Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ Epilouge: Dawn of a new day ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The school gang was reunited at last. Kori was so happy that Dick was safe. Dick decided to make it up to Kori for worrying her by asking her out on a date, to which she agreed immediately.
Raven and Arella promised to iron out the problems their normal lives and life in the Wasps made. Kato was also relieved that Raven was no longer restricted to her home anymore… especially as how her apartment had also gone over during the disaster.
Henry was kept in custody for so many offences, and worldwide endangerment. Who knew what his fate would be, but with him out of the picture, terrorism was now likely to go way down.
Still, other cities were left with the devastation of the land subsidence. Many buildings and roads had been destroyed. One people were hurt, others were left homeless or now bankrupt, but no one had died.
It was going to take a lot of time to restore all the damage and make up for all that was lost, but many worldwide leaders and their countries, which were also affected agreed to lend a hand. Everyone was going to pitch in and help others.
In the meantime, now that the Wasps were no longer security tight, as everyone had seen them, rather than shut them down, The president of the United States had officially classified them as head of the world defense units, and he was more than happy to present awards to all the brave people for their courage and bravery during the dark times, and promotions to all the Wasp members.
“Supreme Command General Steve Dayton.”
“Second Commanding General… Rita Dayton.”
“Commanding First-Officer General Garfield Logan.”
“Colonel Arella Roth.”
“Major George Shepard.”
The students of Murakami High received golden medals for their courage and bravery. Dick received a larger one because without his quick thinking, Henry would never had been found or caught.
The final award went to a newly appointed, and forth-with promoted young Wasp agent. Though she had only been a member for a few days, and had a very poor grade history in schooling. Her self-sacrifice, honor, courage, and will to help other even against orders proved that such things didn't always mean everything, and that there is talent and hope for everyone…
“Captain… Terra Markov…!”
The millions of people gathered there, or who were watching cheered for joy as Terra accepted her promotion medals, stars, and ribbons, and she saluted to everyone.
Jackie and Jillian could not believe their eyes, and fainted out of extreme hate for her, and jealously that she was way more popular than they ever would be.
As the President continued with his closing speech, Terra stood beside Garfield with the other soldiers. “So… I'm finally a real somebody.” she whispered to her new boyfriend.
Garfield was very proud of her, “But don't forget… I'm still your superior.”
Terra sniggered softly under her breath and playful asked. “Permission to speak with you… over dinner… General?”
Garfield shot her a wink, “Permission granted, Captain.”
Anyone who wanted to join the Wasps were given the privilege, but the students preferred not to as there was no point as so many people joined already, and there was so much more they could do just by helping out, so they were dubbed merely as honorary members.
Garfield was also glad to now call them his real friends, and it felt so wonderful that they were willing to forgive him for all the years he was mean to them. After all… he was only doing it for good reason.
As progress in restoring the world cities continued, everyone found time to take time off and relax, and other Wasp members were combing the globe searching for the neutralized bombs and dispose of them.
Soon things would be back to normal. Kori and Dick even began a real relationship. Kato and Raven's relationship had grown stronger, especially with Raven new rekindled relationship with her mother. Vic even met a girl whole he was helping starving people who needed help.
As for Garfield and Terra, they figured what finer place to have their dinner date than on the observatory, amongst the stars themselves. They wore regular formal clothes, instead of uniform.
They didn't mind that Cindi was watching them. She was just a computer, and she knew that.
Garfield even gave Terra a special gift. Her own special pen, just like the way he had. Terra thought it was nice, but what she loved the most was the fact that one of her old dreams had actually come true…
Here she was, with Garfield, and having a romantic time… in outer space.
Garfield asked Cindi to play some slow music, and dim the lights. He then extended his hand to Terra, “May I have this dance…?”
Terra playful saluted “Yes… sir.”
(Terra's song plays)
They danced so passionately across the floor, but the mood felt so nice, they both felt as if they were dancing outside among the stars themselves…
(Terra's Voice)
Across the sky, we can fly to outer space.
(Garfield's Voice)
Just you and I, as we zoom form place to place.
(Voices of the others)
Planets will all seem so small, and sparkle far below.
Just me and you, together, `cross the universe we'll go.
Across the sky!
Across the sky!
Across the sky, (You and I)
Across the sky!
The stars seemed to be spinning and getting blurry, followed by red flashes, and an alarm going off. Cyborg felt himself being shaken in bed. “Dude…!” Beast Boy called to him. “Cyborg, wake up…!”
Cyborg shook himself awake. “Man, what's goin' on?”
Robin peered into the room. “Let's go! We got crooks on the loose!” he shouted. Cyborg leapt out of bed, still adjusting to the crazy dream he just had. Soon, he and all the other Titans were racing into action.
As they ran on their way Cyborg apologized to Beast Boy and his idea about earlier warning systems. “I think it's a cool idea after all.”
Beast Boy thanked his friend, “But what made you change your mind?” he asked.
“Oh, it just came to me… in a dream.” Cyborg said, but he said it only to himself.
Author's notes:
I`d like to take this time to remind everyone once again that I never made this fic with the intention of mocking people, or playing on the field of Terrorism like a game.
I meant no real offence against anything, and never intended it to be that way.