Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans High School Musical Christmas special ❯ What can it be Gar? ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, only four more days until the dance, and Christmas holidays. Some of the students at the school had already left with their families for Christmas holidays in other countries.
Principal Shepard was more than willing to let them go. Even he himself was planning to start his vacation early in the next few days. So he canceled all tests and exams so no one would have any work for the holidays.
Nonetheless, classes still continued, just not as hard working. This gave Kori and her committee to finish preparing the dance. She and her friends were in the library working on some final plans.
As for Raven, she was distracted by reading an audio book with the library's headphones and cassette players. Kato was listing in with a spare set of headphones plugged into the same machine.
Vic couldn't help but sigh, “Man… how ca they read all that junk?”
They were reading a somber filled horror-story; about broken hearts, crushed spirits, and shattered dreams. Not exactly the Christmas kind…
The Goths really liked these kinds of stories, especially these new versions in a chain of stories called, “Mysterious Theater.” It even had the sounds of eerie winds, thunder crashing, wolves howling, and ominous haunted music.
It was narrated by someone who was penname, “Vincent Twice!” yet the Goths couldn't help but feel, “That voice…!” Kato said, “It sounds so familiar.”
“Yeah… but… who is it?” Raven wondered.
The others, however, were distracted by preparing the dance. “We got the balloons ready. The banners are made…” Kori said as she went through her list. “We still need to sell tickets though…”
Dick was on it, and Vic offered to help too, and would you know it… they each sold two tickets right there as a few school mates and their dates for the dance passed by. “Well all right…” Vic smirked.
“SHH…!” the librarian hushed.
Vic blushed, “Ooh… sorry!”
As he turned back to face the gang, he saw Garfield sitting all by himself in a corner, with a pile of books beside him, and he was studying like crazy. There was no bothering in asking, Garfield never put down his books for anything…
He didn't care if tests were canceled and work was halted, he wasn't about to let the holidays affect his studies. He worked very hard to get his IQ as high as two-hundred, and he was working just as hard to keep it.
He looked terrible, though. He occasionally put his book down for a second, sighed softly and rubbed his baggy eyes before going right back to work.
“Vic, what's wrong…?” asked Dick.
Vic explained to his friends he didn't like the way Garfield was pushing himself. “He works too hard for a guy. Doesn't he ever have some time for fun…?”
Kori thought about it, and she never once saw Garfield ever have anything considered fun. “Anywhere I go, he's always working.” she said, “And whenever I ask him, he says he hasn't any interest.”
Dick found that sad, “Why would anyone not want to have any fun?” he wondered.
Then suddenly he caught a glimpse of something odd. Terra was sitting a few tables across from Garfield, and she was reading a book called, “How to show your true feelings” and she was casually peeking up, over the book, and gazing at Garfield, who obviously didn't notice her at all…
“Guys… look…” he whispered, and soon all the others were gazing at Terra and realized that she was crushing on Garfield. The gang knew Terra very well, but they didn't get many chances to talk to her, not while Jackie and Jillian, the school's trouble makers, were always keeping her to themselves.
“Why bother look in a book…” Kato said, “Relationships of any kind only end in misery.”
Raven agreed, “Mmm…! You know what they say? It's better to have never loved at all than to have your heart ripped out with a spoon and beaten to a bloody pulp with a rusty shovel.”
The others had wide-eyed expressions of shock on their faces, and the Goths showed them it was written in the book they were just reading. “What? We like it…” said Kato.
Kori thought maybe they could all help Terra, but Dick suggested against it. “Terra should do this on her own. We can't just force Garfield to like her.”
“And who knows…?” added Vic, “Maybe the guy already likes her?”
If Garfield did like Terra, he sure had a morbid way of showing it, as in… not at all. He hardly so much as even looked at Terra these days. Let alone spoke with her, maybe a few simple sentences.
Terra continued to look at her book, and occasionally peek at Garfield, but eventually Garfield got up, checked out some books and left. Terra kept her eyes on him until the last minute…
(Music cue)
She began to wonder if maybe he was ignoring her for a reason…
(Terra's thoughts)
What can it be, Gar?
Somethin' I don't see, Gar
Oh, do you like me, Gar?
Please it's got to be known
I wonder, what can it be, Gar?
Why do you flee, Gar?
Ooh… please hear my plea, Gar.
Why are you so alone?
Ooh, What can it be, Gar?
Are you really free, Gar?
Or are you steady, Gar?
With some other gal…
Please, I'm down on my knee, Gar.
I'm askin' desperately, Gar.
Ooh, please answer me, Gar.
What the heck's all the gall?
Terra finally decided… the best she could do was follow Garfield. Spy on him… and maybe she could uncover what his big problem was and why he was so grim all the time.
“Look out Garfield, here I come!”
(Terra's thoughts)
No matter where you may be, Gar.
I'll know eventually, Gar.
You cannot hide from me, Gar.
Cause' my will is too strong.
It's just plain to see, Gar.
I won't leave you be gar.
Until I know you like me, Gar
And if we get along.
Some think people think I'm crazy, Gar.
Crazy only for thee, Gar.
Just wanna be your baby, Gar.
If you'll give me the chance.
I know you think I'm pretty, Gar.
And I hope that with glee, Gar.
That you will ask me, Gar.
To be your date for the dance.
(Fade out)
The others didn't like the look in Terra's eyes. “Hey, I think she's up to something.” said Kato. The others all agreed, and then agreed to follow her.
By the end of the day, it Terra had left the building just before the ball rang and made it up to the rooftop of a tall building with a good view of the city. She adjusted her binoculars, and kept her focus on Garfield.
She knew he didn't work today at Mega-Meaty-Meat, and maybe she'd be able to follow him as he went home, wherever it was, and see where he lived. Nobody in the entire school knew where Garfield lived, not even the teachers, or Shepard himself… all his mail was sent to Bob at the meat-place.
No one had ever been able to reach Garfield's parents either, and had never seen them before at that. Terra was now more determined to figure out this mystery, and fast.
Suddenly Garfield's Moped continued to move down the street, and keeping her eye on him with her binoculars, Terra followed him everywhere he went. However, she soon began to realize that Garfield didn't live close to the school, or anywhere else that she knew in the city either because he was traveling so far away.
Garfield had finally got out of sight, but Terra at least realized that he had officially headed out of town, straight into the desert-valley outside. She was most confused, and couldn't understand it in the least…
She turned to leave, “WHA--!” she gasped when she realized the others were behind her the whole time. “Yo' girl… chill.” said Vic.
Terra got back to her feet, and then came the questions and answers, and when Terra admitted she was spying on Garfield, Kori couldn't help but sigh heavily, “Aw, you do care about him, don't you?”
Terra felt embarrassed. He cheeks were red, and she was twiddling her fingers, and she admitted it. She knew him since preschool, “e was my definition of fun” and never understood why he disappeared for almost twelve years, and now she meets up with him again, crushing him, but he's changed.
“He's not the sweet boy I remember… and I want to know what happened.”
Seeing it was obvious that Terra was on their side too, wanting to know what was with Garfield. They all decided to team up and solve it together. However, since Garfield was already too far away to follow, and it since the days were shorter, it was almost dark already…
Tomorrow… they'd go at it!