Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ New lives, new faces. ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Spies old neighborhood, Beverly Hills, 2:00 pm
A duel was going on in the streets, a duel between a young school-champion duelist, and Mandy herself. She had Just ordered her Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to destroy the kid's last monster, and then she used De-fusion to split them into three Blue-Eyes White Dragons… and took out the rest of the kids life-points.
“What? But I was the top finisher in my class!” cried the kid, “Ah, well… you won. Great game, Mandy…”
“Yeah… sure… whatever…” Mandy sighed with bored expression on her face. She walked back into her mom's house, and went to her bedroom where she continued to sulk.
“What the heck is the matter with me…?” she thought to herself. “Crushing loser duelists like this just isn't fun anymore. Why am I losing my spark…?”
One of the reasons for that was because her deck considerably strong. Not many people were able to beat her and her Blue-Eyes White-Dragons…
Suddenly, images of myself, Clover, Sam, and Alex flashed by her, and that made her real mad. “GRR…! It's all because of those annoying losers…!” she yelled out loud.
It seemed that no matter how hard she tried to defeat me, or the girls, no matter what she did always ended up losing and looking like a complete fool.
Even last year when we were all trapped in a virtual-world by Sabrina's long lost brother, Estevan, she was able to help us progressive a little ways, but she still didn't emerge as the ultimate victor…
Now here she was… still living with her mom, while the girls were living a life of luxury and fame and fortune on Duel-Academy Island.
Mandy turned on her computer and looked up the website, and it only intensified her anger. All the teachers, such as the girls were treated to luxury resorts, and privileges like royalty.
Biggest shopping malls… top of the line fashion designs, and the most expensive treatments that money could buy. Mandy also thought it was no-wonder the girls could beat her so much as they actually lived on the island where game itself was actually manufactured and produced. With new cards coming out all the time… se assumed the girls and I always got first dibs.
“Ooh… if I could just get my hands on those rare cards…” she thought to herself, but alas… there were only two ways she could. Either she'd have to become a student at duel academy… or sign up to work at the company itself, or obviously since she was not the kind of girl who loved to work… for fear of damaging her nails…
She saw no choice and began to sign-up at once. Her mother actually approved of it, seeing as how she was a big disappointment in her opinion. “You need to learn there's more to dueling than just winning young lady.”
The streets of Beverly Hills were just as busy as ever. People still at work, teens still at school, and shoppers doing their business…
Yet in an alley, a duel had just come to a finish, but the losing duelist suddenly SCREAMED, “What are you doing to me? No! Wait! AAH…!”
A bright flash of light had shone, and when the light had cleared the losing duelist was lying unconscious on the hard cold ground, while the winning duelist smiled sinisterly. “Hmm, mm… that was invigorating.” she hissed in an evil yet familiar tone.
Then she was gone, leaving her victim where he was, and went to find more people to do the same thing with… but who she was, and what she was doing, and for all the above, why… was anyone's guess…
Duel-Academy, Wednesday 12:45 pm
Classes continued on as usual, and the girls were great teachers, this was probably why our profits had never been so high before. I still taught classes too, and at other times I took time off to look after Erica and Misty, while Sabrina was looking after the students in the infirmary, like the good doctor she was.
But Sabrina also took time off whenever she could, after all she was still the King's daughter, and King Monroe was still doing his best to produce new cards and new ways to improve the game and make more people interested.
Still… even he took time off because ever since he was freed from the evil spirit of his Millennium eye, and Estevan… his first born child was returned to him, as a virtual being that we could talk to on computer-screens… he wanted to do his best to try and find a way to give his son a proper body so that he could finally live again.
Now these days… Estevan served as the master computer behind the island. He had more information than anyone on the entire island, and he could easily help us hack into desperately needed systems for those that tried to shut us down.
Other times… he also served as a strong dueling computer guy. He could duel at almost any level and help our students during exams or study-periods. This was a good thing for even though the term was half over… new students had arrived on the island for the second semester; their grades were approved, and they were welcomed by the King himself to attend the academy...
There were also new cards just released from the presses, and were first being tested by students on the island before being released to the general public. The student-stores were loaded with eager students, who all had good grades, or just needed a deck-upgrade.
Two students from Ra-Yellow had just come from the store with freshly new cards. One of the students was a girl with short brown hair, and a digital camera around her neck. The other was a good friend of hers with orangey-hair, and he wore a white fishing hat over his head.
“These cards are great, Kari. Thanks for helping me get them…”
The girl smiled, “Well it was the least I could do, TK. After you helped me study for the big test...”
Just then, a strong burst of wind blew a couple of the cards out from TK's hands. “Hey!” he cried as the cards began to fly away, “Come back here…!” he called as he chased after them.
“TK wait up…!” Kari called as she ran after him.
They continued to chase the cards and ran right into an Obelisk-Blue student, brown spiky hair, and long Obelisk jacket, mostly white that fluttered in the winds like a cape. He worse thick dark shades over his eyes, and he could see the cards flying towards him. He reached right up and grabbed them.
TK and Kari stopped when they noticed the guy, and Kari couldn't help but think that he seemed rather familiar, but she couldn't tell with those shades over his eyes.
The other guy then made a sour look on his face, and pitched the cards at TK, much to his shock. “I'll thank you to keep your cards out of my way.” he sneered at TK.
TK felt slightly angered, but not by this guy's rude talking. “Hey… you know you shouldn't be so rough with cards like this.” he said.
The Obelisk just snorted, “You should talk.” He snapped, “You really think those cards of yours are any good?”
TK and Kari were confused, and the Obelisk continued to explain. “I saw you buy them… and don't you think you'd be better off with the best cards you can find…?”
He then opened up his jacket to reveal that he had many different decks tucked in his pockets. “You must know that by reading the effect of the cards before you use them at all is a better way of knowing how great they'll be.”
He then went through three of his decks, and then grabbed several cards out of them. “These cards are okay, but the rest of them… I don't need!” and he angrily tossed them up into the wind.
“Hey!” Kari snapped. “Why did you just throw them away like that?”
“Because… those cards were too weak… Their defenses were low, and the other cards had useless effects. I don't need them, but maybe they'll get lucky and run into someone else who'll use them. That's all there is to it Kari.”
Kari asked the duelist his name, but the guy refused to comply. “I knew you forgot about me… you just proved my point.” He said, “No matter, you hang around with a weak duelist like him… and you'll sink down to his level.”
TK had had just about of enough of this guy mouthing off. “I'm no weak duelist, and neither is Kari.” he snapped.
The other guy could sense a challenge, “Well then… why don't we find out then.” He said, “Care to have a duel…? Fifteen minutes… you and me.”
TK immediately jumped at the opportunity, but then he remembered, “Oh, but I can't… I haven't' got all my cards with me, and my duel disk is back at my dorm.”
“What…?!” snapped the Obelisk, “You've gotta' be kidding me. Talk about pathetic. I'm outta' here.” and he walked away with his jacket fluttering in the breeze leaving TK and Kari wondering “Who is that guy…?”
TK had never met him directly before, but Kari was beginning to feel things more and more familiar about him.
Later that day the girls were out amongst the students in the yard giving duel-tests. Most of the students seemed to go for Alex and Sam than Clover… but she too got a fair share of duels.
TK was even one of them, and he got to duel against Sam, TK's deck was a basic machine-deck, which meant it didn't very well match up against Sam's ocean-deck. He lost the duel but he did do very well in showing how much he learned about card-effects, and even managed to steal the lead a few times.
“Well done TK…” Sam said. “Just a little more practice and some day you'll be a swell duelist.”
TK grinned at her, “Thanks Professor Sam.” and left.
After the exams we were all chilling in the royal galla for dinner, Sabrina and I were feeding our babies their food before eating our own dinner.
“Hey… where's Estevan?” Alex asked.
That's when the monitor screen in the middle of the table flicked on and there was Sabrina's brother in his virtual dimension. “I'm here Alex.”
Sabrina nearly fell out of her seat, “Ooh… Estevan.” She said while regaining herself, “You startled me there.”
Her brother nodded, “I'm sorry Sabrina. I have just had a very busy day; dueling many of our students.”
Now that he was here, at least we could all continue to eat dinner and discuss matters.
“I just don't get why not many of the students didn't challenge me today.” Clover said.
“Probably because you scared them…?” I suggested. The girls couldn't understand how but I did, and so did King Monroe. We didn't even need to use our Millennium items to determine that Clover had been passing out her little notes again…
When Clover taught her classes, and she saw a student she thought was handsome, as she gave her lecture she would slip them little notes…
Do you like me?
A: Yes…
B: No…
C: Maybe…
“Any questions…” she would then reply and shoot the student a wink.
As cute as the King though that was, “Try to keep in mind now, Clover… these students came here to learn to be game-masters. Not how to snag someone by the horns.”
Clover felt slightly embarrassed, but still… she didn't think it was fair that she was growing older, and would be an adult soon… and she still never had a most serious relationship.
“Oh, and girls…” I said, “I hate to tell you this… but you've all be assigned to be private tutors to one of our newer students.”
The spies raised their eyebrows, “How can that be bad…?” Sam asked. “We don't mind tutoring a student.”
I sniggered cheekily, and then passed them forms of who their new student was. “MANDY…?!” they squealed. They couldn't believe that Mandy was actually a student here.
As much as even Sabrina and I knew how bad to the bone Mandy was, our policy of duel academy was everyone deserved a chance. “Mandy does have as much right to be here as the other students.” Sabrina said. “And as teachers, you girls are obligated to help her…” she then stopped when she realized, “Ooh… Sorry Mykan… they're your apprentices.”
I smiled at my wife, “That's all right dear…” and I pecked her on the cheek. Then I turned my attention to the girls, “I'm sorry girls… but it's out of hands now.”
The spies were licked…!
Later on..., as the spies headed back to their private beach-houses, “I can't believe we got stuck having to look after Mandy.” Clover complained for the umpteenth time.
“Seriously… when is that girl ever going to learn that she just can't beat us?” added Alex.
Sam however, as mad as she was too by this outrage, was forcing herself to comply with the actions. “I just hope nothing else goes wrong tonight…” she said.
That's when the ground below the girls' feet gave way, and they were WOOHPED… “You just had to say that Sammy…!” Clover cried as they slid down the tunnel, and SPLAT… they landed in Jerry's office.
“Good evening ladies…” Jerry said. “How are your lives getting on at duel academy?”
“Fine… until you WOOHPED us Jerry…” Sam hinted.
“So sorry girls… but I've called you in because we have been intercepting phone-calls on mysterious occurrences…”
He clicked on his screen and showed satellite images of people being unconscious in the streets, all apparently suffering from the same strange illness. “Hey, they're all wearing duel disks.” Alex said.
“So, like.. they might have caught whatever it is they have from dueling?” Clover asked.
Jerry didn't know, but that was their mission, to find out what the cause of it was and hopefully stop it. “GLADIS… give the girls their gadgets if you will…”
GLADIS beeped, “Here you are girls…”
Earring Microphone communicators
Hologram projection Mood Rings.
“And the Bubble-Blaster invisibility shield
“Remember girls…” Jerry informed them, “You can also use your X-powders to scan the victims for signs of any recognizable symptoms. Now away you go…” and he clicked a button and the girls fell through the floor.
Jerry sighed, “How is it that some much trouble can happen over a typical card game?” he wondered.
“Beats me… but it's your move.” GLADIS said as she projected the images of her duel with Jerry in their spare time…