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Chapter 2: Prison break

That was untill a loud alarm clock reading 7am in the room sounded rather loudly.

Both of them seemed to ignore the sounds for a few seconds but Sonic then rolled over and hit the alarm clock, causing it to stop ringing.

Sonic sat up and stretched his arms out while yawning. ' Wow, that was the best night's sleep I've had in months.'thought Sonic as he crawled out of bed and headed out the door quietly so he wouldn't disturb Terra's sleep.

Sonic went to the kitchen started moving superspeed opening and closing multiple cabinets in a matter of seconds. When he stopped using superspen he was fliping pancakes above the stove.

The door of the bedroom opened again with none other than Terra(this time wearing a white t shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants) coming out of the room while yawning.

" Good morning Hun.", said Sonic with a smile.

"Morning.". replied Terra as soon as she got her yawn out.

Terra soon realised that Sonic was cooking pancakes and asked, " Sonic? you're cooking? It's been a while since I've seen you do that."

"Yea, I figured since I can't spend too much time with you right now, I'd do something for you.", replied Sonic with a smirk.

"Awww Sonic. Thank you.", replied Terra sweetly right before kissing "chef" Sonic on the cheek.

"I'll sat up some tables so we can eat while watching TV.", said Terra as she walked out of the kitchen.

" Awesome, I'll be there in a minute." called Sonic so she could hear him.

' fortunately I have about another hour before I have to leave to do my hero...'thought Sonic until he was cutt of by hearing Terra calling him.

"oh, Coming Terra.", called Sonic as he walked over to the living room.

On the tv scressn, there were images of a prison with a broken down door and police men and cars surrounding the area.

caution tape fenced the area so only authorised personel were able to enter the area.

" Darn, the one time i try to take a small break all of the criminals I've captured escape prison." , said an angered Sonic while clenching a fist.

" I'm Sorry Sonic.", said a sad Terra. Sonic unclenched his fist and turned his attention towards her. He got on one knee and placed his hands on Terra's shoulders.

"Hey, it's not your fault Terra. I'll get this done as soon as a possibly can so we can spend the rest of the day together." assured Sonic right before adding a smile.

Terra nodded in respnce and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Sonic smiled and slowly rose to his feet, then left the room with Sonic speed.

Terra now alone thought to herself, ' I wish I could help him out, but he would worry about me to much plus I havn't had any battle practice for a while. If only I could get traing from someone.'

* * * * * *

Sonic soon arrived to the prison and into the area surounded with cation tape.

As soon as he walked in the area the crowd of citizens surounding the area started asking questiuons and taking pictures of him.

Sonic ignored them and walked past the caution tape so he could speak to a police officer.

" Where were you last night Sonic?", yelled an angry cop.

"Say what? So are you blaming me for this?", asked Sonic.

" You should have been here!", yelled out another cop.

"Wow, jeez one night for my wife and I and I get yelled at gosh. Anyways, do you have any ideas of who could have done this?", asked Sonic

" A witness did say that who ever it was moved rather quickly and rode a motorcycle. Sound like anyone you know?", replied one of the cops.

Sonic paused for a moment and admitted he had no ideas.

"Did all of the prizoners escape?", asked Sonic.

" Fortunately no, Only the most powerful prisoners escaped the area which are Shadow the hedgehog and Amy Rose.", said the cop.

" Wait, no Jet the hawk? No Storm the Albaross, or Wave the Swallow?", asked a now anxious Sonic.

" I don't know who youre talking about, we never had those prisoners.", stated the confused cop.

" Are you serious? They were captured by...oh shoot!", yelled out Sonic as he walked out of the area, ignoring the paparatzi and their questions.

Once he was out of the crowd, he ran away with a supersonic boom.

* * *

" What is up with those poeple. I spend one night off and all hell breaks loose.", complained Sonic to himself as he ran.

He stopped at the entrance to the same alley he was at the previous night. ' That girl never returned those birds to prison. I have to figure out who she is and what she did with them.' thought Sonic as he walked inside of the alley.

* * * *

Terra(now changed into blue jeans and a grey shirt with black sleeves) was at a starbucks, sitting at a small table by herself, drinking some coffie. She has a rather depressed look on her face.

' When will he be able to get any rest. It seems like He is always worn out when I see him and I can't even do a thing about it.' Terra put down her coffie and just stares at the table for a few seconds.

" Hey Terra, whats on your mind?", asked a female voice Terra instantly recognised.

She looked up to see her dark haired green eyed friend Katie( wearing a red shirt and black pants), who sat at a chair across from her.

"oh hey Katie, what brings you here?", asked Terra bewildered of Katies arrival.

" I always come here every morning before I go to my college.", answered Katie.

A moment later, Katie asked Terra what was wrong.

Terra took a sip from her coffie and answed,"Nothing, nothing at all." trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Terra Terra Terra. I know you too well. You can't fool me, besides you aren't usually here.",replied Katie.

Terra sighed and admitted her friend was right.

" So whats the matter?", asked Katie concerned.

" It's Sonic. He's always on the run to stop some villan or save some person. He's usually exhausted when he comes home and when he isnt some other person needs help as soon as we do anything. Why cant people just leave him alone?!" said Terra nearly shouting the last sentance.

Katie sat there in shock as she staired at her blond friend. The rest of the shop was silent also.

Terra noticed this and calmed her nerves.

" Im sorry, I'm just a little stressed out. right now.", siged Terra.

The conversations within the store resumed and Terra continued.

"I know this sounds selfish but, well...I really wish Sonic and I could spend more time together." said Terra with a sad tone.

" Hey its okay, maybe one day, he can get some rest once he puts all of the major criminals away.", assured Katie as she placed a hand on Terra's shoulder.

" I wish that would happen but every time he puts away one villan, another shows up in his place.", replied Terra lowering her head.

Katie released her hand and put it on her own chin, thinking of something to say to Terra.

A few seconds later, Katie smiled and said, " Hey I know, why don't you help him out?"

Katie then moved closer to Terra and whispered, "after all, you have those rock moving powers and all."

( side note, citizens dont know of Terra's powers and she wants to keep them secret)

"I've thought of that but I've had no practice using my powers and I would worry Sonic. If I could find someone who had the time to help me practice.", whispered Terra.

Katie nodded and both of them sat in silence thinking of some ideas.

Katie then raised a finger in the air. " Hey I have an Idea."

Terra raised her head and asked with hope in her, " You do?"

Katie nodded smiled at her best friend.

To be continued.

Authors notes: aww man Im so sorry for not posting more often. Im now on a track team and have some projects to do and people to spend time with. I will try to get another chapter up this week to make up for all the time youve been waiting.