Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Human monsters: Part one ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
I know this seems to copy the episode 13 duel with Yami-Bakura… but hey that was a great one, and I couldn't resist.
I stood there with Britney starring right back at me. I realized that I had seen this type of magic somewhere before. “I can see right through you…” I said, “I know that you're not really Britney, so why don't you tell me who you really are and why you've brought us here to the shadow realm.”
Britney sniggered, and complimented me. “You apparently a quicker learner than I gave you credit for. Yes… it is true… I am not really Britney. I am in fact a sorceress from ancient Egypt, whom remains trapped within the Millennium Puzzle. I'm merely using this mortal's body as a vessel.”
“But what it is that I'm planning is of little concern to you. By the time this little interrogation is over, you and your friends will belong to me.”
My eyes narrowed in anger as we both sat down to the dueling-field. “That's not going to happen.” I said. “Even though my friends aren't' here, I can feel their support… and with it, I will defeat you in this duel.”
Evil-Britney sniggered, “Then let the shadow-game begin.”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 8000/ Mykan: 8000)
E-B: “Hmm, mm, mm… poor Mykan. If you only knew the horrors that awaited you in this duel…”
Mykan: “I warn you, I don't scare easily, and to prove it I'll start off by playing a card that Sam put in my deck. I summon RED ARCHERY GIRL!”
(Atk: 1400)
Now even though we weren't using the duel-disks, the cards still did their little magic-thing and produced their images, only a little smaller. However… when the monster on the card materialized, my eyes nearly burst from my head. “What the-- Sam?”
It was her all right, but she herself didn't seem to be aware of what was going on yet… until she gazed down at her body. “Huh? What's going on?” she asked. “What am I doing riding in this clam?”
Then she poked her head outside the clam, and the moment her eyes gazed upon how huge I was she gasped hard. “Oh no… This can't be good!”
Then suddenly I realized what was happening. Somehow, Britney used her Millennium Puzzle to trap Sam's soul within her favorite card.
E-B: “Who's you're little friend there, Mykan. She looks tough, but I doubt that she'll be able to withstand this creature. OPTICLOPS…!”
(Atk: 1800)
“I' shall also play this card Face0down for latter. Now Opticlops, attack the Red-Archery Girl!”
(Atk: 1800) VS (Atk: 1400)
A giant evil Cyclops appeared before Sam, and began to rush towards her. “Uh-Oh…! I think I'm still going crazy here…” she cried, and then suddenly… POW! “UGH… AAH!” right in her gut, and she exploded and was gone.
“No! Sam!” I cried.
Britney sniggered again, “Looks like that card was worthless, and it was a shame that your friend's soul was locked in it.”
I growled angrily and demanded to know, “Where is she? What have you done with her?”
“Oh, come now… surely you must know what happens in duel-monsters whenever a card is destroyed. It is sent right to the discard pile, or the Graveyard as it's properly known.”
This made we really feel worried. Did it mean that Sam was really gone?
In other dimension of the Shadow-Realm, Sam was hovering around in her clam within a spooky looking cemetery. “Whoa… I think I really need a vacation.” She said to herself. “One minute I'm fighting a huge Cyclopes and then I end up here…?”
She stopped where she was, gazing upon the carving on a tombstone. “That… that picture!” she cried. “It's me…!” That could only mean that if that was her picture, that meant the grave was her own, which would make her dead.
Britney was still mocking me. “You made a sloppy move Mykan, and now you're friend has paid the cost with her life. Remember… when dueling in the Shadow-Realm, the stakes are much higher.”
Now that I fully understood the rules and basics of this duel, I realized how important it was that I win. “I'd avoid suing my friend's cards for fear of endangering their souls, but I only have one card in my hand that can beat her Opticlops…”
Mykan: “It's my move now…”
“I place one card face-down on the field, and now I activate the spell, ANCIENT RULES! This spell card lets me special-summon one Normal-monster straight to the field, and I choose, Alex's card, RED-EYES BLACK-DRAGON!
(Atk: 2400)
“And I'll also summon Clover's monster. COMMAND KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 1200)
The two monsters appeared, and as was expected, the faces of Clover and Alex were on the heads of the monsters. The girls took one look at each other, and SHRIEKED…!
Then they both realized what they were wearing. “Eww… since when did I go shopping middle-aged style?” Clover complained.
Alex turned round, “Hey Mykan… YIKES!” Clover turned round and gasped too. “Either he's grown into a giant, or we've shrunken to hand sized dolls.”
I gazed down at the girls, and explained to them, “Alex… Clover… listen closely. You're souls have been sealed within the cards you gave me. You've become the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and the Command Knight.”
Alex and Clover gasped again as they gazed down upon their monster bodies. “Oh, my gosh…” cried Clover, “This is like a total nightmare; this outfit I mean.”
“At least you don't have scales.” protested Alex.
I also explained to the girls that if I didn't win the duel, “then I can't restore you and the others back into your bodies… but you must be careful, for if wither of you get destroyed on the field, you'll be sent to the graveyard like Sam was.”
Clover and Alex sweat-dropped at the thought of being sent to such a place, but they realized I was right, and I did need their help. “Uh… just one thing…” Clover asked “Who are we fighting against?”
They turned round and could see, “Uh, my guess is that…!” cried Alex.
“Whoa! First Mykan's a giant, we're minute monsters, and now we have to face a giant Britney too?” cried Clover.
“Don't let it slow you down girls…” I cut in, “That's not really Britney. An evil spirit from her Millennium Puzzle has taken control of her.”
With that finally settled, the girls were ready.
Mykan: “All right Alex… attack her Opticlops!”
Alex: “You got it. AAARRR…!” (Takes flight) “INFERNO FIRE-BLAST…!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 1800)
E-B: “Mmm…!”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 7400/ Mykan: 7400)
Mykan: “All right Clover, you're up. Attack her life-points directly!”
Clover: “Totally!” (Runs)
Mykan: “And don't forget… the special-ability of the Command Knight increases the attack-strength of all Warrior monsters by 400 points…”
(Atk: 1200) Becomes (Atk: 1600)
Clover: “Sweet...! That's what I'm talking about!” (Leaps up) “COMMAND DAGGER TOSS…!”
(Daggers hit Britney)
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 7400)
Alex: “Awe-Yeah! That's the way to do it.”
Clover: “So, what happens now…?”
Mykan: “And now… it's her turn.”
E-B: “You're young girlfriends may have gotten lucky last time, Mykan…”
“But I can assure you that won't be happening again. Especially when I activate my face-down card… THE DARK DOOR!”
Mykan's thoughts: “Ah, oh no…! That means that I can only attack with one monster per turn.”
“Well Alex will be safe with her high attack power, and the Command Knight's other special ability prevents it from being attacked when there are other monsters on the field.”
E-B: “Hmm, mm… and now I shall summon this monster face-down in defense-mode. That will conclude my turn.”
Mykan: “Huh? Why would she play that monster face-down?”
Alex: “Easy. Because she's afraid of what Red-Eyes Alex is going to do to her. I'm going in…!”
Mykan: “Alex, hold on!”
(Alex charges)
“ALEX… NO…!”
Clover: “ALEX…!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (“Morphing Jar” Def: 600)
Alex: “YEE-HAA…!”
E-B: “Hmm, mm… how foolish.”
Mykan: “It… it was a Morphing-Jar.”
Alex: “Huh…? Morphing-Jar…?”
Clover: “Uh-oh… I've heard about those things. When they're flipped-up, both players have to throw all the cards in their hands to the Graveyard, and then draw five new cards.”
Mykan: “Yes… that's true. Thank goodness I didn't have Sabrina's card in my hand.”
Not only did Alex force me to discard my cards, but she wasted my one attack for that turn. She really felt bad, but at least nothing else bad happened… until I drew my five cards and realized I had drawn, “The Dark Magician.”
“That's my favorite card…” I thought to myself, “But… what's going to happen if I play it?” I was wondering this because I wasn't sure if it would put me in any danger, even though I was outside, dueling.
E-B: “With a whole new hand come bold new possibilities…”
“Now I'll summon another monster face-down, and I shall also set this card face-down to keep you and your friends guessing.”
“Now make your move. That is… if you dare. Hmm, mm, mm…”
Mykan's thoughts: “She's trying to psyche me out so I lose focus. I guess I'm just going to have to play it out.
“Ah…! I'm activating a Field-Spell, MAUSOLEUM OF THE EMPEROR!
(Field-Surroundings change into a giant Mausoleum)
E-B: “Hmm… how interesting. Playing a Field-Spell that allows us to pay life-points instead of having to tribute monsters for larger summons.”
Mykan: “That's right… but before I do, I'm going to play another spell-card. MONSTER REBORN so I can bring back my Red-Archery Girl...”
(Atk: 1400)
Sam: “Huh? What the--”
Mykan: “And now I'll pay 2000 life-points so that I can summon forth the DARK MAGICIAN!”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 5400)
(Atk: 2500)
When the Dark Magician had materialized, “Ahh…!” it was unbelievable, there he was… a second me. The girls were just as confused, but not as confused as Sam was. “Okay… someone wake me up, because this dream is getting way out hand.”
Alex shook her head, “This isn't a dream Sammy, and sure isn't an illusion.”
“But wait a minute…” I said, “How can I be down here, when just one second ago I was up there.”
The other I was just as confused, but I think I had the answer, “My Millennium Necklace… It was able to protect me when Britney tried to take my soul away, but I guess it didn't go all the way and a part of me got trapped within the Dark Magician's card.”
Clover kept looking back and forth between the two Me's “Whoa… and I always thought it would be wonderful to have more guys like Mykan in the world, but this is too weird.”
Getting it past ourselves, we all began to wonder where Sabrina was, and then realized that she was obviously still lost somewhere in the deck. We wall made a pact to try and end the duel before her card was played.
Alex Clover and Sam lined up. “This is going to feel great…” Sam said. She just couldn't wait to get her revenge on Britney for beating her the first time. “Hang on girls…” I said, “Remember I can only attack with one monster, and since I have the most attack-power, then maybe I should go instead.”
The girls couldn't argue with that, and so I stepped forward with my Magician-Staff. “DARK-MAGIC ATTACK…!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (“Poison Mummy” Def: 1800)
Mykan#2: “No! It's the Poison Mummy!”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 4900)
Suddenly, both I, and my tiny-self began to feel weak, and numb. “UGH…!”
“MYKAN…!” The girls cried for both Me's.
When the Poison-Mummy was flipped up, it caused me to lose 500 life-points, but for some reason it felt as if my actual life-energy was drained from my body.
“What's the matter Mykan…?” Britney mocked. “Feeling a little numb are we? Well you should… after all what do you expect when you separate from a-part of your soul?”
Everyone gasped, and that's when realized what was wrong. With part of my soul separated from me, and out on the field, my full-strength wasn't properly in balance. Also, we were dueling in the Shadow Realm, where all kinds of dangers and threats lay about.