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Lunar and Shadow arrived at the hospital frantically looking for Luna as a Doctor confronted him "can I help you?" he asked "LunamywifeIheardwshewasbroughthereplaestellmewheresheis!!!"
The doctor looked confused "ok nice and slow" he said trying to calm him down he said "he's looking for his wife her name is Luna Icewind Prower." Said Shadow being all calm.
"Ok she's getting prepared we are about to do a C-section she was asking about you come this way" the doctor said as they walk thru Lunar turns around "aren't you coming?" "bah I wish you all well but I hate places like this."
Shadow just walks away as they rush thru the hospital as they stop he hands him some scrubs "here put these on" Lunar gives him a look "fathers these days" Lunar puts them on but gives a dirty look.
As he takes him to a room " here she's in there with her cousin and son" Lunar was confused "who's her son?" " there's a wolf/fox who seems young that is her son?"
Lunar has an odd smiled on his face "that's her brother, I know he's terribly immature."
"Well just get in there she need you" as a nurse exits and stops him " no you can't enter here there are too many people besides are you the father?" "well duh!"
"sorry you can't go in there" Lunar now annoyed "like hell I can't" he pulls out his hand gun and fires twice into her stomach as she falls down.
Lunar walks over her and enters to find Gust standing next to her as Aska sits down reading a book titled "How To Grow Up" "oh thank God you're here well my job is done" said Gust about to leave Lunar grabs him "oh no you and me had a deal so you going to be here whether you like it or not." Gust looks at Luna as she's out cold as an IV drip goes into her vanes as an oxygen mask covers her mouth, he goes back to holding her hand.
"I'm her baby" said Lunar looking at her grabbing her other hand as the doctor and some staff enter they see the original nurse being rushed away as a pool of blood is being cleaned up by a janitor the doctor looks at Lunar "remind me to fire that nurse." As he gets ready to operate on her he gives Aska a nod he nods back and gets dressed into some scrubs but as the doctor makes a slice and blood is coming out he faints Lunar gives out growl Gust is about to be sick.
After awhile he removes a newborn artic wolf/fox crying out loud another nurse wraps him up and hands him to Gust who holds out his finger and calms him down.
A few min later they remove a grey wolf/fox with black hair they hand him to Lunar who give him to the doctor while he give Aska a good swift kick waking him up. "If you want to see your nephews get you lazy ass up" he gets back the grey one as the doctor finishes cleaning her up and sewing her back together.
"Well are you going to name them or what?" asked a young nurse "yes the white one is Amadeus the grey one is Claudius, so can you weigh them for me?" as Gust hand the nurse back Amadeus lunar looks at him and smiles "yes you may throw up" Gust hurries into the bath room and "blarrge" "well Amadeus weighs 8lbs 3 oz, Claudius weigh 7lbs 17oz, they seem healthy she is very lucky to have family like that." The nurse said smiling.
"Don't bet on it, right now she's the favorite her knuckles headed brother has 3 step kids and is expecting one." Said Lunar looking at Aska "why is that a bad thing" she asked "he is immature that's why he's 20 but acts 13."Jusa then Gust comes out, Lunar pats his back "well I take it your fine."
Another doctor shows up "well were taking her to recovery" as they wheel her out Gust and Lunar along side Aska soon follow the twins with a nurse being checked out.
After 5 min the nurse returns them to Lunar and Gust Aska goes back to reading his book "don't you want to hold them?" said Lunar looking at him. "Well yeah" said Aska.
Lunar hands him Amadeus, Aska seems to know what he's doing holding a newborn.
After awhile Luna wakes up "mmm, where am I?" she looks to her side and she sees Claudius "hey beautiful" Aska hand her Amadeus "so I take it you named them what are there names?" she said smiling faintly "the white one is Amadeus, they grey one is Claudius." Lunar said standing next to her.
Aska looks on. "Such lovely names" she said "well I see your up" the doctor showed up "so I take it you 3 will stay here" "yes" said Lunar.
It was quite for a while till everyone heard some commotion they all head tot eh window and look down Hedgehog Man and Sonic have gotten in a brawl and are beating the hell out of each other.
Typical said Lunar as he goes back to Luna and the kids, Aska leaves the room "where are you going?" asked a doctor "aid Sonic, besides that looks like fun" Lunar just nods his head.
Luna looks at her kids as a flash of light appears Shadow along side an artic fox wearing an afghan and black pants, with an artic wolf dress in flannel shirt and blue pants.
"You think I would let them miss the birth of their grandchildren" smiled Shadow crossing his arms.
"Yeah since it was hard as hell to get around Shadow paid us a visit and decided to bring us" said the artic wolf known as Asgard.
"Let me see the babies" said the artic fox known as Celsius she rushed to Lunar and grabbed Amadeus "so what are their names?" "Amadeus and Claudius" she smiled as Celsius was holding him talking to him "hi baby I'm your grand ma!" Aska showed up beaten up grabbing a chair "what happened to you" said Asgard "business" and he left shouting
of course you could hear someone screaming Lunar heads to the window and finds Hedgehog Man lying in the street with Aska standing over him with a dented chair shouting as Sonic limps away. Lunar turns on his radar to hear what he's saying.
"I told you no kids and now look at you, see this I told you no fucking kids and now look at you!, why didn't you fucking listen now look at you, punk ass bitch!" Aska then spits on him and leaves but then comes back "I outta hit you again" then leaves Lunar turns it off "well I see he made a new friend" he said all sarcastically.
"Well she had a big day let her rest a nurse" said as her parents kissed her and left Lunar hands them the keys to their house "you can stay there" they leaves with Shadow. Lunar looks about the window and sees Shadow lift up Hedgehog Man and carry him away.
"Well lets get some rest, I'm tired besides Aska wont' shut up about his fight."
All of a sudden Aska showed up "you see that I slammed this chair into the side of his head my aren't you proud of me?" "Yes I am now shut up and get some rest."
Aska heads to the other chair and passes out "why am I not surprised" said Luna as she went to sleep.
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