Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Marrige? ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4
The next morning Starfire prepared the biggest breakfast feast that any of them had seen. This was because, of course, she was now engaged and this was her way of telling everyone. She had come home screaming with joy and had woken them all up to tell them. So they felt she owed them a nice breakfast any way.
“I can't believe it,” said Cyborg with a chuckle. “Robin the lone ranger is finally settling down.”
“Didn't think I'd see the day,” said Raven sipping her caffeine-free tea. She had been suffering from caffeine withdrawal and that just made her more tired and grumpy.
“I can not wait to tell all of our other friends!” said Starfire, referring to all of the other Titans in the world. She flew over to Raven and held her hand out to her. “Raven, will you look upon my ring of engagement now?”
Raven had refused to see it the night before because she had been asleep at the time. But now she took a look at it. It was beautiful, just the right size and sparkled like Starfire's eyes were. “It's very lovely,” said Raven with a smile.
“Auntie Starfire, will you please tell us how we're gonna get a backyard, now?” asked Alex.
“Oh yes! I almost forgot,” said Starfire flying off.
“She what?” asked Beast Boy.
“She said that she found a way for us to have a backyard,” said Raven.
Starfire reentered with a large grin she was trying to suppress. She was holding a piece of paper, but had its back towards them. “Is everyone ready?” she asked shaking with excitement.
“Yes!” Alex standing up in his chair. Raven quickly grabbed him and made him sit down.
Starfire turned the piece of paper around and revealed the other side. “I have bought us a house!” The paper showed the picture of a large house. “And it has a back yard!”
“You what!” they all said at the same time, except Alex who was the only one clapping with happiness.
“I have bought us a house,” she said again.
“Starfire, when I said for you to find a way for us to have a backyard, I kind of meant a backyard for the tower,” said Robin.
Suddenly Beast Boy began to laugh and giggle to himself.
“What are you snickering about?” asked Raven.
“Oh nothing,” he said still chuckling. “It's just, in less than twenty-four hours Robin and Starfire are engaged and have bought a house!” He started really laughing and this made Cyborg start laughing as well.
“Yeah, and you know what comes next,” said Cyborg. He pantomimed a baby in his arms and rocked back and forth.
Suddenly Robin felt very nervous and his commitment jitters were creeping back in. His heart was racing and he was beginning to feel very hot. “I… I need to go out for a second.” And with that he ran outside.
“Perhaps I should go see what is wrong with him,” said Starfire quickly following.
Beast Boy and Cyborg continued to chuckle to themselves and eat. But Alex went from very happy to confused. “What does this mean?” asked Alex moving his arms as Cyborg had.
“He was making a “baby” gesture,” said Raven. “Drink your milk.”
“Are they having a baby too?” asked Alex.
“No sweetie,” said Raven pushing Alex's cup of milk towards him. “Your uncle and father just mean that when two people get married they usually have a baby afterwards.”
Alex had a quizzical look on his face. “Then are you and daddy married?”
The room suddenly grew very quiet and very awkward. Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other, hoping the other would have the right answer. No one was as uncomfortable as Cyborg who really wished he could get up and leave.
“No, buddy, we're not,” said Beast Boy finally. “Your mother said drink your milk.” He hoped this would get Alex off of the subject.
“But then why is mumma having a baby if you're not married?” asked Alex taking a sip of his milk.
Cyborg quickly stood up and said, “I better go make sure Robin's okay.” He rushed out of the room as fast as he could.
“We're having a baby because we love each other,” said Raven nonchalantly, trying not to sound like she was panicking.
“So you don't have to be married to have a baby?” asked Alex.
Beast Boy put his face in his hands and said, “Oh God,” into them. He quickly pulled his face out of his hands and crossed them. “Well, no, you don't have to, but it's always better to be married.”
“So are you gonna get married?” he asked innocently.
Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other and weren't sure what to say now. Alex waited and made sure he drank all of his milk so his parents couldn't try to change the subject. He might have been three, but he was a very intelligent child and already seemed to know the ways of the world.
“Maybe someday,” said Beast Boy hesitantly looking at Raven.
“Yeah,” she said looking at him, and then turning to Alex. “Maybe someday. But just because we're not married doesn't we don't love each other just as much as if we were.” And this seemed to satisfy Alex and he continued to eat his breakfast. Beast Boy and Raven gave a silent sigh of relief and continued to eat as well.
From that moment on the day was slightly awkward between Raven and Beast Boy. The truth was that neither had actually thought about marriage. They had only been together a little less than a year. But now they really couldn't get it out of their head. Seeing Robin and Starfire together didn't help either.
“Raven, I wish for you to be my…” she turned to Raven and whispered a question to him. He whispered into her ear and then she turned and said, “Maid of the honor at my wedding.”
“I'd love to Starfire,” said Raven with a small tired smile.
“Glorious!” said Starfire clapping. “Then you can help me prepare.”
“Sorry, but I don't think I'm going to be of much help,” said Raven. “I'm useless as it is right now and when the baby comes I'm not going to have any time. Maybe you should ask someone else to be your maid of honor.”
“Oh no!” said Starfire shaking her head. “I want you to my maid of the honor. I do not care if you can not help.”
“Are you sure?” asked Raven. Starfire smiled and nodded and Raven felt a little better. She was sitting on the couch, where she found herself more and more lately, just watching the others. She had gotten quite used to sitting quietly and watching her friends as they went about their daily business. But now Starfire and Robin were sitting next to her.
Alex entered with Beast Boy following him. In his hands was his bug collector's kit. “Bye! We're going to find bugs in the park,” said Beast Boy.
“Oh, I wish to join you!” said Starfire jumping up. “Perhaps we can find some of the insects that were in the movie.”
“Okay, come on Star,” said Beast Boy with a smile. Starfire quickly gave a squeal of delight and flew behind them as they made their way to the garage.
“Got yourself one hell of woman, Robin,” said Raven with a smirk.
He just smiled and got up to go off and do his own thing. Raven chuckled to herself and relaxed into the couch. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the silence for those few moments. It quickly ended as the sound of the doors leading into the common room swooshed open. She heard someone large enter and she knew who it was. Not just because of the sound he made when he walked, but because he was the only one left in the tower.
“Hello Cyborg,” she said grabbing the remote and turning the television on.
“How'd ya know it was me?” he asked as he went through the fridge.
“I'm psychic,” said Raven plainly. This made Cyborg chuckle as he fixed himself a snack.
“Yeah, and I'm a vegetarian,” said Cyborg. This, in turn, made Raven laugh. “So we're is everyone?”
“Starfire, Beast Boy, and Alex just left for the park and Robin was sitting here a minute ago, but he just left as well,” said Raven.
“So it's just the two of us,” said Cyborg sitting down next to her with a sandwich. “Sorry, three of us.”
Raven smiled and looked down at her stomach. She placed her hand on it and sighed. “I can't believe I've only got four weeks left.”
“I can't either,” he said taking a bite of his sandwich. “Seems like only yesterday you and Beast Boy were at each other's throats.”
“I know,” said Raven.
There was a slight pause between them as Cyborg continued to eat and Raven focused on the sitcom that was on the TV. He finally swallowed after three bites and said, “So Robin and Starfire are gettin married. Didn't think Robin would ever grow the balls.”
Raven laughed and said, “No kidding.”
It grew quiet again.
“So… what about you and Beast Boy?” asked Cyborg hesitantly.
Raven's smile faded and she said plainly, “What about me and Beast Boy?”
“Well… ya know… are you two ever gonna get hitched?” he asked.
Raven was quiet for a moment. “I don't know,” she said quite honestly. “But if we are I don't think we will for a long time.”
“Why do you say that?” asked Cyborg.
“Well, for one we've never actually talked about it,” she said quite plainly. “Two, we wouldn't be able to get married until after Robin and Starfire. Three, I can't get married when I have an infant to take care of. And four, I think Beast Boy's satisfied with the way things are right now. You know him, he hates change.”
“Well what about you?” asked Cyborg. “Do you want to get married?”
“Is there a reason you're asking me all of these marriage questions?” Raven snapped.
“No, it's just been on my mind since I found out that Robin and Star were engaged,” he said quickly, not wanting to get her upset. “So… do you?”
Raven had never really thought about it. The truth was that she had never even considered that someone would want to marry her. Her whole young life she had never planed on falling in love and having dreams of getting married and starting a family. She had always thought that she was going to die, along with the rest of the world, when her father came. Now that she did have a child, and soon to be children, getting married wasn't all that far fetched after all.
“I don't know,” she said at last. “I mean… yes. Yes, I would like to get married. But don't you dare tell Beast Boy.”
“Why not?” asked Cyborg.
“Because he'll think I want him to propose or something,” she said struggling to get up to her feet. “I don't want to push him into anything he's not ready for. I'd rather wait a decade for him to be mature and ready than him just proposing because he thinks I'll never stop nagging him.”
“Okay, I won't tell him,” said Cyborg standing up and helping her stand.
“Thanks,” she said and then made her way to the bathroom. She hated how far away it always seemed to be.