Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Molly vs.Raine The Mothter of all Cat Ffights ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Molly exited outside broke off the heels to her shoes Raine quickly healed her self and headed out as well. "He loves he only he’s shy" hissed Raine "he doesn’t love you he’s mine bitch!" no he’s mine!" they start to wrestle a bit the kids with Sonic start to watch as they start to pull their hair Molly pulls out a hunk of it "aaaaaaaaa" "well I removed a grey" Raine counters by giving her a swift kick to the stomach knocking her down Molly gets up rips the sides to her skirt removes the jacket "ok now bring it bitch!" she holds out her hand and starts moving it like The Rock.
Raine removes her Staff and Starts swing it, but Molly grabs it and smashes it on he knee. "Ha no spell for you!" "you slut!" they start to rip at each others hair and punch each other in the gut Molly Grabs her ear and bite on it Raine screams in pain no husband would date a filthy slutty elf woman!" Raine counters with high kick to the back "for your info I’m a half-elf!" they start to wrestle some more this time getting in the mud. They continue to punch each other and rip at each other hair Molly then rips off Raine’s Coat Raine rips off Molly’s shirt revealing a silk bra Gust quickly covers his eyes and starts running around shouting "I’m Blind, I’m blind!" Peach just nods her head.
They continue to punch each other till their knuckles start to bleed then the slap each other around the exit the mud pulling at each other thy then fall into puddle of water as some yard sprinklers turn on making a very hot scene as they are some what cleaned off Molly slaps Raien so hard she falls into a tree "this is something my friends Chun-Li showed me yap, yap yap!!!"
Molly standing on one leg starts kicking the holy hell out of poor Raine.
Raine falls down but quickly unleashes a spell "Light! Photon!" Molly jumps out of the way. "So you want to play with magic ok how bout this Hado-Kin!!" Molly shoots ahuge blast of energy from her hands blasting Raine, she falls down but quickly gets up both are now bleeding and panting "so you ready to quite?" "not on you sorry ass life!" "Root of all creation grant us the breath of light Revitalize!!" they both are healed as they continue to punch, kick, and say some words so bad I would have to change the rating to ‘Y’.
Molly give one swift kick before spin kicking her in the air Raine comes down hard and grabs a stick Molly again counters as she charges her hands and "Hado-Ken" Raine now dazed and confused "Don't in my way!" getting the worst of it she uses another spell "This is going to be an arduous battle." "Gah!" she got another punch to the gut "Ray!" beams of light came down Molly couldn’t dodge them all 2of them slices down and cut her on each side of her cheeks. As she fell back screaming she grabbed her and gave her a beating (Midaire Zagura) after wards a massive Hurricane Kick higher and higher (Haru Ichiban)
Raine came back and punches her dead in the back causing her to stumble but she comes back and punches her dead in the jaw (she came, she saw she punched right dead in the jaw, in the jaw) Molly had the upper hand but was being held back by Raine’s healing techs Molly had no choice now she grabbed Raine by the hair and tossed her in the air jumped up "Temma!" started unleashing energy blast similar to Temma Gu Zankuu Molly was using every know street fighter attack she learned Raine was now hurt and her health was quite low But Molly wasn’t finished she dove down a delivering a massive kick to Raine’s stomach causing her to spit blood Molly did the unthinkable and unleashed the raging demon that attack almost killed Raine but Some how she survived that Molly then climed on top of her and started punching out her teeth till Amy showed up and stopped her "that’s enough!"
"Look I have some good news Lunar returned Cosmo told me" Molly fell back on her knees and started crying softly "Sonic I can’t believe you stood by here with the kids while they almost killed each other this poor woman needs a doctor!" Sonci gave a look fine I’ll call a doctor he pulls out his cell phone "hello Dr Eggman yeah I got a real emergency down here"
A/N: well thus ends the mother of all cat fights