Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ One Month Left ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3
Another month passed and Raven had grown even larger. None of the Titans could believe how big she was getting. It wasn't that she was larger than any other eight months pregnant woman; it was just that… well… this was Raven! Little petite Raven: who used to wear a skin-tight leotard and actually looked good in it. Now she had a large pregnant stomach that stuck out so far that she would sometimes knock things off of the counters when she turned.
Since there was only one month left Beast Boy and Raven decided that they had better get the rest of the baby supplies they needed. Raven had kept a few things from when she had had Alex, but they were having a girl this time and that meant a whole new set of clothes and other various things.
They walked through the baby store in the mall slowly, so Raven wouldn't get too tired too quickly. Alex was sitting in the rented stroller looking around as Beast Boy pushed him.
“Does all girl clothes have to be pink?” asked Raven plainly as she looked through the various infant girls clothing. “I mean, can't there be something… here we go,” she said picking out a couple of purple and yellow outfits.
“Can we go to the toy store?” asked Alex with a sigh.
“Maybe when we're done,” said Beast Boy.
“Oh, we better stock up on these,” said Raven grabbing a few packs of baby one pieces. She handed them to Beast Boy who looked for a place to put them on the carriage. He finally just put them with Alex.
“Raven, do infants really need all of this clothes?” asked Beast Boy who was quite flustered. Raven just started to laugh and went off to find more clothes. Beast Boy suddenly felt overwhelmed. Now that they only had a month left he was starting to get nervous and unsure.
“Can I get a pretzel?” asked Alex, who was feeling a little ignored, not to mention surrounded by girly baby clothes.
“When we leave this store,” said Beast Boy. “Just hang in there.” Alex sighed, placed a few of the girly pajamas behind his head and relaxed.
“Let me see…” said Raven checking her list over. “Got it… got it… wrong store… got it… need that… got it… oh!” She started heading over to another part of the store, or waddling to another part of the store.
Beast Boy followed her and waited as she looked through socks and booties. As he waited, he looked around at all the other people in the store; mostly pregnant women, all in different stages of their pregnancies. A few of them had their boyfriend or husbands with them, but many were there alone. He could only imagine what it must have been like to be pregnant and alone. He saw what Raven was going through and knew that pregnancy wasn't easy, even with someone there to help you.
“Daddy, I'm hungry,” said Alex turning around and leaning over the side of the carriage so he could see his face.
“We're almost done, buddy,” said Beast Boy, even though he had no idea as to when they were going to be done.
Raven had a few pairs of booties and socks in her hands and said, “Okay, let's go.”
Beast Boy heard Alex let out a sigh of relief. He chuckled and the three headed up towards the cashier. Once everything was paid for Beast Boy hung all of the bags off of the carriage and they headed over to the nearest pretzel vender.
After they each had a pretzel they headed back to the tower. Raven couldn't wait to just sit down on the couch for a little while. Her back ached and her feet were swollen. She sat with her seat reclined all the way back in the car. Thank goodness Alex was sitting behind Beast Boy, or he would've been crushed. He couldn't wait to get home so he could at least get some attention from his aunt and uncles. He saw that his parents were very busy and he was thankful that there were other people in the tower to dote upon him.
They made it home and all were quite relieved. The mall had become a very tiring place. Raven landed on the couch and let out a long sigh. Cyborg had been sitting on the couch and quickly grabbed the remote before she sat on it.
“Y'all have fun?” he asked knowing the answer.
“Oh yeah, oodles,” said Raven sarcastically and then leaned back into the couch.
“Uncle Cyborg!” said Alex running over to him.
“Hey little man,” said Cyborg giving him a high, or in the case of Cyborg low, five. “What's goin on?”
“Will you play with me?” he asked excitedly.
“Depends, what'd ya wanna play?” asked Cyborg.
“I want you to teach me how to play bazketbowl,” said Alex.
Cyborg's eyes lit up, one literally, when he heard the word “basketball”, or at least Alex's pronunciation of it. “Alright! Let's go!” He picked up Alex, carried him under his arm like a piece of luggage, and headed up to the basketball court on the roof.
While Raven relaxed and Alex went off to play with his Uncle Cyborg, Beast Boy went to deposit all of the shopping bags into Ravens room. He still had to assemble the baby crib that remained in its cardboard box. He figured now was as good a time as any. He sat down and began to do his best to put the crib together.
As he was just getting one side of the railings to connect with the headboard he heard a knock on the door. “Yeth?” he asked with a screwdriver in his mouth. The door opened and Robin appeared.
“Hey Beast Boy,” he said with a smile. “I see you're finally putting that crib together.”
“More like attempting to,” said Beast Boy taking the screwdriver out of his mouth. “I swear these directions are written in Chinese or something.”
“Well that side is,” said Robin picking up the instructions.
“I know,” said Beast Boy, proving that he really wasn't as dense as everyone thought him to be. “I mean that the directions don't really make sense. They've replaced all of the words with letters and numbers.”
“Want some help?” asked Robin, who could see exactly why Beast Boy was having trouble. The instructions were confusing.
“Sure,” said Beast Boy handing him the screwdriver.
The two worked for an hour and were barely any farther along than when they had started. They had half of it put together, but it looked crooked and unstable. Finally Beast Boy threw the instructions aside. “Well I think we should just wing it,” he said.
“Or maybe we should just ask Cyborg to do it,” said Robin.
“No, I will do it,” he said stubbornly. “This is a crib for my baby and I will put it together.”
“Okay,” said Robin backing off. They sat quietly for a little while and then Robin worked up the nerve to speak. He had actually gone to Beast Boy with a purpose, not to help him build a crib. “Uh, Beast Boy, I've got something important to tell you,” he said rather hesitantly.
“Yeah, what?” asked Beast Boy screwing in a screw into the other railing side.
“I'm… I'm going to propose to Star,” he said in one breath.
Beast Boy stopped screwing in the screw and looked up at Robin. He hadn't even realized his jaw had dropped. “You're… you're what?”
“I'm going to ask Starfire to marry me,” said Robin with a smile.
Beast Boy still looked at him blankly. Then a large smile spread across his face. “Dude! That's awesome!” he said shaking Robin's hand and bringing him into a hug. “I can't believe it!”
“I know,” said Robin. “I'm so nervous.”
“When are ya gonna do it?” asked Beast Boy, completely forgetting about the crib.
“Tonight,” Robin sighed. “I'm taking her out to dinner and I'm going to propose there.”
“Well good luck,” said Beast Boy with a smile.
“Thanks,” said Robin in an unsure voice.
“Come on, dude, you've got nothing to worry about,” said Beast Boy getting back to the crib.
“You sure?” asked Robin.
“Duh! Of course I'm sure,” said Beast Boy laughing. He gave Robin a pat on the back to reassure him.
“Thanks Beast Boy,” said Robin, and then went back to helping him with the impossible crib.
Raven was reading quietly. She found that it had been harder and harder to find anyplace that was quiet lately. Of course it didn't last long as Cyborg and Alex reentered.
“Raven, I think your kid could be the next Michael Jordan!” said Cyborg with a large grin on his face. Alex was up on his shoulders and was smiling as well.
“Is that so?” asked Raven not looking up from her book.
“Yeah, you shoulda seen him!” said Cyborg lifting Alex off of his shoulders and putting him down. “I'm tellin' ya, he's got great potential.”
“Wow, I wouldn't expect that with Beast Boy's genes,” said Raven looking up from her book.
“Hey, maybe they're from your side of the family,” said Cyborg.
Raven laughed sarcastically and closed her book. She attempted to stand up, but couldn't find the strength to get her large belly up. Alex quickly came over.
“I'll help you, mumma,” he said sweetly and took her hands. He leaned backwards and tried to pull her up, but his little body didn't have enough weight to move her.
“Maybe I should help,” said Cyborg. Alex sighed and moved out of the way. Cyborg help Raven stand up with one hand.
“Thanks,” said Raven in a groan. She could feel the pain return in her back and feet. But she couldn't put off her whining bladder anymore. She began to waddle off to the bathroom. But before she left she saw that Alex looking quite disappointed with himself. “Alex,” she called to him. He looked up with those deep, soulful eyes. “Why don't you help me walk to the bathroom?” A smile spread across his face and he ran over to her. He took her hand and began to lead her out of the common room.
As they walked Starfire emerged from her room with a large smile on her face. “Friends! I know how we are to get a backyard!”
“Really?” asked Alex very excitedly.
“Yes,” said Starfire picking him up and twirling him around. “Soon we shall have the backyard and we can go searching for all of those insects!”
“Hurray!” said Alex with a cheer.
“How?” asked Raven.
“It is a surprise,” said Starfire just busting at the seams and putting Alex down. “But now I must go get ready.”
“Ready for what?” asked Alex, who was quite miffed at the fact that his auntie couldn't tell him how they were getting a backyard.
“You're Uncle Robin is taking me out to dinner tonight,” she said joyfully. “I must go and take a shower and do the freshening up.”
“Can I pee first?” asked Raven who was dancing at this point.
“Of course,” said Starfire. Raven quickly ran into the bathroom and relieved her crushed bladder. Alex decided to go play in his room for a while. But he decided to see what his father was doing. He took a gander into his mother's room and saw Beast Boy sitting on the floor with a partially made crib. He suddenly heard his dad mutter a few curse words to himself and decided to go to his room before he was caught.