Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ The Good Doctor (Eggman) ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sonic hung up Amy removed her coat and covered Molly with it as Dr.Eggman
(he has an MD as well as a doctorate in robotics) shows up an blue scrubs with a medical kit and that thing used to hear your heart.
He also had a gurney with him "don’t just stand there help me you fools!" everyone helps Raine on the stretcher as some egg robos all white with a red cross on their chest take here away Amy continues to confront Molly hugging her "Sonic take the kids and do something.
I’ll stay with Molly" they all run off. "Look I know you love him but he would never hurt you like that he loves you" Molly looks up tears in her blue eyes *sniff* you really t-t-think so *sniff* "I’m sure of it come on lets clean you up" they head inside.
Back at Eggman’s base Raine wakes up her head bandaged as well as her stomach and a ‘X’ bandage on her cheek she tries to move but can’t she feels around her body and notices she is covered in bandages as Dr.Eggman shows up "pervert!" she screams and throws a pillow at him "oh relax I’m a doctor I seen it all" he says grabbing the pillow and handing it back "you took quite a beating Ms Sage." "She tried to steal my man, claiming that’s her husband!" "but they are married ohohoho!" "look is there a way to send me home?" she asked. Ha you wont be leaving anytime soon look at these wounds" 4 broken ribs, internal bleeding, 5 missing teeth, concussion, various cuts and bruises. "Looks like you’ll stay here forever hahahahaha!!!" Raine begins to cry "oh now there’s no need for that I was only joking’ as he starts patting her on the back look you can’t eat any time soon so here you go he inserts an IV into her arm this water will replenish you till your ready but you wont be eating solid foods till I contact Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S."
Eggman left Rane alone to gather her thoughts.
Molly just came out of the shower still sore Amy smashed a heal unit on her after wards most of the wounds healed (the psychical ones) Amy wrapped her arm around her and kissed her cheek "look everything will be ok I know you mean well but you can’t go around killing people that you think stole you man" just then Shadow and Cream showed up "I know what happened Molly I’m very disappointed what you did." He then left Cream stayed behind "Oh Molly I’m so sorry I wasn’t there" trying to ease the tensions.
"Look it’s not your fault it’s no ones fault" said Molly faintly smiling just then Big Bo showed up "man woman you were supposed to pick me up from jail man what’s the deal!" "oh cut the crap" hissed Cream "man I just got out I served time man and you telling me to cut the crap man I had to be on guard so I wouldn’t be some ones bitch man!" "look Molly almost killed some one your only did a few months that cop will have along time before he walks again!" barked Amy "man you softies I is out of here" he stormed off.
Back at Eggman’s base Raine now asleep as Eggman making dinner several hard boiled eggs and a bottle of eggnog with some heavily buttered bread "well getting her home won’t be as easy as I thought at least 6 months to open the gate, oh well it will be nice to have some company." As he was about to eat his first egg Sonic and the kids show up "Eggman!" barked Sonic "you won’t get way with this" hissed Thunder "what did I do I was here tending to my patient" they both look stupid "sorry force of habit" "how is she doing" "well good news bad news and more bad news" "sit it out?" ok the good news is she’ll live, the bad news is she’ll be stuck here at least 6 months and, the more bad news is she has no health insurance so I’m sending you the bill" "you bastard!" barked Violet she looks at her dad "hey that’s my line!" "Look I was working on a portal the same kind Faith and that goodie, goodie Dr. Ivory left in sine there are 2 portals open choosing one isn’t going to be easy!" "I’ll decide that" a certain voice was herd "Dad" said Thunder Shadow appeared "well, well doctor I see your going to open the odd-worldly gate" "look pal I’m not doing it for you I’m doing it because if they attack us well be able to counter attack" "very well you could always go there this way Chaos Warp!" Shadow teleported and came back "damn no portal here."
"Well visiting hours are almost over so if you want to see her be quite she’s asleep."
He finished his diner as they check on Raine she looks like she’s in peace but on the other world noting but despair and chaos. As the Descians pan an attack on every village rounding up innocent people to get more exspheres Capt. Miles Prower along side what’s left of the royal guard take charge as C.T. reassured the people that their king will return Faith also has some commanded as she aims to stop Kvar and the rest of the Grand Cardinals.