Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Weird Wonders Much? ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, classes went on as usual, but TK seemed to have been acting a little strange lately. He was cramming through his books and studying cards and their effects harder than ever.
Sam's guess was that he was still upset about losing to Davis last night. He was really starting to scare his classmates; Kari the most. At least he didn't acting mean like Davis did… but he was sworn and determined to keep at it until he could find a way beat Davis, and hopefully expose the reasons behind his being mean.
Kari was able to persuade him to take a break here and there, but Sam was really growing concerned with him. “I've never seen anyone cram through so many books before.” She said at lunch with the gang, and I, “Even I never studied that hard.”
As Sabrina was feeding Misty and Erica, she gazed down over the terrace, “Hey look…” she said. We all turned to look down and we could see Kari and TK walking along the way. TK finally didn't have his nose buried in a book.
“I'm sorry I've been acting weird Kari…” TK said.
Kari understood he was just feeling upset. “You shouldn't let Davis get to you like that.” she said.
TK knew what she meant, but he just wanted know why he was so mean all the time, and why he treated his cards so badly. “I just wish I could figure out a way to beat him.”
“That's a no-brainer…” said that same sniggering voice. Kari and TK turned and saw Davis, “Just do exactly as I do.”
TK's features hardened, “Forget it…” he snapped “I'd never treat a card as aggressively as you do.”
Davis wasn't surprised and merely snuffed, but that's when one of the youngest Slifer-students came waltzing up to Davis with an Archfiend-deck, “Hey, thanks a lot for the Archfiend's mister…” the kid said, “We've already won three duels in a row hanks to you. Thanks again…” Davis shot him a thumb-up as the kid left…
…but TK and Kari were shocked. “Davis… you gave away your Archfiend deck?”
“Yeah, So what…?” Davis sneered, “Those Archfiends are as good as their going to get. Nothing but a lost cause...”
TK's anger was boiling, “Davis, sometimes I just don't get you!”
“And here I thought you wanted to win.” Davis sneered back at him.
TK made it clear that he did want to win… “But not the way you go about doing it; acting like a bully and all.”
Davis rudely adjusted his shades, and walked away, “How pathetic…” he muttered. TK almost felt like lunging for him, but Kari talked him out of it, and the two walked across the grounds.
All of us up on the terrace heard everything, “Whoa! That kid is totally mean…!” Clover snapped.
“He's the worst there is…” added Alex.
“No he's not…” I suddenly cut in. Even Sabrina was confused to hear me defending Davis. I told the girls I saw how Davis really felt inside, “He's lonely, and ashamed. He only acts mean and nasty to hide it.”
The spies thought that was peculiar. Davis was a real tough looking guy, and he was lonely? It just didn't make sense, but before I could explain anything else, Serena's emergency-pager began to beep. “Uh-oh…” she cried, “Something's wrong… I'm needed in the infirmary.”
I would've gone with her, but the babies hadn't finished their lunch yet. Little Misty even began to cry that her mother took off so suddenly. I picked up my youngest daughter. “Oh, no, no, no honey. Don't cry.”
Erica began to tap her spoon on her high-chair, “Uh, girls… a little help here.” I said. The spies sighed but got up and help me best they could to calm the babies down.
Soon it was time for second-period classes to commence, and I realized that I forgot to tell the girls what I had learned about Davis. That's when I began to think…
My father-in-law, King Monroe was in his main-office filling out some files when there was a knock at the door. “You may enter…” he called politely.
I entered his office, “Ahh… Mykan my boy... How goes it? What brings you here?”
I sat down and told him about Davis Motomiya, “I was hoping you could do a little favor regarding the duel-tests...”
“Oh…? What did you have in mind…?”
By the end of classes, an announcement was made regarding a change of pace in the upcoming duel-tests on Friday. The duels were suddenly changed into a tag-team, so the students could learn how to work together as well as test out their skills and combinations.
The students were all shocked by this sudden change, especially seeing as how most of them had just spent the week cramming their books on their own card-combinations.
The spies however had a sudden feeling they knew who was responsible for this, and they were right when they questioned me. “Why did you want to do this…?” Sam wondered.
I told the girls to wait until Friday, “You'll see what I mean then...”
The girls weren't sure what I was up to, but they trusted me, and then we all headed off for the teacher's lounge to do some marking, “Wait…” I said suddenly, “Where's Sabrina…?”
Then it became clear that she was obviously still in the infirmary…
We went over to see what the problem was, and we saw that she had three students lying unconscious in the beds. “I don't understand it…” she said, “Their heartbeats, pulses, and brainwaves are perfectly normal, but they aren't responding to anything I do.”
The spies each felt a chill run up their spines, “Haven't we seen something like this before…?” Alex asked.
The others nodded, but they left their Ex-Powders in their beach-houses. “Mykan… do you think you can look into this…?” Clover asked.
I nodded in agreement “Right… here goes…” and I began to use my Millennium Necklace to scan one of the bodies of the students to see what was wrong. “What…? It can't be…?”
“What is it…?” asked Sabrina.
I slowly turned and looked my wife in the eyes, “The soul…” I pepped, “It's gone…!”
The girls and Sabrina all had wide-eyed expressions on their faces, and as we continued to discuss it, we didn't notice that someone was peeking through the doorway behind us. It was Britney… “Hmm, mm, mm… sorry my friends but I can't have anyone mucking up again…” and her Millennium Puzzle began to glow.
“Well maybe you can look back in the past to figure out what happened…?” asked Sam.
“Ah, that's right…” I said. “Here we go…” I tried to concentrate, but suddenly the Necklace stopped glowing. “Huh…?” I tried to warm up again but nothing happened.
Sabrina had a suspicion that maybe I was too tired to focus; being the former owner of the Necklace, she knew what she was talking about. Even though I felt fit as a fiddle, I assumed she was right.
Not one of us knew that it was Britney who blocked out my powers. “Hmm, mm… poor creatures, you have no idea what sort of trouble is about to happen.”
As she walked back to the Obelisk-Blue dorm, she ran into the leader of the Rouge-Gang. “This had better be important…” she sneered, “I need my rest.”
“Sorry boss… but I just thought I'd give these to you.” He said as he handed her three special cards. “Ahh… wonderful…” Britney sniggered.
The cards were not actually duel-monster cards, but really cards with the pictures of students from campus on their faces. “It is only a matter of time before I collect enough of these.”
The Rouge-Gang boss cleared his throat indicating he wanted his reward, “We had a deal didn't we?”
Britney sighed, but reached into her pocket and handed the guy a few packs of rare cads that were for the game. “Sweet…!” the guy said. He would get those and plenty more if he continued to do Britney's bidding.
The two of them shared a wicked laugh together before adjourning for the evening. They're wicked plans had just begun.