Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Awareness ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4
Raven woke up and could barely see over her large stomach. She looked over at Beast Boy, who was still passed out. The morning's light was shining right in her eyes and she groaned. She tried to sit up, but had no luck. She was still tired and she was seven months pregnant. Not a good combination in the morning. She slowly inched her way to the edge of the bed and slipped off, just being able to catch her feet on the way down and pull herself up. She steadied herself by placing her hand on her back and began to waddle towards the door so she could go to the bathroom.
Once she had relieved her bladder she looked at herself in the mirror. Her violet hair was messy and her eyes were still puffy from sleep. She looked at her body with disgust. Her breasts were beginning to swell with milk and her stomach was very large. She hated the way she looked. She felt so… fat. This really was the biggest she had ever been. She sighed and headed back to her room to get more sleep.
She sat down on the bed and Beast Boy was launched two inches into the air. He woke up with a start and looked around. Raven had tried her best not to wake him and now she wad mad at herself.
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, sorry I woke you,” said Raven. “I did my best not to. My stupid fat body did it.”
“You're not fat,” said Beast Boy wrapping his arms around her.
“Yes I am,” said Raven pushing him away.
“Raven, you're pregnant,” said Beast Boy ignoring her pushes. “If your stomach wasn't large I'd be worried. But no matter what, you'll always be beautiful to me.”
“How can you think I'm attractive?” asked Raven pushing him away again. “I look like a cow.”
“You do not,” said Beast Boy laughing in disbelief. “You look perfectly healthy. And you're the most stunningly gorgeous woman I've ever met. Now let's go back to sleep.” He pulled her close to him and closed his eyes. Raven snuggled into his arms and felt the warmth of his body against her. He always knew what to say.
As comfortable as she was with Beast Boy, she couldn't fall back to sleep. Both babies were fidgeting about and she was being kicked. She wanted them to calm down and go back to sleep, but it seemed like they were awake for the day. She knew that they knew that the time was close. She had read that most twins were born early, so for all she knew she only had one month left.
An hour later Beast Boy was ready to get up and so he helped Raven up. She waddled her way to the common room and sat down on the couch. Everything ached and she was really wishing that this pregnancy was over with. While she sat Beast Boy made her breakfast and brought it to her. Luckily it was Saturday and Alex didn't have school. He was still asleep and so was Arielle.
Robin was sitting at the table reading the paper and Starfire was still asleep, as was Caley. Cyborg entered quite refreshed and went to make his own breakfast around Beast Boy, who was making his own now.
“Aw man, there isn't any milk left,” said Cyborg as he looked through the fridge.
“What are you talking about?” asked Beast Boy. “There's plenty.”
“I mean regular milk,” said Cyborg. “Not your soy crap.”
“Well maybe you should be a little more specific,” said Beast Boy smugly.
“Specific? Man, when do I ever talk about milk and mean soy milk?” asked Cyborg.
“Could you two please stop arguing!” said Raven rubbing her temples as she put her plate down. “I have a splitting headache already.”
“Sorry,” said Beast Boy going over to her. He took her empty plate and asked, “Do you want something for it?”
“No, I just want it quiet,” said Raven.
“Okay,” said Beast Boy giving her a kiss. As he put her empty plate in the sink the common room doors opened and in walked Arielle, her doll in her arms. She was rubbing her eyes and yawning as she walked in her little yellow nightgown. “Good morning, baby girl.” He went over to her and scooped her up. “You ready for breakfast?”
“No,” said Arielle resting her head on Beast Boy's chest.
“You wanna see mumma?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she said nodding.
“Okay, let's take you to mumma,” said Beast Boy and he brought her over to Raven.
“Good morning, sweetie” said Raven kissing Arielle. Arielle got as close to her mother as she could and wrapped an arm around her mother's pregnant stomach. She rested her head on her mother and Raven wrapped an arm around her daughter. She was still quite tired and just wanted her mother.
Suddenly the sound of Caley's crying echoed through the tower. Starfire entered a few minutes later with the crying babe in her arms. She looked quite tired. “I do not understand why she is so fussy,” said Starfire.
“Some babies are just like that, Star,” said Robin.
“Well I do not want her to be like this anymore,” said Starfire.
“I'm starting to get used to the sound of babies crying,” said Cyborg. “I mean, the tower's turned into a regular daycare center,” he laughed.
“Yeah, laugh it up Cy,” said Beast Boy. “But just remember that you're probably next.”
Cyborg stopped laughing and realized that he was right. Once he and Bumble Bee were married they were sure to start a family. And since he was forbidding Robin and Starfire from having anymore and Raven and Beast Boy were certainly done now, it was pretty certain that he was next in line to be a dad.
That day they were moving Cyborg and Bumble Bee to a new room on the unused floor. They were going to convert their room into a nursery for the twins. Cyborg and Bumble Bee didn't mind; in fact, they liked the privacy they would have now. Raven couldn't really do much, so she was in charge of baby-sitting the children.
“Mumma, where's my outer space video?” asked Alex as he looked through the Titans video archive.
“I don't know, Alex,” said Arielle as she sat feeding Caley a bottle.
“I left it right there,” said Alex pointing.
“Someone must have put it away,” said Raven.
“But it's not here,” said Alex.
“Then why don't you watch another video, instead?” asked Raven, her headache returning. It really wasn't Alex's fault. It was this horrid pregnancy.
“Okay,” Alex sighed. “But I really wanted to watch that one.”
“I know sweetheart,” said Raven. “But I really can't help you look for it.”
“I know,” said Alex grabbing his other space video and popping it in. “You're tired from my baby brothers.”
“Mumma pay wiff me?” asked Arielle. She was sitting on the floor with her little collection of dolls and such.
“I'd love to,” said Raven. “But mumma has to sit up here.”
“Okay,” said Arielle standing up. She placed a doll on Ravens stomach and moved the rest up onto the couch. “You be her,” she said with a smile and indicated to the doll resting on Ravens stomach.
“Alright, give me a moment,” said Raven with a smile. Caley was done eating anyway and Raven burped her. She put her in her little bouncy seat and then took the doll her daughter gave her. “What's her name?”
“That's Christina,” said Arielle. “And this is Molly, an Josie, an Emma.” And then she went into her own little doll world and Raven tried to keep up. She wasn't really sure what her daughter was saying or what was going on, but she was enjoying the time she was spending with her.
Caley began to cry and Raven sighed. She put the doll down and leaned down to see what was wrong with her this time. Suddenly Alex stood up and went to her. “Mumma, I can get her to stop crying,” he said.
“You can?” said Raven with a smile.
“Yeah, watch,” said Alex. He knelt down next to Caley and took her little hand. He hushed her and to Ravens surprise Caley calmed down, stopped crying, and actually fell asleep. “See?”
“Alex, how did you do that?” asked Raven, a little shocked.
“I dunno,” said Alex shrugging. “I always make people feel better when they're upset.”
Raven realized that her son was becoming aware of his powers. She was glad that they were such innocent powers. There was no way he could ever get in trouble for calming people.
“I'll make sure to let your Uncle Robin and Auntie Starfire know,” said Raven with a smile. “You'll probably be their favorite nephew.” Alex smiled and sat back down to watch his movie.
“Mumma!” Arielle said, calling her mothers attention back to the game they were playing with the dolls. Raven picked her doll back up and started to play again.
That night everyone was exhausted from all of the work they had done. Cyborg and Bumble Bee, with help from Robin, moved all of their stuff down to their new room while Beast Boy and Starfire began to work on turning the room into a nursery. They had a few more days work ahead of them, but they had definitely made a dent. Beast Boy dragged himself into bed and moaned as his tired bones settled into the mattress.
“Tired, are we?” laughed Raven.
“Very,” said Beast Boy. “Do you know how heavy all of Cyborg's electronics are?”
“I'm going to guess extremely,” said Raven with a smile.
“Beyond that,” said Beast Boy. “I actually think I sprained the muscles in my arms.”
“Then you deserve a good night's sleep,” said Raven kissing him. They both settled in and snuggled next to each other. Raven was stuck sleeping on her back and Beast Boy was on his side next to her.
A few hours later Beast Boy was awakened to someone tapping him. He awoke with a start and saw that Alex was standing next to his bed. “Alex?”
“I had a nightmare,” said Alex. “Can I sleep with you?”
Beast Boy sighed and said, “Sure.” He lifted Alex onto the bed, only then realizing how sore his arms really were, and then tried to go back to sleep. Alex crawled in between his mother and father and cuddled in for the night. A few minutes later, right when Beast Boy was about to fall back to sleep, he heard the door being opened again and the pitter patter of little feet go over to him.
“Daddy?” asked a sweet little voice.
“What's the matter baby girl?” asked Beast Boy.
“Monster closet,” said Arielle on the verge of frightened tears.
“Alright, get in,” he said and helped her up too. She crawled in between Alex and Beast Boy and got as close to her father as she could.
Raven suddenly woke up with a Charlie horse, which she got a lot during her pregnancies, and then noticed all of the people in her bed. “What's going on?”
“Nightmare,” said Beast Boy pointing to Alex. “And monster in the closet.”
Raven let this sink into her half sleeping mind and then lay back down to go to sleep. Soon the whole Logan family was asleep. All four, well six, of them.