Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Faith's Sacrifice ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Everyone now enjoying themselves as they new Queen Hilda takes over the kingdom.
Seles with her brother Zelos the chosen. Lunar now stepped down as king the pope now in the arena ready to face his doom a fight against Miles.
Of course the remaining Desians, plotting a new plan now that they have their leader back.
As people rejoice still in the land some headed to the arena to see Miles fight the Pope that fight was short lived it only lasted 5 min. Miles slashed away at the Pope sending him to hell wit enjoyment.
Of course not was all well Tails refused to even be in the same room or area as Lunar he spends most of the time in the dungeon.
Faith tends the garden Ivory heals the sick and does other wonders yet C.T. refuses to let her heal Tails saying that `they need to resolve this on their own.'
The army left in charge by Miles was scouting getting the remainder of the Papal Knights.
Their disrespect was a sign of a test if Miles lost his cool and did something stupid he would not be in charge but he was calm not pleased but calm so he is now their captain.
It's like an ordinary day but a huge purple comet the size of a planet gets close by as people run and scream Desians now armed with the latest magictechnologies attacking various cities.
Draining Mana like it's nothing the great tree can barely give out enough Magnius and Forcystus raging around doing as much damage as they can as Yggdrasill and the remaining angles prepare for a world full of lifeless beings.
He and the mystery man on Derris-Karlan check out the carnage. "Well you kept my dream alive but what about my dear sister." Said Yggdrasill " well we could take over her body and have her control the Mana link." The dark figure said.
The worlds is now being a cold dark place the great tree is being drained of its Mana and it will die once again.
Sheena summoned Gnome but to no avail "dammit isn't there something we can do!" "There is only one thing left fuse with a stronger plant." Faith said with tears in her eyes.
"What about the Master Emerald" said C.T. just then the queen rushed in we go those Desians and they aren't too happy standing out on the gate our men were forced to retreat!!!"
Lunar rises "they chose to retreat, Miles get your men and keep them busy, be careful they have magic" Miles leaves as a swarm of wolves, foxes and wolf/foxes and head out ready to fight." If he's going I'm going to protect the capital too" Zelos ran out with them.
C.T. removes the Master Emerald as it grows big again Tails comes up tears in his eyes "Lunar I'm only speaking on behalf of this country we must aid them since it is our duty I ask you fight by my side. Faith do what you must I know the goddess will protect you." Faith hugs her dad both crying I will return dad tell Miles I love him and tell Gust to be strong! I also want to tell mom…" She left sobbing taking the master emerald with her everyone heads out side.
"Oh shit this is not happing again!" Hissed Sheena as they see Derris-Karlan this can't be good said Persea as Genis squeezed her hand "we will stop it once and for all." Genis said.
"Don't bet on it the only way to stop that is to destroy it." Kratos appeared "you destroy it that's an act of genocide" "what choice do we have" said Regal.
In the Forest of spirits Faith looking at the great tree "well good bye everybody." Faith said wiping away her tears as she held up the Master Emerald the master emerald rose up fusing with the tree opening a small vortex, Faith jumped in it and was fused with the tree as it closes fusing them together Mana was being sent around as the tree used Faith as life support the Master Emerald held them together.
In the fields of Tethe'alla the wolf/fox alliance has the Desians on the run everybody is now fighting them off.
Miles seems to have the upper hand Lunar looks at Tails then looks at C.T. "Chaos Control!"
C.T. teleports Lunar to the ark then teleports back himself.
"Well fox what's you plan now" said Kratos "my name is Tails, we continue to win this war I all ready gave up my daughter so lets finish this."
"That can not be" a figure dressed in all white with green hair with a staff and a gold choker with lights around her neck I am Martel the goddess and I will not allow you to stop the plans Lord Yggdrasill wishes for a better world so you should aid him."
"Oh crap Martel is under someone else's control!" said Kratos in disbelief "unhand her you bastard!" Yuan appeared attacking Desians freely or what's left of them.
Martel raised her hand and the wolf/fox flew around even Miles wasn't spared as others rose now the odd were against them.
"Oh crap this is not good" said Tails as Yggdrasill appeared "well looks like your plan is over leave now I promise to spare you pathetic lives."
He raises his hand grabs Tails and tosses him into a tree this can't be said Sheena as she is about to summon Origin. She does but to no avail as Yggdrasill causes him to fall back.
"Well no luck I see just returns you failure!!" Yggdrasill said laughing sadistically
Back on the ark Lunar confronts Shadow "well you were right lets send that comet back to hell!"
"I can't allow you to kill innocent people there must be another way." Said Shadow respectively.
"Look there nothing but lifeless beings so saving them would be in vane besides or friends are going to be killed if we don't do anything!!" Barked Lunar
"You know you'll have to stop me if you wan to use that cannon the plan was to stop the Desians" Shadow said now getting annoyed. "well Faith gave up her body and fused with some tree to save this world if we destroy that comet and power source Faith will return!"
Barked Lunar.
Shadow now lost it since Faith was the one he save 8 years ago he and her shared a bond. "You let her what!!!!"
Shadow in a fit of rage punches Lunar dead in the jaw with sheer force.
Lunar got up bleeding from the mouth. You want a war just bring it Lunar got up and punched Shadow in the stomach.
Oh shit the mother of all fights tune in next CH for Lunar vs. Shadow clash aboard the Ark