Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ School ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3
Alex was sitting in the back seat of the car as his family set out towards his new school. They had decided on sending him to a private school, just to be safe. He was in a little uniform and looking out the window as his father drove. He had afternoon kindergarten, and his sister was overdue for her afternoon nap, so she was fast asleep in her car seat; her doll still in her arms. At his feet sat his little backpack that had a large T on it. It was one of the many items of Titans merchandise that was in the market. He was very proud of his parents being Titans, and he wanted everyone to know.
“Are we there yet?” asked Alex, kicking his little feet that couldn't touch the car's floor.
“Almost,” said Beast Boy taking a turn. They drove a little further and then Beast Boy said, “You see that big building right there?”
“Yeah,” said Alex excited.
“That's your school,” said Beast Boy with a smile.
“Wow,” said Alex in awe. It was a pretty large building, nice too. He could see a playground and a bunch of kids playing. They all had uniforms like his, too.
Alex almost jumped out of the car before Beast Boy could park. “Hold on, buddy,” said Beast Boy turning the car off. “Okay, go ahead.”
Alex burst out of the car and looked up at the school. His little jaw dropped and he began to jump around with excitement. He grabbed his backpack and quickly closed his door. “Come on!” he said starting to run towards the building.
“Alex wait!” called his mother, who was slowly getting out of the car. She was five months pregnant, but was considerably large. Beast Boy had gone to Arielle's door and picked her up. She gave a small whine, then fell back to sleep on her father's shoulder. Raven took her son's hand and said, “Alright, now we can go.”
The four, or six if you can't the children within Raven, entered the school and went to the head office. There they were given directions to find Alex's classroom. After about three hallways they finally found the room. They all entered and saw several students and their parents helping them to get settled in.
As they entered the room everything quieted down. Of course it was because Raven and Beast Boy were Titans, the city's heroes. And because they hadn't known that a Titan child would be going to school there. Raven was feeling a little self-conscious, since she was pregnant. She hoped they weren't staring at her because of that.
“Hello, you must be Beast Boy and Raven Logan?” said a sweet woman going over to them. She was barely thirty and had honey brown hair that was pulled in a bun with a butterfly pin. She was in a nice dress and had a sweet smile.
“Yes, we are,” said Beast Boy shaking her hand with his one available one, since the other was holding Arielle.
“Wonderful,” she said with a slight giggle behind her voice. She looked down at Alex who was smiling from ear to ear. “And you must be Alexander.”
“My name is Alex,” he said holding out his hand to shake hers. “Are you my teacher?”
“Yes, I am,” she said shaking his little hand. Raven and Beast Boy felt very proud for raising such a polite child. “And you may call me Ms. Merriweather.”
Once Alex found his desk it was time for the parents to leave. This was something Raven was finding to be more difficult than she thought. She kept hugging him and asking if he was going to be okay. Alex said over and over again that he would be. Finally Beast Boy talked Raven to leaving. After all, it was only for a few hours.
Beast Boy buckled Arielle back into her seat and then helped Raven climb in. Once he got in he turned the car on and they headed back for the tower. Raven was feeling very nervous and Beast Boy could tell. She was shaking her leg and playing with her shirt.
“He's gonna be fine,” said Beast Boy rubbing Ravens thigh.
“I know,” said Raven, not really sure of her own answer. Suddenly she didn't feel very good and just wanted to get home. She was getting nauseas every so often, which she was told was normal. As soon as they got home she ran to the bathroom. This pregnancy was not going well.
While Raven was in the bathroom Beast Boy put Arielle down for her nap, which she had started about an hour earlier. As he lay her down she began to whine. “It's okay, baby girl,” he said soothingly.
“Want you,” she said half asleep and held him tighter with her one free arm; the other was wrapped around her doll.
He decided to hold her for a little while. He sat down on her little bed and held her close. Once she was sure that he was staying, she loosened her grip and allowed herself to fall back to sleep.
Beast Boy rubbed her back and felt her soft hair under his chin. Her strawberry blond hair, which was more strawberry than it was blond, was long enough to be kept in a half ponytail. He noticed how she still smelt like fruits, which was the sent of her shampoo. Her skin was soft and light, she really was a beautiful little girl. He loved her so much. She was his only daughter, his baby girl.
Eventually she was in a deep enough sleep that he could put her down in her little yellow bed, which was her favorite color she decided. She curled up and he covered her with a little yellow flowered blanket; making sure her doll was tucked in as well.
He listened into the bathroom and heard Raven still moaning and heaving. He asked her if she needed anything and she said no. So he went off to the common room, where Robin and Cyborg were watching a basketball game. Starfire and Bumble Bee were out shopping at the mall, Bumble Bee wanted to get some ideas for her wedding. And Caley was asleep in her crib. Robin had a baby monitor sitting in front of him, just incase Caley woke up.
“Hey guys,” said Beast Boy sitting down.
“'Sup?” asked Cyborg.
“Raven sick again?” asked Robin.
“Yeah,” said Beast Boy settling into the couch. “This whole “pregnant with twins” thing isn't really going smoothly. Not to mention the fact that it's Alex's first day of school.”
“I'm sure he's fine,” said Cyborg.
“That's what I said, but you know Raven,” said Beast Boy. “She's a cautious, nervous mother.”
Suddenly Robin's communicator went off. “Speaking of which,” he said, and then answered it. “Hello?”
“It is Starfire.”
“I know Hun, I can see you,” said Robin.
“Oh, well, I was wondering how Caley was.”
“She's asleep.”
“Have you checked on her lately?”
“Yes, dear. She's fine.”
“Oh, okay then. I shall see you in an hour or so.” There was slight talking in the background. “And Bumble Bee says hello to Cyborg.”
“Okay, he says hello back. I'll see you in a little while.”
“Okay, bye.”
“Bye.” And he closed the communicator. “See? Raven's not the only mother who worries about her children.”
“I know,” said Beast Boy.
Just then the doors opened and Raven entered, holding her head. She looked slightly pale and went to make herself some tea. Beast Boy quickly jumped up to help her.
“Oh sit back down,” said Raven filling her kettle. “I can make my own tea.”
“You've been sick in the bathroom for the last half hour,” said Beast Boy going to her. “Why don't you sit down?”
“Beast Boy, as long as I'm able to move I'm going to do things for myself,” said Raven. “In about another month or two, though, I won't be able to and then you can help me.”
“Okay, but if you need anything…”
“I'll call for you, yes,” said Raven turning the stove top on. “Now go watch your game and gossip about your wives.”
This made all the men suddenly realize that Raven had heard them, somehow. Darn her and her powers! They each gave a nervous laugh and pretended that they had no idea what she was talking about. She smirked and went about the kitchen, making herself something to eat.
Caley began to cry and Robin hopped up. Beast Boy went back over to the couch and sat down. Soon Raven joined him and Cyborg with a cup of tea and a sandwich. She ate hungrily and seemed quite satisfied with each bite. Raven usually never ate like this, only when she was pregnant. It was always a funny sight to see, since she could usually live on two meals and a pot of tea a day. Now that she had twins growing within her she ate the most she had ever eaten in her life. She always had something edible in her hand.
Robin returned with Caley in his arms. She was fussing and he went to get her a bottle. She was eight months old and was getting big. Her dark orange hair covered her whole head and was now askew since she had been asleep. Robin sat back down on the couch, which was now full of people, and began to feed her the bottle he warmed up.
Just then the alarmed sounded, which meant trouble. “Damn,” said Robin. “Raven, would you mind?”
“No problem,” said Raven taking Caley and the bottle.
All three men jumped up and headed out. Raven sighed and felt a knot in her stomach. She knew that whatever was going on had nothing to do with Alex, but she couldn't help thinking that the school was burning down or there was a terrorist attack or someone had gone into the school, and so on and so on.
Two hours later everyone returned home. Bumble Bee and Starfire had met the men at the scene of the appending crime. Then they picked up Alex from school, since they had finished just in time. Of course, Raven was still at home with Caley worrying up a storm. When they all came through the door, she finally felt relieved.
“Thank goodness you're home,” she said standing. She handed Caley to Starfire and went to her son. She picked him up in a large hug. “How was your first day of school?”
“Great,” said Alex with a smile. She put him back down and he reached into his backpack pulled out a few papers. “We colored pictures, see?” He handed her a couple papers with drawings on them. “Are they fridge worthy?”
“Of course they are,” said Raven with a smile and went to hang them up on the fridge. “I'm so glad you had a nice day.”
“Yeah, it was great,” said Alex skipping around the room. “Everyone was really nice and I made a lot of friends.”
“That's wonderful,” said Raven placing the pictures on the fridge with magnets.
“I can't wait to go back!” he said running off to his room to put his backpack away.