The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction ❯ The Vampire Diaries Imagines ❯ Longing ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pairing: Elijah x fem!reader

Genre: Fluff, slight smut

Characters: Elijah, Y/N


You had been seperated from Elijah for 3 months. He sent you away to keep you safe from the upcoming threats to him and his family as he didn’t want you to get caught in the crossfire. For 3 months, you haven’t been able to see or touch Elijah and it killed you. You have been longing for him so much just to have him near you. 


But, today was the day that you were going back to New Orleans. Elijah and the rest of the Mikaelson’s had successfully defeated the threat and sent a trusted friend to fetch you. When you arrived in front of the Mikaelson house, excitement ran through your body.


You ran through the gates and into the main sitting room where you found Elijah sitting in a chair, patiently waiting for you. As soon as he heard your footsteps, Elijah stood up and ran towards you, engulfing you in his arms and spinning you in the air. You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck and breathed in the cologne that you had missed so much. You stayed like this for a while, thankful that you were finally with each other.


Elijah placed you carefully on your feet and looked down at you, love evident in his eyes. “Oh how I’ve missed looking into your eyes, holding your hands...” He grasped both of your hands in his. “...kissing you.” Elijah bent down and pecked you sweetly on the lips. 


He guided you towards the chair and sat down, patting his lap. You sat in his lap, facing him, and took in all of his features as if you were memorising every part of him. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, Elijah. The last 3 months has been torture for me. I felt as though I was missing half of myself and I hated it. Please don’t ever send me away again, I don’t think I could take it.”


You placed your forehead on his and closed your eyes, letting out a long sigh. While you weren’t looking, Elijah began kissing every part of your face: your eyes, your nose and all of your freckles. He stopped at your lips; you were breathless as the longing for Elijah became too much. He leaned back in and placed kisses at the corners of your mouth, teasing you. 


He chuckled as you let out a whine and opened your eyes, your eyebrows furrowing. “I’ve waited 3 months for this, Eli. I’m not waiting any longer.” You grabbed the back of Elijah’s head and pulled him towards you, crashing your lips on his. Hands began to roam bodies as the kiss became more intense and heated. 


You began to grind on Elijah’s clothed member, creating the friction you have been longing for. Elijah let out a low growl and rushed you towards the wall, holding your hands above your head. His hand began roaming your body and stopped at your clothed heat. “If you’re going to tease me, I’m going to tease you.” 


His fingers left feather-light touches on your heat and the inside of your legs. Your eyes fluttered closed as you felt the familiar knot building up in your stomach. Elijah’s touches became more and more unbearable so you began to squirm. “Please, Elijah. I need you.” Elijah’s eyes darkened with lust and a dangerous smile spread across his face. “As you wish, my dear.” He whisked you upstairs to your shared bedroom and fulfilled your wish.