Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Rescuing The Princess ( Chapter 19 )

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Tails off some where in the castle sobbing on how Lunar returned feeling betrayed by his own kids as they take his side as Princess Kate tended to him gently rubbing his back telling him not to fret.
"look I know how you feel but you can't just mope around here hating him and your self for not doing anything." Tails looked up wiped the tears from his eyes "your right I will aid you but when we return I NEVER WANT TO SEE OR TALK TO HIM AGAIN!!"
Miles with the men as they lollygag and act like a bunch of brutes "ha you call this a castle my little sister's playhouse is a better-looking castle than this" one barked.
Miles just nodded his head ok if your not going to behave I advise you go to the tournament and act like ruffians there!" Miles said as one tossed a vase at him Miles dodged it as they left laughing "were going to win this war ha" "glad Lunar left us with him" Miles was real annoyed at their sighs of disrespect, of course one said "if Lunar put you in charge he must have a good reason."
Lloyd and co alongside C.T. when Lunar suddenly teleported "might as well join you" he said as he appeared.
Everyone now reunited as they walk thru the Gaoracchia Forest Miles and Faith still at the castle on this time there on their way to the church. Miles kicks open the door with sheer force Faith is behind him charging up for a thunder attack.
People leave pretty fast "where's the Pope" barked Miles. The Pope showed up dressed in his Sunday best. "You impudent little brat!!" the pope yelled you barge in my church and demand me how dare you I know why you're here and you not getting that bitch back!!"
"Faith this fool is mine Miles ready to fight as faith powers down you mess with the church now you will see what I have in store!!"
The pope attacked Miles, Miles dodges it but slipped the pope jumped on him and started choking him Miles just smiled "is that all you got."
The pope now frustrated that he can't strangle him or hurt Miles Faith looks on questioning weather she should aid him or not.
Miles nodded to wait The Pope got up removed his Sunday best to reveal some form of armor it was red and odd looking with a white cross in the middle.
"You dare defile my church I will send you to hell my self!" he removes his tiara now feel the wrath of the Church of Martel!! You sneaky little fox" Miles gets up draws his sword
"no feel the wrath of White Fox Thunder!" Miles attacked him sending a surge of thunder thru his body since the armor was made from metal you know what happens.
The Pope fell Miles grabbed him by the scruff of his neck "where's the princess!!!" The Pope spat on him Miles raised he free hand and punched him in the jaw with sheer force "where's the princess!!" "By the time you find her she's all ready dead!" he said smiling.
Miles now annoyed "Fox Vine!" vines surround them both but wrap around the Pope's lower area (if you must know his balls) as he screams in pain.
"Now either talk or I" he moves his hand making the bond tighter "she's in the Gaoracchia Forest. But you'll never get to her alive." "The king has returned so don't bet on it!" said Miles proudly.
The Pope is shocked as Kuchinawa appears in a ball of smoke "you filthy little fox how dare you hurt his eminence!" "Faith now!" barked Miles "fox Wind!" she attacked him with a wind attack.
Kuchinawa flies into a wall being KO'ed well "you better start spitting or else!" Barked Miles
"In the fairest region of the forest heading east then southwest you find her but she might be all ready dead." "Well we'll just wait and see if she's alive we'll let you live if not we kill you oh yeah you better pray to what ever god you worship that she's found alive."
Miles says with sadist look on his face "Faith take that ninja to the dungeon."
*******The Gaoracchia Forest******
Lloyd and the others follow the trail "well this bring s back memories said Zelos" "I get to save the princess again" Lunar crossed his arms "well who will save you?" he said "boys you can scoff later" said Ivory.
As they walk thru the forest the emerald starts to glow "that must mean something" said C.T. as he goes into powered form he uses his power to shrink the emerald and put it in his belt
As a series of Papal Knights and other melee fighters show up. "Oh shit this can't be good!" said Lloyd "Ivory get the fuck out of here" barked Lunar Ivory left since she wouldn't do much to armored units.
"Let's kicks some ass!" said C.T.
As they being to fight the Papal Knights are more powerful than ever. "Damn what's with these folks" said Lloyd. "Their exspears are giving them unlimited power" said Lunar.
Just then Lunar unleashed his ultimate attack "Wolf/Fox Thunder!!" causing them to retreat all but one who has an evil smirk on his face "you are responsible for the death of Kvar" he summons some form of magic freezing everybody even Lunar can't break free C.T. teleports but is frozen.
Lloyd wasn't frozen for some reason, as he looks on with pure rage "you bastard!! let them go now!"
Lloyd draws his sword and attacks the figure but is thwarted as the mystery man teleports again. "Dammit hold still!" everyone looks on not able to move the mystery figure them send a shock waved a black energy stunning Lloyd as he draws a sword and stabs Lloyd killing him!
As he falls down he says "sorry…dad." Every one else looked on shocked and speechless yet their bodies couldn't move.
C.T. broke free using the power from the Master Emerald soon everyone was also free
"Nooooooooooooooooooo" screamed Collette as she fell to her knees sobbing
As the mystery man pulled out a black book and chanted in some odd language "no it can't be" said Raine with tears in her eyes "the book of the dead" "you won't get away with" this barked Genis as he summoned an attack but the mystery man countered sending Genis into a near by tree "Niflheim you mustn't!!" shouted Raine" as she was about to attack, he sent her flying as well.
C.T. bum rushes him but is knocked down as a flash of white light appears.
As a mysterious figure in all white appeared with long blond hair and green eyes with a gold necklace on his neck "Yggdrasil!!!" shouted Sheena "it can't be" said Regal "no not him again" said Persea.
"Hahahaha you really though you could vanish me by destroying my exspear" my soul was copied but I needed the blood from my killer to be reborn!! Hahahaha!!!" he sent various white lights at everybody Lunar went to attack but was instantly side lined.
"Fuck this guy isn't going to be easy" struggling to get up. "Chaos Spear!!" a black and red hedgehog appeared in a grey combat uniform "I'm Shadow The Hedgehog The Ultimate Life Form" Yggdrasil fell back got up now pissed off "Holy Lance!" Shadow dodged it and unleashed "Chaos Control!" Yggdrasil now frustrated decided to leave. "Till we meet again." As he and the mystery figure left. "Damn that brat" hissed Zelos
Everyone went to Lloyd as he lie there now dead Lunar checking him on radar as Collette cries next to him "there is still brain activity if we act now we can still save him" Ivory comes out "oh no how could you let this happen" she said as she looks down on Lloyd. Ivory quickly removes his shirt to reveal a nasty stab wound "he's dead" she said sadly "not yet" barked Lunar "heal him." Ivory does the wound hears but he still dead "now what" barked Ivory stand back every one got out of they way Lunar closed his fist put them on Lloyd's chest as be began to charge up "clear!" he sent a blast of electricity thru his body causing him to jump Ivory checked his pulse "nothing yet" Lunar did it again only with stronger voltage.
"Clear!!" that did it Lloyd got up coughing with some mild electric burns on his chest but he was revived. "Oh my head" Collette now all excited as she hugged him tears of sadness became tears of joy Lunar only smiled Shadow looked on like nothing happened.
"Lloyd you have a family don't go off and get your self killed you and Collette return home" said Raine "as your teacher I order you to."
Lloyd and Colette leave. "Now where is the princess" said Zelos she's here Lunar said checking on his radar. "Well where is my lovely honey at?" said Zelos "toward an isolated village she is being held there." "Boy that radar sure comes in handy tin man" smirked Zelos
Lunar annoyed grabbed Zelos by the throat and choke slammed him "don't ever call that again!!!" "Mizuho." Said Sheena "you know how to get there" said Shadow "yeah it's just east of here." Just them Miles and faith come flying in "good news we found her we found the princess!!" Said Faith as she rushed to hug Shadow "so did we" said Lunar "no we took her back to the castle" said Miles everyone looks dumb "wait a min why is Shadow here" "I figured you need backup so I go the ark too, I also see you becoming more of a man"
"Nice head gear" he smiled then he "Chaos Control!" "I hate when he does that." Said Raine "did what" said C.T. "you kno.." "Chaos Control!!"
everyone returns to the castle where people are tending to the princess as people in the street rejoice of course they see Lunar and well they aren't to happy some wanting to lynch him.
C.T. jumps in the way "hold on now you Ambassador just rescued your king as well as they princess so calm down! And get along!!" Lunar smiled as C.T. stepped in and saved him.
"Well you plan to step down and let the princess take over" said C.T. "hell yeah!!" shouted Lunar.
"Look lets get ready there is a great war ahead of us now that they brought back Yggrasil" said Raine as everybody heads back to the castle.