Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ Discoveries ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The weekend had come. It had only been one day, but Kato felt like he hadn't seen Raven for a year. Her mother had obviously taken away her telephone, email, and writing privileges. The only time Kato ever remotely saw Raven was whenever he passed by her apartment on his way home down the street and he hoped to see her on the balcony.
Still, just because Raven couldn't talk to him, didn't mean he couldn't send her messages. Though he thought it best to deliver them to Raven's door personally and then slip away before her mother found out.
Raven found Kato's letter with a black rose tied to it, and a small letter with a song attached to it. Raven could almost hear the music herself…
(Music in Raven's mind)
(Kato's voice)
I miss you more than a golfer missed his stroke
When he missed on the ninth hole
I miss you more than that bowler missed his strike
And my mind's all in a roll
And now, now you've gone away
And all I'm trying to say
Is life has been bad, and I miss you
I need you like every kid needs to go to school
Like a dog needs a bone
I need you like every swimmer needs a pool
He's way better than bein' alone
And now all I can think about is your smile
And your eyes of blue
Life has been bad, and I miss you
Raven fell softly onto her bed clutching the letter to her aching heart, and smelled the rose.
I guess is bad…
Just a little bit more than I miss you
Outside the building where she lived, Kato was looking up at Raven's window, and he could tell she was reading his letter. He sighed heavily as he walked up the street on a Saturday morning. He passed by the newsstand where all the papers showed the front page of several other terrorists being apprehended by the Wasps while everyone in America slept the other night.
Garfield was gazing at the papers from where he stood, until he was told not to browse by the news dealer. “This ain't a library kid. Buy it or scram.”
Garfield angrily glared at the grouchy man, but left anyway-- unaware that he was being watched. Dick, Kori, and Vic had been watching him since early morning, and were hoping to figure out what he was hiding.
They had even split up for a while and took up hiding places along Garfield's route. So far, all he was doing was just normal stuff. He got a coffee and a bagel for breakfast. He walked around town a bit. Still, everywhere he went he had that same golden pen with him and was casually playing around with it.
Kori almost got busted when Garfield felt he was being watched, but she ducked out of sight just in time. “Hmm…” Garfield murmured, but he kept pm going along his way.
He turned and walked into an alley, and looked around to make sure that he wasn't being watched, when actually, Vic was in his car and filming him with a camera, but he made sure to keep well back.
Garfield walked into the alley and then he was out of sight. Vic then met up with Kori and Dick, and they thought they had figured out where Garfield was, but when they went to that same alley, they found Garfield was nowhere to be seen and the alley itself was a dead end. There were no doors, no windows… nothing!
“Are you sure he came in here?” asked Dick.
“I'm positive.” Said Vic,”Lookie here, I got it on camera.” He showed his friends what he had gotten on tape, and sure enough Garfield was shown walking into the alley, but then… “Wait…!” said Kori “Did you guys see that?”
“See what?” asked Dick.
Vic re-winded the tape and played it slowly as Kori instructed. They all watched as Garfield walked into the alley, but just as he was halfway past the wall and out of sight… he just disappeared out of the shot. “First you see him… and now you don't.”
All three of them were confused and thought maybe the camera was busted, but Vic had just bought it and, being a wiz with electronics, he could tell nothing was wrong.
They all watched the same segment again, “He's gone.” Kori said “He's vanished into thin air.”
“He can't have…” said Dick, but the camera clearly showed Garfield just vanishing out of the picture, just like that. Now they were more convinced than ever that Garfield was hiding something. The next time they saw him, they weren't going to let him off until he told them everything.
They were suddenly snapped out of their deep thoughts when a lot of the town's people were gathering at the window-display of an electronic store where many stacked TV's were showing a news report of a Russian military-satellite, carrying missiles armed with nuclear warheads, had been knocked out of its orbit and was heading for a crash landing over Western Canada.
The satellite was much too big and wouldn't burn up in time before it hit the ground, and worse, with all those armed missiles attached to it, if it hit the ground it would cause an explosion so big that it would wipe out everyone within a hundred mile radius instantly, and cause a radioactive cloud to drift for miles and miles around, possibly covering all of the North American continent
Pretty much everyone, everywhere was flipping out over what seemed to be “The end!” The armed forced sent up jet fighters, but were unable to destroy he target as something was going wrong with their jets, as if someone had hacked their systems and veered them off course, or jammed their weapons. The same applied to the ground forces and their interceptor missiles
“Swat leader to command. We were unable to destroy he target. Impact is certain. Repeat-- Impact is certain!”
The satellite and the missile seemed completely unstoppable now, but suddenly it began to slow down. It moved slower, and slower until it was just floating in midair about five hundred feet from the ground, much to the confusion and armament of everyone.
Then came other jet fighters from Wasp, and their systems didn't seem to be jammed as they managed to grab the satellite, actually return it high enough into a low orbit and detonate it safely so no damage was done at all.
The World and Space Patrol had done it again.
“Man…! Those guys are incredible.” said Vic.
Kori wondered how they were able to pull off such impossible attempts. By all rights, that satellite should've crashed.
Dick also began to wonder if maybe… just maybe… this all had some connection with Garfield.
The strange man was already aware of the trouble with the satellite, as he was the one who reprogramed it to crash, but once again he was more pleased than upset. He had finally all the information he required. Now he could begin putting his ultimate plan into action.
He ordered his men, “Go and start making preparations.”
His goons acknowledged, and went off, leaving the man to start his own planning. “This is why I was born.” he said softly to himself as he typed into his computer and viewed an image of what would look like the United States of America, only with him as leader, and with what looked like a super powerful brain. “All I need now… is to find you.” he hissed at the brain.
The next day, Terra was in the park thinking deeply about what Garfield had told her about Jackie and Jillian. Maybe he was right. It was probably best for her to forget about them. They weren't really nice girls, they hadn't seem to help her at all becoming popular or noticed, and worse they were very mean to other people, especially Garfield.
She sighed softly, and found herself thinking about him again, and the advice he had given her. It wasn't like him to give advice to people, not honestly. It was almost as if he were showing that he cared, yet still he often acted like a jerk.
Terra stood upright, tall, and proud and was determined to get to the bottom of why Garfield was so mean all the time, and this time she wouldn't take No for an answer.
Suddenly, she could see Garfield walking through the park, with a sour look on his face. Then, she saw Jackie and Jillian hiding behind the shrubs on the route with water balloons in their hands. It was no guess they were going throw at them at him and make him wet.
“Garfield, look out!” cried Terra.
Garfield heard her call to him, “Hmm…?” then he saw Jackie and Jillian leap from the bushes and he jumped out of the way just in time for the water-balloons to miss him. The girls were annoyed that Terra had betrayed them, which ultimately told them she wasn't on their side anymore.
She was just like all the other geeks and losers they knew. They'd teach her a lesson soon enough, “But first we get this little brat boy!” snapped Jillian. “Get him!” growled Jackie, and the chase was on.
Garfield ran across the park and into the woods to escape the angry girls. Terra decided to run after them. Garfield needed to get some space so he could lose the girls without them noticing what he was going to.
Luckily, there was a large dead tree that the city was planning to cut down anyway. Using his bare hands, he pushed on the hard, “H'URGH…! EH… AAH!” and he actually pushed the large tree down, right out of its roots and began to fall over right on the path the girls were coming from. “LOOK OUT!” screamed Jackie. Then she and Jillian leapt off the path and rolled down a slope hill and into the mud.
Garfield quickly pulled out his pen and clicked it three times, but suddenly, “Garfield!” it was Terra, and she ran right up to him. “Are you okay?”
“Terra, No! Go back! Go back!” Garfield panicked and shouted at her. “What? What's the matter?”
“Just go back!” cried Garfield, but suddenly Terra began to feel strange as both she and Garfield were surrounded by sparkling light and she felt herself disappearing. “Huh? Ah! AAH…!”
Then, they were gone-- vanished without a trace.
Jackie and Jillian pulled themselves up from the mud and were filthy all over the fronts of their bodies. “Where'd they go?” snapped Jackie. “I'm gonna to murder them!”
“Hey! Leave some for me!” snapped Jillian.
Terra and Garfield reappeared on a platform in Garfield's secret place. Terra was shocked out of her mind, but Garfield, “Oh, no…! This is not good!”
Terra looked around and saw many strange devices, computers, consoles, monitors-- all with the Wasp logo on it. “Where in the world am I?” she asked.
Garfield felt nervous and at a loss for words. Terra gave him a straight look. She wanted answers and she wanted them now! She stepped off the platform and saw a lever on the wall and reached for it. “No, wait!” cried Garfield, but Terra had already pulled it and at once, two large panels slid away to reveal… the stars, and the Earth below.
Terra looked outside and was twitching as if she had ants in her pants. She and Garfield were inside a fully-functional space-station, high in orbit above the Earth. “Oh, boy…! I am, so, busted.” Garfield murmured as he rubbed his eyes.
While Terra was still standing there in shock, Garfield moved to the radio and had to warn his superiors about this. “Base control from Space-Observatory 3! Come in Base Control.”
He was answered, and explained that he had an unwanted guest who had seen his operations. General and Colonel Dayton were already informed, but Garfield was given his orders, and while he did know the regulations, he knew this wouldn't be easy for Terra to accept. “I'm very disappointed in you, Garfield.” Steve scolded, and then he signed off before Garfield could explain that it wasn't his fault. “Grouch!” sneered Garfield.
Terra kept gazing out the window, and then a telescope was lowered to give her a better view. “Oh, thanks.” She said.
“You are most welcome.” answered a female voice, which made Terra jump! “Who said that? Who's there?”
Garfield calmed her down, “Terra let me introduce to you my control-computer.” Her codename was Cindi, which stood for, Computerized, Interactive, Navigation, Database, Intelligence
Her basic function was to be Garfield's assistant on the space-station, as well as help him decipher codes and sequences. She was also the main control source of the entire station. “Good Afternoon Cindi…” Garfield said “You look lovely today.”
“Thank you. I did my best.” Cindi responded, “Today I thought I would introduce a pint of mauve into the sun this evening. Not so deeply as an amethyst, but for the more subtle, burning texture of cinnamon.”
Garfield seemed very interested, but Terra felt confused. “You sure whoever programed that thing didn't cross-connect any loose wires?” she asked.
Cindi did not take lightly to that remark. “Young lady, it is we computers on the council who do the programing for the entire World and Space Patrol, and I would appreciate it if you did not refer to me as a thing.”
Garfield explained that what Cindi said was true. The technology of the Wasps was so enhanced that their computers had been programed by each other rather than other humans, but Terra still demanded answers, and Garfield decided it was time she knew. It wouldn't matter anyway.
Garfield was indeed a member of the Wasps. His full name was Colonel Garfield Logan. He was third-in-command of the entire organization, as well as a space-monitor and field officer.
Both his parents were astronauts helping to develop the World and Space Patrol, an organization dedicating to stopping terrorism and rescuing people who needed it…
One day, while and his folks were leaving on vacation, their plan was attacked by a squad of jets and shot the plane down. Garfield was only four years old then. His parents were killed in the crash, and he barely managed to survive but his brain was severely damaged, and his life was fading fast.
Luckily, his foster parents, the heads of Wasp, saved him by implanting an artificial brain, with motherboards, and computer technology into him. This brain contained the intelligence of every information center, every smart person that ever lived, and anything anyone could want to know to date, but it also gave Garfield other abilities…
-The ability to run as fast a racing car.
-Able to lift, push, or pull nearly six tons. That was as heavy as an elephant.
-Leap longer distance and heights.
-And even able to shun a fraction of physical pain launched at him.
All this preceded by decades of research, and careful planning, it all cost six-million dollars, hence its name “The Six-Million Dollar Brain” With all this power and intelligence at his disposure, though he was still young, Garfield joined the Wasps, just as he planned to one day in any case.
Many space-stations orbited the Earth, and he controlled number-three. It was his job to monitor the western coast of America, and the South Pacific for signs of any unusual activity and monitor all radio broadcasts. “A kid can't even send up a kite without me knowing, or even call their grandmother to say hi without us knowing.”
Terra thought that was incredible, but also a little perverted listening in on other people's conversations or monitoring their moves. Garfield, while he did agree, explained that it was very practical. It meant that the organization could stay one step ahead of any terrorist plot and be ready to stop it…
With their equipment, they could stop rouge missiles, transport hostages to safety, and even find where terrorists were hiding long before they even had a chance to launch an attack.
Garfield only attended Murakami High to keep a closer eye on the city, like an undercover spy. The golden pen he always carried was actually transmitter-device. IT would record all sounds and any suspicious activities. It also served as warning system for if an attack was in progress, and a radio transmitter between him and the rest of the organization and transport to the satellite.
When he clicked the pen three times it signaled Cindi to activate the transporter which would home in on wherever Garfield was, break down his molecular structure, projecting the atoms to the designated destination at the speed of light and he'd be put back together right he right order…
Terra only ended up there with him because she was standing so close to him when the beam had hit them, and it took her too.
Now Terra was really impressed. “That's some organization.” she said.
“Sure is…” Garfield said, “But… uh…. Look, I have some really bad news Terra, and it concerns you.”
Terra started to feel a little uneasy. “What? Is it bad…?”
Garfield hesitated, and was almost too scared to tell her. Terra finally broke the silence when she said she couldn't stay up there with him, “…I'm afraid you have to.” Garfield finally said. “I can't send you back to Earth.”
Terra's heart skipped a beat, and when she asked why, Cindi explained that though her arrival on the station was by accident, she had seen too much. She now knew many top secrets belonging to the Wasp, and if anybody else found out about the Wasps secrets, they could find a way to blow the organization wide open and even put them out of business. This would place the whole world in at risk.
“But you can't just keep me here like this…” cried Terra. “What about my folks? What about school?”
Garfield apologized to her as sincerely as he could, “I'm sorry, Terra… but it's too risky.” He also explained that no one would be able to find her as they were high up in space and that the station itself, as well as other Wasp crafts, were undetectable by all systems outside the organization.
Terra said nothing!