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Toki Days
A Tokimeki Memorial - Happy Days Crossover / Slightly AU, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Parody
by Sailor Enlil
Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You story with a flavor of Happy Days
Synopsis: Shiori Fujisaki starts her 2nd year in Kirameki Highschool with vague memories of her childhood. On the first day of school when she arrives at the gate, Rei Ijuuin, the Principal's grandson, makes his usual grand entrance via a limousine and cheering girls, a routine he's gone through since junior high. However, a new male transfer student in a black leather jacket arrives as a passenger on a motorcycle, and when he removes his helmet, he's dashingly handsome with a greased hairdo and carries himself like a debonair gentleman, effectively drawing the girls away from Rei. Meanwhile, as Shiori looks at him, she gets a nagging feeling in her heart that there's something strangely familiar about him.
Tokimeki Memorial is property of Konami; Happy Days is the creation of Garry Marshall and property of the American Broadcasting Company
Chapter prologue
(Monday, April 14, 1997, after class hours, Music Room)
“Woa check this out!” said Yoshio as he looked around the music room.
“Yeah!” said Potsu, checking out the recording room from outside it.
“Nice place” said Kaji.
“I knew you'd find it quite to your taste.” said Rei.
“Uh, I guess you're right on, for once.” said Yoshio.
“Well, I leave everything to you all. I must take my leave.” said Rei.
“Thanks Ijuuin-san” said Fonzu. Rei gracefully raised a hand in greeting and left.
“Let's take a closer look at the recording room” said Yoshio.
“Good idea!” said Potsu. “Kaji-kun?”
“I'm right with you!” said Kaji, as the trio entered the recording room, leaving Fonzu and Shiori alone in the main room.
“Shiori-san?” said Fonzu, noticing Shiori who looked spaced out.
“Eh?” piped Shiori as she snapped out of her reverie. “I-I'm sorry.”
“Perhaps you should sit down?” asked Fonzu, taking a nearby seat and offering it to Shiori.
“Um, yeah, I guess so.” said Shiori, taking her seat.
Fonzu did a double-take and wondered just how bad Shiori's dilema was. “Um, Shiori-san?” Fonzu began.
“Uh, nani?” said Shiori weakly, and without looking at Fonzu.
Opening Theme
Nichi, Tsuki, Toki Days
Ka, Sui, Toki Days
Moku, Kana, Toki Days
Tsuchi, what a day
Groovin' all week with you
These days are all,
Tokimeki (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Share them with me (Itoshii)
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Opening Theme Ends
Chapter 11: Melodies and Memories
“Miss your friends in the brass band club, don't you?” said Fonzu as he pulled another seat and sat next to her.
“Yeah” murmured Shiori. “They may have been a bit eccentric, but they were all close friends of mine.”
“Still keep in touch with them?”
“After the band's breakup, everyone had hard feelings. I couldn't talk with any of them without reminding them of the incident.” said Shiori. She then took a flute out of her schoolbag and examined it.
“Nice flute there.”
“Thanks” said Shiori, placing the mouthpiece to her lips and playing a simple tune. Fonzu listened intently, until Shiori stopped, lowering the flute to her lap.
“Go on” said Fonzu. “It's beautiful.”
Arigato, demo...” Shiori paused. “I guess I don't feel like it right now.” she said, as she fidgeted with the flute. She was surprised when she heard some whistling, which mimicked the tune she played. She turned to the source of the whistling. “Fonzu-kun? You...”
Fonzu stopped. “Eheheh. I guess I keep a lot of my talents secret.” he said.
“You amaze me, Fonzu-kun” thought Shiori, smiling a little.
(Inside the Recording Room)
“You're listening to KHSM Radio, and I, I'm Yoshio the Great!” said Yoshio into a microphone while modifying his voice a little. His little DJ line sounded through the speakers.
Potsu laughed. “That was a riot Yoshio! Maybe you oughtta be a Disc Jockey.”
“Ehehehe.” laughed Yoshio while rubbing the back of his head. “I used to think it would be cool to be a DJ. (sigh) But after breaking about 20 vinyl records, literally, back at home, dad scolded me and told me never to touch a record again.” said Yosho.
“Ouch” remarked Kaji.
“Hmm, someone left an editing tape here.” said Potsu, glancing at a reel-to-reel studio tape recorder. “I wonder what's on it” he said, hitting the play button. A symphonic tune started to play, with a flute as the lead instrument.
“Wow. I bet that's Shiori-chan playing” said Yoshio.
“This must be the orchestral piece Shiori-chan was talking about.” said Potsu.
“She's good man” said Kaji.
Before the music played for long, someone burst into the room, startling the guys.
Dame-o!” shouted Shiori, lunging for the tape recorder and hitting the stop button.
Nani!?” said Yoshio.
“Shiori-san! What's the matter?” asked Fonzu as he ran in after Shiori.
“Please don't play that. Ever!” said Shiori tearfully.
“Shiori-chan...” said Potsu.
“Shiori-san” said Fonzu. “What's wrong?”
Onegai, just keep away from that!” pleaded Shiori. She then rewound the tape, then took the supply reel containing the whole tape off the recorder and held on to it tightly while sitting on the seat in front of the recorder. “Get out.” she hissed.
“Guys” said Fonzu to the other 3 guys. When they looked to him, he ushered them to leave the room. They nodded and complied. Fonzu was about to follow when Shiori grasped his shirt.
“Fonzu-kun” she whimpered. “Please stay.”
“Okay. Okay. I'm staying right here.” said Fonzu softly. He took a chair and sat next to Shiori. “You alright?”
Shiori didn't answer, and just sobbed.
“I'm sure the guys didn't mean any harm.” said Fonzu. “Curiosity just got the better of them.”
“I... know. I'm sorry.”
“Hey, it's alright.” said Fonzu, and paused.”Wanna talk about it?”
“Um, not now. Just, stay here with me”

(at the main room)
“Man did you see that?” said Potsu.
“Yeah. I've never seen Shiori-chan act that way before.” said Yoshio.
“That tape must have been something really important to her.” said Kaji.
“What do you know about that?” asked Yoshio.

“Something Fonzu-niisan told me in his emails. He said something about when girls treasure certain objects, they won't just let anyone touch them or something.” said Kaji.
“Hmm, good point” said Potsu.
“Yeah you're right.” said Yoshio. “I remember. When I was dating Yuko-chan, she wouldn't let me touch her purse. She went berzerk when I got too curious and tried to open it when she wasn't looking for a moment.”
“Wow” said Potsu.
“Well, so what do we do now?” said Yoshio.
“Either just lounge around here and wait for Shiori-chan to calm down, or go home.” said Potsu.
“Well, I kinda want to talk to Shiori-chan about this.” said Yoshio.
“Nahh, I think only Fonzu-niisan can handle this.” said Kaji.
“Okay, well, guess we better get movin. When do we get our instruments in here?” said Yoshio.
“I can bring my bass guitar here tomorrow” said Potsu.
“I'll ask Fonzu-niisan and Shinobu-neesan for help on my drumkit” said Kaji.
“Well, guess I'll dig up my electric guitar and bring it here tomorrow as well.” said Yoshio.
“Yeah! We'll be jammin soon!” said Potsu.
“Righto!” said Kaji.
“So, let's call it a day?” said Yoshio.
“Yep!” replied Potsu and Kaji.
“Okay, let's go.” said Yoshio.
“Sure!” said Potsu.
“Right with ya!” said Kaji, before all three of them left the music room.
Ending theme
Sayonara grey sky, hello aoi.
When I hold you it's so sugoi.
Feels so right, it can't be wrong.
Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
These days are all,
Share them with me (Those Toki Days)
These days are all
Tokimeki (Itoshii)
These Toki Days are yours and mine (These Toki Days are yours and mine), Toki Days
Ending Theme Ends
Chapter Epiloge
Fonzu listened to the orchestral piece being played by the tape recorder after coaxing Shiori to play it.
“Wow it's beautiful” thought Fonzu, as he listened with his eyes closed. After a few moments he took a glance at Shiori, who was crying, much to Fonzu's surprise. He stopped the player. “Shiori-san?”
“Ulp” Shiori swallowed.
“You okay there?”
“Um, I guess not.”
“What you want to do now?”

“I don't know (sniff)”
“Here” said Fonzu, offering a handkerchief.
Arigato.” murmured Shiori, as she took the handkerchief and wiped her eyes and cheeks with it.
“Would you like me to take you home?” offered Fonzu.
“Um,” Shiori paused. “Yeah, okay” she replied meekly, before rewinding the tape again, and then stashing it into her schoolbag. Fonzu just kept watching her with sympathy.
“Come on” said Fonzu, as they both left the room, but not before Shiori took one more glance at it.
A/N: I know. Some of you will probably flame me for putting Shiori into such a touchy position. But remember she's only human basically, as she's depicted in the OVA and in the 3rd drama series game Tabidachi no Uta. Everybody must have something dark pent up in their minds and/or hearts that could bring out the worst in them if it surfaced.
I'm sure Happy Days fans will know where I got the idea for that DJ gag Yoshio did :). (FYI: KHSM = Kiremeki High School Music :D)