Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Heihachi vs Combot: Walk in the Park ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Jindai Shokubutsu Park: best known for its botanical garden. One can enjoy the greenery of the trees and the beauty of the flowers all year round. It used to be a nursery for street trees in Tokyo. After the war, it was opened to the public as “Jindai Ryokuchi” or “green lung.” In 1961, the name was changed to “Jindai Shokubutsu Koen”. And it became the only botanical garden in Tokyo at that time.

Now, it has 100,000 trees and shrubs representing approximately 4,500 varieties. It is divided into 30 blocks according to variety, rose, azalea, ume plum, bush clover, among others. It is designed to be able to learn the knowledge of the trees and plants while you enjoy gazing at them. Furthermore, the institution is working on protecting species which have been grown in Japan for a long time. It also has the exhibitions and other activities related to gardening to redound to citizens' interest in the trees and plants
Heihachi knew this place quite well: this was where he met his beloved Kazumi over fifty years ago. While he was certain that Jin Kazama had absolutely no idea about that little tidbit, returning here made Heihachi feel…uncomfortable. Let's see what unmitigated fool would dare challenge me here…
As if on cue, Heihachi heard a footstep and turn around and saw a silver-haired man bishonen of a man wearing a lavender jacket with the words “Silver Devil” on the back, a navy blue t-shirt and dark purple jeans. “Am I to assume that you are to be my next opponent, Lee?” Heihachi crossed his arms as his 49-year-old son smiled.
“As much as I would like to…I can't,” Lee Chaolan pointed to a bandage on his cheek, “Kazuya spoiled my fun and knocked me out of the tournament two hours ago.”
“You made it past the first round? I'm impressed.”
“Shut the hell up,” Lee snapped as he pointed behind Heihachi, “because your next opponent will kick your ass from here to Kyoto!”
Heihachi turned around and saw his opponent: a bipedal machine with clamps for hands, metallic dishes for feet, and steel pipes for limbs. Its muscles consisted of tightly-strung wires, and its torso and head were made of plastic-steel. On its shoulders and chestplate was the kanji character “ten.” The head was white and had a long snout, much like an anteater, with two red eyes the glowed ominously. “Robots,” Heihachi muttered to himself, “I hate robots.”
“My new improved Combot is going to snap your neck like a rotted twig,” Lee Chaolan took a seat at a nearby parkbench as Heihachi and Combot squared off. “Combot….”
Heihachi's and Combot's fists clashed as Lee shouted the word “go.” Heihachi evaded a follow-up punch and shot out his left foot. Combot walked backward as the kick hit it and shook it off. I see that idiot Lee gave it some more human qualities this time, Heihachi noticed as Combot began walking towards him once again, I guess that fool still hasn't learned that no mere machination can match the soul.
Once it was within striking distance, Combot shot out its left leg and Heihachi ducked under it accordingly…falling right into the robot's trap. Combot brought its left leg down upon Heihachi, forcing him flat on his face. Then the robot brought its right leg down upon Heihachi's head: his own trademark Geta Stomp. A mere robot…created by his adopted son Lee Chaolan….was using his techniques.
At this point, Heihachi's animosity towards robots reached its peak.
Heihachi shot back up as Combot raised its foot for another stomp, tipping the unbalanced robot over. The old man quickly lifted his right leg and stomped on Combot's head in the same fashion that the robot did to him merely a few seconds earlier.
The robot rolled to the left when Heihachi tried to utilize another Geta Stomp, and stood back up. Heihachi, still annoyed, picked up the robot by the pipe that acted as its neck and tossed it across the field.
“Is that all that your machine can muster, Lee?” Heihachi looked to his silver-haired son who was watching from his bench. He noticed that a cruel smile crept upon Lee's lips just as he finished his sentence. Heihachi turned around and saw Combot's clamp-like hand right before it hit him in the chest and sent him flying backwards. Heihachi landed on his feet and let his rage continue to build: now it used his favorite technique, the Iron Hand.
Heihachi ducked under Combot's swing as the robot approached him and swept it off its feet with a leg sweep, followed up with a Thunder Godfist. Combot spun in the air uncontrollably as it hit the ground. The robot stood back up only to be sent back down to the ground again when Heihachi shot out both of his palms out unto Combot's midsection as he crackled with cerulean lightning: his infamous Dragon's Breath maneuver. Combot again stood back up and grabbed Heihachi by the neck…and rammed its head into his.
“How…DARE YOU!!!”
Heihachi rammed his own head into Combot's, causing the light inside its eye to sputter out. The elder man repeated the process, and the said eye popped out. The robot returned the headbutt, and Heihachi did the same in earnest. And so began the Headbutt Carnival. Heihachi rammed his head into Combot again and again, knocking off new pieces of its metallic skull each time. “Combot, NO!!” Lee cried out as he watched his creation begin to smoke.
“I'll show you….” Heihachi let go of the robot's neck and headbutted it once again, causing its forehead to cave in and popping out the other eye, “…what it means…” then he hit it with a vertical hand chop, adding to the massive dent in it's forehead, “TO FIGHT WITH ME!!!” and finally shot out his right palm and sent the sp robot sprawling to the ground. As the robot stopped moving, Heihachi let loose a maniacal laugh.
“No, my beloved Combot!” Lee Chaolan jumped off the park bench he was sitting on and ran towards his fallen creation. The robot's eyes flickered briefly as Lee picked up its smashed head and it spoke, “M-mission_f-f-f-failure…father...” Lee let out another cry of anguish as it then began speaking in binary. Heihachi, satisfied with a job well done, spat on the ground and walked away….