Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ Final seconds ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The situation was starting to look bleak for the gang. The water was now up to their chests. Soon they'd be under and the rescue teams were still nowhere in sight. Luckily the forces above ground managed to drill small holes in the mountain rubble without bringing the whole thing down, and they passed diving gear and oxygen tanks below.
Shepard had received word from the rescue team they were still having trouble locating the river where the captives were. Shepard advised the captives that there was only one thing that could be done…
He wanted them all to put on their breathing gear, then dive into the water, and swim around along where the water was coming in from. “Are you crazy?” snapped Kori as she yelled into Arella's pen transmitter. “We could die out there.”
“We'll die for sure if we stay here.” Kato said. “I'm going…!”
“I'm with ya…” agreed Vic.
Arella didn't care if she had a broken arm. She was going as well, and Raven was going to help her as best she could. Her mother thought that was sweet, and took it as a sign that things would get better between them both.
“You can kiss and make up later…” Vic said, “Let's go!”
They all put on their masks just as the water reached up to their necks. The masks covered their entre face area, and had little radio transmitters to keep in contact with everyone. “All right…! Everyone ready…?” asked Arella. “Dive…!”
…and one-by-one, they all disappeared under the water.
Sticking together, they began to swim, to the large opening where the water was coming in from. It was more than large enough for them to swim through, but they all took it easy because of Arella's arm, and they practically didn't know the heck where they were going. At least the lights in their masks shone on the way forward…
“Yo…! Can ya hear us out there?” Vic called.
Shepard answered him. “There's no need to shout, Victor. We can hear you perfectly.” He had been in touch with rescue subs and advises the swimmers to progress as far as they could go, and keep listening for the sound of their voices. “You only have an hour of oxygen, so make it fast.”
“That's easy for you to say…” said Kori. “But we'll try.”
Never in his entire life had Shepard ever been so worried about his students and just while he was hoping things not to get any worse, one of the soldiers approaching him. “Sir… there's a message from central control. It's pretty serious.”
“What's going on now…?” asked Shepard.
He was told that there had been a report that the land subsidence was spreading round the city. “It seems that the buildings in the Financial District are all in danger, and could fall down as well.”
“The Financial District…?” asked Shepard, “Which area is that…?”
“Over there, sir.”
Shepard turned round and he could the district in the distance, several of the tall buildings were already unevenly balanced, and the rest were all smoking and rumbling. The roads near those buildings were all cracked and breaking apart, like a jigsaw puzzle.
The entire city had been evacuated so nobody would get hurt near there, but that wasn't the point. According to the digraphs of the river system, all those buildings were going to fall right down on the area the rescue team and the swimmers were now. The impact would start a tidal current that would bury them all like an avalanche!
Every passing moment the ground near the district got more and more shaky, and the buildings wobbled and broke down more. The geologists reckoned that the whole are would collapse in less than ten minutes… after which, anything was likely to happen!
Shepard warned the subs and swimmers of the situation. “I don't care how you do it, just hurry up and get out of there!”
“Ya' don't have to tell us twice.” snapped Vic, and he and the others began to swim as fast as they could, even Arella with her sore arm.
Meanwhile, Garfield had already reached the Moon and was about to fly past the lunar horizon. Then he'd be on the far side of the Moon and communications with any Wasp member would be impossible with his equipment. He had been in contact with Terra one last time to see if the reinforcements were on their way, and it was confirmed they were hour behind him but it was still going to take some time.
Garfield was on his now as he crossed the horizon. He kept his craft up high so he could get a good view. “I wonder where the heck he is.”
Henry was well aware that Garfield was coming as well as the swarm of space patrollers behind him, and urged his men not to fire the defense missiles or try to stop him. “But sir…!”
“I said… let him come.” shouted Henry. “I've been waiting for him for some time. He something I want, and intend to take it from him.” Henry also decided to make it easier for Garfield to find them by sending up warning flares.
Garfield gazed on ahead and saw the lights in the distance, and he could see a dark and sinister complex. “So there you are…”
He could tell by the way the flares were flying he was being invited in. This was defiantly not a good thing. He had a good feeling of was going to happen the moment he left his ship.
He touched down many, many yards away from the complex, and with his spacesuit on, he left his ship and hopped away from it, due to the low gravity. No sooner had het leapt twenty years did a small missile launch from the complex destroying his ship. “Ah, man…!” groaned Garfield. Now he was really on his own… and with only two and half hours left.
Just him and his six-million dollar brain-- ready for action. Garfield pulled out his stun-laser and set it to maximum power for a good solid knock-out. “Let's party!”
Once he was close enough to the complex, the artificial gravity went into effect; Garfield was actually let in at the Entrance doors which opened wide leading to an airlock.
Once inside and the outer doors closed, the inner hatch opened revealing a swarm of guards with their guns poised at Garfield.
Using quick wits, and his fats reflexes, Garfield managed to avoid all their bullets, and shoot them all unconscious with his laser. He tapped a switch on his suit which made his helmet fold down so he could breathe and see better…
Then he dashed off into the complex.
The grounds around the buildings in the district were already starting to fall apart, and the buildings were ready to go any minute. Shepard was gripping his transmitter tightly muttering, “Come on! You can make it!”
Down below, the swimmers felt like they had been going a long way for a long time. “Look!” cried Raven, “What's that up ahead?”
Several lights could be seen in the distance, and there was a little bit of static over their radios. “Ahoy there!” called a voice. “Are you alright…?”
“It's the rescue team! They've located us!” cried Arella.
“Well, all right…” cheered Vic. “We're outta here.”
They all swam into the submarines.
The lead pilot told Shepard that the invalids were safely aboard. “Good…! Now hurry and get out of there!”
Once all the swimmers were safely aboard, the subs all turned round and headed straight back the way they had come as fast as they could go without crashing, but they had to hurry as everyone could feel the tremors from above…!
A loud explosion was heard from the district as the buildings began to topple over. “They're falling!” shouted Shepard. “RUN…!”
Everyone began to rush as fast as their feet would take them as the buildings the district crashed down to the ground creating dust clouds heading right for them…
While down below the subs were rocked about and pushed all over by the tidal currents from the impacts above. The drivers were barely able to steer straight, but they manage make it out and into the ocean just as the areas behind them caved in.
“I can't believe that just happened!” cried Kato.
At least they were safe, but still, there wasn't much time until the bombs exploded, and something told everyone they weren't going to be so lucky this time.
Dick had finally reached the end of the line. The locks had been reprogramed so his stolen keycard wouldn't work anymore. Now he was, literally, backed into a corner with several men glaring and snickering at him as the approached him ready to beat him into the next star-system.
“Give it up, kid.”
“We got'cha now…”
Dick braced himself for the end, but as the men readied themselves for the kill, nut that's when the steel door behind them were busted wide open, and Garfield leapt in. “Garfield…?” exclaimed Dick.
“Surprise-Surprise…!” Garfield sneered at the men, and he actually took them all on, knocking them all unconscious either with his gun or his own fighting skills.
“So I was right…” Dick said with excitement, “You really are a Wasp member.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…! You can gloat later… that is, if there is a later.” Garfield said as he removed the backpack he was carrying and pulled out a spare spacesuit. “Put this on!”
Dick did as he was told, and soon the boys were off. There wasn't much time. They had to shut down the bombs somehow. Finally, they reached the main control ops, and they heard the sound of someone clapping.
The big chair before them turned, and there he was. “Colonel Garfield Logan…”
Garfield's eyes narrowed. “Henry K. Foster…”
Henry was pleased to see the years had been good to Garfield, especially thanks to the six-million dollar brain he had built. “Six-million dollar brain…?” asked Dick, but the others didn't answer him about it.
“How much time is left?” Garfield asked.
“Ninety minutes.” said Henry, then he held up his remote “But I decided why wait…? All I have to do is press a button, and boom…!”
Dick and Garfield exchanged looks of concern, and Henry showed them that it also barely mattered if the bombs exploded or not. He switched on his monitors which all showed images of many major cities around the world falling to pieces due to the land subsidence, and people everywhere were running in panic.
“But it call all end, and I can make it happen…” said Henry “And you know what it is that I want.”
Garfield did know, but even now he would never give in. “If you want my six-million dollar brain… you'll have to take it from me.”
Henry sniggered and clipped his remote onto his belt. “Part of me was hoping you'd make this easier… but if you insisted.”
The two of them threw down any handheld weapons they had to make the upcoming fight more interesting. “You, stay out of the way.” Garfield said to Dick. Dick tried to protest, but Garfield shouted at him to get out of the way.
Dick sighed, but did as he was told.
“I'm ready…!” Garfield said to Henry.
“Then let's have action.” agreed Henry, and he motioned for Garfield to come at him for the first move. Garfield dashed towards his opponent, roaring like a war hero. Henry leapt out of the way and kicked him hard in the side. “UGH…!”
“I should warn you…” Henry said “The many years I've studied many martial arts and mastered a few skills of my own.” He also explained that Garfield's super strength wouldn't work either…
Over the years, Henry had also developed software to counter the six-million dollar brain's power. As long as he stayed in that very room, Garfield would only have normal human strength and speed, but he'd possess his intelligence.
Garfield stood upright, and the fight continued-- both of them punching and kicking like crazy. Henry punched Garfield in the face. Garfield kicked Henry in the shins… the tow of them even leapt straight at each other.
(Matrix camera motions)
…but neither of them was willing to give up.
The timer was still going, and Dick realized he had to do something, but Henry had blocked out all access codes so he couldn't even try, but as the fight continued between Garfield and Henry… Garfield managed to slam Henry hard into a wall causing Henry, unnoticed by the two of them, to drop his master keycard.
Dick quietly managed to grab it, and the others were far too distracted to notice.
Garfield and Henry were holding each other by the neck. “ACK…! The brain should be mine!” shouted Henry.
“You… wish!” choked Garfield.
In a huge force, they broke out of their neck grips, took a moment to catch their breaths, and then jumped back at each other. As their fight continued Garfield shouted and snarled, “You didn't get what you wanted, so you choose to hurt and kill billions of innocent people?!”
“What other finer way would there be to force their will!” protested Henry “People always give in when they're faced with death as an alternative!”
“That's just sick! You're crazy…!”
“AM I…?!”
While they still went at it, Dick managed to gain access to the main control with the help of the keycard, but there were so many different files, controls, and options. How was he supposed to find the shutdown?
The only way he knew how was to try browsing the options one-by-one, but he had to act fast.
Henry and Garfield were both starting to get tired, and were bruised a little, but still they fought, and Henry had lost his patience, and grabbed his remote. “You lose…!”
“No…!” Garfield shouted as he pitched a clipboard at Henry's hand. “Ah…!” he dropped the remote hard on the ground, busting it. “Oh, no…!”
Then he was tackled hard to the ground and merciless beaten, and with one final punch to the face. Henry gave in. “Enough…! I give in.”
Now, with Henry at their mercy, Dick and Garfield forced him to shut down the bombs.
The timer had stopped at sixty minutes. The people on Earth and the other Wasp members couldn't understand, until they received a new transmission on scrambler…
Foster apprehended.
Bombs neutralized.
Logan and Grayson safe
Space Rescue on their way.
Everyone began to cheer for joy. Victory was secured.
The Wasps were nearing the moon, and in only a matter of minutes would they arrive at the complex…
Now Garfield and Dick were marching Henry down the halls, ready to be taken by the authorities. Killing him was tempting, but the code of the Wasps was to preserve life, not kill it.
“The world law will decide his fate.” Garfield said.
Suddenly, as they turned a corner, Henry pulled a fast one on them both and escaped custody. He was chased down the hallway but quickly activated the security doors, even without his keycard, separating him from the boys, and these steel walls were much too strong for even Garfield to kick open.
Then, Henry made an announcement to the boys over the intercom as he dashed for his escape pod. “You may have stopped my bombs on Earth, boys… but this is one detonation you'll never stop, or escape from.”
“What's he talking about?” asked Dick.
“I think we're about to find out.” said Garfield, and at that very moment, Henry had set the complex for self-destruct in one-minute a she climbed into a pod and blasted off from the Moon, leaving Garfield and Dick, not to mention all his, still unconscious men, inside.
Since the boys couldn't open the steel doors they had to find another way out and fast. They headed back to the main control ops with thirty seconds left. “The view port…!” Garfield said. He got out his gun and set it to full power. “Quick! Helmet on!”
Dick clicked his helmet on just as Garfield told him to, and then Garfield blasted the glass with such a power laser that he knocked out the entire section of the room. “Hurry…!”
The boys dashed out, as fast as they could with the low gravity, but it looked as if they would make it with only ten seconds left. “We're too close!” cried Dick. “We're goners!”
Suddenly, they both felt strange, as they vanished into thin air just as the complex exploded in a massive flare.
Dick and Garfield reappeared in a Wasp passenger craft. They removed their helmets. “How'd we get here?” asked Dick. Garfield didn't bother to explain, he knew it was the rescue patrol, they were still too far to have made it in time.
That's when the doorway to the cockpit opened and there, before Garfield's eyes. “Terra…?”
She smiled so warmly at him and then dashed over throwing her arms round him. “Oh…!” Garfield hugged her back. Despite she saved them both, “Terra…! What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay on the observatory…?”
“She's not the only one who disobeys orders.” said a familiar voice. Steve and Rita were there too, sitting in the drivers seats. They explained that Terra figured Garfield would need help, and she called ahead to say what she was doing, and one thing lead to another, even Steve decided that rules were made to be broken here and then.
“I know that now.” Steve said, “And thanks to all that's happened we got him.”
Henry had been captured. Though he escaped his complex, his pod flew right in the direction where the rescue team was heading. He was now in complete and total custody. His bombs were now neutralized, and though the cities of Earth sustained critical damage, the death count was still at zero. “Thank heaven…” sighed Rita.
“No…” Steve said. “…Thanks to Garfield… and his friends!” He was smiling at his foster son for the first time, and then came those magical words he had waited to hear, “I'm proud of you, boy.”
Garfield couldn't help but smile. Rita hugged him, Dick slapped him a high-five, and they two of them decided to let bygones be bygones. As for Terra, Garfield didn't know how to thank her enough. “You saved my life…”
Their eyes met, Terra was smiling at him. “It's not the brain…” she reminded him. “It's the heart and what it can give.”
Steve, Rita, and Dick saw this as a sign to head into the cockpit and shut to the door. Garfield and Terra were still gazing deeply into each other's eyes…
Their faces slowly moved towards one another's, their eyes closed, and their lips made contact. Terra wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer as the kiss grew deeper, and Garfield put his arms behind her gently stroking her long blonde hair.
They just remained that way as the ship sailed along the stars heading back for Earth.