am trying to be as positive as possible Cosmo has at least one kid left Luna is expecting so I look at the bright side." Sonic said trying not to be cocky they then hug.
"So where are you off to all dressed up anyway?" "well I was going to the jail because Dad wanted me to pick up some papers since he’s watching the kids I figured see what up beside I need to get Big –Bo out anyway?" "what did he do" said Sonic giving her a look "he shot a cop for giving him a ticket" Sonic just nods his head. As a flash of light appears Violet, Rusty Thunder, Peach, Gust and Raine all appear "well I got good news! I herd Lunar’s back!" said Gust all hyped up "what about C.T.?" Asked Molly with concern "oh you mean my boy friend" said Raine sadly "your boyfriend he’s my husband bitch!" Molly said super pissed before punching her dead in the face with sheer force. "Ladies please fight out side" said
Sonic as Raine wiped the blood form her nose. They both exit for the (drum roll please) THE MOTHER OF ALL CAT FIGHTS!!!
A/N: well as said Molly vs. Raine in the mother of all cat fights….