Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ Kazuya vs Paul: Little Secret ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Over the past couple of days, Jin Kazama had used every resource he had to make the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 an enjoyable event for almost every age, whether the person was a spectator, or a competitor. The revised rules he had created for the tournament allowed for a practically non-existent chance of permanent injury while still allowing the fighters to use their most devastating techniques. With all the fights being located in one city, it also allowed for the competitors to get to their fights easier and on schedule, thus avoiding another mishap such as the one that caused Paul Phoenix to lose a chance to become a finalist in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. The result was the largest tournament registration in the contest's history, with forty competitors. After two rounds of punches, kicks, and grapples that spanned all across Tokyo, the third round of the King of Iron Fist Tournament would now be localized into one location: the Tokyo Dome.
The Tokyo Dome was packed solid as the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 Quarterfinals finally began. In the center of the stadium was an octagon-shaped ring with the word “TEKKEN” etched in the center of the ring in a large silver font. Under the word in a smaller, purple font were the words, “The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 6.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming!” A middle-aged male voice blared over the speakers of the stadium. “Welcome the third round of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Our first match-up will be between two tournament veterans, both of whom are former finalists!” The lights grew dim as the announcer continued, “He's the champion of the very first King of Iron Fist Tournament and the sponsor of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. He was also a finalist in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. A user of Mishima-ryu karate, please welcome back…Kazuya Mishima!”
The spotlight shone on a scowling Japanese man walking towards the ring. He wore red fingerless gloves with silver beads embedded in them. His black hair seemed to grow opposite of his face and formed a point, giving it an almost pyramid-shape. Kazuya had very peculiar eyes: his right eye was brown, but his left eye glowed crimson. The long tails of his purple tuxedo blew in the wind elegantly as he marched up the three steps of the stadium. Once he was in the ring, he crossed his arms and continued to remain emotionless.
Suddenly, a loud revving of an engine was heard at the other side of the runway. The spotlight shone to the runway to reveal a blonde man wearing a red gi and purple glovesandsandals, sitting on top of a motorcycle. Every strand of his hair pointed straight up, giving the top of his head a flat appearance. “Fuel” by Metallica blared over the area as the announcer resumed speaking and the man on the motorcycle began driving towards the ring.
“He's competed in every King of Iron Fist Tournament, and was a semifinalist in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, and a finalist in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Coming from the United States, and using a fighting style of his own design, let's welcome back…Paul Phoenix!” Paul pumped his fist in the air as he pulled up in front of the ring. The crowd roared its approval as he put his hand to his ear and motioned his other hand towards the crowd. The cheers grew increasingly louder.
“Time to settle old accounts, Kazzy,” Paul got off of his motorcycle and walked into the ring as he spoke.
A very thin smirk crept on Kazuya's face as he replied, “I could not have put it better myself, gaijin.” Kazuya uncrossed his arms and slowly got into his fighting stance. As he did so, slits at the edges of the ring opened up and grated walls began emerging from the slits.
“Hey Kazzy…if you beat me, I'll tell you a little secret!” Paul got into his own fighting stance as he spoke. Kazuya raised an eyebrow when Paul said that. While Paul was not particularly bright, he was well informed of the tournament and its competitors. Kazuya was certain that the “little secret” involved the tournament, and its competitors, and possibly a winning edge over them.
“How about you tell me now?” Kazuya retorted.
“Hey hold on there! It's been over twenty years since we duked it out last!”
“I see…” Kazuya clenched his fist as began running towards Paul as he spoke “…WANT TO DIE, DO YOU?”
Paul grabbed Kazuya's arm and tossed him over his shoulder, sending the Japanese man flat on his back. Kazuya rolled to his left to avoid Paul's fist as he shot out his arm to the fallen man. The Japanese man stood back up and returned to his fighting stance as Paul gripped his fist in pain where he punched the floor. Paul, noticing the strange looks from his received from some people in the front row, released his hand and shot his arm up in the air and received a mild response from the crowd.
Paul looked back towards Kazuya and found his foot hit the side to his head, followed by a punch to the jaw, a kick to the hip, and a punch to the stomach that sent Paul spinning uncontrollably into the air for a short while and landing with a thud. Kazuya stomped on Paul's back as he tried to get up, causing the American to scream out in pain before rolling to his right when Kazuya utilized the same tactic again. Paul flipped back onto his feet and swayed backwards to avoid a punch, and then he ducked under a kick and hit Kazuya with his Phoenix Smasher, a right straight punch that used his ki. It was a nice clean hit, and the crowd roared its approval as Kazuya flew backwards and crashed into the grated wall.
Kazuya had been hit with this attack once before, over twenty years ago, and he had once compared it to being hit with a truck. It hurt then, and it certainly hurt now.
Kazuya shook his head as he tried to shake off the feeling of dizziness. Fortunately, Paul was too busy working the crowd to notice Kazuya getting back onto his feet. Someone in the crowd shouted, “Look behind you, you stupid idiot,” and Kazuya sent Paul in the air with a Thunder Godfist just as the blonde fighter turned around. Paul landed on his feet, and dodged a backhanded right punch. Paul ducked under a high kick and kicked Kazuya in the shin, followed by an elbow to his stomach. Then Paul spread out both his arms, once again sending Kazuya reeling. Landing on his feet, Kazuya tightened his fist and began crackling with blue static and began to slowly spin towards Paul. A few feet away, Paul reared back and began sparkling with orange energy.
The two fighters were calling forth what was left of their energy for a final, massive strike that would end the match. Once Kazuya was within range, he stopped spinning and hit Paul in the chin with his Lightning Screw Uppercut, and was hit with Paul's Burning Death Fist simultaneously. The two fighters crumpled to the ground and stopped moving. As their faces hit the floor, the ringside official began the countdown.
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-“
Kazuya slowly got up from the ground and groggily stood back up at “9.” Paul wasn't as quick to get up. As the announcer shouted “10,” Kazuya walked over to Paul's body and grabbed him by his collar as the grated walls around them lowered back into the floor. “Talk, gaijin…now!” Kazuya's voice was filled with murderous intent as he stared down Paul, who was just beginning to regain his senses. Blood was trickling down both of their faces as the two fighters spoke.
“Easy, Kaz,” Paul spoke calmly, as if he were speaking about the matter over tea, “I caught that new guy, the French dude, at a bar last night. He came up to me saying that if I beat you and crippled you, he'd pay me $500,000,000. Obviously I didn't take it. Kicking your ass is an honor alone, and crippling a dude is just damn cruel.”
“…I already knew that Sorel wanted my hide,” Kazuya slowly put Paul down and the two began walking out of the ring. “I can't believe I got worked up over information as useless as that…”
“Hey man, that wasn't the big secret.” Paul said as he noticed Jin beginning to walk over, “Hey listen, Lei told me to keep this secret from Jin but…” Paul began whispering in Kazuya's ear as Jin tried to get in on their conversation. All Jin had to do was noticed Kazuya's surprised expression to know that what ever Paul was talking about, it was big.
I'll figure it out later, Jin thought to himself as he continued walking towards the ring. Whatever it is, they can't hide it from me for long!
“Are you certain?” Kazuya said quietly as he sat down at a ringside seat and was handed a water bottle by one of the ring girls. “Why would you tell me about this?”
“Kazzy, that hurts,” Paul took a swig of his water bottle and sat down next to Kazuya. “I've got nothing to hide from you! I mean, come on…you're my pal!”
“…Gaijin, what you said must NOT reach anyone else. This is between you, Wulong, and myself. You got that?” Kazuya's voice was no longer filled with murderous intent. Clearly Paul had struck a sensitive spot. Paul, not one to take advantage of someone, simply nodded.
“Hey don't you worry Kazzy. It's just between the three of us!”
“And for the last time…stop calling me that.”