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Tokyo Mew Mew a la fresco chapter 2
With intense relief, Zakuro was finally able to escape the café and her fellow mews who had insisted on knowing every detail on the relationship she had with a certain sapphire-haired heiress (On which Pudding had insisted on taking notes, to the absolute horror of Ichigo and Lettuce).
She unlocked the door to her apartment and upon entering, noticed the lack of shoes by the front door.
`Mint must not be back yet.' shrugging, Zakuro slipped off her own shoes and closed the door behind her before she headed into the kitchen, where she set about the task of fueling her favorite addiction.
As she waited for the machine to do her bidding, her cell phone rang a familiar tone.
The chicken dance song was a signal to her that her manager was calling.
Answering the phone, she had to hold it away from her ear to avoid damage to her eardrum as the man yelled at the top of his lungs, scolding her about what he had read in the tabloids that morning.
“Hareda-san I think you might be overreacting a little!” She yelled, trying her best to shout the man down.
“Like hell I'm overreacting Fujiwara! Do you have any idea what this going to do to your career!”
“It will either destroy it or expand it. In either case, I win.”
“What do mean `you win'? You are finished in Japan, Fujiwara! No, not just Japan, in the whole world! What designer is going to want-?” Zakuro narrowed her eyes and the manager stopped, sensing her obvious displeasure with the direction his tirade was going, even through the phone.
“First of all Hareda-san, I very sincerely doubt that I'm the first lesbian model in the entire world, second of all, If it destroyed my career I wouldn't regret it in the least. I am eighteen, I crossed the globe just as many times in two years, and I am tired of it. And Third of all, I'm the one who gave the pictures and story to the press.”
There was silence on the other end of the line.
“YOU DID WHAT!” Zakuro had to jiggle her finger in her ears to stop them from ringing.
“I figured it would come out sooner or later and sooner happened to be better in my opinion.”
“Why didn't you feel it necessary to talk this over with me? YOUR MANAGER!”
“Because you're incompetent.” Zakuro said as if he should have known it ages ago.
“Fujiwara you are treading on a dangerous line, are you aware of that?”
“A dangerous line with who? You or the press?”
“Both. What do you think this is going to do to Aizawa-san's reputation?”
“Mint is fully capable of taking care of herself…” A sudden idea occurred to Zakuro that she knew would piss her manager of a great deal…well, former-manager.
Hanging up on Hareda, she dialed another number and was connected almost instantly.
“Hello Seguchi-san? This is Fujiwara Zakuro, and I'm ready to take your offer…”
Back at Café Mew…
“So they finally told you, huh? I didn't think they would actually get around to it” Berri said in wonder as she sipped some unidentifiable pink liquid through a straw.
“Did something serious happen while we were gone? Damn it, I told you we should have come to work today, Berri!” Ringo said, pissed that she had missed such a landmark event.
Berri raised an eyebrow over the rim of her glass.
“Would you rather have not done what we did and come to work instead?” Ringo blushed and waved her hands frantically in the negative.
“No that's not what I meant!” Pudding groaned.
“Not you guys too. Since when?”
“Why, whatever are you talking about Pudding-chan?” Berri asked innocently. “ All we did was go to the movies. You shouldn't think such dirty thoughts.” Pudding blushed this time and stomped away.
“So why didn't you two tell us about Mint and Zakuro?” Ichigo asked. “It's not like you to keep secrets like this.”
“Yes you surly didn't keep my relationship with Ryou a secret.” Lettuce said semi-spitefully.
“Well that was because you didn't pay us. Which Zakuro and Mint did. Twenty-five thousand yen.” Ringo stated, causing the elder two mew's jaws to drop.
“Twenty-five thousand!”
“Yup. But I suppose now it doesn't make any difference since the secrets out anyway.”
“Yes it is, so who did you bitches tell?” They turned to see an unusually pissed Mint standing in the doorway with her arms folded.
“We didn't tell anyone Mint-chan, honestly” Berri said, worried by the look her friend was giving her.
“We don't know how it got out Mint-chan, but it wasn't from us.”
“There was no one else who knew. Not even our parents. So who told the press? It couldn't have anyone but you two.” Ichigo noticed with a start that Mint was clenching her fists so hard that blood was dripping from her hands. Despite the seeming calm of her voice.
“But Mint-chan we didn't-”
“STOP LYING!” All of the dishes and glassed shattered as Mint yelled.
“Interesting…” Keiichiro muttered, scribbling on his clipboard earning him a smack in the back of the head from Ryou.
“Mint-chan, just calm down.” Ichigo said, holding her hands up, palms out in a placating gesture. “There's no need for you to lose control. I'm sure everything will be-”
“Don't you dare say everything will be alright, Ichigo, ` Cause it won't!” Mint fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. “Zakuro is going to leave me because of this. I just know she is. She cares too much about her career to let this go on.”
Ichigo knelt down and wrapped her arms around her distressed friend.
“I think you're underestimating Zakuro-chan. She's never actually cared about what the media says about her. Don't remember when they said that she was engaged to your cousin Taki, the singer? She just told whoever asked that she wasn't and that it was up to them whether they believed it or not.”
“I hardly think the situations are parallel, Ichigo. No one would have disapproved if she were engaged to Taki, but she and I are both female and her fans would not like that. When she reads the paper she'll…she'll…” Mint dissolved into body-wracking sobs at that point.
At the same time, the furniture in the room started vibrating violently, causing Keiichiro's eyes to light up with scholarly intrigue.
“Emotional and Physical strain…Soul bound... EUREKA!” Keiichiro shouted, causing all of the occupants of the café, including Mint, to look up him startled.
“What the hell was that about?” Ryou demanded to know, with a glare.
“It appears that ksr-4 activates during extreme emotional and/or physical strain. It would also appear that Mint-chan's ksr-4 has awakened to give her astralkenetic powers. The damage done to the café is an example of this, which is similar in effect to telekinesis, which, as you all remember, Zakuro-chan demonstrated this morning. Astralkenesis effects things on a spiritual or astral level just telekinesis effect them on a physical level. I have concluded that this is because Mint-chan and Zakuro-chan have developed a soul bond between themselves.
“A what?” Ichigo asked.
“A soul bond. Their souls have been joined as one soul residing in two bodies, by the intense love they share for one another. Observe…” Keiichiro walked over to Ichigo and pinched her on the arm.
“Ow, what was that for?” Keiichiro held one finger up and looked at his watch as if timing something.
After a few moments, he heldall fivefingers out then counted down to one just as the door to the café burst open and a nearly rabid looking Masaya entered, going to Ichigo and pushing Mint out of the way before patting Ichigo up and down.
“M-Masaya, what are you doing?”
“Which one of them hurt you, Ichigo!” Ichigo blinked in confusion at the murderous look in her boyfriend's eyes.
“I-I'm fine, no one hurt me.” Masaya smiled.
“Ok, good.” He kissed her briefly before leaving the café, pausing to set the door back of its hinges.
“Soul bound couples can always tell what the other is feeling. It is a form of empathy, just like mother's intuition. Masaya-kun could tell that Ichigo-chan was in even the slightest amount of pain because they share a soul bond.”
“But how do you know Zakuro and I do?” Keiichiro tapped Mint on the head with his pencil.
“Because your krs-4 sections developed in such similar ways. Pay attention Mint-chan.”
“Humph. That still doesn't solve anything Keiichiro. Zakuro will still-”
“Correction my dear mew, Zakuro-chan can not leave you without draining her soul and yours of all energy.” Judging by the blank looks he got from all of the mews, Keiichiro decided to use his last resort.
Pulling a chalkboard from hammers pace, Keiichiro went chibi.
“Ok it's like this.” He drew to stick figures on the board. “Two people who become involved in a romantic relationship, if they're lucky, fall in love. “ He drew a heart between them. “Once that happens, they develop a heart-bond. After enough time, if they stay loyal and keep falling deeper and deeper in love, a soul-bond develops.” He drew circles around the two figures, with lines connecting to the heart. “Once a soul-bond is formed, the couples soul's feed energy back and forth between the two.” He drew sad faces on the stick figures. “ A Soul-bond is unbreakable for all eternity, so if the couple broke up their souls would still be connected and when the couple is separated the energy that would have gone to each other bounces off and careens into astral space. Once the soul's are completely drained of their energy…” He drew `X's on the figures eyes. “The couple dies.”
“But she doesn't know about this, She'll still leave me since she doesn't know.”
“Maybe you should give Zakuro-chan more credit for how she fells about you before you just write off your relationship.” The assembled party looked in shock to Pudding, who had decided that she wasn't pissed anymore and had rejoined the convorsation.
“Wow, you actually said something relevant to the topic at hand.” The blond acrobat glared at Ryou.
“I can be just as calm and insightful as the rest of you if I choose to be.”
“Somehow I doubt that Pudding-chan”