Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ What's with Raven and Garfield ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The school went by and ended before anyone realized. Dick and friends met up with Kato as he grabbed his stuff ready to leave for home. “How's Raven?” asked Dick.
Kato sighed, and stated his girlfriend wasn't doing too well. “She almost had a nerve to carve graffiti in the girl's washroom. I talked her out of it.”
“I don't get it. Why is she acting like this?”
Kato wondered that same thing but Raven was never up to talking about it. “So, we're going to get a milkshake after she finishes detention today. I'll talk to her then. I gotta run. See ya.”
The others thought Kato was a nice guy; he was always thinking of others. “Unlike some people we know.” Vic muttered and hinting that Garfield was just up ahead and coming down the hallway, looking just as grouchy as ever, and Terra was following him, worry about his wounded shoulder. “I told you before, I'm fine!” growled Garfield. “Quit following me!”
He picked up his paces and began to walk fasters to get away from her. “Garfield…!” Terra called at him, but he already was gone. Terra backed against the wall, but the others walked over and gave her some sympathy. “You're wastin' your time with that kid. Just let him go.” Vic suggested. The others agreed, but Terra didn't. She knew Garfield was pretty much a jerk, but she wanted to find out why. “Maybe I can help him…”
The others began to think there was more to Terra's concern about Garfield than they thought. She'd had shown great interest in him since he transferred to Murakami the same year she started. Terra finally admitted, “Yeah… I guess I do sort'a like him.”
There was just something about him, and whenever she looked up at the stars, she would sometimes dream of flying across the sky with her. “I must sound silly.”
As confused as the others felt that she would like such a guy who was mean to other people, if she was starting to feel for him, who were they to stop her. “Look, Terra… if you want any help, we're here for you.” Dick said.
Terra smiled, she wished Jackie and Jillian would offer her help like that. “I have to go. I have homework to do.”
She headed for the exit with her books clutched in her arms. Her homework was to study the solar-system for science. The same class she shared with Garfield. This only made her think of him more, and how lonely he looked, mostly because he kept brushing people away, it was like he was unpopular just like she was, or having trouble fitting in.
She hoped someday he would learn to open up to her. Even though the sky was still blue, she could still look, see the stars and imagine herself with Garfield as they soared all around.
(Music plays)
Across the sky, we can fly among the stars
Be up so high, we'd go sailing right past Mars.
Jupiter looks beautiful, like you do in the night.
We'll feel like dreams when Saturn's rings…
…surround us with their light.
Across the sky!
Across the sky!
Across the sky, you and I
Across the sky!
Terra smiled heavenly as she gazed down at her books of the solar-system. A small slip of paper fell out of the book; it was just a little thing she had doodled of her and Garfield actually flying in space.
Across the sky, we can fly to outer space.
Just you and I, as we zoom form place to place.
Planets will all seem so small, and sparkle far below.
Just me and you, together, `cross the universe we'll go.
Across the sky!
Across the sky!
Across the sky, you and I
Across the sky!
Still, she figured that would only be a dream.
She also didn't notice that Garfield was standing nearby in an empty construction-zone near the school, and he heard Terra's song. He sighed heavily/ “Oh, Terra…” he said with deep sympathy and concern. “If only you knew…”
So, he didn't really hate Terra at all. The truth was, he did think she was pretty, and she did need a real friend instead of those idiots, Jackie and Jillian, but he knew that couldn't be him, she acted mean to drive her aware and save her trouble… especially if she learned the truth.
For now, he had to go, but no sooner had he turned round. Jackie and Jillian were there, “Hiya, kid!” sneered Jackie. “We got'cha this time.” added Jillian.
“Shouldn't you two be in detention?” Garfield asked.
“Shut up!” snapped Jackie and she shoved him hard into a large crate. “Mm…!”
“We figured, since you like school so much, we'd teach you a lesson of our own.” snarled Jillian. She shoved him hard into the crate again. Garfield was starting to lose his patience!
“Come on, brat-boy! Let's go!” replied Jillian.
Garfield stood with anger blazing in his eyes. The girls stood ready to punch the living daylights out of him, and Jackie went first, but Garfield quickly grabbed her by the arm and flipped her round so now she was backed into the crate, and Jillian was too shocked to even move. Garfield, however, resisted the urge to punch either of the girls, “You two aren't even worth the effort.” He growled, and then he quickly dashed off. “Come on! Let's go get him!” snapped Jackie, and the girls chased Garfield all across the construction zone.
Garfield soon had taken up hiding behind an excavator-tractor. Then he grabbed his pen and clicked it three times. The girls saw a big flash of light behind the giant machine and dashed over only to find Garfield was gone. “Where did he go?”
“Dang, don't look at me!”
Garfield was in his secret place, with all his consoles, and wearing his uniform with the Wasp insignia. “Home at last.” he sighed.
“Another rough day, sir?” asked Cindi. Garfield sighed again, “Yes, Cindi. Just like every other day.”
Just then, there was a radio message. Garfield switched it to visual; it was Colonel Rita Dayton, his foster mother. “Hi, honey. How was your day?” she asked but one look at her foster son's face told her everything.
“Tell me one more time…” Garfield asked. “Why do I have to stay up here like this?”
Rita rolled her eyes. Garfield had asked that same question every day, but the answer was still the same. “I know how you feel, and so does Steve.”
“Pft…! Sure he does.” scoffed Garfield. Rita and Steve were his foster parents since the death of his real parents, but Rita seemed to be more caring and understanding than her strict, disciplinary, and rather harsh husband. That was when Steve approached the monitor. “You two know better than to use the intercom system for idle chit-chats.” He said sternly.
Garfield sighed irritably, “Yes, sir.”
Rita tried to protest that she was only checking up on Garfield, but Steve insisted that Garfield was just fine and could look after himself where he was. Garfield turned the monitor off before things would get worse for him.
Then, Garfield decided to browse through some old files he had. One of which was a picture of the most wanted man in the whole world. “You're out there somewhere, and we're going to find you.”
Somewhere, in another secret location, the same man was viewing the paper and saw the front story of the Wasps foiling another terrorist attack.
He slammed the paper down on his desk which made the people who were standing before him jump. “Do you people have any idea why I hired you?” he asked softly yet firmly. The other people couldn't think of why, until the man answered, “The reason I hired you is to help me do my work, carry out my wishes, outwit the Wasps, and help make my plans into a reality.” Then he motioned at the paper, “This… this isn't supposed to happen.”
The people tried to apologize but the man didn't want to hear them, nor were they necessary. He clicked a remote control, and at once an entire computerize map of the world appeared on a large screen behind him. “The World and Space Patrol are a clever bunch, but all one really needs is a plan.” The man snickered sinisterly. “And such a plan I have to finally outwit them and make and gain what should be rightfully mine.
Whoever this guy was, he meant business, and would stop at nothing to get whatever it was he wanted. In the meantime, he had other tests to carry out…
A few days had passed and school went on as usual, half the time Garfield was nowhere to be seen. He either didn't show up for school or just left early for reasons unknown, thought he was at school today though.
Principal Shepard also was actually letting him do this for even more unknown reasons. To top it all off, Raven was showing more and more improper conduct and school spirit than ever…
Today she was caught sneaking into the cheerleaders locker-room and spraying all the outfits with gothic colored paint. She was chewing gum, which was against the rules, and refused to do her homework, and now she was caught breaking into her own locker and stealing her own books and cutting school. “Raven…!” shouted Kato as he chased her through the halls. “Raven, wait!” but his girlfriend just continued to run. She dashed out of the school, to the parking lot, jumped on her motorcycle and fled the premises.
“Where does she think she's goin'?” snapped Dick.
“I'll get her!” snapped Garfield and he dashed out the door faster than Raven had. “Garfield wait!” cried Terra.
Principal Shepard saw the commotions. “When did I start losing control of my school?” he wondered, and he decided to call the police to help get Raven back.
Raven sped through town on her motorcycle. She even ran a red light, and wouldn't yield for pedestrians. “Get out of my way!” she snarled as she zoomed right past.
Suddenly she heard someone call her name, “RAVEN…!”
Raven checked her mirrors, “Huh…?” she exclaimed at what she saw. It was Garfield. He was chasing her… on foot. He was running almost as fast as her motorcycle was going. She just couldn't believe it…. So much, that she wasn't pay attention to where she was going and drove right into vacant lot. “WHOA….! AAH…!” She crashed softly into a brick wall…!
She wasn't hurt, but her bike was pretty much busted. Worse than that, Garfield was coming up fast. Raven got up and ran for it. She came to a wired fence but managed to slip through the narrow bent in the gate. Garfield knew he wouldn't slip through the pass, and he didn't have to. He bent down by his knees and then leapt up, up, right over the fence, at least ten feet high. Raven just couldn't believe this, but she kept on running thorough the lot.
“Come back here, ya' freakin', little twit!” Garfield snarled at her, but still Raven continued to run. She turned and ran into an old abandoned warehouse, slamming the heavy steel door behind her, and tried to find another way out, when suddenly, KAPOW! The steel door was kicked right off its hinges by Garfield, surprising Raven more.
Now she was busted. “Give it up, Roth!” Garfield snapped at her. Raven said nothing as she was frightened and nervous around Garfield because of what she saw him do. Soon the police arrived. Garfield could hear their sirens, but unfortunately he had to leave too, for he noticed his pen was blinking again. So he slipped off, and wasn't seen or noticed by anyone, but Raven was caught, and she was brought back to school to face extreme charges.
Dick and Friends were also called in to talk with Shepard and the police since they knew Raven. “I can't believe you, Raven.” said Kato. “Why would you go to break into your own locker?”
His girlfriend gazed up at him. “You wouldn't understand.”
Dick, Kori, and Vic were most upset, and feared for Raven. “Girl, I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes when your mother finds out about this.” said Vic, “My mom…?” snapped Raven. “She's too busy to care what I do. She doesn't even know I exist.”
Raven's parents divorced when she was eight, and she moved to Jump City with her mother, Arella, but her mother always seemed to be super busy all the time to even noticed Raven anymore. She wouldn't even explain what the importance of her job was, or what her job, itself, was. Still… years of neglect left Raven starving for her mother's attention.
The others said nothing at the moment. Finally it made sense to why Raven was acting the way she had, but “Honestly! Way to get her attention.” Kori scolded.
“Kori…” Dick said “That isn't helping.”
Terra was walking with Jackie and Jillian in the hallways. Jackie and Jillian were laughing at Raven's misfortune and that the police were dealing with her, but Terra didn't think it was funny at all. “How can you laugh at someone who's in a lot of trouble?” she asked angrily.
Her two friends said nothing, and realized she was starting to lose forget her groove. “Remember what we told you?” snapped Jackie. “You wanna hang with us, and you wanna be popular, you do what we do.” added Jillian.
Terra's features hardened, and then someone said, “What difference does it make?” It was Garfield.
“Shut up!” snapped Jillian.
“Yeah…! Who asked you, brat-boy?”
“Whatever!” sneered Garfield as he turned and walked down the hall, but he did give Terra a good piece of advice as he went. “If you want to get better, why don't you quit hanging around with those losers?”
Jackie and Jillian felt like exploding. They really wanted to give it to Garfield hard, but Terra was starting to think that maybe Garfield was right. “Hey! You're not actually going to take advice from that kid, are you?” asked Jackie.
Terra didn't know what to think right now.
Raven's mother arrived, and she was most shocked to hear of what her daughter had done. She almost refused to believe it was true. Nevertheless, Raven was suspended from school until further notice. She was practically expelled, and she was told not to hang out with anyone, including Kato.
This really hurt him, but not as much as it hurt his girlfriend. Before she was taken home, her mother was talking to Shepard, and Garfield too for some strange reason, but nobody realized that they weren't talking about Raven.
“I realize the seriousness of what's happened, but you two have to start sticking to your codes, or at least try to balance out your duties.” Garfield said.
Shepard and Arella felt a little ashamed for some reason, and Arella knew Raven was supposed to come first. “I can't keep hiding it from her much longer. She needs to know the truth.”
Garfield understood how hard it must've been, but he warned her to keep her mouth shut. Arella sighed. “Yes… sir.”
After the meeting, the three of them exited the main office and all saluted at each other, and Raven kissed Kato for, what would be, the last time for a while before she left with her mother. “Raven…”
Dick and friends thought that was rough on Kato, but all four of them together felt something very strange going on. When each had been asked to speak about Raven during the meeting they all heard what Raven had to say about Garfield…
…How he actually caught up with Raven on foot, while she was riding eighty miles an hour on a motorcycle.
How he leapt up over a ten foot tall fence…
And how he actually kicked down a heavy, thick steel door with his feet alone…
And now he was always seen saluting with Shepard, and now with Raven's mother, getting his mail at school and always slipping off, abruptly, and without explanation.
“Something weird is going on, and I think it's time we found out what it was.” said Dick. Kori and Vic agreed. From now on, they were going watch Garfield every chance they could.
Meanwhile, that strange man had heard the news broadcast about a stray missile that was headed for New York City, it almost crashed, and could have caused extreme damage and chaos… yet for some reason the missile was just halted in midair and splashed harmlessly in the water near the coastline.
Also, the base where the missile had been launched had somehow been discovered and all the terrorists were apprehended. “Turn it off.” The man demanded, and one of his thugs switched off the radio. “Oh, it seems the Wasps have done it again sir.”
The man tipped his shades, “As if I didn't already know that.” he snapped. He wasn't really angry, he was rather impressed. The Wasps were very high efficient and the more attacks they stopped, and the more terrorists they captured gave the man more knowledge and more time to make his ultimate move.
He sat down at his computer and began to work hard on his special programs. “I believe it's time to try a more technical approach.”