Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titan Traitor ❯ Truths ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next morning Copy-Cat was in his room alone. He removed the bandaged form his head, indicating that he was perfectly fine. Now that he was alone, once again he pulled out his radio, brought it to the window, and turned it on.
“Zero-Black to Zero-White... This is Zero-Black. Do you read me?”
That same raspy-voiced man answered over the radio, “Go ahead, Zero-Black. Was the operation a success?”
Copy-Cat confirmed that everything went according to plan, “The others have said nothing. I fear it shall not be long until I am revealed.”
Unbeknownst to Copy-Cat, Beast Boy was in his room, doing his old fly on the wall trick. He had seen and heard everything and that was all the proof he needed. He flew into the vents and went off to warn the others…
“Don't forget, Zero-Black…” the raspy-man said, “If you are discovered… you are on your own.”
Copy-Cat understood and switched off the transmitter. No sooner had he, did Robin bust down the door, “Hold it, Copy-Cat!” he sneered. Cyborg was along side him posing his sonic-cannon, and starfire and Terra were hovering outside the window. Copy-Cat was licked.
“Sorry about this… but I guess you've asked for it.” Robin said. “I'm… I'm putting you under arrest.”
Copy-Cat got to his feet and with his hand up, “Very well… I shall come in peace.”
Robin apologized again, “But… I just have to take you to the police station and put you in the detention-facility.”
Raven didn't want this to happen, and tried to persuade Robin not to do it. “Sorry, Raven. It has to be this way.” he told her, “He's a trai--”
“Don't say it!” Raven begged tearfully “Please… just whatever you do… don't say that… that… word. It's so horrible!”
Copy-Cat hushed his lady-friend, “I have been caught Raven and I must answer for my actions.”
Cyborg and Robin would both take Copy-Cat to the station. Robin told the other to notify the police that they were coming, and what was happening, “And make sure Raven gets some rest... I know this isn't easy for her.”
As Copy-Cat was placed in the T-Car, just before they left, Raven couldn't help but gaze at her boyfriend and ask, “Why? Just tell me why?”
“I am afraid it is long and complex for you to understand.” Copy-Cat said, “Please… go and rest. Take her along, will you my friends.”
The others, as upset as they were, agreed. Robin apologized to Raven one last time, but she understood. As the guys drove to the station, Copy-Cat complimented Robin for doing what was right. Robin couldn't help but thank him, “You're making a messy job a lot easier.”
With the other four still at the tower, Starfire, Terra, and Beast Boy escorted Raven to her room. Starfire couldn't believe Copy-Cat would do such things. “He is our friend. Surely this cannot be true.”
Terra hated this too. All this reminded her more, and more of the time she betrayed the titans. “Shh, easy honey…” Beast Boy s he comforted his wife. “What do you think they'll do to Copy-Cat?” Terra wondered aloud.
It was most likely that Copy-Cat would be subject to an inquiry, and United-States federal trial. “But… what if they are to find him guilty?” asked Starfire. There was a moment of silence, “You know the penalty, Star.”
Raven shuddered in fear and sadness at the thought. The others still hoped it was all just a misunderstanding, but now… Raven was starting to disbelieve it. “Beast-Boy… you saw… you heard… he… he was…”
Beast-Boy told her to take it easy. “We better get to the lounge. Robin and Cyborg will be calling any minute.”
Raven was dabbing her eyes with a black hankie. “I'll be okay, guys. Thanks…!” she closed the door and locked herself in her room. The others felt horrible for her, and never saw her so crushed in their lives.
Copy-Cat was placed in a simple cell, and special items were clung to him. Metal hand-covers to prevent him form using his claws, or copy anyone's forum. His tail was wrapped around his body and tied up tightly so he couldn't fly, and a special band around his head prevented him fro using his foresight to read minds or sense danger.
While out in the front, Robin and Cyborg were talking to the warden, who congratulated them for doing the right thing, despite the circumstances. Robin also requested swift action. “Even if we recover the stolen items… Copy-Cat shouldn't be kept in detention too long.”
The warden was baffled. “You should great loyalty to a traitor?”
Robin pointed out that whatever Copy-Cat was now, “He has serves the Teen Titans, the whole city… even the entire planet valiantly in the past.”
“And don't forget…” added Cyborg, “He is the prince of his home planet.”
The warden agreed, “And so makes his crime all the more serious.”
Copy-Cat was resting in his cell, when suddenly he heard the bars being opened. It was the police captain. “What is the meaning of this…?” he asked. “Do not tell I am being released.”
The captain grinned at him and removed the covers form his hands and undid his tail. “Out you come, Copy-Cat.” he smirked. “Guess we're both on the same side. I thought I was working alone.”
“So… it was you who had taken the hydro-probe?”
The captain nodded. He had the hydro-probe, and Copy-Cat had the blueprints. “I tell you, you even had me going, but I guess our government friends will pay a handsomer price.”
He handed Copy-Cat a loaded pistol, “Take this… we may have to fight our way out. I trust you won't be sacred to use it.”
“Indeed I shall not!” sneered Copy-Cat, and he poised the gun straight that captain, “You are under arrest!”
The captain was confused, “What is this? Quit playing around.”
“I play no game.” growled Copy-Cat, “Make a move and I shall fire. Traitor…!”
Swiftly, the captain kicked Copy-Cat in the shin causing him to fall and drop the gun.
The noise could be heard all the way form the front. “Yo… what's that?” Cyborg asked.
Now Copy-Cat was backed into a corner facing the captain who had the gun. “Good thing I didn't remove that headband of yours, or your foresight would've seen me break for it.”
The captain demanded to know what all this double-dealing was about. Copy-Cat explained that he had been secretly working in alliance with the United States government, and that they were well aware of a traitor in Jump-City smuggling out their secrets long before any of this happened. It was decided to lay out trap to capture him.
“We had figured if I were to pose as a traitor, the actual spy would contact me in due time. I was best fitted due to my ability to read minds.”
“Quite a performance it was…” smirked the captain. “Even your own teammates were fooled.”
Copy-Cat nodded, and admitted it was very difficult having to deceive them, but he could not risk telling anyone of his little game… for anyone could have been the traitor… even those who's powers blocked out his foresight.
“Too bad you won't live to tell anyone else.”
Copy-Cat raised his hands ready to meet his certain end. “You may finish me… but you will never escape.”
“I'll take my chances. I've done okay up until now.”
The captain was just about to squeeze the trigger, when CLANG! Robin threw one of his metal boomerangs, coning the gun out. “It's all over, Captain. You're washed up!”
With the captain locked up, and Copy-Cat cleared, the stolen items were returned and sent on their way to Washington. The other titans were so happy to have Copy-Cat home, especially Raven who kept planting kisses all over his face upon his return.
Now, there was only one final thing to do. The team was gathered in the lounge around Copy-Cat's transmitter. “Zero-Black to Zero-White. Come in Zero-White…!”
“Go ahead, Zero-Black. What have you to report…?”
Copy-Cat was more than pleased to report that the mission was a complete success and that the items were retrieved and on their way. “And now, I have someone you wish to speak with; our leader, Robin.”
Robin moved closer to the transmitter. “Good afternoon, Sir.”
The other man's voice now sounded proud and clear. “Glad to finally meet you, Robin. I wanted t thank you personally, Robin. For without your help, our plan would never have succeeded.”
Robin felt confused, “I… I'm sorry Sir but I just don't follow you.”
“You acted exactly as you should have done. A lesser man would have avoided the responsibility of arresting his personal friend and teammate. Thank you, Robin. The United States owes you well.”
Robin suddenly realized who he was talking to, “Thank you, Sir.” he said proudly.
The other titans could barley believe it either. “Dude…!” cried Beast-Boy.
“Yo… you mean that was…?”
Copy-Cat nodded and answered, “That was the leader of your country. I believe you refer to him as President of the United States.”
Robin felt really proud, and that's when Copy-Cat asked how it felt to be short one team-member, “For a second time…” he hinted.
Robin was pleased to say he hated it, and shook Copt-Cat's hand, “Welcome back!”
Raven cuddled close to her boyfriend. “Yeah… welcome back, Copy-Cat.”
Authour's notes:
Sorry about the short span folks… but that's the way it goes sometimes.