Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Initital Intentions: Part one ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

While we let Britney rest, and had breakfast with Sabrina's father, we talked about the situation more, and even spoke to Jerry about it as well. “Well girls, I'm glad you've found the cause of the souls being abducted.” Jerry said.
Alex snorted, “That's hardly some reward considering the danger we just went through.”
The King scratched his beard, “What puzzles me is… why this sorceress would want to abduct souls…?”
“Not just any souls… but the souls of duelists.” added Sam.
Estevan had been going through his virtual memory-banks on Ancient Egypt, and the involving of early duel-monsters, “I believe I have the answer…” he said.
“Well don't keep it to yourself, let's have it!” whined Clover.
Estevan grunted under his breath, but explained as much as he could.
The evil sorceress was named Yubel; she was one of the most beautiful people in all of Ancient Egypt, but only on the surface. Her large ego and selfishness made her impossible to deal with, and so she was banished by the Ancient Pharaoh.
Yubel was outraged, and sought vengeance. This lead her into turning over to the Shadow-Realm where she gained dark powers, and soon was off wrecking havoc upon all the innocent Egyptians; stealing their souls not only to increase her power but do something far more unimaginable…
“I believe that Yubel plans to use the souls of her victims to combine them with her powers to open a gateway in the very Shadow-Realm itself. Once preceded, she would most likely travel to the lost-dimension of doom, and attempt to add the Sacred Beasts to her army of minions.”
The spies were confused, and so was Sabrina, but not the King and myself. “What are these Beasts-- Sacred… or whatever?” asked Clover.
I decided to tell the girls, even though this was something that none of our students were taught as the legends were thought to be too frightening…
The Sacred Beasts were three creatures that were in fact supposedly counter-part of the three Egyptian-God monsters;
“Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
“Uria, Lord of Searing Flames”
“Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder.”
They were created and unleashed by sorcerers, during the time the Egyptian Gods roamed Egypt, and were hoped to destroy the Gods and stop their evil reign, but like the Gods, The Sacred Beasts were uncontrollable, and not only did they cause just as much havoc as the Gods did, but they even drained the powers of the very sorcerers that created them, making them far too much to handle by anyone… except the Pharaoh.
Knowing that the Sacred Beasts were far too dangerous to even exist at all, the Pharaoh used his ancient magic to seal the beasts away in another dimension, far beyond the void of the Shadow-Realm itself.
Yubel desired to unleash the creatures to add their might to her own dark-powers, so she began to steal souls of the finest warriors she could come across in hopes of breaking the Pharaoh's seal, but she was caught, and sentenced to spend eternity trapped within the Millennium-Puzzle.
The girls all thought that was just horrid, “Gee… it looks like that Yubel was trying to make a comeback, and using Britney's body to make it happen.” Sam pointed out.
As Sabrina was feeing Erica and Misty, she just had to ask, “Would happen if Yubel did manage to get the Sacred Beasts, and make them into cards?”
“Then nothing would be safe…” Estevan answered, “Even your most powerful cards would most likely be unable to stop her.”
Shivers ran down everyone's spines, even the babies shivered, but that was possibly because they had the hiccups from eating too fast. However, we all dismissed our fears, believe that we had already dealt with Yubel and could move on…
What we didn't realize was Britney had already been released from the infirmary, and was already well on her way to cause trouble. “Hmm, mm... so many duelists… So many souls… So little time.” she sniggered under her breath.
As the week went by, classes continued as usual, and the students were told to brush up on their skills and studies for written, and duel tests for Friday. Mandy thought this would be a perfect chance for her to find some “Losers” so she'd be able to figure out what cards she would need to take from the castle-factory hoard.
That afternoon, some of the students dueling against their schoolmates to help brush up on their skills… TK and Kari were also out on this beautiful afternoon, but they were taking a break from all the actions and were out by the cliffs overlooking a pod near a forest down below.
They were here because TK wanted to pick some flowers for Sam, because he felt like thanking her for teaching him so much. “You think the professor will like these…?” TK asked for Kari's opinion.
Kari giggled, “I don't know… but I sure would like flowers like that.”
TK decided, “Fine then… these are for you.” He said handing her the flowers. Kari giggled harder, and thanked TK. “You're so sweet…”
Then she helped TK pick more flowers for Sam, but they accidentally picked up a flower that had a bee standing on it, and caused a small swarm to come at them. “LOOK OUT…!” cried Kari.
The two Ra-Yellow's ran about and ended having to throw the flowers away to ward the bees off, and they both even slipped and fell to the ground but they couldn't help but laugh with each other. “That was almost kind of fun…” TK said.
“Yeah… I haven't run like that since I was eight years-old.” added Kari.
“Pathetic…!” snapped a voice.
Kari and TK looked round, and saw that familiar, aggressive duelist, and Obelisk-Blue student, Davis Motomiya. He was just standing there with that same irritated expression on his face, and he growled softly as he lifted his fingers up to adjust his dark shades.
TK and Kari got to their feet, “Hey Davis…” TK said, “What are you doing way out here?”
“I was just out here to try and strategize for my upcoming duel-exams.” Davis answered, “I heard somebody scream, and thought it was Kari. I just knew hanging around you would cause her trouble.”
“Davis…!” Kari snapped, “That was rude.”
“It sure was…” TK said with angered features, “We were only out here gathering some flowers for Professor Samantha.”
Davis only though that was hilarious, “What, don't tell you're trying to become the teachers pet…” he said rudely, “I doubt anyone would want a weak duelist like you for a pet student.”
TK had heard enough of this, “You think I'm weak?” he asked angrily, “Well then… why don't have a duel and I'll show you how strong I really am.”
Even though Davis saw no reason to duel TK, “Fine by me.” he said, “To be honest, our last duel left a dry-taste in my mouth. So this time it's all the way through. No time limit.”
TK agreed, but Kari wasn't sure they should duel, “Don't you think you guys should calm down a little bit?” she asked.
“Don't worry Kari…” TK said, “I'm not going to let him get the better of me this time.”
“You just keep go on thinking that…” Davis sneered at him. “We both know who's going to win this match.”
Their disks were prepared, life points were set and cards were drawn, “DUEL…!”
TK believed that this time he'd be able to get an advantage over Davis because of their last duel and with the knowledge of the cards he didn't throw away last time…
…but Davis was still one step ahead of him.
SCORE: (Davis: 8000/ TK: 8000)
TK: “Get ready Davis…”
TK's thoughts: “Perfect, with these cards already, I should be able to get through Davis' defenses and take him out quickly.
TK: “Now I summon JETROID!”
(Atk: 1200)
“And that ends my turn”
Davis: “That's your opening move… it doesn't look like much to me…”
(Atk: 2000)
TK: “What? That monster was never there before in our last match.”
Davis: “I know that. Maybe if had enough brains you'd have known that I changed most of the cards in my deck already.”
(TK Growls)
“Now Shadowknight, attack his Jetroid!”
TK: “I don't think so… Now I can activate Jetroid's special ability. Whenever it selected to be attacked I can instantly play a trap-card from my hand, and I choose, SAKARETSU ARMOR!”
“So now your Knight gets destroyed.”
Davis: “Shows what you know…”
TK: “Huh…?”
Davis: “Boy, are you dense! My Archfiend has his own special abilities, and one of which is whenever he's selected as the target of an effect, I can roll a dice block…”
(Dice-block rolls)
(Lands on a “Three”)
“Hmm…! And now your puny little trap is negated, and the card is also destroyed!”
(Trap destroyed)
“And that means… my attack will continue!”
(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1200)
Kari: “TK…!”
TK: “No way! He actually got through to me that time.”
SCORE: (Davis: 8000/ TK: 7600)
Davis: “You're just lucky that another one of my Archfiend's powers is the battle damage he gives you is halved. So I'll lay a card face down and end my turn.”
TK was amazed, and a little nervous. Davis did a wise thing by switching out his cards. This meant that he remembered all of TK's cards, while TK hadn't any idea at all about what he up against.
Still… he wasn't going to let Davis get the better of him like last time, and took his turn.
TK: “You may have gotten lucky that time Davis, but here comes a card you might recognize. STEAMROID!”
(Atk: 1800)
“Now I'll place one card face down, and Stemaroid… increase your power, and attack!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2000)
SCORE: (Davis: 7700/ TK: 7600)
TK: “Yeah! All right…! Now I'm on a roll.”
Kari: “Good shot TK.”
Davis grabbed his Knight card, “Good for nothing!” and stashed it away in the graveyard. TK and Kari still couldn't believe how badly he treated his cards.
Davis: “You really think that one simple attack has me beaten? You're so pathetic.”
“Especially since I have a card in my hand that can pay you back-- I play the Equip-Card SNATCH-STEAL! IT lets me equip this card to you monster and then I can control it for as long as I need too.”
TK: “Ah! My Steamroid! Well, I'm not letting you get ahead of me this time Davis. I activate my face-down MYSTICAL-SPACE-TYPHOON!”
(Destroys Snatch-Steal)
Davis: “Heh! Like dueling a three-year old…”
TK: “What did you say?”
Davis: “That Snatch-Steal card was just a ruse to get you to use-up whatever tricks you may have been hiding from me. Now I can really lay things out with this…”
TK: “Oh, no!”
Davis: “Oh, yes. It brings back my Knight, but then I can sacrifice him to summon something even bigger; SKULL ARCHFIEND OF LIGHTNING!”
(Atk: 2500)
“Skull Archfiend, decrease Steamroid's attack-strength, and go for it!!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1300)
TK: “My Steamroid…!”
SCORE: (Davis: 7700/ TK: 6400)
Davis couldn't believe how easy that was. “Are we done yet…?”
TK's eyes narrowed in anger. “No we're not. I'm going to keep on going until I can beat you.” he snarled, but as he prepared to draw his next card.
Mandy leapt out from behind the bushes. “Ah-ha…!” she cried. “Perfect…”
Kari, TK, and Davis turned to face her, and Mandy announced who she was. “Look out duelists; it's your lucky day. The name is Mandy and I'm here to invite all of you to sign this waver to help me be top-student of the year.”
She held out a clip-board for them to sign, but before she could give anyone a pen, Davis chucked a stick at the boards forcing it out of her hands. “Hey…!” Mandy sneered, “What's the big idea?”
“You should talk…!” Davis snarled, “You're wrecking our duel. Get lost!”
Mandy got her clip-board back only to find that is was covered in mud, and wiped out the only few signatures she had gotten. “Hey…! Just who do you think you are?” she wailed, “You'll be hearing from my lawyers for this.”
Davis' lips curled into a deeper sneer than before, “And here I thought TK was pathetic.” he said aloud, and he reached into his jacket and pulled out a spare-duel disk, and another deck. He was challenging Mandy to a quick duel, and you can bet she was up to it.
“Davis… what are you doing?” asked Kari.
“Davis you can't just duel her like that.” added TK.
“Be quiet!” Davis yelled at them both
Mandy prepared her duel-disk; “You're going down pretty-boy!” she glared at him.
The duel didn't last very long at all.
All Davis did was set a card face-down for his first move, and then it went over to Mandy. Mandy summoned her Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the first move, but that let Davis Trigger his trap, “TORENTIAL TRIBUTE… It destroys all monsters on the field whenever one has been summoned.”
Sure enough, Mandy lost her dragon, but played the rest of the cards in her hand face down. “Boy… you are more pathetic than he is.” Davis mocked her.
“What did you say…?” Mandy barked.
Davis then used “Heavy-Storm” to destroy all her face-down cards. Then “Nobleman of Crossout. To remove the monster she used to defend herself.
“Now I'll pay 1500 life-points so I can play AUTONAMUS ACTION UNIT!”
(8000 Becomes 6500)
“Now I can revive your own BLUE-EYES ULTIMATE-DRAGON!”
Mandy screamed in terror. “You can't just take my Blue-eyes like that!” she growled, but Davis only laughed her some more, because the final card he played was Megamoprh”
It was a spell that doubled the attack-strength of Mandy's Dragon, provided that Davis' life-points were lower and they were which raised the Dragon's attack up to 9000. “BLUE EYES… ATTACK… NOW…!”
Mandy was struck-out in one thunderous shot. “NO…!”
However, the resulting shockwaves from the attack were so powerful, that the wind blow strong and hard at Davis and TK, sending them both tumbling over the side of the cliff.
“Davis…! TK…!” Kari shrieked.
The spies and I leapt through the bushes, “What's going on here…?” I asked.
Kari explained what happened, and the girls were pretty annoyed with Mandy. As for Davis and TK, they were still falling down, down, down into the ravine below.
Suddenly, Davis began to focus himself, skillfully landing on a protruding tree and then jumping down from branch to branch, landing safley on his feet below, while TK got his Ra-Jakcet caught on a tree-limb the last few feet, and he then landed with a thud. “Ow…!” he was alright though.
Davis didn't seem to care about that much, and merely grunted.
“Hey…!” Kari called from up the cliff. “Are you guys okay…?”
TK called up to her and telling her that they were fine, and then I shouted down to the boys that we'd meet them at the other side of the forest down there…
TK agreed to the terms, but when he turned to face Davis… he found that the aggressive-Obelisk was already walking away. “Hey… Davis, wait up.” TK called as he rushed to try and follow him.
As the two duelists walked throught he woods, TK tried to make converstaion with Davis, but Davis simpley ignored him. “Davis… why are you so quiet?” he asked.
“Because… I'm trying to figure a way out of here! You got a problem with that…?” Davis answered feircly.
Even though Davis was still being mean TK just couldn't ignore the fact that Davis was still a human-being, and that he must have at least some niceness in him. “Look Davis… maybe we should work together…” he offered while trying to befriend him. “If we help each other out we might get out here faster.”
Davis finally stopped and turned o face him, “I don't need help from anyone. Especially from a little kid!” he sneered almost forcefully, and he began to walk away leaving TK just standin ghtere thinking, “What is with that guy…? And what does he have agianst me and Kari…?
Davis stopped again, “While you're standing there doing nothing, you might want to watch out in these woods, this is where the Rouge-Team likes that hangout.”
TK blikned twice, being a second-year student, he didn't know much about that, “Who are these guys anyway?” he asked, but Davis just spat, “If you come into these woods and don't know lurks within, You're Pathetic! I'm outta here…” and he walked out of sight lavieng TK all by himself.
Now TK was really confused, as som many unanswered questions filled through his head, but suddenly he heard sound of people sniggered from within the woods, “Who's there…?” he called.
The laughing grew louder, and TK suddenly had a feeling that things were going to get ugly…
To Be Continued…!