Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City ❯ Sorry Kato ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Erin met with Jackson at town hall, but at first she was denied her money. “You have no proof that the phantom is really out of action.”
“We had a deal!” snapped Erin. “I have broken his cane. He should be no trouble to you now.”
Jackson did see that as something, but with no proof that the phantom was really gone was still not enough. “Here…!” he said slamming a briefcase of money onto his desk. “Here's half now, and you'll get the other half when you present positive proof that the phantom is no more.”
Erin poised her pistol at Jackson, “I could shoot you right now. You know that?”
“Please! Please…!” Said Dodgers “What the mayor means is… Present us some proof and we'll pay you and extra million.”
“DODGERS!” shouted Jackson, but when Erin agreed and ran off, he was reluctant to agree as well. “The next time I want your help Dodgers, I'll ask for it!”
Dodgers apologized, but he secretly still wished he was out of the picture.
Garfield was in his secret grotto under the theater. His cane was ruined, and without it he was much more vulnerable in battle and believed he couldn't perform some of his tricks and spells anymore, and worse… with that bounty hunter still out there, the minute she found out he was still around she'd be after him in a split second.
“What am I going to do…?” he asked for the umpteenth time. Then suddenly he realized something else. “Terra…!” she was also in danger because she knew about the phantom, and worse he still had the demolition of the forest and his theater to worry about, and he still had Dick's letter and still had try and get it to Washington, but without his cane that seemed pretty hopeless.
As he rocked back and forth while sitting on the rocks that he slipped backwards and bumped his head. “Ow…! Ugh…! Ohh…!” and he felt his head spinning and twirling.
He felt himself floating around in a dark place filled with colorful streams. “Where am I…?” he asked aloud.
A voice he had heard before called out to him and said, “After all this time, and after all you've done, you're thinking of quitting?”
Then, before him, appeared the spirit of the old phantom, the spirit that had rested in his cane and gave him his abilities. “Dude… the cane is broken.”
The spirit realized that and explained it was just a simple prop. He made it himself and many others every time it broke. “And you claimed to have studied the art of magic?”
Garfield really felt like smacking his head out of stupidity, but he got the feeling there was more to what the spirit was trying to tell him. “But if I don't have the cane… how can I continue to fight?”
That was exactly what the spirit tried to point out, just because he lost the cane didn't mean he lost it all. “The magic has been inside of you all along, and even without it, why let that be your limit?
Garfield realized almost instantly that he was still very smart, and as went the old saying “Brain over brawn any day. If I can't beat Erin in strength, maybe I can outwit her.”
The spirit was pleased. “Remember my friend… you have the power. You have the power… YOU HAVE THE POWER…!”
Garfield woke up with a large bump on his head, but his mind was too fixed on what he had to prepare for now. He was going to have to meet Terra and put his plans into action, but knowing fully well that Erin was likely to show up he'd have to be ready.
He looked over every last inch to theater for things that could help him. He made some alternations to his costume, and conjured up a few normal formulas and props with aid of his genius IQ.
He almost lost track of time and realized it would be sundown soon. He had to hurry and get to the park.
The park was pretty empty, and no one else seemed to be about…
Sundown wasn't for another hour, and Kato was in the park waiting for Raven for their date. He was wearing all black-- A black T-shirt with a white skull on the front, and black track-pants. He checked his watch, knew his girlfriend would be there soon. He pulled out a small box form his pocket and gazed inside at the gift he wanted to give her.
Garfield arrived. “Kato…?”
The two boys glared at each other, but knowing the park was big enough for the both of them to stand and wait, they didn't raise a fuss, but Kato did want to speak to Garfield about something he had been thinking about very deeply about the phantom. “I find it very interesting.”
Kato's voice was starting to grow sharper as he said that whenever the phantom was around Garfield was always close at hand, “Yet when the phantom himself actually appeared you were nowhere to be seen.”
Garfield shrugged his shoulders, “Bad run of luck, I guess.” He said calmly, though he was starting to feel uneasy, but Kato wasn't through antagonizing him yet. “But you know… I also noticed his style of fighting, they resemble the same form of martial-arts you said you studied and I've seen you perform many times during P.E at school.”
Garfield was finding it harder to hide the truth. “Aren't most forms of martial-arts the same to the untrained eye?”
But Kato went on explaining about the magic tricks, and most importantly, Garfield' prop-bag. “You are always seen carrying it and I wonder if… THIS is why!” he swiftly snatched the bag. “Hey!” and pulled out what was obviously, “The phantom's cape!”
Garfield snatched it back. “So… I was right about you.” Kato said, and Garfield, having no option, transformed right in front of him, while no one else could see. “So now you know…” he hissed.
Kato was a cross between enraged and cheeky. Finally he discovered who the phantom really was. Now he could turn him in, collect the reward, end the madness Garfield had caused, and try to find a way to make things better in the city legally.
“Kato… listen to me!”
“Never!” snapped Kato. He looked pumped and ready for a fight, but Garfield did his best to explain that what he was doing was, in a way, wrong, “But at least no one is being killed, which is exactly what could happen to the people of this city as long as Jackson remains in power.”
“Shut up!” snapped Kato. “There's always another way without resorting to violence and terrorism! Not like YOU WOULD EVER KNOW!” and he aimed a large punch for Garfield, which he caught, and the boys engaged in a fight.
Garfield was only fighting defensively, and at made no attempt to draw any of his weapons or pull any tricks. “Kato, stop this!” he said trying to reason with him, “What I'm doing is helping other people.”
“How…? By pushing them around and causing collateral damages…?!” Kato growled and finally managed to flip Garfield down. “Ugh…!” Then he raised his foot ready to stomp on him hard but Garfield caught his foot and again tried to reason with him.
“People are losing their jobs and facing eviction. Businesses are going bankrupt, and those who can't pay or try to protest are thrown into jail and forced into hard labor.”
Kato stopped a moment and realized that was true, which Gave Garfield the chance to flip him on his side and back away. “Kato, I can't let the people of this city suffer.”
Kato was starting to feel maybe Garfield was right, but he still continued to fight, as well as turn Garfield in. Since Garfield couldn't allow this, he had no choice, but did know how this would help. As the fight continued, he pulled out his new cane which was made of solid steel instead of hardwood. “You leave me no choice, Kato.”
Kato didn't care and was still willing to try and out best him.
Raven was on her way to the park, all dressed up for her date-- Wearing simple pants and a black halter-top. She ran into Terra on her way to the park and Terra simply said she was going to… meet… someone…
Raven didn't mind having a little company, but when they arrived at the park, what they saw nearly turned their bloods cold. “Kato!” cried Raven.
“Phantom!” called Terra.
The phantom thrusted and slashed his cane at Kato, hitting him twice and creating sparks, finally he had the poor Goth in a neck hold. “Kato, I'm sorry but I don't have a choice… just promise me two things.” He slipped Dick's letter into Kato's pocket and told him the first thing was to get it to the right people where he was sending him, “And don't leak about my identity!”
They both gazed up at the road up the hill. “Raven…!” Kato go.
“Kato…!” cried his girlfriend.
The phantom saw Terra, and she wouldn't like what he was about to do, but…
(Slow mo)
The phantom pushed Kato ahead of him and struck him hard in the back with his cane.
The girls gasped and winced hard, and watching in horror as Kato was struggling to stay on his feet as flashes of lighting shocked his body all over. He fell to his knees, and then face forward he fell flat on the ground followed by two large explosions!
(Normal speed)
Raven was horrified. “NO-----!!”
Her poor boyfriend lay on the ground, for he hadn't vanished yet, he looked very badly beaten, but that was from his earlier fight, his body was smoking a little bit and he was covered in dirt, “Uh… Uhn… Ra…ven…!” he pepped.
Raven dashed down the hill to her fallen boyfriend and scooped him into her arms. “Kato?! Kato…!” she cried
The phantom stood there, and actually felt very ashamed with himself, but he knew he was doing the right thing… he hoped! With a flick of his cape turned and dashed into the forest. “Wait…!” called Terra and she dashed after him.
Dick, Kori, and Vic, who had seen the explosion from up the street came running into the park. “Whoa…!” cried Vic.
Kori gasped.
“Kato…” Dick peeped softly.
Kato felt really tired from his fight, and knew he was going to vanish in an explosion soon, but he had just enough strength to reach into his pocket, “I was…” he coughed as he gave Raven a little box, “…going to… give you this… tonight. Looks like the… uhn… date's off.”
Tears were falling down Raven's face, “You have to hang on.” she sobbed.
Kato knew he couldn't, but he was able to explain how they were wrong about the phantom all along, and that Jackson was the true enemy. Soon, Kato would be gone, he didn't know where he was going, and didn't know how long it would be, but, “Promise me… you'll wait for me… and stay strong… until I… come back! Promise me!”
Raven nodded her head. “I promise.” she sobbed. Then she kissed him very lightly on his lips as if he were really dying. “I love you!”
Kato gently creased her face. “I… love… you… too… my dark damsel…” he pepped in a very faint voice. “Good…bye…!” his hand slipped out of hers. “Kato…!” cried Raven as her boyfriend's body began to spark. “NO----!” followed by another explosion.
When all was clear. “Look! He's gone…!” cried Kori.
Despite that he would come back eventually, Raven felt as if he Kato had really died. She just sat there in her knees, and opened the box he had given her. Inside was a small pendant in the shape of a dark Raven he had gotten for her.
She buried her face in her hands, and cried!