The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction ❯ The Vampire Diaries Imagines ❯ In The Beginning ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pairing: None

Genre: Angst

Characters: Enzo, Lily Salvatore



Enzo woke up in a dark room. He was full of confusion. He thought he was going to die, at least that’s what it felt like. He groaned a little as he stood up from the ground, holding the side of his head. Slowly, Enzo made his way out of the dark room and out into the light. However, as soon as he stepped foot outdoors, his skin began to crackle and burn with immense pain travelling throughout his body. 

Enzo jumped back inside and cradled his smouldering skin, which seemed to have healed miraculously quick. Anxiety, confusion and frustration are only a few of the feelings that were flying around his body. Why is this happening? What has caused me to be this way? I need to remember what happened to me.

Enzo slid down the brick wall and curled his knees into his hands, whacking his head against the wall in frustration. “I need to remember. Something must have happened to make me like this.” Blackness was beginning to cloud his vision as he began whacking his head harder against the wall. Blood began to trickle down the back of his neck, but it didn’t seem to bother him. 

With one last hard whack, the memories he needed resurfaced and made things a lot more clearer.

A few months ago, Enzo had met a young woman called Lily Salvatore and she was the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on. He and Lily seemed to get on pretty well and Enzo could sense that something more was arising between the both of them which is why he suggested meeting up in an abandoned building, to talk about their situation without any prying eyes watching. 

Enzo gently knocked on the door and let himself inside. He smiled to himself as he seen Lily already waiting for him, a wide smile on her face. She stepped forward towards him, as he did with her until they were only centimetres apart. Lily leaned in and it seemed as though she was about to kiss Enzo, which is why he also leaned in but instead she bit her wrist and forced it onto Enzo’s lips, telling him to drink her blood.

The fury and anger in her eyes made Enzo leave the decision of defying her and drank as much of her blood as she wanted. She took her wrist away from his mouth and, before he could react, attacked his neck with the newly protruding fangs in her gums. He could feel the life literally being sucked out of him and he was helpless to stop it. Lily dropped Enzo’s weakened body to the floor before kneeling down and whispering in his ear: “I’ll see you soon, my love.” 

Enzo immediately sat up straight and ran his fingers through his hair. “How could you do this to me, Lily?! I loved you and you threw it back in my face. I didn’t want to be killed, I didn’t want to be a vampire. But instead you took matters into your own hands and did it anyway, no caring for my feelings. I will find you again, and this time I will put up much more of a fight.”

The next few months were very hard for Enzo. He had to learn how to adapt to his new lifestyle as a vampire by himself. He learned how to keep himself fed without making too much of a mess, how to walk in the sunlight without being burned and the best one, how to compel people to do his bidding. Enzo didn’t realise how much he had sacrificed of his old self to become this new blood-thirsty creature that he never asked to be. 

Along the way Enzo had made life long friends, including Damon Salvatore, Lily’s son. Damon, and his brother Stefan, played an integral part in finding Lily and enacting his revenge on her. 

At first, Enzo thought that his new life was a curse, but he soon found that it was a blessing in disguise. Being a vampire allowed Enzo to have a fresh take on the world and let him do everything that he had ever wanted to do. He guessed he had Lily to thank for it as, without her, he wouldn’t have become the man that he is today.