Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Kenichi vs Raven: Fighting Spirit ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Early in the King of Iron Fist Tournament's history, Heihachi Mishima made the tournament, more or less, a street fighting competition. The fighters would go to random locations around the globe, and proceed to beat each other unconscious. Jin Kazama, although wishing to keep the tournament in one city so that he could make sure nothing would go too out of hand, must have respected this and made one of the locations of his tourney in the street. At an intersection near the Mishima Mansion, two fighters prepared to square off in the second round of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.
“I wasn't expecting to face you so early in the tournament,” Kenichi turned around as Raven jumped out of the window of an adjacent building and landed gracefully a few yards away from the Japanese fighter. The grey-clad fighter was wearing a very traditional ninja garb: grey shirt, pants, and hood, sleeves made of red lace, and a crimson mask that covered his mouth. “So you're going to tell me what I want to know.”
“Your dad was shipping weapons for the Yakuza,” Raven stood up straight and crossed his arms. “And I was the one who took him out before he could do so. Kid, you already know everything you have to know, so stop bothering me.”
“Detective Wulong said there was probably more to it than that, but he can't connect the dots,” Kenichi got into a fighting stance as he spoke, “so he's asked me to make fill in the blanks.” The boy smiled as he continued speaking, “Besides, I've been itching to test my skills against a real-life ninja!”
“Heh…a ninja versus a boy with samurai blood,” Raven smirked as Kenichi began running towards him, “this should make for an interesting fight…for both of us!”
Raven back flipped away from Kenichi's left hook, then pounced back and tackled the teenage martial artist. Raven raised his left fist and brought it down, and was about to do the same with his right when Kenichi reversed the tackle, and Raven found himself caught in the tackle rather than in control of it. Kenichi punched Raven in face twice, but just when he was about to apply a third blow, Raven pushed Kenichi off of him and scrambled onto his feet.
Kenichi ran towards Raven and rammed into him with a shoulder tackle, sending the ninja sprawling. The ninja landed on his hands and flipped onto his feet. Raven looked up and saw the Japanese lad charge forward. Raven blocked a horizontal chop and countered with a kick to the head which Kenichi evaded effortlessly. But Kenichi soon realized that it was just a snare for a different technique.
Raven stabbed into Kenichi with his fingers and sent the boy flying backwards. The blow took its toll on the Japanese fighter: he felt like he had just been hit with the sharp end of a knife, threatening to pierce his innards. Raven ran after Kenichi as the boy gripped his midsection where he had been stabbed and kicked him high into the air. Once he did that, Raven jumped up after him and hit him with a roundhouse kick, then a powerful backhanded swing, and finally sent him down to the ground with an axe kick.
Kenichi landed on his feet once again and caught his breath. He's incredible, Kenichi's mind raced as he got back up and wiped the blood trickling from his mouth, it's no wonder that my father couldn't keep up with him. A smile crept upon the boy's lips as Raven landed gracefully and looked at Kenichi. I wouldn't have it any other way. This is what martial arts is all about!
“This is it! Prepare yourself!” Raven leapt back up into the air and began falling back to the earth with his fist raised, ready to give Kenichi the finishing blow.
This is it, all right…for you!
Just as Raven was about to reach his intended target, Kenichi shot out his right hand straight up in an open-palmed strike. The blow hit Raven right in the stomach as the ninja fell from the sky. Kenichi pushed Raven back into the air, and gave him another uppercut, this time with a fist, and sent the ninja high into the air. Kenichi jumped up after him with his impressive vertical leap and was right above the falling Raven. He then positioned his right foot on Raven's stomach for a diving kick as the two fighters plummeted to the ground, with Raven landing on his back with Kenichi's foot in his midsection.
Kenichi flipped away as he landed and watched as Raven groggily got back up. Kenichi could notice a small dark stain on the ninja's red mouth cover: he had actually made him cough up blood.
UN-BE…lievable, Raven's emphasized the syllables in his mind as he looked at Kenichi, who was perhaps a good 7 yards away. The boy was still in his fighting stance raring to go. The kid's got spunk I'll give him that. Raven then felt a surge of excitement wash over him. I haven't had this much fun fighting someone in such a long time…not since I first started training to become a kage. I guess the fighting spirit still burns within me after-
“Raven, that's enough.” Raven's headset radio that was hidden beneath his hood blared to life. “I have new orders. You are to forfeit the match and meet up with Agent Sparrow at the entrance of the Tokyo Dome immediately.”
“….sir?” Raven muttered in disbelief as he dodged Kenichi's punch and sent the boy flying backwards with a kick.
“We can't afford to have you in this tournament. We need you to go behind the scenes, and we can't have you do that with you in the spotlight. Just give the boy the lead he's looking for, and he'll solve theYakuza case for us while we attend other matters. In the meantime, you are to forfeit your match.”
“Understood,” Raven nodded as Kenichi dusted himself off and got back into his fighting stance. Kenichi moved forward again and reared his fist back when Raven put out his hand. “Hold it kid. That's enough.”
“Hm? What do you mean “that's enough?”
“I have to get going now, so I'm going to tell you what you want to know.” Raven put down his hand once Kenichi got out of his fighting stance and crossed his arms. “Your father was introduced to the Yakuza 22 years ago by a man named Kazuya Mishima. If you can figure out what he was doing at that time, you can figure out why he was trusted with those weapons.” And with that, Raven pulled out a smoke bomb from his pocket and threw it to the ground.
“What? No!” Kenichi blinded groped through the bog of smoke as his eyes began to water. When the smoke cleared, Kenichi was alone, left with nothing but his smoke-induced tears and the words that Raven left him as the bomb went off: “When you feel that you have learned everything you wanted to know…we'll finish our battle.”