Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ New enemies and rivals ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
The first duel shall place here…
Now I must tell you all… I have perfectly reasonable explanation.
The duels, and only the duels are written like a movie-script, so this way its easier to read, and understand… not to mention it would be very awkward and ridiculous to write it all out in regular format…if you know what I mean.
Downtown Beverly Hills: 7: 15 pm
The girls thought it would be so wonderful to be back in their old hometown again, but the whole place was like a ghost town…
The news had reported about the people being found in the streets, and citizens were urged to stay indoors until further investigations were carried out.
“Gee… it's like things majorly changed since we left to live on the island.” said Alex, who was on her own…
The girls had decided to spilt up and cover more ground, but kept in touch with their Earring Microphones
“Totally…” said Clover, “I'm used to seeing hot hunky guys everywhere…” and she began to daydream about three cute boys courting her…
“Focus you guys…” Sam said, “I think I found one of the victims now.”
She was at the Groove, and had just found the owner of a card shop unconscious on his way home from work. Sam got out her X-powder and began to scan for any possible illnesses, “Huh…? This doesn't make any sense.” She muttered to herself.
His heartbeat was normal. His pulse was steady. Just about everything was in perfect working order, but the guy was completely unconscious, and he didn't respond to anything at all.
“Spies… come in.” Sam said, “It's the weirdest thing…” but she had no need to continue on for Clover and Alex had each found two other victims in the same condition Sam's victim was in, but neither of them could understand why…
All they were able to establish was just like the victims Jerry had shown, all of them were duelists. Which could only mean that whoever, or whatever did this to them was after people who played Duel-monsters. “Hey, you don't think they'll be coming after us, do you?” Alex asked sounding a little concerned.
All three of the girls realized that the possibilities in that happening were strong. Then suddenly, the sound of someone screaming broke the silence, and the girls rushed into action…
The scream was coming from a teenage girl who was watching her boyfriend being lifted up into the air after losing his duel against a cloaked stranger. “Babe…! Run… Save yourself…!” the guy yelled at his girlfriend, but she didn't run anywhere…
“Hmm, mm… relax boy, I have no use for your girlfriend, it's you that I want.” The stranger hissed at him with an evil voice. “And I always get what I want…”
Just then, something within her cloak began to glow and give off a blinding flash of light. The guy in the air began to feel very strange, “…AAAHHH…!” His scream seemed to trail off into the light…
His girlfriend suddenly saw something that turned her blood cold as the light began to vanish, and her boyfriend's body slipped to the ground unconscious. “No…!” she cried as she ran over to him. “Monster…! What have you done to him…?”
The stranger sniggered and simply said, “Exactly what I needed. I wouldn't bother trying to ask if he's alright. He can't hear you, and he never will… Hmm, mm, mm…!”
“Hold it right there…!” called a voice.
The stranger turned and saw the spies standing together. “So, you're the one we're searching for!” Clover snapped, “How could you harm such a cute guy?”
The stranger didn't care that much, “What's done is done…” she snapped, “But if I recall correctly… you three are duelists too are you not?”
“Perhaps…” Sam said, “What's that mean to you?”
The stranger grinned from behind her hood and muffler. “Hee-Hee-Hee… it means that you three are perfect for me to add to my collection.” That same glow appeared from her cloak. “LOOK OUT…!” cried the young-girl.
The spies leapt out of the line of fire just in time. “What the heck is that?” snapped Alex.
“Whatever it is, don't let it hit you.” shouted Sam.
The girls dodged more blasts, and then decided to use the Hologram-Projection Mood Rings. With the rings being upgraded, now they were able to fire several holograms of themselves instead of just one at a time…
“There… that ought to confuse her.” Clover said.
Indeed it did work; the stranger wasn't able to tell one hologram from another and kept making complete misses with her shots. Then after a while, all the holograms faded, by the spies, not to mention the other girl and her boyfriend's body was nowhere to be seen…
The stranger was furious, “This will not go unforgotten!” she roared. “Someone will pay dearly for this humiliation.”
The girls had managed to sneak away using the Bubble-Blaster invisibility-shields to hide themselves, and the victims until they get them to safety. The girlfriend was heartbroken, but even through her sobbing; she was able to explain what happened.
She and her boyfriend were on they're way home from a date, and then this cloaked-stranger appears out of nowhere and insisted that he duel her. Just halfway through the match, the stranger suddenly pulled a few wild tricks and then the girlfriend explained that she saw her boyfriend's soul leave his body.
Anyone who was anyone would've found that hard to believe, but with their vast experience in weird-magic, and forces in duel-monsters, the spies took it seriously. “That would explain why they're bodies are perfectly well, but they don't even move.” Alex said.
When the girls reported about what they had to Jerry, “You may be right girls… he said, “Apparently we have intercepted news-broadcasts that had come in, and the eye witness have explained exactly what you have reported.”
So the girls had discovered what was going on, but there was still the matter of why. That cloaked-stranger, whoever she was, was still out there…
Jerry promised that WOOHP was going to work round the clock trying to solve this case, and in the meantime use their worldwide agencies to protect as many of the world population as they could.
In the meantime… the girls decided to head back to duel academy, and courtesy of Jerry's WOOHPING, they landed splat in Sam's beach-house back on the island. “I think I should've asked Mykan to add some extra-mattresses.” Sam moaned.
“Sorry… can't be helped.” I said. The girls gasped in shock to find that I was there…
Once the girls had gotten up and changed back into their normal clothes, by X-powder, I explained to the girls that I was on my way to give them some notes, but they weren't home so I let myself in…
The girls explained to me where they were, and what they went through. “Hmm… I had a feeling something was out there.” I told them that lately my Millennium Necklace had been showing me images of the future, though unclear it was a warning that something dreadful was bound to happen…
But since I had the Necklace, King Monroe had his Millennium Eye… not to mention we also had three of the other items, the Millennium Rod, Key, Ring, locked up in a secret-safe somewhere on the island… the island couldn't really be in that much danger… we hoped.
“I don't like the sound of hope…” Clover said.
Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Professor…? Professor Sam…?”
It was Kari and TK, Sam opened the door. “TK…? Kari…? What are you two doing out here it's nearly curfew time.”
TK had come to retrieve a card that Sam had taken from him during their last duel and forgot to return it. At the same time he offered to walk Kari back to the Ra-Yellow dorm.
Sam gave TK the Card and we all agreed to walk TK back to the Ra-Yellow dorm on our way to the royal palace to inform the king, and Sabrina about the unmentionable unpleasantness we learned about...
But upon our arrival at the dorm, there was that Obelisk blue duelist in the shades standing on the grounds nearest the dorm. TK and Kari gasped…
“Yes… who are you?” I asked.
The Obelisk approached us and finally removed his shades revealing his full face. Kari gasped at the sight of that familiar face.
“The name's Davis…” he said, “And from the looks of things, you must be Professor Mykan Jaden. I've heard much about you…” Then he cast his look upon TK, “I'm waiting for him…”
TK looked confused, “Me…?”
Davis nodded, “You've got all your cards now, and your duel-disk… Wanna' duel?”
TK's features changed, “Sure… a duel before bed won't hurt.”
I even approved of this and would make sure that they'd be excused to stay out a little while longer past curfew.
As TK and Davis prepared their duel-disks, we all seemed to notice that Kari had a mixture of emotions on her face. She seemed upset, and excited about something at the same time, but mostly, she looked ashamed…
“Kari…?” TK said.
Kari suddenly snapped out of her trance, “Sorry I trailed off.” she said, “Good luck TK…”
“Thanks… but I don't think I'll need too much luck in this duel.”
Davis smirked sinisterly, “Hmm…!”
“Hey… what's so funny, Davis?” TK asked.
“Just that you talk like such a little kid…!”
“Oh yeah…?”
“Yeah…!” replied Davis. “Now like I said, this is going to be a fifteen-minute match, and whoever has the lowest score at the end is out. Got it?”
“Yeah… I got it!”
Their disk timers were set to fifteen minutes, their life-points were set to 8000, and their first cards were drawn… “DUEL…!”
SCORE:(Davis 8000/ TK: 8000)
Davis: “I'll let you go first.”
TK: “Right…”
TK: “I summon STEAMROID…!”
(Atk: 1800)
“Now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
Davis: “My move…”
(Atk: 1800)
“Now I'll place two cards face down too. Now move!”
“I don't get it…” said Kari, “Why did Davis just play a monster that has the same attack power as TK?”
“I think Davis is trying to test TK's battle style.” I said, “He's playing that move to try and figure him out.”
TK: “It's my move…”
“Now I summon AMBULANCEROID in defense-mode.”
(Def: 1200)
“And now my Steamroid will attack your Brother, and when it attacks another monster, it gains a 500 attack-point boost.
(Atk: 1800) becomes (Atk: 2300)
“Steamroid… attack!”
Davis: “Hmm! Pathetic…! I activate the trap ATTACK GUIDANCE ARMOR!”(Anime Card only)
TK: “Ah…!”
Davis: “With this card… I can redirect your attack to any other monster on the field, like your Ambulanceroid...”
TK: “Oh, no…!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Def: 1200)
TK: “No big deal then… I'll just activate my face down card, CALL OF THE HAUNTED! And I'll use it to bring back my Steamroid.”
(Atk: 1800)
“Now, let's try this again. Attack, Steamroid!”
Davis: “I don't think so…! I activate my other trap, REINFORCMENTS! This will give my Brother an extra 500 attack-points making our monsters equal in strength.”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2300)
Alex was most amazed, “Wow… both their monsters were destroyed!”
“I know… and neither of them lost any damage yet.” added Clover.
Kari was impressed by both the boys' dueling experiences, but Davis wasn't. “I think I figured out your battle-style now…” he said to TK, “You cover up your ware-attacks by pushing, and when you combine it with a lamo strategy like what you just pulled-- I can't help but feel sorry for any cards that get stuck with a lousy duelist like you!”
The rest of us, including Kari were starting to grow fed up with the way he was mouthing off and being rude, and it even enflamed our angers more when he picked his card off the disk, “That's all this thing's got!” he snarled aloud. “Pathetic!”
Only twelve minutes remained, so the duel continued…
TK: “I'll place one card face down, and I'll end my turn. Your move Davis…”
Davis: “No, ya think…?”
(TK grunts)
(Davis draws)
Davis' thoughts: “Boy, this kid's just making it too easy for me. He's waiting for me to attack so I can fall into that face-down card he's got… talk about oldest trick in the book…
Davis: “Now I activate the spell COLD-WAVE!”
TK: “Cold Wave… what does that thing do…?”
Kari: “TK… that card makes it so you can't play or set any spells or traps until Davis' next turn.”
Davis: “Isn't that nice… you got your Cold-Wave lesson for toady.”
(TK growls)
(Atk: 2400)
“Now attack his life-points directly!”
TK: “Uh-oh…! WHOA… AAH…!”
SCORE:(Davis 8000/ TK: 6600)
Davis: “What's the matter, can't take the hit?”
TK: “I'm not out just yet.”
TK's thoughts: “I better play it safe… I still can't set any spells or traps. Better go defense…
TK: “I summon a monster in defense-mode, and that's it for now.”
Davis: “That's it is right…”
“Now I activate the spell NOBLEMAN OF CROSSOUT! This will instantly remove the monster on your side of the field from play.”
TK: “What…?”
Davis: “Chainsaw insect… Attack…!”
Kari: “TK look out…!”
TK: “Hold on Davis… you forget about my face-down card?”
Davis: “Huh…?”
TK: “I activate SAKURETSU ARMOR! This instantly destroys any monster that tries to attack me…!”
(Chainsaw insect, destroyed)
Kari jumped for joy, “All right, TK…” she cheered, much to Davis' annoyance. He picked up his chainsaw insect card, “Still just as useless as ever!”
I couldn't believe Davis and how he was treating his cards, but I wasn't about to interfere with the duel. There was now less than ten minutes.
Davis: “I'll place two cards face down, and end my turn. Now make your move.”
TK: “Fine… I will.”
“First I play POT OF GREED… so I can draw two cards.”
“Perfect! I play HEAVY-STORM! Now all spells and traps of the field are instantly destroyed.”
Davis: “That's just what I was hoping you would do…”
(Statue of the wicked x2)
Clover: “Hey… I recognize those cards. Jerry has them in his old deck.”
Davis: “Glad to see that everybody knows that. Then you also know that since they were destroyed I can summon two WICKED TOKENS!”
(Def: 1000) x2
TK: “So what?”
Davis: “So… nothing!”
TK wasn't sure what Davis was up to, but he already had the cards in his hand that he needed to make a comeback move, and with now six minutes left in the duel he'd be able to take the lead…
TK: “Here goes… I play MONSTER REBORN to bring back my Steamroid.”
(Atk: 1800)
“And now I'll play POLYMERIZATION…!”
(Atk: 3000)
Davis: “Hmm… impressive.”
TK: “You think that's impressive, just wait until you see it's special ability; whereas when it attacks a defense monster, or token, you lose life-points equal to the difference. Go Jumbo-Drill…!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 1000)
Davis: “Mmm…!”
SCORE:(Davis 6000/ TK: 6600)
The girls cheered wildly. “TK just took a major lead.” Sam said. “He's more skilled than I thought.”
“Well, don't be so sure…” I said, “Remember, the duel's not over yet, and with only 600 points separating their score, and five minutes left, it's still anyone's game.”
TK: “Now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn. Okay, Davis… your move.”
Davis: “Whatever…”
“Ahh just what I needed… I activate CARD OF DEMISE!” (Anime Card only) “Now I can draw five cards, but in five turns I must discard my entire hand. Not that it matters… because this duel's not going to last much longer anyway…”
“You know… there's a reason I let you allow me to summon these tokens. I knew you'd be careless enough not to destroy them both when you should have, now it's going to cost you.”
TK: “Uh…?”
Davis: “Now I sacrifice my Wicked Token… and I summon this…HANDCUFFS DRAGON!”
(Atk: 1800)
“And now since my life-points are lower, I'm going to double attack with the equip-spell MEGAMORPH!”
(Atk: 1800) becomes (Atk: 3600)
“Looks like you haven't got the stronger monster anymore-- Attack!”
(Atk: 3600) VS (Atk: 3000)
SCORE:(Davis 6000/ TK: 6000)
TK: “Now I activate the trap… MICHIZURE! When you destroy one of my monsters by battle, I can destroy one monster on your side of the field.”
(Dragon, destroyed)
Davis: “Figures that you'd do that. So I'm playing MONSTER REBORN, to bring him back.”
(Atk: 1800)
“You may as well give up… there's no way you're going to beat me! I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
TK wasn't sure if he really could beat Davis. Only two minutes were left, and they're life points were equal. Also, TK didn't any cards in his hand at all, but he knew that Kari believed in him at least… and he had to keep trying.
TK: “My draw…”
“Hey, not bad…! I play POT OF ADVARICE!Now I can return all five monsters in my graveyard to my deck, and fusion-deck. Then I draw two cards…”
(Draws 2)
TK: “Perfect…! Now I summon DECOYROID!”
(Atk: 300)
Davis: “Please… what a waste of time. Summoning that puny little car…?”
TK: “Not just summoning, exchanging… for now I activate CREATURE SWAP!”
Davis: “Ah…!”
TK: This card forces us both to trade one monster we have with each other on the field... which means I get your Dragon, and you take Decoyroid.”
As the effects of the spell began to take effect, Kari was more than certain TK would win, and with only thirty seconds left in the duel, but Alex cut in and said. “Uh… why doesn't Davis look scared?”
Kari noticed it too… and that's when Davis began to laugh.
Davis: “Boy you're even more pathetic than I gave you credit for! HA! I activate MAGIC JAMER!”
TK: “No…!”
Davis: “Yes! Now by discarding one card from my hand, I can negate the effects of your Creature Swap and destroy it… so we don't do a thing!”
(Effects negated, and Card is destroyed)
Davis: “Looks like there's nothing left for you to do…”
“Now… Handcuffs Dragon… Attack…!”
(Atk: 1800) VS (Atk: 300)
TK felt really bad that his move didn't work out, but suddenly… Davis' monster stopped in its tracks and all the images had vanished.
“Hey… what happened?” asked Clover.
“The fifteen minutes have ended.” I said, and “Since they're both tied at 6000 points each, it looks like this duel is a draw.”
TK however didn't feel like the duel was a draw, “If that attack had hit me I would've lost.” he said, “Isn't that right Davis…?”
“It was called as a tie…” Davis snapped, “So a tie it is.” Then, as he put his cards away he took a few of them out of his deck, some of which were the ones he just used in the duel, and threw them away like yesterday's trash.
All of us were shocked, but not as upset as TK was. “What did you do that for?” he asked.
“There are plenty of other cards out there that are better than those ones.” Davis answered, “As soon as I come across some stronger ones, I'll just grab them.”
“You'll just what?” TK snarled.
Even Kari was losing her patience, “That's enough Davis.” she snarled, “You ought to be ashamed of the way you just acted.”
Davis took no notice or care for what she had said, and he turned to face me and bowed kindly, “Professor, thanks so much for letting us stay out this late. I appreciate it.”
I nodded back to him in response, and then Davis began to walk away, heading straight for the Obelisk-Blue dorms on the other side of the grounds. “Davis… wait…” TK called, “Let's duel again some time…” he offered, but Davis didn't even turn around and continued to walk away.
And so, TK squared off against a most unusual rival. His opposite in many ways, and seems to have a near hatred of him and Kari, though it was unclear why to the others… I could tell that things on this island were just starting to grow even more interesting.