Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titan Traitor ❯ Suspicion ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Terra and Beast-boy were a little sleepy the next morning, and who could blame them. Up half the night plus their own shifts the other day, they had been up for quite awhile. “It's like babysitting a statue.” Beast-Boy groaned.
“At least the crate is safe.” added Terra, “But no new reports on the traitor.”
Things weren't looking too well, but still the shifts continued, and right now it was almost Raven's turn to head to the station for her turn. She just had to wait for Robin to come home.
Robin and Cyborg both entered the lounge together, but they had queer looks on their faces. “Is something wrong…?” Copy-Cat asked.
The boys didn't know how to explain it. “The message interceptor was on all night.” Robin said.
Copy-Cat raised an eyebrow. “It… it was?”
Cyborg nodded. He had installed a device that could intercept communications anywhere in the tower, a good way to flush out sneaky spies and stuff. “The weirdest thing though-- listen to this.” Cyborg said, and he played back the message.
Everyone heard the sound of Copy-Cat's voice, and a strange raspy voice.
“Zero-Black to Zero-White! Come in Zero-White… are you receiving me?”
“Go ahead, Zero-Black. What do you have to report?”
“Failure is not an option. If our little plan is discovered… it will mean great disaster... especially… to the titans.”
Copy-Cat could feel all the Titans staring at him. Their looks question was almost frightening. “What is that…?” Starfire asked.
“Care to tell us somethin'…” added Cyborg.
Copy-Cat had a good explanation. It was all an act, a joke.
“Dude… since when do you do jokes?” Beast-Boy asked.
Copy-Cat assured him that was all it was. He explained he had been working on acts and gags for in case he would ever need to go undercover again. “One must always be prepared to endure any situation.”
The Titans weren't sure what to think, but they actually believed him, and with that Raven scrapped her plate and was ready to leave for her shift at the station. Cyborg offered her a ride in the T-Car, because with the traitor still on the loose it wasn't safe to be traveling alone.
On the way to the station Cyborg couldn't help but ask, “Do you really believe what Copy-Cat was sayin'?”
Raven didn't rightly know what to think, “But if he says it was a gag, I guess I believe it.” Figures she would say that, she loved Copy-Cat and she was lucky to have him as a love. It wasn't easy for a girl like her to find anyone special.
Cyborg, still, had his doubts… and the other Titans did too.
The day passed by quickly, and night had fallen before anyone realized. Despite her head still being sore, and wrapped in gauze, Starfire still felt well enough to take her shift, and this time she was sure to look all ways so no one would sneak up on her again.
The crate containing the blueprints was still there, and every now and then, the captain would come in and check on Starfire. She wished he would stop, as it was still a question of her looking out for herself again. Just one little accident didn't mean she was weak…!
Apparently, it was deeper than she thought, because Copy-Cat had arrived two hours early to start his shift. He explained to Starfire that Robin had order her home so she could rest up some more and let her head get better.
Despite her protests, Copy-Cat assured her that they were strictly Robin's orders. So, Starfire went home leaving Copy-Cat to guard the crate.
However, upon her arrival at home, Starfire was confused and shocked to hear that Robin didn't order her to come home. That's when the alarm went off again. The Titans all dashed like lighting to the station, to find that the light shad gone out and the security cameras were out of action.
The Titans headed for the holding room, and right the emergency lights came on a terrible shock met their eyes! The crate containing the blueprints had been broken into and was emptied, and there was Copy-Cat, lying unconscious on the floor.
It was just like Starfire's night all over, only now… things were the times as worse. Now the plans were gone too, as well as the hydro-probe.
When Copy-Cat awoke in the tower, his head was also wrapped in gauze, but he was very baffled. All he could remember was he was hit from behind right when the lights went out and his foresight didn't have time to warn him.
Robin wasn't sure Copy-Cat was being sincere; however, Raven decided the best thing for Copy-Cat to do was get some rest. Despite the fact that he didn't look too hurt, “You're not going to worry about this anymore tonight.”
Copy-Cat agreed, and let Raven escort him to his room. Robin decided to head back to the police station for more evidence, if there was any, and much to his surprise… the security guards reported that Copy-Cat was the only one who had entered the room.
It was also reported that the cameras and lights had been sabotaged deliberately, but by whom they had no idea. Robin was starting to think he knew where all this was going...!
He headed back to the tower, and found the others, without Copy-Cat in the lounge. They were all chatting over the mysteriousness. They too were told of the security reports. “IT doesn't make sense…” Beast-Boy said. “Copy-Cat's foresight always warns him of danger in a split second. Even in total darkness...”
“But if nobody else had come in…” wondered Starfire, “How is it the man who hit Copy-Cat entered.”
“I don't think he did…” Robin said. He had everyone's attention now and they were all confused. Robin knew this would be difficult to say, especially to Raven, “But I think Copy-Cat's more involved in this whole thing than we think.”
This only stirred more confusion, for some…
“You mean… he knows something we don't?” asked Terra.
Raven stood up, a queer look was forming on her face. “No… that's not what he means.” she said. “Well, go on, say it! You think Copy-Cat's the traitor.”
The others gasped, and Robin knew that Raven would take it this way. He knew how she felt, “But we need to look at this calmly.”
“Calmly…?” snapped Raven. “You accuse my boyfriend of being a traitor and expect me to be calm?”
Robin stated that he was only looking at the facts he had gathered, and Raven demanded to hear them. Robin started the recording of the message form the interceptor, “Do you really think he was joking?”
Raven remembered Copy-Cat saying it was a gag, “It could've been…” but Beast-Boy disagreed, “Dude… no way. Not Copy-Cat. Believe me, I know jokes, and he doesn't joke around... especially like that.”
To Raven, this was no proof that Copy-Cat was a traitor, but Robin pointed out earlier that night. He was alone in the station. The guards knew no one else had come in, “Yet Coy-Cat says he was hit from behind when the lights went out, and his foresight didn't warn him in time.”
Raven was finding it harder to fight back the tears coming to her eyes. “But… but his head… he was in pain. You saw him.”
“Did you see any bruising? Any wounds?” asked Robin, “No… I figure he was faking.”
Raven didn't care about figures; she refused to believe any of it. Even when Cyborg began to wonder, “Maybe he's just covered his track sup real well?” Raven still refused to believe it.
Then Robin pointed out the other night when Starfire got slugged. “Was Copy-Cat here in the tower…?”
Raven remembered, “He wasn't… he wasn't in his room. We found him waiting for us at the station.”
Starfire realized also, “It was he who discovered me unconscious… unless he was--” She raised her hands to her mouth in shock. Terra tried to point out, “But wait… if he was awake… he could've gotten to the station before we did.”
Robin clapped his hands as he spoke, “IF… he was awake. IF… it was a gag. IF… he was slugged. There are just too many ifs.”
Raven's tears were drizzling down her face, “Oh… oh, no!” she cried softly, trying to keep from sobbing. “What are we going to do?” she asked. The only thing Robin could suggest was everyone to keep a close eye on Copy-Cat. If he so much as made any odd moves… Robin would have no choice but to act.