The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction ❯ The Vampire Diaries Imagines ❯ Adandoned ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pairing: Klaus x fem!reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Characters: Klaus, Y/N

Word Count: 960

A/N: Y/N is Kai's younger sister. 


You've been in hiding in Mystic Falls ever since the devastating events at Alaric and Jo's wedding that were caused by your twin brother; a siphoner like you. 

You were only young when it happened, about 6 or 7. You didn’t really have any clear memories of it, but you can still remember the smell of the blood and the screams of all of the victims. Your parents were ashamed of Kai and his actions, and they didn’t want you to have anything to do with him.

To keep you away from Kai and the number of people who were after him, your parents sent you to live in Mystic Falls, a place far away from the traumatic memories of your past.

Which is how you found yourself living with Sheila Bennett. She is the most powerful witch in the town, which is why your parents picked her to look after you. 

You hadn’t seen your parents since the wedding and you felt a hole in your life where they should be. You knew why you couldn’t go back to them, but that didn’t stop you wishing that you could. 


You awoke in a puddle of sweat, your breathing staggered and heavy. The events at the wedding had once again risen to the surface and broke through into your mind. No matter how hard you tried to keep them away, the memories always found their way back to you. 

A small sliver of sunlight was peering through your curtains as you looked around to the clock on your nightstand. 4:30. You groaned and ran your hands down your tired face. “I can never get a full night sleep anymore.” You swung your legs around to the side of the bed and walked towards your closet to find your workout gear. 

Stepping out of the front door, you started your run towards the forest. Something about it always drew you in, whether it was the peace and tranquillity or the innocent animals inhabiting the trees, it was always a place where you found sanctuary. 

As you ran through the forest your mind began to wander, which is why you didn’t see the large stump of a tree standing out from the ground. You tumbled over and whacked your head against the base of the tree, blood beginning to trickle down the side of your face.

You felt a whoosh of wind beside you and looked up, gasping a little when you seen a very handsome stranger holding his hand out to you. Hesitantly, you took his hand and he helped you to your feet. Digging in his pocket he found a handkerchief and held it out. 

You took it from his hand and placed it to the cut at the top of your head. “Thanks. Er, by the way, who are you? I’ve never seen you around here before.” The stranger gave you a little smirk before stepping closer to you, taking the handkerchief out of your hand and began dabbing at your head.

“The name’s Klaus. Niklaus if you want to be proper. I’m new here, which explains why you’ve never seen me.” A smile rose on your lips. You didn’t know why but something about Klaus drew you in, maybe it was because he was mysterious or maybe it was his charming smile, but you knew that you wanted to know more.

“My name’s Y/N. I’ve lived here since I was young. My mother and father sent me here to protect me from the dangers of the world, and I haven’t seen them since.” A low swirl of sadness arose in your stomach as you talked about your parents. Even though you couldn’t really remember them, you still missed them.

Your head hung low a little as your thoughts began to wander. Klaus hooked his fingers underneath your chin to tilt your head back up, his eyes burning into yours.. “I need you to keep your head straight, ok?” As you looked into his eyes, something in them flickered, as if you had sparked something inside of him. 

Klaus turned his concentration towards your head. “If it makes you feel any better, I can’t really remember my parents either, at least the way they used to be. My father didn’t like who I was and cast me out, trying to turn my brothers and sister against me, even my mother. I had to run away from everything for a while to keep myself safe but things haven’t been the same. It’s as if I’ve been -”

“-abandoned”. Both of you said the word in unison, smiles growing widely on your faces. Klaus removed his handkerchief from your head. “I think it’s stopped bleeding now, but you may still want to go to the hospital, just to be safe.” You nodded in response. Both of you stood there for a while, lost in each other, and began to lean in when you were interrupted by the sound of Klaus’s phone ringing.

He rolled his eyes and took the call, staying silent and turning away. He hung up the phone and turned back towards you. “I’m sorry to cut our time short but I’m afraid I’m needed elsewhere. It’s been nice meeting you, Y/N” Klaus began to walk away when you began to follow. 

“Will I ever see you again?” Klaus turned his head and smiled before walking away. A strange feeling of happiness rose through you as his smile imprinted itself into your mind. 

You hoped that you would see him again, something about him struck something inside you that you hadn’t felt before. You had both bonded throughout the short time you had spent together and you wanted to know more about Klaus and his mysterious ways.