Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Jean vs Xiaoyu: Mounting Tensions ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The junkyard: A yard or lot that is used to store trash, such as scrap metal or resalable car parts. Today the yard was enjoying a large crowd as one of the stages for Round 2 of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Jean saw his opponent walking from the crowd of people: Ling Xiaoyu, one of Jin Kazama's personal bodyguards. She was a lithe Chinese woman with black hair in a kokosei outfit; more specifically it was the school uniform of Mishima High School. At her side were Jin Kazama and Eddy Gordo.

“So…you've come,” Jean looked at Jin as he removed Flambert from his sheath. “You must not care too much for her if you're sending her against me.”

“Shut up, blondie,” Ling snapped as she approached Jean, “I'm going to make you pay for what you did to Christie! Isn't that right Eddy?”

“Just be careful OK?” Eddy, who was wearing a knit shirt, a pair of jeans and sunglasses, simply nodded. “Christie underestimated him, and look what happened. Kick his ass, but do it carefully.” Eddy had been defeated in the previous round, so he had plenty of time on his hands. His first priority was to make sure the bastard who gave his dear pupil Christie a thrashing didn't do a similiar thing to anyone else.

“Heh, heh…it's going to take a lot more that care to stop me!” Jean got his rapier into preparation and began the fight.

Ling jumped over Jean's thrust with a forward flip, and landed behind him with her back turned. The moment Jean turned around, Ling shot out her right leg behind her and hit Jean in the face. Jean took a backhanded swing at her, but she flipped over his head and again landed right behind him. Ling twirled around and shot her palms out forward and hit Jean in the back before he could react.

Jean parried a kick and followed up with his a hook from his free hand. Ling moved with the fist, thus avoiding any serious damage. She then jumped on top on Jean's head and launched herself off, pushing his head into the ground. “Hey Jin, Eddy! Did you guys see that?” Ling waved to her two friends standing nearby, who simply pointed at Jean, who was standing up.

Get a hold of yourself, Jean thought to himself as he got back up. Regardless of how fast she is, she is using Chinese martial arts and like all martial arts they involve precision, rhythm and flow. Jean closed his eyes and replayed Ling's moves in his mind. After two seconds, he smiled as he heard Ling's footsteps becoming louder as she ran towards him. He opened his eyes and saw the opportunity he was looking for. Yes! I can see it now! “Now, my dear…let us dance.”

Jean hit Ling with his knee, and then brought down his elbow on her head. Once he had done that, he poked her in the kneecap with his rapier. Ling shot out her hand in retaliation, and Jean ducked under her slap accordingly. She brought her palm down, and Jean sidestepped again. As he rose up, he struck Ling with his knee and then grabbed her arm and quickly stabbed her in the stomach, being careful as to not hit a vital spot. He didn't want to get disqualified just because her opponent was hemorrhaging too soon.

Then Jean stabbed her again and again, faster and faster.

At first, Ling had little trouble dodging the thrust, but the stronger they became she had to resort to blocking. The blade licked at her arms again and again as trinkles of blood continued to ooze from them. Ling finally put hers arms down so that she should counterattack and she spun around for a roundhouse kick. At the same time, Jean leapt up in the air for his own roundhouse kick. The two legs clashed and Ling dropped to the floor. The loss of blood, combined with Jean's confusing style and powerful kicks, were beginning to overwhelm her.

“And now…,” Jean walked over to the struggling Ling and positioned his rapier in a stabbing position, “…the coup de grace!”

But just as Jean was about to deliver the finishing blow, he noticed a gloved hand blocking his way. He looked up, and saw Jin Kazama. “That's enough,” Jin said as he kneeled to Ling's level. “This match is over.”

“You mind saying that again?” Jean stuck a finger in his ear and began twisting, “I thought I had something crazy in my ear.”

“If you continue attacking her, I will disqualify you on the spot!” Jin stood back up and began staring Jean down. “As the head of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, I am demanding that this fight be stopped right now!”

Jean simply smirked as Jin's glare continued to burn away at him. Finally, he licked the blood of his rapier and put it back in his sheath saying, “If that is what the sponsor commands, I shall follow without question.” He walked passed Jin and Ling and waded into the crowd, brushing Eddy aside. Eddy was about to go after him, but Jin shook his head and Eddy nodded reluctantly.

“Are you all right Xiao? Can you stand?” Jin turned his attention back to Ling, who was sitting in disbelief.

“I still could've kicked his butt if you gave me more time,” Ling put her head down in shame as Eddy came over with some gauze tape. “But I guess it's all right in the end. You were worried about me and you came to my rescue!” Ling giggled as she leapt up and hugged Jin. “My knight in shining armor…” Apparently, her scars did nothing to hinder her cheerful demeanor.

“Hey Jin,” Eddy looked as Jin as he gave Ling her gauze tape. “Can I ask you something? Why the hell did you invite that psycho?”

“Because he knows something,” Jin walked over to Eddy then began looking up into the sky, “That man works for G-Corporation, and he knows where my mother is. That's why in the next round…I will be his opponent.”