Teen Titans Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A Hero's Decision ❯ Orgins and Abilities ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 7: Orgins and Abilities

9pm At Station square:

Knuckles glides across station square, floating above the cars and the citizens as he went.

The red echidna looked in at the smoke and fire less than a mile away and thought ' Who is this green hedgehog I hear about on TV? Is he related to Sonic in any way?'

He was soon on a building's wall and began to climb it.

' Why is it that the criminals decide to attack as soon as Sonic leaves? Do they know Sonic is out of town?', Knuckles asked himself as he reached the top of the building he was climbing.

The echidna ran on the building then lept off gliding as he went.

He soon landed ontop of another building and ran to the edge. Knuckles looked down and witnessed a bank robbery in progress.

Jet, Wave,Storm, Ravanger and Red X were fighting off cops with their swords and X blades.

Scorge was running regular pace out of the bank with his band of 50 thugs behind him.

All of them had bags on money in their hands. Some of them laughing evily.

Knuckles had seen enough so he jumped off of the building aiming his right fist at the ground.

He landed right infront of Scourge and shook the ground as his fist slammed down.

The quake was so powerful it knocked Scourge and his 50 thugs to the ground.

" You reighn of terror ends here!", yelled Knuckled as he stood on his feet and put his fists up.

Scourge got on his feet before anyone else could and asked, " Ha, is that all you got? Theres no way you can stop..."

Before Scorge could finish his sentance. Knuckled punched Scorge in the chest so hard that the green hedgehog was sent soaring against a building wall, making a hole in it.

Scorge shook off the rubble and rose to his feet and shouted, "Destroy that Punk!", while pointing at Knuckles.

The thugs charged at Knuckles who was again in a fight stance.

" Bring it!", yelled the echidna as he punhed at thug sending him flying.

* * * * * * *
At hawaii at about 6pm:( hawaii is three hours back)

A stadium full of people watched a shirtless guy spin sticks with fire on the end on each hand. large screens were on each corner so the audiance could see the twirler better.

Hula dancers as well and bongo drumplayers were also performing in the nature like setup of the stadium.

Sonic and Terra( wearing a grey shirt, black sleeves, and blue jeans) were near the front row seats and were seated next to eachother as they watched the performance with amazement written on their faces.

The fire twirler raised both of his hands in the air while spining the sticks, carefull not to hit them against eachother.

The entire crownd including Terra and Sonic said , " ooooooh"

Next the twirler crossed both of his arms while spining the fire.

The entire crouwd shouted " aaaaah." in excitement.

Then he uncrossed his arms and threw both sticks in the air.

Sonic tensed as he noticed the fire spinner threw one too far out of his reach.

The crowd gaspd as the stick flew out of his reach. The dancers stopped dancing and the drum players stopped playing.

The blue hedgehog ran with superspeed passed the crown down the steps and then jumped over the fence deviding the audiance from the center stage.

Next he caught the stick while in mid air and landed next to the twirler, who had the other stick.

Sonic then began some fire spinning above his head.

The dancers resumed dancing and the drum players started playing again.

He lifted his right leg and sun the stick under neath it then passed it to his right arm.

He did the same with his left leg and tossed it to his left hand.

The crowd watched Sonic with excitement while Terra sat there absolutely stunned by Sonic's spectacular performance.

Sonic threw the sick high in the air then frontflipped jumped for it.

Sonic was able to catch the stick but before he landed and he bagan spinning the stick so fast above his head that he floated in place.

He slowed down his spinning a little so he could make a slow landing and soon he was on the ground.

A big grin cme across Sonic's face as he rose the skick in the air signaling that he was done.

A moment of silence occurred. Terra started the clapping her hands and the crowd soon joind her. shouting and cheering compiments such as " Sonic, that was awesome." and " You Rock."

The crowd came down to the stage and picked up the blue hero. Terra managed to find her way twords Sonic and shouted, " That was Amazing." right before she planted a heavy kiss which he accepted.

As soon as they broke the kiss, Sonic threw the torch back at the twirler guy who angerly caught it and walked off.

Sonic shouted, " Oh Yea this is Awesome!" the entire started to shout " Sonic, Sonic, Sonic..."

* * * * *

Stataion square:

a now slightly brused up Knuckles threw another punch and sent three men flying. A third punch sent four men flying. An uppercut sent another few thugs in the air.

Ravanger and her crew just finished taking down the cops and watches as Knuckles sent multiple thugs in the air in all different directions. They then ran twords the battle.

Knuckles sent four more people in the air with a punch but then Storm held Knuckles' arms back with his giant arms.

Thugs then began beating on Knuckles,taunting him as they attacked.

The echidna then kicked a thug in the chest, sending the crooks away.

With his brief moment, Knuckles stomped on Storm's foot and elblwed the large albatross in the stomach, causing him to howl in pain.

A thug charged at Knuckles with a baseball batt, yelling, " Die freak!"

Knuckles reached behind him and grabbed Storm by the neck with both hands then slammed the albatross against the thug with the batt.

Knuckles grunted right before swinging Storm in circles, knocking enemies away from him. He then threw the massive bird at more thugs, Knucking them out.

Ravanger then Kicked the echidna, which sent him to the ground.

Jet and Wave then jumped on the echidna, keeping him on the ground.

They didnt hold him long though, Knuckles forced himself up, sending Jet and Wave away from him.

As soon as he turned to face Ravanger, she slased him across the chest twice, once with each oher swords.

Red X Jumped from behind Ravanger and threw X blades at Knuckles.

The Echidna blocked the blades but his arms were cut in the process.

A thug thug then hit Knuckles with a beer bottle, Causing Knuckles to shout in pain.

Red X roundhouse kicked Knuckles across the face sending him to the ground.

This time Storm pinned Knuckles to the ground with 10 thugs to assist him.

Knuckles struggled violently but it wasn't getting him anywhere.

Scourge then walked up twords the pinned echidna and squatted so he could be near eye level with Knuckles.

"You'll never get away with this!", shouted Knuckles as he struggled.

" I already have and will do what ever I want whenever I want.", said Scorge calmly.

" You will be stopped. If Not By me, others like Sonic will rise against you.", growled the echidna.

Scourge replied, " Sonic is away on vacation and even if he came back, he will be beaten to a pulp just like you were.", said Scorge as he pulled out a gun from his jacket.

Scouge then raised hia arm and smacked Knuckles with the gun, knocking him out cold.

* * * * * *
later that night Back at Hawaii:

The stars were bright. The city was fairly crowded and Sonic and Terra( grey T shirt, black sleeves and blue jeans) were walking on a public sidewalk hand in hand.

"I've said this before and I'm saying it again you were so awesome!", complimenmted Terra.

" Thanks, I try.", replied Sonic while laughing.

" How did you know how to do that?", asked Terra with a smile anxious to know.

" I used to train for combat with sticks justin case I ever needed one in battle.", replied Sonic.

" Could you teach me how to do that sometime?", asked Terra

" Definately.", smiled Sonic while winking and raising his free thumb.

They continued to walk in a moment of slience, enjoying one another.

"The night isn't quite over yet. WHat would you like to do now?", asked Sonic, breaking the silence between them.

" Well, I was thinking. You've done so much for me for the past few years and I never got the chance to give you anything.", replied Terra.

" You don't have to do that. I enjoy doing things for and with you.",said Sonic while looking into her eyes.

Terra blushed and smiled in reply.

" I know but Trust me. I think you'll like it.", said Terra.

" What did you have in mind?", asked a curious Sonic.

* * * * *

minutes later:

Sonic and Terra were high in the sky, above even the tallest buildings.

Both of them were standing on a large on a moving plate shape rock Terra was in controll of.

Sonic looked down below in amazement as he saw the city below, the lights, the cars and the people.

" Wow, this is amazing.", compimented Sonic as he continued to look down.

" Is this your first time being so high at night?", asked Terra.

Sonic thought about it for a moment then said, " Actually, yes Ive always only been higher on planes but that's always been during the day."

Sonic turned his head forward twords the land ahead of them and looked at Terra who was watching the land ahead of her with her glowing yellow eyes.

" Hey Sonic check out that volcano over there!", suggested Terra as she pointed at it.

Sonic whistled then said, " Sweet!" in reply.

Sonic's right ear began to twitch, which caught his attention. Sonic heard a rumbling sound.

" uh oh.", said Sonicwho got a serious expression on his face.

" Whats wrong Sonic?", asked a concerned Terra.

"That volcano. I think it's going to errupt. I have to stop it before the lava hits the city.", said Sonic while pointing at the large coneshaped hill.

"Relax Sonic, I can handle it.", assured Terra with a calm cool tone of voice.

Sonic looked at her confused for a moment but smiled and said," Go for it."

Terra then pointed her right hand at the ground below, raised a large rock out of the ground and moved it ontop of the volcano, covering the hole on the top.

" Terra, you're powers are so awesome.", compimented Sonic.

" why Thank you so are your's. Hey that reminds me of my most recent trick.", said Terra as her eyes glowed even brighter.

A moment later Terra's eyes stopped glowing and she looked at Sonic.

" What did you just do right there?", asked a curious Sonic.

Terra answerd,"Oh, I just used an auto piolet sort of trick. I basically told the rocks where to go for about 15 minutes without effort."

" Woah, how long were you able to do that?", asked the blue hero.

"hmmm, about a month now give or take.", replied Terra.

" Do you want to sit down, my legs are killing me.", suggested Terra.

Sonic sat down on the rock and Terra joined him, Sonic with his legs out and Terra with her knees bent so she could rest her hands on them..

" Thanks Terra, I appreciate this ride.", said Sonic as he looked into her eyes.

Terra replied, "Hey no problem. It's the least I could do for you after all the times we've been on dates and the times you've saved me."

Sonic smiles at her sweetly and the the next few moments were spent in silence.

Sonic then askes " Hey Terra. There's I've been pondering question for a while and was hoping you could help."

" I'll do what I can.", replied Terra.

Sonic continued," Alright the question is, How did you get your abilities anyway?"

Terra cleared her throat and answered," I was born with these abilities. They come from my father who got them from radiation from a meteor shower. Or at least that's what my mom told me."

" You never got to know your father?",asked Sonic.

" nope, he died in military combat before I was born.", said Terra.

" I'm sorry about that and for bringing it up.", said Sonic sadly.

Terra cooly replied,"Hey don't worry about it, besides I've always wanted to share the story about my abilities with someone. And that some one might as well be my husband."

Sonic smiled then asked " In that case, wheres your mother."

Terra continued her story," She, died to protect me. I didn't have complete contol over my powers and I accidentally used them in public. The cops were all over my mom and I. They tried to shoot me down but my mom got shot instead and I managed to hide myself. I cryed for a while then ran away to be a Teen titan. You now everything after that right?"

" Yea You and Raven filled me in about the whole Slade, apprentice, betrayl thing.", said Sonic in reply.

" Okay, your turn.", said Terra eager to listen to his story.

Sonic began a story of his own by saying, "lets see. I got my abilities from exposed radiation from the seven chaos emeralds. My dad had colledcted them to study. I as a young child was curious about them so I went to look at them. As soon as I touched them I was turned into super Sonic and caused some havoc but when I turned into myself, I realised I had the abilities of superspeed and some strength."

" What about your family?", asked Terra.

Sonic thought for a moment then responded, "Unfortunately, like your parents, they died. This evil robot scientist Robotnick launched a fleet of airships in my hometown of knothole. the ships managed to destroy my parents, my uncle and many of my friends.I eventually got back at Robotnik by knocking him off of a large building, killing him in the process.

" I'm sorry about your parents. I wish I could have met them.", said the compassionate blonde.

"It's alright, at least I got to meet you after I ran away to station square.", said Sonic smiling at her in then end.

Terra blushed and replied, "Same goes for meeting you."

Sonic pulled Terra closer and wrapped his right arm around her shoulder with her body pressed against his own.

The rock continued to sail across the the night sky.

Terra yawned and said, " Im a little sleepy Is it alright if I take us back to the hotel Sonic?"

" oh, go right on ahead." relped Sonic, still holding her close.

Terra's eyes glowed yellow for a moment then the rock changed course, heading back for the city."

To be continued.