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Genis still not over the fact that Miles wanted to leave and go home yet leaving them to fend for themselves however he was going to let it go till the final battle was over.
Zelos now dressed in his `Masked Swordsman" out fit mainly to shield his face from Ivory's claws "Altamira" Zelos smiled "we can go there and relax on the beach, after what those bastards are planning lets enjoy it while we can" he smiled. C.T. now with a massive hang over happy yet his head was pounding "man that felt good to binge drink again." Of course he clutched his head in agonizing pain Ivory had some pity so she healed him and them smacked him upside the head.
"Serves you right" said Virginia "well shouldn't we get Lloyd and Collette?" Said Genis unaware that being a parent is full time till the kid is 18.
"Have you forgotten that he's a father and his child needs him" Persia said "and" C.T. said being a smartass. "Never mind" she scoffed "I'll stay behind the beach does has some bad memories" said Virginia.
"Well ladies you ready" said Zelos as Tails ,Miles, C.T. Genis, and Regal all looked at him "hehehehe I was talking to the ladies not you guys."
Sheena was getting ready as was Persea checking out some swim suites.
Back in Iselia as Baby Mithos was crying Lloyd rocking him trying to clam him down "geeze go to sleep" that made him cry even more. As C.T. barged in with Virginia and Ivory "I wonder, maybe you holding him and that's the reason he's crying" C.T. said smirking Ivory smacked him upside the head "hey what was that for?" he complained "being a smartass" "well I have an idea" C.T. pulls out a bottle of beer, about to hand it to Lloyd as Ivory smacks him up side the head again "what do you think, were living in the late 1800's early 1900's!! giving children liquor."
"Read your history back in the day they gave children who were fussy morphine and opium" C.T. hissed rubbing his head and checking if he was bleeding " well were not living there now are we?" hissed Ivory "you forgot why were here Lloyd, Collette you want to go to the beach." Smiled C.T. "well we would but who will watch Mithos" said Collette "I will smiled" Virgina as she took Mithos who all of a sudden stopped crying stopped crying "all right take care."
"Ladies and diplomats hold on tight" "un you're the only diplomat right" said Lloyd confused "well come to my world I'll make you one he" said winking
(Lloyd is more gullible than Knuckles) C.T.pulled out his blue Chaos Emerald "Behold The Ultimate Power!! Chaos Control!!" and they left in a flash at the beach Ivory and Collette left to change. Sheena and Persea all ready had their swim suites on Regal was getting his on ready for a swim Genis was in the sand playing around Miles just stood guard his arms crossed Faith was in a pink old time swim suite the kind from the 1920's Tails was in reg green shorts. Lloyd removed his clothes as Zelos showed up in a black spandex thong (whistle with his hair down and gold rimmed sunglasses "oh man I'm so cool." Miles turned away in sheer disgust.
C.T. just stood there along side Miles "so your not swimming, why not?" "well I hate water that's why besides I fen unconformable with out my armor on." "Oh just relax my orders" Miles left and Ivory and Collette both in black swim suites looking like twins. I'll pass on the water but I could use a tan said Ivory relaxing on the beach Miles came back only wearing a vest du-rag and shorts with a dagger in his teeth "well you want to me to swim get me a fish." Faith flew off to get her brother a nice big fish after a few min she did. Thanks sis he tossed it in the water of course that caused a few sharks to show up for a free meal however the predator was now the prey.
He dived in the water and began to fight the sharks after a while he was in tangle in an eel he pulled out his extra knife put it him his mouth dove under water after afew min blood was coming from the water as Miles exited with 2 sharks in his hand and an eel wrapped around his neck like a boa. "If you wanted to go fishing you should of asked son" said Tails in utter shock bah that was worth while he dropped the catch of course an octopus was attached to his back Faith ripped it off and tossed it on Zelos "no not the face, not the face!" he cried stumbling like a drunk trying to rip the 8 armed beast from his face. Everybody had a good laugh except Zelos. Relas octopus looks good on you said Persea.
Ivory relaxing on the sand when C.T. snuck up behind here and "RUUUUUUUFFFFFFF!!"
Let out aloud bark spooking her making her fur stand up "damn you, you nut case" he and an evil smirk on his face "Chaos Control!!" he was now in powered form holding Ivory above the water "cats land on their feet right" "don't you dare!" she hissed, and drops her in the water as she's now kicking and thrashing he decends into the water as she is about to scratch the hell out of him she can't in powered form he's like a god.
(A/N you put a cat in water that will happen)
Ivory had to swim out of the water not to pleased scared shitless and dropped in water off guard she couldn't even give his the scratching he deserved.
Every body seemed to have a look of shock on their face of course C.T. knew that was pay back for smacking him up side the head all those times.
"Payback's a bitch" he said handing her a towel she snatched it and dried her self off.
Collette began to play in the water with Genis and Persea a game of horse Sheena and Zelos joined, as did Faith and Miles the only ones left were Ivory and C.T. as well as Taisl and Regal
It went like this
Genis/Persea vs. Lloyd/Collette Sheena/Zelos vs. Faith/Miles Ivory/C.T. vs. Regal/Tails
Of course the winner was Lloyd/Colette. Ivory didn't mind that. Sine she knows C.T. was playing fare of course the only problem was Lunar wasn't there.
Afterward everybody decided to hit the hotel since Ivory was there C.T. knew that was his chance to binge drink till his liver failed since Ivory was a healer.
The kids decided to see a play called `Katz' while the others decided to go gamble of course ivory was strongly against it since C.T. if he looses will just bail and piss people off.
Lloyd and Collette were busy shooting craps of course Lloyd won not much sine Collette was on a loosing streak.
C.T. was off drinking with Zelos Regal was with them making sure they didn't' try anything stupid. Ivory was there too Tails just relaxed with the kids since he hate games of chance.
After a while Sheena decided to join them of curse Zelos now passed out as Ivory was healing him C.T. for some reason wasn't affected. After wards everyone headed to the hotel and rested for the next day they plan a new strategy.
Yes I know short yet simple.