Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans High School Musical Christmas special ❯ Wake up to reality ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Over the next two days, it was finally Friday, and the dance was ready to begin soon, and the final preparations were completed. The gang however was really worried, Garfield hadn't been seen for almost two days.
“Man… it's not like Garfield to wanna miss school.” said Vic, “Even if there's no work to be done.”
“Maybe he was finally mauled by those wolves in the forest…?” Raven suggested. Then everyone, even Kato was staring at her awkwardly. “What? It could've happened…”
Dick rolled his eyes, “Hey, has anyone seen Terra?” he asked.
Kori told him that she saw her in the library, all by herself, just catching up on some reading. “She didn't look too happy…” then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a letter that was for Garfield, “She wants me to give this to him…”
Everyone decided to see what she wrote, and they were all shocked. “My goodness…!” cried Kato. “For a light-dweller, she has a very dark inner-soul.”
“Isn't there anything we can do…?” asked Kori.
Dick shook his head, “Even if we could, I don't think it would be the right thing to do; having it come from us.”
By what would normally be home time, the gymnasium behind the school was bustling with excitement as the party began. All the students had ditched their school uniforms, and wore simple dresses, and suits; things like that.
Even the Goth themselves changed their clothes, well, to an extent. Raven was wearing a black dress, with a blood-red scarf. She still looked like a nightmare, “But… she is my nightmare.” Kato said. His girlfriend hissed at him, her way of showing she was flattered, and they went off to dance…
The others however didn't seem to be enjoying themselves as much, because both Garfield and Terra were not present. Not that anyone expected Garfield Logan to attend a dance anyway…!
Just then, the doors at the front opened wide. Everyone gazed over, and tired to make out the shape of the person who was there in the light. “Who's that…?”
“What's going on?”
Vic was able to make out the shape, “Yo'… is that…?”
The figure stepped into the light, “It is!” cried Dick. “It's… Garfield…?”
It was him, indeed. Only instead of his school uniform and cape, he was wearing a nice warm Christmas sweater, and new dress pants and shoes, and the bags under his eyes were gone…. and… he was SMILING…?!
A long moment of silence followed, even the music stopped. The silence was then broken by Garfield motioning for some men to bring in a truck full of catered meals he had actually bought, and he said, “Merry Christmas everyone!”
The crowd didn't know what to say or do, until they broke out cheering and dashed for the food. Many of the stopped give pros to Garfield, and some even took back all the nasty things they said about him.
That's when the gang, walked over to him. “Garfield…?” Kori asked, still not convinced this was really him. “It's alright, isn't it?” he asked her, still smiling.
Dick was impressed by all this, “But what happened…?”
Garfield explained that somehow, the police had obtained his video with the information regarding his miserable life. When brought to the authorities, Garfield was given a huge restitution…
The first of which was one-million dollars for helping to bring Nicholas Galtry and his gang of thugs to justice years back. Plus an addition hundred-grand for his inheritance money which had been squandered, and another two-hundred grand for his top-seller “Mysterious Theater” stories which people around the world were beginning to read and find just stunningly incredible…
With enough money to help, Garfield moved into an apartment a few blocks away from the school, as well as Mega-Meaty-Meat. Now he could just walk to work, school, and home, instead of riding his moped so much.
With a new home, new comforts, and plenty of money to pay him off. He could live a simple life without having to work so incredibly hard for so long. Now he could get proper sleep, and still live his school life.
“For the first time in my life, people have started to help me out.” Garfield said. “And I realized what a fool I've been acting all this time, myself. So… I decided to make it up to some of the people.”
This was why he had bought the catered feast for everyone; as a gift. It was Christmastime after all.
“But I still wish a I knew how the police managed to get my tape, and how they even know about it in the first place.”
The gang began to look nervous, and decided it was best to come clean. “You guys did it…?” Garfield asked.
Each of them nodded. “We didn't want to see you suffer anymore, and wanted to help you gain your spirits back.” said Dick.
“Actually…” Raven cut in, “It was Terra who came up with the idea.”
Garfield winced softly, “Terra…?” he couldn't believe it, “Why would she want to help me? I've never exactly been kind to her…”
“Well, not to her you haven't…” said Kato.
Garfield felt more confused than ever, and as he looked all over the gym, “Where is she…?” he asked. The others didn't know, but then Vic remembered, “Kori… the letter. Give it to him.”
“Oh, right…!” Kori hastily reached into her pocket. “Here…”
Garfield took a close look at the letter, “Dude…! It can't be…?”
It looked like Terra's writing, there was even a song near the bottom, and what looked like little stains of water…
If you're reading this, then I guess the others told you what we did, and that I came up with the idea.
I didn't mean any harm, but I just couldn't bare to see you suffer anymore. No one deserves to be sad and lonely at Christmas. Not even you.
Also… there's something I need to tell you, and I probably should've said this a long time ago…
(Music Cue, Celine Dion style)
(Terra's writing/thoughts)
I'll have a Blue Christmas without you
I'll be so blue thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas
Won't be the same, if you're not here with me

And when those blue snowflakes start fallin'
And when those blue melodies start callin'
You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white,
But I'll have a blue Christmas with out you.

Decorations of red on a green Christmas
Won't be the same, if you're not here with me
I'll have a Blue Christmas that's certain
And when that blue heartache starts hurtin'
You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white,
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas
Garfield didn't know what he was feeling. “Terra…!” he pepped. The others all gazed at him with a look of disappointment. “She really needs ya', man.” said Vic.
Garfield realized, “I gotta' go find her.” and just as he headed for the door, Kori held him up. “Give her this…” she said as she handed him a small yellow-corsage, “It's the same color as her hair, she'll like it.”
Garfield nodded, “I'll be back-- I hope.” He said, and then he was gone.
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't be the same, if you're not here with me
I'll have a Blue Christmas that's certain
And when that blue heartache starts hurtin'
You'll be doin' all right, with your Christmas of white,
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas
Garfield dashed all over the district, on foot constantly calling out her name… “Terra…?”
“Terra, where are you?”
“TERRA…!” he his voice seemed to echo throughout the city.
He dashed by the park, and there she was! Terra was sitting all alone on a bench, softly sobbing into her hands, as the sun began to set early as usual. “Terra?” he panted as he moved towards her, “I was looking all over for you-- Hey! You're crying…!”
She looked up, and rubbed the tears for her eyes, “I am not.” She sniveled, “I just… I'm just catching a cold out here in this chill.”
Garfield raised an eyebrow, “Um… it's seventy-eight degrees out here.” he said to her. Terra didn't care and turned away from him. “Terra… I read your letter.” replied Garfield, “And I want to know… Why did you decide to do all this for me?”
Terra got up and huffed, “Oh, what? Now all of a sudden you are giving me a little attention, and all it took was a few wades of cash?”
“Terra…! I' serious!” sneered Garfield. “Why did you really do this?”
She turned away form him again, “Maybe I… was just worried, okay.” she cried. “Maybe I just wanted to fix things, and try to help… the one-guy who means more to me… than anybody else in the whole world!” she began to sob softly again, still turned away from him.
Garfield just stood there, with a wild assortment of feelings running through him. She just admitted it, in her own words… she had feelings for him. “Besides…!” Terra replied. “Why should you care about me? I thought you didn't care about anyone…”
“Well, maybe I've had a change of mind.” Garfield said, “No! A change of heart, and maybe there is someone who I care about, and she's right here arguing with me.”
Terra's head snapped upright, and she turned to face him. “IF you cared about me all along, why didn't you ever tell me?”
“Maybe I was scared to!”
“No…” Garfield said while waving his hand in front of her, “Just shut up a minute, I want to say something important.”
He paused a minute, “Look! I was a jerk, I admit it, but do you honestly think that I could allow anyone to enter my life filled with danger and death staring at you every corner, no way! Especially you, Terra.” he paused again, “I knew you had a better life than I did, and I didn't want to take any of it away from you. I cared about you that much, and I still do.”
“Huh…?” Terra finally looked him in the eyes. “You… care about me?”
Garfield nodded, “I never stopped caring about you, Terra. Even at times when I said I didn't… it was all just a lie. I can never change how I feel about you, and how much I want to make things right for us…” he reached into his pocket and help to corsage out to her, much to her surprise, “So I'm asking you-- will you come with me to the dance?”
Terra slowly began to smiled, and chocked on her tears as she clipped the flower onto her school-outfit. Then finally she answered, “Yes.”
Garfield then held her face gently in his hands, and brought her lips to his. Terra embraced to warmth and softness and she gently curled her arms round his neck.
A few minutes later, they walked into the dance, arm, in arm, Garfield now wearing a suit, and Terra, a dress, both which he quickly bought on sight. “All right, Garfield!” Dick exclaimed.
Vic slapped him a high-five, “Yo' man, you dawg!”
Kori was giddy with excitement, and as for the Goths, “Not awful…”
“No… not awful at all.” That was all they could think of.
That's when a slow song began to play, and couples began to dance. Vic even managed to score a date with two girls, who didn't mind at all. “I said it once, I'll say it again-- Man , I love bein' the ladies-man.”
By the end of the dance, Terra felt so warm and light. Garfield looked down into her eyes, “Merry Christmas, Terra.”
She gazed up at him, “Merry Christmas, Beast-Boy.”
“Huh…? What did you call me?”
Terra looked confused, “Beast-Boy? Beast-Boy?”
She kept repeating those words, over and over, and her voice seemed to trail off as everywhere got dark.
“Beast-Boy? Beast-Boy? Wake up…” Terra kept saying as she shook her husband gently.
“Uhn… ohh, uh...!” Beast-boy finally woke up. “Dude…! Did I have a crazy dream.” He said, “I dreamt is was Christmastime.”
The door to Terra's bedroom opened, and in came the others, Cyborg carrying a plate of cups of hot-cocoa. “Yo' man, it is Christmas.”
Starfire hovered about with a big gleam on her face. “Oh, I am so jolly with spirit… may this day truly bring happiness to us all.”
With a grim look on her face, and a red Santa hat on her head, Raven could only sarcastically groan, “Ho… ho… ho!” but she soon smiled when Copy-Cat offered her a special dark candy-cane he had gotten especially for his lady-love. “This is my first Christmas ever…” he said. “And I wish that we all may be happy.”
Robin nodded, “Come on, then… let's go open our presents.” The others all eagerly agreed. “Come on, Beast-Boy!” cried Terra as she scuttled off to the lounge. “I'll be right there…” her husband called.
Beast-Boy got up, and to the window he went.
He looked through the glass and smelled the sweet scent.
The crisp cool air, tickled his nose.
He felt so warm form his head to his toes.
Now he has only to say as we go on our way…
“Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good-bye-- er… I mean day.”