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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lunar now at home looking like crap he let his hair grow out and tangled he hasn't shaved in forever and almost never sleeps his eye is blood shot and he feels even worst how he left Tails and the others back there.
Gust is also helping out Peach is with him since she claims it needs a `woman's touch' Thunder is now fighting solo since Gust and Peach are aiding Lunar and Luna.
Raine now active moving around with Mantigore's help she grew quite fond of him but she has yet to be 100% Eggman is off doing who knows what (plotting world domination)
Aries and Jewell are enjoying them selves Violet and Rusty are relaxing as the other girls are with Molly keeping her company since her kids are with their grandfather.
Lunar wonders what is happing not much just they stopped on Desian for good. Lunar only wants 2 things to get some sleep and return to the final fight.
After 6+ months time is going by faster the kids are more active Gust is now taking on the responsibility full time after a while Luna got some money and now plans to take her and Lunar to a nice hotel of course this is the first time they either got some sleep.
As they arrive the fall asleep in each other's arms and snore as loud as possible (awwww)
Gust doesn't seem to mind being the baby sitter since Peach is with him and Shadow is off lollygagging yet he feels bad since Thunder has to fight off the city's crime solo.
Gust sitting on the couch holding Amadeus, Claudius crawling on the floor peach playing the PS3 still getting used to how hollow and how the motion sensors took away the vibrating.
"I wonder what Thunder is doing anyway" asked Peach "most likely saving the world I hope" replied Gust who was now bouncing Amadeus on his knee.
Thunder was in the middle of Station Square checking around if any wrong doings needed fixed.
Of course he was wrong very wrong as he left deciding to see Gust and peach he was ambushed by *gasps* Hedgehog Man only this time he was wearing black armor over his body with a Chaos Emerald tucked away. He punched thunder in the back of the head knocking him down as he kicked him in the ribs and putting his foot on his chest cutting off the flow of oxygen to his body
"You little bastard you humiliated me for the last time!!" as the fire from his boots burned a hole in Thunder's shirt he couldn't even scream in pain or Chaos Control why he has the power of a Chaos Emerald the only human who could was blessed by the goddess he knew this was over.
Hedgehog Man raised his leg ready to give another stomp as he did he enjoyed it as Thunder screamed in pain. "So where are your friends now huh you little punk hell even if they were here you can't use your powers on me I'm encased in Chaos armor I happened to steal this from the good doctor so I now have true power. Hahahaha!!!!"
Hedgehog Man removed his foot grabbed Thunder by the throat choking him as he tossed him into a fountain Thunder hit it hard falling down struggling to get up "no more, time for the real super hero you and you friends are always stealing my saves now what I finally have a chance!!"
"Now what well I'm going to do to you what you did to me!" he removes his belt about to beat the poor hedge-rabbit but Thunder rolled out of the way "you forgot I don't give up that easily" Thunder said getting up he the gave him a homing attack but bounced off him "see you weakling your attacks won't hurt me!"
"Damn he's right if only I could remove that armor" Thunder said to himself he then remembered what his sister told him `aim low' he knew it was wrong but to survive do what you must. "Chaos Spear!" he hit him right where no guy should be hit `mommy' Hedgehog Man fell over in agonizing pain Thunder quickly grabbed the armor and ripped it off but fell back panting he could barely get up the attack he was given slowed him down a lot. "Damn not here."
Of course allies came but not the furries this time it was (surprise,surprise) the nWo Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and big sexy Kevin Nash.
"So brother you bullying kids?" Hogan said in a scruff as Thunder was getting up he knew this was his only chance yet if he was at full strength he could easily take him out. "Yeah I was jumped he attacked me!"
Hedgehog man got up still groggy between the legs as Kevin Nash clotheslined him Scott Hall
Delivered the razors edge as Hogan removed his weight lifting belt and started beating him with it mercilessly.
(if you remember Monday night raw when the nWo did that to the Rock) they only don't side swipe him in an18-wheeler).
Thunder gets up stumbling sine he was stomped and punched in the back of the head with sheer force.
As the wrestlers continue to beat Hedgehog Man mercilessly. Thanks guys thunder says faintly smiling as he walks off with the armor in sheer pain.
Lunar now fully rested for the first time in who knows how long takes off he kissed Luna and headed to the wolf/fox alliance.
Gust and Peach still with the kids as Thunder stumbles carrying that armor around beaten and bruised his shirt ripped revealing red chest fur as he stumbles down a dark street. Fighting his emotions, he has to stop and rest `how could I be so stupid letting him sneak up on me like that.'
Even if he had back up that armor was not easy to dent. A single tear left his cheek as he sits there his pride and ego damaged muss less than his body.
Lunar comes walking by as he passes the hedge-rabbit "what's wrong I know a bully didn't do this to you, tell me" Lunar got on one knee and put his hand on his shoulder. Thunder dropped the armor "Hedgehog Man, he ambushed me and with that damn chaos armor, I was almost finished but I stopped him of course I was aided by the New World Order." Thunder begins to cry the first time ever since he was born. As he hugged Lunar, Lunar hugged him back, "look with that armor and him ambushing you I'll see what I can do I promise but let's not tell Shadow." Thunder looked up with those chocolate eyes as eh wiped the tears away Lunar picks up the armor and puts it on. As he and Thunder walk on he aids him.
After awhile they arrive as a bunch wolves, foxes, and those in between are ready. "Good news there stepping out but we need to wait 48 hours…" Eggman appeared and looked Lunar dead in the eye "you!!!" the `good doctor' barked Ivo "I see your giving wanna be heroes junk to be super heroes." "He stole my stuff I was going to use it my self he knows I would never make him stuff it's bad I got you and Sonic running around you think I need more super heroes." Eggman protested. Lunar knew he was telling the truth "why don't you make faulty gear and let him use it." Eggman was now enraged "you think I'm going to make shitty gear so some wanna be can get him self killed!!! Besides I have a reputation to worry about!!!" everyone starts growling at him.
"Where's Raine" Lunar asked Thunder sine he got world an elf woman got `OWNED' "she was run down by Molly after that beating Eggman was Taking care of her." Said Thunder "Well may I bring her my self I shall return in 36 hours." "Of but of course but tell me why is he here?" Eggman said pointing to Thunder "he's my guest that is all." Thunder stuck out his tongue at Eggman and when he pulled it back he clenched his cheek in pain.

what's wrong" said Lunar looking at him with concern hmm "let me see" Eggman put on some medical gloves.
"Will you hold my hand I'm a bit nervous," Thunder said shivering Lunar reached out his hand Thunder took it as the `good doctor' examined him "open you mouth" Thunder did Eggman felt around his mouth as Thunder squeezed Lunar's hand "well no teeth are loose, but what's this?" he removed his finger and blood was on it he gets a light with his good hand and flashes it into the young hedge-rabbit's mouth.
"Well no serious damage but you have a nasty cut in the inside of your cheek and some damage to you jaw."
He changed gloves and felt the rest of his head "oh just a bump on the noggin, remove your shirt please" Thunder gave him a look then looked at Lunar Thunder removes what was left of his shirt "oh no biggie" he felt around for some more bruising " well you won't feel good in the morning here I'm going to give you a script of low does pain pills and some antibiotics, the bill will be sent to G.U.N." Eggman hands him a script "you know he has health insurance right?" said Lunar "and? They take for ever to pay me." Thunder Hugged Lunar and was about to leave hold on here Eggman got some gauze out and gently put it in his mouth. "There that should hold the bleeding, guess Hedgehog man got the better of you but don't worry you get him back."
Thunder gave him a cold stare and left "thanks, both of you." "Well I'm off to get Raine" Lunar said Eggman just had that grin on his face.
*******Mean While*********
Raine now walking about not fully healed but what can you except after surviving the `raging demon' as a peach colored crock with long ears like a rabbit wearing ared open vest, the scales on his stomach were however green and the patches around his eyes were green, he was wearing some over sized black pants sagging with a red duffel bag filled with spray paint "well I see your up lady where's Mantigore?" "my name is Raine what's yours?" the crock gave her a look "well my name is Crock" Mantigore then showed up "well let's do this."

They go thru the bag and start to fill some balloons with paint after about an hour there are halfway full as Lunar appears.
He sees them "well Raine lets bounce" he turns around to look at them one last time "oh never mind let them do what they want, it isn't my problem."
They head back to the hotel Luna now wide-awake "hey good looking" she smiled "I must return" he said "this is Raine I need to take her home as well as finish what I started."
Luna smiled "do what you must I understand you came back for me so I know you will again but at least say good by to the kids."
Lunar and Raine left.
*****Another part of the city******
Thunder walking around shirtless found his way to a thrift store and for 75 cents he bout a simple grey t-shirt to replace the one that was almost burned off his torso he then proceeded to the drug store to drop off his script. And left.
********Back to where it began******
Gust and Peach were playing with the twins as Lunar and Raine stepped in "well were off let me say a quick good bye." He picked up his sons kissed them "be string till I return." "Well good luck." Said Peach. "Raine come with me, thanks I will need it." They exit to another room. 20 min later Raine shows up in a black and blue jump suite (the kind form perfect dark zero) Thunder then shows up Peach can tell he was hurt but Thunder shakes it off "it was nothing." Lunar and Raine leave returning to the wolf/fox alliance
*****The Ark (another part don't ask)******
Shadow dressed in a G.U.N. uniform in the control room with the Chaos Emeralds "I hope this works" he said "Chaos Control!!" they both teleport to Earth.
*****The Wolf/Fox alliance********
Lunar and Raine arrive but as they get there they are both shocked to see the (you guessed it)Ark. "Shadow what the hell are you doing?!" barked Lunar "look if your going to stop them I advise you get some heavy weapons." "You can't take that there" barked Lunar "oh watch me. Chaos Control!" the Ark and Shadow head into Sylvrant "damn that fool just drained time only you or your squad can enter now unless we get another power source."
Eggman smiled "well go on ahead Raine your in command do as she says." Lunar runs off.
"Well ok" said Raine everybody ran in as Did Raine
******Angle Island*****
Lunar arrived knowing the power used for sending the ark all the way to Sylvrant Lunar had to get another power source Tikal now standing guard as Lunar ran toward her Chaos appeared.
"Well go then" Tikal said in a hard tone "Chaos Control!" Lunar left to the Forbidden Jungle where the goddess awaited him "well I see you're here let us go" she hovered over the Master Diamond as they both returned to Angle Island. Tikal "you must guard the Master Diamond Chaos I see your doing well"
Leah switched gems as they both teleported to the Wolf/Fox alliance Leah opens the gate once more to Eggman's delight "oh hohohoho!!!" they both enter it and it closes once more.
Everyone now coming from the beach relaxed when Tails, Faith, and Miles are in total shock when they see Lunar and Raine along side a small army Shadow been put the Ark in space.
"You bastard!!!!" Barked Tails "leaving us like that! Not even sending word how dare you show your face again!" Tears fell from his face "Miles you may kill him if you like!" Miles gave sadistic look "no we need him besides he got Raine, I thought it over and I forgive him" he holds out his hand Lunar about to shake it grabs Lunar and tosses him high in the air and slams him on his back "now were even!" Miles said smiling Lunar now dazed "Raine your back why the hell are you dressed like that, but your back" Genis ran into her arms for a warm embrace." "I missed you too it was hell in the other world" Raine said with tears in her eyes.
"Look he's back that's all that matters right so how are the kids doing." Said Faith trying to be positive. "There good I got the Master Emerald as well as the goddess." Lunar said "look we have not the time I got a small squad Miles your in command." Miles looks at him and the men then nods.
"First we need to rescue the princess." "Good Luck" said Sheena "Pah your on your own" Tails flew away.
"To the forest" said Lloyd "last time we found her there all right lets split up." Miles took the army to the castle along side Lunar and Faith C.T. went with them carrying the Master Emerald.
Lloyd and the others went to the forest.