Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans High School Musical Christmas special ❯ A christmas delight/fight ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, only three more days to the dance and the holidays. More of the students left with their families, but the school was still just as busy. Some of the remaining students were even starting exchange gifts for the Secret Santa event Kori had also arranged.
Some of the students even got this wacky idea to give out special gifts called “Dream Presents” How it worked was very simple--
The students would simply exchange and empty box around, and the person who received it would pretend, or dream… that it as just what they always wanted.
(Music cue)
You shouldn't have, you didn't? Oh, my! Oh, my!
I really don't deserve it, I think I'll cry.
It's just what I always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight.
It's just what he always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what he always wanted, a Christmas delight.
I hoped you wouldn't bother. Oh, my! Oh, my!
I'll use every day. I think I'll cry.
It's just what I always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight.
It's just what she always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what she always wanted, a Christmas delight.
(Another Girl)
It's absolutely charming. Oh, my! Oh, my!
The color really suits me. I think I'll cry.
It's just what I always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight.
It's just what she always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what she always wanted, a Christmas delight.
(Another Guy)
It's simply so expensive. Oh, my! Oh, my!
I'll treasure it forever. I think I'll cry.
It's just what I always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight.
It's just what we always wanted. It's perfectly right.
It's just what we always wanted, a Christmas delight.
It's just what we always wanted…
A Christmas… Delight…!
Kori's smile just kept growing and growing. “Happy faces. Christmas spirit. Ahh, I love it! I just love it!” she cooed.
“You and me both…” said Vic. “I can't think of anythin' finer.”
“I can't either…” Dick said, “Look over your head, Kori.”
Kori looked up, and saw her boyfriend playfully dangling a mistletoe over her head. She giggled, and then pulled him into a soft kiss. “Something tells me you were wishing for that for Christmas.”
Her boyfriend snickered, “You might say that…”
Kato then grabbed the mistletoe from Dick, “Ahh, this will do fine to burn for the meditation.” he hissed.
Raven smiled sinisterly, “I hope it burns ripe and fast. Che, hee, hee, hee…!”
The others sighed at the typical Goths…
Terra however was sitting at her desk, without a Christmas gift, or even a dream present. She didn't know who her Secret Santa was. She was just sitting there, and doodling in her note-book. No one had to gaze over her shoulder to know it was pictures of Garfield… she even drew the bags under his eyes, only to wipe them out to make him looks less tired.
Then she peeked up and gazed over at the real Garfield who, as usual, was buried in his studies and working much too hard. Even when the teacher asked why he wasn't enjoying himself and taking part in the festivities…
Garfield only would respond in a robot-voice, “Incorrect command! Do not understand! Full-power maintained!” and he would just keep right on working.
Terra was very nervous about after school when she and the others would be tracking Garfield down to his home, and maybe figuring out what they needed to know. The others could tell how nervous she was, and Dick placed a warm hand on her back, “Don't worry, Terra… I'm sure everything will work out.”
Terra smiled softly with hope, but she still felt uneasy.
After school, Garfield was working at Mega-Meaty-Meat that day, but the six friends gathered in Vic's car, and headed for the desert-valley near the edge of town, where Terra last saw Garfield the other night before he shot out of range.
“Hey…! Look…” cried Kori as she pointed at the tire-tracks on ground. It didn't take a brain surgery to realize they were from the Tidwell-3000. They decided to follow the trail…
Many minutes had passed, and they had been driving for such a long way, the city had shot well out of sight long ago, and the sky was beginning to darken with clouds. Kato and Raven couldn't help but stick their heads out the window and smell the sweet bitterness.
Suddenly, there was a road sign up ahead. Vic stopped the car. “There's two roads… which way do we go now…?” he asked.
One of the road signs showed the way back to Jump City, twenty miles to the East. “What about the other one?” asked Terra.
Dick got a good look at it, “Mysterious Meadows…?” Then he looked down at the notice below the sign, “Home of Garfield Logan. Darkness, Disaster, and assorted Dangers.”
While they did just figure out where they needed to go, the notice made them concerned as well as confused. “Why would anyone want to live in a place full of danger?” Dick wondered.
“We'll soon know…” Raven said.
Another twenty miles, and the sky was darker than night, and it was only 4pm. The desert grounds began to show signs of dead grass, and other dead vegetation. Winds were rustling, thunder crashing. Kori shivered, “It's like something out of a horror book.”
Even the Goths were starting to feel uneasy, and Raven used to brag that she didn't scare easy. “Uh… what exactly are we looking for?” she asked nervously.
Kato pointed ahead, “I would assume-- That!”
Up ahead in the darkness was a huge house, big enough to be a mansion. It seemed very old, and dark, as if it were made in the early 1900s.
BOOM! a huge flash of lighting struck the dark skies, making everyone jump. “Yo'… what in the world is this place?” Vic wondered. “This can't be Gar's home.”
Dick then saw one of those old wooden signs in the ground by the steel-fence. “Garfield Logan?” it read. “Okay… maybe it is…”
Despite the scary land, the friends decided to get out and explore. Kori, Dick, and Vic explored the house. There was a key placed under the mat which opened the front door. Like most scary doors, it made a sickening CREAK as it jarred open.
A chill ran down Kori's spine, but Dick held her hand, “It's okay…” he whispered to her and they headed inside.
It was even darker inside the house than it was outside. So Vic had a flashlight with him to make it easier to see. The house was indeed very old. The carpets looked as if they hadn't been cleaned in years. The walls were cold and moist. The furniture was all beat up and rickety, and to make matters worse… there was not a sing of any technology from anything beyond the 1900s at all.
No electricity. No gas. No plumbing…
There were only candles, and oil-lamps. There were also plenty of bookshelves with loads of novels, fiction, and things contained in old-styled books. Vic took one glace at one of the books, and felt like fainting, “How can anyone read this?” he muttered.
Kori whimpered softly at the sounds of the creaking walls. The howling winds, and the occasional thunder crashes. “Dick…?” she called out, “Dick where are you…?”
“I'm right here, Kori. Don't worry.” her boyfriend called. Little did they realize that they were both walking backwards right towards each other, and bumped into each other's backs. They yelped, and Vic cried out, “MAMA…!” All three of them felt really silly…
They also wondered how the others were making out…
Raven, Kato, and Terra were exploring the grounds, and they were most shocked. It was warm and moist, but dreary, eerie and a little bit misty. The Goths couldn't help but feel they had seen or heard of something like this before…
The landscape, as well as the black storm-clouds overhead, seemed to stretch on further than the eye could see. Dead trees, jagged rocks, fallen logs, and twisted bushes lay about. “This is getting creepy.” cried Terra.
As much as the Goths hated to say it about the darkness, “It sure is creepy. Too creepy, even for us.” said Raven. Her boyfriend nodded, “How is all this possible?” he wondered.
BOOM! Another huge flash of lightning struck the skies, making the three of them jump, and several bats took flight and surrounded them. The teens ducked and dogged to try and escape those rodents, but in doing so… “WHOA…!”
She slipped and rolled down a slope and disappeared into a dark forest. “She fell into the woods.” cried Raven. “I'll go get the others. We have to find her.”
Terra rubbed her head and shook the dirt out of her hair. “Ow…! What a drop...” she groaned. She then realized she was lost in a dark forest and couldn't remember which way she fell in. “Uh oh…!”
Even the lightning couldn't light up the way. It was so incredibly dark, Terra was just barley able to make out the shape of her hand before her face. Then… it got way worse. Terra heard a distinctive soft growl far behind her… she turned round and saw many yellow eyes gazing at her from afar…
She GASPED hard and began to RUN! The wolves charged after her, “HELP…! HELP!” she screamed. This only attracted more wolves to chase her.
“WHOA…!” she fell down an unseen step slope, and landed in the dry mud. She came-to at once, and the realized her tie was caught in some brambles. “OHH…!” she shrieked as she yanked and pulled to free herself, just as the wolves peered over the slope growling fiercely at her. Terra thought this was the end…
But just as the wolves were ready to pounce, they got bombarded by rocks and sticks. Terra turned and saw someone in the distance holding a lantern throwing the stones and sticks and shouting, “Go on! Get out of here, ya' mutts!” The wolves ran away like cowards.
Garfield then motioned to Terra, “Follow me… and stay close.” He sounded rather upset, and Terra actually couldn't blame him. She totally forgot, she and the others were trespassing…!
As soon as he lead Terra out of the woods, the others were relived to hear she was safe, Garfield was near outraged to find they were all on his property.
“Garfield… what is all this?” Dick asked sternly.
“Duh! It's my home.” Garfield answered. “You know… where I live?”
Kori couldn't understand. “How can you live in a place like this? It's so dark!”
Garfield snuffed, “Are you kidding? It's still just late in the afternoon. Heh! Wait until nightfall, when it really gets dark.”
Vic's eyes bulged, “What?! Darker than this? Get outta' here…?”
Garfield wasn't kidding, and he began to walk towards the house. “You guys better get out of here. I'm not kidding. Those wolves like to go hunting after sundown, and they're going to be hungry.”
Deciding it was best to leave, the gang decided to head for the car, but Terra rushed towards Garfield, “Wait…!” she cried. “Garfield…? Why…?” she begged to know. “What's happened to you?”
Garfield shrugged, and seeing there was another way to get rid of her, or get her off his back. He turned to face her, “Terra…?” he said as he handed her something. “You want answered… here.”
He handed her a small video, one that he made long a ago, which was a record background of his life. He never let anyone else know of its existence. “Please… I beg of you…!” he sneered at her, “Whatever you see on there… keep it to yourself!”
Then he walked into the house and slammed the door behind him.
BOOM! The thunder struck again, and Terra just stood there, with her hair blowing in the eerie winds. Eventually she came to her senses and headed for the car which was waiting to take her and the others back to the city, forty miles away.