Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Second Child, First Birth ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5
The tower was quiet and dark. Everyone was fast asleep in their beds, or loved one's bed. Cyborg and Alex were actually the only ones sleeping alone. It was a considerably warm evening and so they only slept with sheets. Beast Boy was in a deep sleep with only one leg under the sheet, leaving the rest of him exposed. Raven was asleep on her back and hadn't really moved since she had lied down.
She groaned for a moment and fidgeted. Slowly she was brought into wakefulness. She was confused and looked around the dark room, wondering what time it was. She wasn't able to finish the thought when she felt a sharp pain in her loins. She had been feeling them for a few days now, but this one was sharper and she almost yelped with pain. She had a feeling that this was the real deal. But just to make sure, she waited. Another pain ran through her and this time she did let out a squeak.
“Beast Boy,” she said grabbing his arm and shaking it. It took a few good shakes for him to groggily awaken.
“What?” he asked still half asleep.
“I think it's time,” she said attempting to get out of the bed. Another pain rushed into her and she grabbed her lower abdomen and winced.
“Time?” he asked confused.
“The baby's coming,” she said still wincing with the pain.
“The baby?” he asked. Suddenly he realized what was happening. “Oh! The baby!” He jumped out of the bed and turned the light on. He saw her sitting up with her legs hanging off the bed. She was taking in deep breaths to counter the pain. He went to her and gingerly helped her up.
“We've got to wake the other us,” said Raven as he led her out of the room.
“Okay, let me just get you into the common room first,” he said. His heart was racing and he kept thinking he was still asleep. But he wasn't. Half way down the hall Raven gasped and stopped, almost falling to her knees from the pain. Beast Boy felt quite helpless as he saw her in such pain.
Once he got her to the couch he dashed off to wake the others up. He first arrived at Cyborg's door and began pounding on it. He heard some muffled cursing and then the door opened up. “Beast Boy, what the hell, man?”
“Raven's gonna have the baby,” he said frantically.
“Oh shit,” said Cyborg, unable to think of anything else to say.
“Come on, I gotta wake up Robin and Star,” he said beginning to run off. “You get the car ready.”
“Got it,” said Cyborg heading off.
Beast Boy made it to Robin's room where he knew the two to be. He began to pummel the door with his fist. After a few seconds, that seemed to last an eternity, Robin came to the door. “What is it?” He saw Starfire sitting up sleepily behind him.
“Raven's going into labor,” said Beast Boy.
Robin snapped right out of his tired state and jumped into action. “Okay, have Cyborg get the car ready and Star and I will…”
“Cyborg's already down there starting the car,” said Beast Boy. “You guys stay here with Alex.”
“Okay, but let me at least see you off,” he said going back in his room to throw a shirt on. Starfire had already thrown her pink robe on and followed Beast Boy back out into the common room.
Raven was in an immense amount of pain every couple minutes. Cyborg had rushed through, made sure she was okay, and then went to start the car. Soon Beast Boy and Starfire entered, and Robin a few steps behind them. Beast Boy went right over to her and took her hands.
“You okay?” he asked very worried.
“Yeah, this is normal,” she said, reassuring him. Suddenly she gasped as she felt a warm liquid gush out of her and run down her legs.
“What?” asked Beast Boy, shocked by her gasp.
“My water just broke,” she said feeling a rush of panic. But nothing could compare to poor Beast Boy who was scared to death.
Robin and Beast Boy helped her down to the garage, where Cyborg was waiting. As Beast Boy helped her into the back seat he turned to Robin and said, “I'll call you from the hospital to tell you what's going on.”
“Do you want us to bring Alex down when he gets up?” asked Robin.
“Uh… I don't really know right now,” said Beast Boy. “But I'll call you guys as soon as possible.”
“Okay,” said Robin, seeing how lost Beast Boy seemed.
“I wish you much luck!” said Starfire to Raven.
Raven gave a quick smile and then said, “Beast Boy get in here!” He quickly obeyed and hopped in, closing the door. Cyborg began to pull out and they watched as Robin and Starfire waved good-bye to them.
Beast Boy held her hand and she squeezed it tightly whenever she felt a contraction. Cyborg was driving as fast as he could and luckily there was no traffic since it was the middle of the night, or rather early morning. But Beast Boy told Cyborg to drive faster none-the-less.
They made it to the hospital and Raven was rushed in. The doctors didn't seem all that panicked and calmly took care of her. Beast Boy was a bit angry about how uncaring they all seemed to be. Luckily Cyborg was there to calm him down and keep his mind straight. She was put in a room and was soon situated.
“She's dilated about three centimeters,” said the doctor taking off his glove and throwing it away.
“So… what does that mean?” asked Beast Boy.
“It means she's got about seven centimeters to go before she can start pushing,” said the doctor and then left them be.
Cyborg went to call Robin and tell him what was going on. This left Beast Boy and Raven alone. He could see that she was very uncomfortable. Every few minutes she would tense up and grit her teeth.
“How are you doing?” asked Raven.
“You're asking me?” asked in a nervous laugh. “You're the one in labor.”
Raven gave him a weak smile and said, “I've been through this before. How are you feeling?”
“Nervous,” he said in a high-pitched voice. “Really nervous.”
“Don't be,” said Raven in a comforting tone. “Nothing's going to happen for a while. I'll just be going in and out of pain.”
Beast Boy took a seat next to her bed. Cyborg returned and once he saw that everything was okay he decided to go for a walk. He felt a little awkward seeing Raven in labor.
Two hours passed and Raven had only progressed three more centimeters. True, she was a little more than half way there, but two hours was a long time to reach it. At least, that's what Beast Boy thought. Raven knew that this was all normal and, if anything, she was doing pretty well.
Before long Raven asked for an epidural to help with the pain. Beast Boy had to leave the room as they injected the medicine into her spine. But she was much more comfortable once it was done, and that made Beast Boy feel better. They were both excited to see that Robin and Starfire had come with Alex.
“Hi sweetheart,” said Raven as Alex went over to her bed.
“Are you okay?” he asked innocently. He really wasn't sure what was going on.
“Yes, I'm fine,” she said. “And your little sister is going to be here soon.”
“She is?” he asked with a smile.
“Yup. You excited?” asked Beast Boy picking him up.
“Yes!” Alex with a grin.
The doctor came in to check on how far along Raven was. Robin and Starfire decided to take Alex to the cafeteria to get him something to eat. Beast Boy waited nervously as the doctor checked. “You're almost there,” he said at least. “You've got about two more centimeters to go.”
“Really?” asked Raven surprised. “This is going faster than when I had Alex.”
“Second pregnancies tend to be a little easier,” said the doctor taking off his glove. “Are you comfortable?”
“For the moment,” said Raven.
“Good,” he said standing up. “I'll be back in about a half an hour.” And with that he left.
“You need anything?” asked Beast Boy going to her side. Now that he knew that it was almost time he needed to walk around and work all of the jitters out of his system. He hoped Raven would need something so he could leave her for a minute or two.
“Some ice chips would be nice,” said Raven.
“You got it,” he said kissing her on the forehead. She watched as he practically sprinted out the door. He asked a nurse about where he should go to get ice and she said that she would bring her some. Beast Boy thanked her and told her to tell Raven that he was taking a quick walk around.
Beast Boy felt like he was going to be sick he was so nervous and anxious. As he walked he saw a large window ahead of him with a few people looking through. He approached it and saw that it was a window that allowed people to look upon the newborns. A few people were pointing and smile and talking to each other about the new member in their family. Then they each left, leaving Beast Boy alone to look at the infants. He couldn't believe that soon his baby was going to be in there. His little girl.
“Hey man,” said Cyborg walking up to him.
Beast Boy jumped for a second, and then realized that it was Cyborg. “Oh, hey Cy.”
“How's Raven?”
“Good,” said Beast Boy with a small smile. “She's almost ready to start pushing.”
“How're ya feelin'?”
“Nervous as hell,” Beast Boy chuckled. “I mean, I know I shouldn't be, but I still can't get these butterflies out of my stomach.”
“Hey, it's okay to feel nervous,” said Cyborg patting him on the back.
Beast Boy smiled and looked back into the room. He saw a nurse bring in a newborn in a pink blanket set her down in her little bed. “I never knew so many babies were being born each day,” said Beast Boy.
“Yeah,” said Cyborg. “Just think; there're a million guys out there goin through exactly what you're goin through.” Beast Boy smiled. This did make him feel a little better. He suddenly realized that he wasn't alone in the world.
He headed back to Ravens room and saw her chewing on some ice. Alex, Robin, and Starfire had returned and Alex was now sitting on the chair next to Ravens bed. He looked so excited and couldn't keep still. Mainly because he could feel all of the emotions around him; excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, happiness. He felt like he was going to explode.
A half hour went by and the doctor returned. Robin and Starfire took Alex to wait in the waiting room with Cyborg. Beast Boy watched the face of the doctor as he checked to see where Raven was. But the doctor didn't give off any signs. “Well,” he said taking off and throwing away his glove. “You're fully dilated. I guess we can begin.” He said it so calmly. As if it wasn't a big deal. Beast Boy did his best to remain calm as well, but inside he was screaming, “Oh my God! It's happening! Holy shit, it's happening!”
The doctor called in a few nurses and soon they got under way. Ravens legs were placed in stirrups and the doctor got down in front of her. “Alright, are you ready?”
“Yes,” said Raven. “I know what to do.”
“Okay, the next time you feel a contraction start pushing,” said the doctor.
Raven took a deep breath in and started to push. She grit her teeth and pushed as hard as she could. Beast Boy was right beside her, coaching her on.
“That's great Raven, and breath.” Raven stopped pushing and panted. “Take a deep breath in and push.” Raven took another deep breath in and started to push.
Many minutes passed and they were getting closer and closer. Beast Boy could have fainted from all the nervousness, excitement, and terror. “The head is out,” said the doctor happily. “Just a couple more pushes, Raven.” Raven was exhausted and wanted it to be done. But she knew that there was no turning back now. She took in a deep breath and pushed with all of her might. Then she released, took another breath, and pushed again. “It's out!” said the doctor. Raven collapsed back on the bed and Beast Boy watched as the child was lifted into the air.
He handed her off to a nurse who began to suction out her mouth. Suddenly a shrill cry rang through the room. “It's a girl,” said the doctor. The baby was taken away for a moment to be cleaned and wrapped up.
“You did it!” said Beast Boy kissing an exhausted Raven.
One of the nurses came back and went to hand the baby to Raven. “No, let him hold her first,” said Raven.
Beast Boy didn't even have time to object as the nurse placed the newborn in his arms. She was still crying but was beginning to calm down. Beast Boy couldn't believe how little and warm she was. “Raven, she's perfect,” he said with the largest smile his face could hold without tearing.