Teen Titans Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A Hero's Decision ❯ Combat ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Terra and Katie were walking in the city of station square. Katie's right hand was on Terra's shoulder as they walked.

They both arrived to an apartment unfamilliar to Terra andd Katie rang the door bell with her free hand.

"Coming.", called out a voice inside that Terra did recognise.

" You brought me to Knuckles' home?", askned Terra surprised.

Katie smiled at her in return and the door opened revealing Knuckles the echidna, who now is wearing a brown cowboy hat.

Knuckles greeted Katie with a hug and and they pecked on the lips.

After they released the embrace Knuckles invited Katie and Terra in the apartment.

The girls sat down at the table in Knuckles' dining room.

" Can I get anything for you to drink?", asked the echisna as he opened his refridgerator.

Katie asked for a water and Terra told him she already had coffee.

Kuckles handed Katie her drink and took a seat across from them at the table.

"So, what's up anyway?", asked Knuckles casually.

Terra hesitated for a few seconds bu then began to mutter, " I...I need your help."

"You do? How can I help?", asked Knuckles surprised by Terra's statement.

" you see... Sonic...hes....", Terra was too embarrased to tell her what she wanted to.

Katie could see this and cut in. " Terra needs your help in learning how to fight. She wants to help out Sonic but has no practice in a long time."

Terra nodded to confirm that was what she wanted.

" You need to leran how to fight huh?", asked knuckles smirking.

" I mean if this is a bad time I could come later.", said Terra.

" Now is actually a pretty good time, I don't start working untill noon and its only 9am.", repliked Knuckles with a amile.

" Really? THat would be awesome , but I need to get some gym cloths.", replied Terra as she began to rise from her seat.

Katie placed a hand on Terra's shoulder and said, " Oh, no need My house is really close to this one I'll just go get some cloths you can borrow.I'll be back in a few minutes."

Terra smiled and thanked her friend and Katie was soon out the door.

" what do you do as a job anyway?", aske Terra curious.

" I'm a boxing and martial arts coach. I work from 3 to 7pm every monday wensday and friday at Sation Square gym."

Terra nodded in respnse.

" How come you feel the need to help Sonic?", asked Knuckles.

" He's been gone a lot lately. He's also come back with a would almost every time as well. I sometimes worry he may not come home one day he's out saving the world. I cant bear to lose him again "( see my previous fic, final chapter), replied Terra saddednd at the thought of Sonic dying again.

"Hey, he'll be alright but I understand. I'd do the same if i were in your shoes. I've also wanted to help Sonic out sometimes but most crimes are across the city. I can fight off anything in this part of town but my feet only move so fast and my glide isn't that much faster.", repled the echidna.

Terra was about to say something else but Katie came inside but she was panting, sweat was flowing from her head.

" Hey guys, I figured I'd run there and back to save some time.", panted Katie as he held out a blue T shirt and dark blue jeans along with athletic shoes.

Terra rose up from the table and thanked Katie again with a hug.

" Awesome. Ready to start? But please don't use your powers and wreck the place.", asked Kuckles.

Terra looked at him and nodded.

* * * * * *

Sonic was still searching the alley to see if he could find the female he was searching for. ' Could she be the one who released the prisoners.'

He looked to his left, then his right as he walked along. He was checking the dark corners sinec those were the best hiding places.

' Come to think of it where did all of the criminals go?', thought Sonic as he stopped and placed a hand under his chin in a thinking position.

" Hedgehog! I thought I told you to stop you hero work!", yelled out the female voice he heard the previous night.

Sonic quickly spun around to recieve a ninja star spinning towards him. Sonic moved to the left quickly avoiding the blade.

Sonic would have seen his attacker but she was shaded in shadows.

" Who are you to order me around?, yelled back Sonic now in a fighers stance.

" I am the Ravenger!", answered the warrior as she walked out of the shadows and Sonic finally got a good look at her.

She had smow white hair as long as Terra's . She wore a black body suit that covered her arms and herlegs. Her hands were covered with orange gloves and orange boots. Swords could be seen sored on ger back.

What freaked out Sonic the most was the fact she wore a mask that was half orange and half black, It covered one of her eyes as well as her nose but her lips wre still exposed.

" I know that mask. You are working for Slade arent you? Sorry to break the news but Slade has died two years ago.", replied Sonic.

"Don't you think I know that? I am his daughter but unlike him. I am here to save mankind. I would have gone after him but thanks to you I can't. Saving Sation Square is my destiny. Not yours!", yelled Ravenger.

Sonic smirked and repled, "If you are so sure then why don't we have a battle to see who is the better protecter of the city. If I win you have to leave for ever. If You win I will stop trying to save the city."

" Deal.", agreed Ravengerright before she charged at Sonic drawing out one of her swords.

'This shouldn't be too hard.' thought Sonic as he charged at her.

When they were about to collide, Sonic performed a frontflip above her and elbow charged her from behind.

Ravenger quickly rose to her feet and sent three ninja stars at once after Sonic.

Sonic ducked, avoiding the stars.

Sonic then threw a few punches at Ravenger.

The attacks were blocked by her and Ravenger kicked the hedgeog strait in the chest, causing him to step back.

She then pulled out her other sword and began quicky swiping at Sonic with both of her weapons.

Sonic jumped back each time a sword was about to slash him while ravanger advance twards him.

One of her blades scratched Sonic across his chest, causing him to gasp in pain, but not stoping him from fighting.

Sonic then jumed again and hit his back against a wall in mid jump and realised he had no where to go.

Ravanger then smirked and told Sonic, " Looks like I have you cornered. Now give up or I'll finish the job."

Sonic looked at his surroundings and noticed a trash can lid. He then looked at Ravenger and made a smirk of his own.

" That's not going to happen.", repled Sonic with confidence.

" Very well. Hiyaaaa...", yelled the warrior as she went in for the kill.

Sonic grabbed that trashcan lid by the handle and blocked Ravenger's blow.

With that same arm he backhand punched Ravenger across the face, sending her to the gound again.

Ravanger rose to her feet and wiped the blood off of her mouth.

" I will make you pay for that you filthy rat!", hissed Ravenger as she charged at him.

* * * * *

Terra (now dressed in a blue workout T-Shirt, dark blue gym shorts that went midthigh and a pair of white athletic shoes)

She was throwing punche's at Knuckles as he blocked them with his hands. " Hey Not bad. But you need to get angry. the bad guys arent going to be nice to you so you need to show them you're power."

" but I don't want to seriously hurt you.", said Terra while panting. ( They've been sparing for a while now)

" It will be alright, I'll let you know when to stop.Now show me what you are truely made of." replied Knuckles.

Terra threw more punches, which were blocked. She then threw a kick at him but he dodged the blow.

" You are watching a villan pound Sonic to the ground. He is about to die, the villan is enjoying himself as Sonic breaths his last.", spoke Knuckles to try to get Terra angry.

As Terra continued her assult on Knuckles, she imagines that she is in intense fight against her worst enemy, Slade( see the love worth dying for chapter 22). Her punches became harder and her breathing was heavier. Knuckles noticed this and continues to talk to her.

" Sonic is full of scars, cut's and bruises are all over his body. He breaths a few more times and passes away. Thie villan laugs in victory and taunts the fallen hero."

Terra then screams in anger and she threw a punch so hard that Knuckle's hand cracked. Before he could say anything, Terra landed a second and third punch equally as hard on his face.

Needless to say, Knuckles is definately feeling every blow given to him, each harder than the last.

Terra elbowed the echidna in the stomach then kicked him across the face, sending him to the ground.

Terra screamed again and her eyes then began to glow yellow. A large piece of the wall of the room left the wall and flew fast at Knuckles.Forgetting that Knuckles asked her not to

The Echidna was sent to the ground covered in rubble.

Terra then pinned him to the ground and was about to punch him again untill.

Katie rushed into the room and called out to Terra, asking her to stop her assult.

Terra stoped and her eyes returned to her normal skyblue color. She the looked at Knuckles, got off of him and covered her mouth.

" Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh. Are you okay? I am sooo sorry I didn't mean to be so rough.", pannicked Terra as a tear began to shed.

Knuckles chuckled and grinned, " Don't be Terra, that was exelent. but could you help me up?"

Katie arrived and gave Knucles a hand and Terra grabbed his other hand.

With their help, He rose to her feet and said, " Although it was harder than I expected. You don't need me anymore. You can go help sonic when you feel ready."

Terra then sobbed," But, You're hurt because of me."

" Eh, not to worry.I'll be fine.", assured Knuckled with a smile.

" Are you sure?", asked Katie concerned.

" Yea, That was pretty rough, but Terra here didn't break any bones or permantly scar me.", replied Knuckles with a smile.

Terra smiled but then frowned again as she looked at the ruined wall.

" I'm sorry about you and your wall.", said Terra sadly.

" It's alright. Now go tell Sonic how good of a fighter you are.", repled Knuckles with a smile.

Terra smiled at him and nodded.

* * * * *

Katie and Terra were walking in the city, on their way to Terra's and Sonic's apartment.

Katie asked Terra, " Are you going to help his the next time he goes out?"

"After all of that? I sure will, but I won't get as angry. Again, I'm sorry for hurting your boyfriend.", replied Terra.

"It's not that big of a deal. If he says he'll be fine. He'll definately be fine. He's got powers of strength too remember?", replied Katie.

" Thats true. Oh and I have to get a costume, but I can find that later.", said Terra feeling better.

" Why don't we go now?", asked Katie.

" Well...I..Okay. Come on I know a place with some pieces for a costume.", said Terra with a smile.

* * * * *

(Hours later into the sunset)

Sonic, now with some scars on his shield and his arms and body, lifted his lid/shiled and blocked a series of sword swipes that would have been fatal other wise.

Every slash of Ravanger's swords was harder than the last as she continued her assult on him.

Sonic knew that he couldn't play on the defensive for too long so he attempted a slide tackle but the warrior jumped into the air and landed behind him.

Ravanger tried to slash Sonic's back but he quickly turned around blocking it with his lid.

He pushed her back and both of them stopped to catch their breaths.

" Why do you want me to give up my job so bad anyway?", asked Sonic.

" You don't deserve this job, too many villans still thrive because of you.", replied Ravanger.

" Now hold on, it's not like you stopped the prison break last night.", retaliated Sonic with anger in his voice.

"You didn't catch the babylon Rouges."

" They never were sent to prison. I checked this morning."

" They got away,So I failed once. You seem to be a failire as a hero. Against Jet the hawk, against Raven, against Amy Rose."

" You know about that?", asked Sonic wide eyed.

" Of course I do, I've been planning on being this city's heroine for a long time. And now I soon will be. As for you, you're a good for nothing annoying rodent who can't seem to defeat most of his enemies."

Sonic clenched his teeth at the comment and charged at Ravenger with his free hand ready to punch her.

The warrior dodged the attack and performed a spin kick, knocking Sonic against a wall. as soon as sonic turned around the two sword blades were up to his neck.

Sonic knew there was no escape for him now. He shut his eyes tight, ready to face defeat.

He soon felt the blades leave his neck. Surprised, sonic opend his eyes and looked at Ravanger.

" We had an agreement. Now, leave this city and never return or else I won't spare you again.", ordered the warrior.

She hopped back and threw a smoke screen bomb, then dissapeared.

When the smoke cleared Sonic rose to his feet and clenched his teeth and fists.

He then did somthing he dosn't normally do, he threw his shield against a wall in anger and yelled, "DARN IT!"

Sonic breathed heavily and clenched his fists even tighter.

"The next time I see her, I'll...I'll...", said Sonic with clenched teeth.

Sonic then unclenched his hands and teeth and sighed.

Sonic walked slowly into the alley and lowered his head in defeat.

To be continued.

Is sonic seriously considering quitting his job as a hero? How will Terra take the news after some basic training? find out as soon as I post my next chapter up.

Authors note: I have recieved a few questions from a reader. I do have something planned answering at least some of your questions. I'll let you know when the time comes.