Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Call of the Reaoer ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Late that night, Clover couldn't seem to get the thoughts of the soulless students in the infirmary out of her head. So bad in fact that she began to dream…
There she was, all alone on the island, as all the bodies of everyone were just lying around with the souls sucked out of them. “Whoa! Totally freaking me out here...” she cried.
Even Sam and Alex were laying flat on the ground, motionless as molehills, and then she saw the reason why. There it was, “The Reaper of the Cards…!” she squealed, and that's when the Reaper turned to face her.
“Yes… I am the Reaper.” he hissed in a ghastly voice, “I steal souls for after-life of it, and guess who I intend to add next into my collection…? Hmm, mm, mm…”
Clover could see that look in the Reaper's eyes, “Uh-oh…!” She tried to make a break for it, but the Reaper was faster than she was, and very sneaky. He could pop up anywhere that Clover tried to run to. There was no escape for her now…
“Calm yourself… I don't merely take souls without first earning them.” He explained to her, “I prefer to fight for what I earn, and therefore I shall challenge you to a duel.”
Clover looked confused, “What…? You can duel…?”
The Reaper shrugged, “Of course I can… I may be a card but that doesn't mean I can't duel.” He said to her, “Now then, if you win you're free to go, but if I win… you belong to me, understand…?”
Two duel-disks appeared on their arms', and Clover's features changed, “Hah! Get your game on Reaper.” she said with confidence.
The Reaper however was going to give her a surprise of a lifetime, or in his case, after-lifetime.
Their duel-disks were prepared, and their cards were drawn as life-points were set to 8000, “DUEL…!”
SCORE:(Reaper: 8000/ Clover: 8000)
Clover: “Time to throw down…”
(Atk: 1000)
“And then I'll activate POLYMERIZATION…! Now I can fuse Avian and Busrtinatrix to form the ELEMENTAL HERO FLAME WINGMAN…!”
(Atk: 2100)
“Now I'll thrown-down a face down and end my turn.”
Clover was really thinking cheekily that this reaper would be a push over… but that was until she saw the cards he played…
Reaper: “I shall take my turn now…”
“Ahh yes… my first card shall be the ELEMENTAL HERO AVIAN…!”
(Atk: 1000)
Clover: “What…? You have Hero-cards too?”
Reaper: “That is my dueling style my dear, and now I shall activate the spell, POLYMERIZATION…! I too shall attempt to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix… however; I chose to summon an entirely different monster.”
(Atk: 2100)
When the monster had appeared, Clover was really surprised, “Hey…! That—that looks just like my Flame-wingman.”
The Reaper sniggered, “Perhaps… but I can assure you they are nothing alike… and here it was believed that you were the expert Hero-card duelist in the world…”
Clover felt insulted…
“And now my dear, Observe as my monster attacks yours…!”
Clover gasped, “What….?”
She believed that since the two monsters had the same attack-power, the battle would end in a stand-off, but surprisingly, Clover's Flame-Wingman bit the dust while the Phoenix Enforcer remained on the field…
“You seem rather surprised…” replied the Reaper, “Well I'd expect that from a mere mortal. You see, unlike your Flame-Wingman, my Phoenix Enforcer has a different special ability… instead of you taking life-points equal to your monster's attack-power, my monsters simply cannot be destroyed in battle.”
Clover suddenly remembered that was true, the only reason it slipped her mind was because in all her duels she never call upon the Phoenix-Enforcer before, and usually preferred to use Flame-Wingman.
Clover: “Well… I'll admit you had me going for a moment there… but you also allowed me to activate my Trap. Go, HERO SIGNAL…!”
“Now I get to summon any Elemental-Hero with four stars or less from my deck… and choose ELEMENTAL HERO OCEAN…”
(Atk: 1500)
Reaper: “Hmm… quite impressive, but don't think this will spare your soul. I place one card face down, and my turn is over.”
Clover: “Right…”
“Now that it's my Standby phase, I can use Ocean's special-ability to bring an Elemental Hero from the Graveyard back into my hand, so come on back, Burstinarix...”
“Now that that's done… I think I'll summon this, NEO-SPACIAN GRANDMOLE…”
(Atk: 900)
Reaper: “You honestly expect to win with that puny little runt? What possible good can it do you…?”
Clover: “Oh it can do a lot… trust me. Go Grand-mole! Attack his Phoenix Enforcer!”
Now it was the Reaper's turn to be surprised… “What are you doing…?”
Clover smirked sneakily, “I'm using Grand-Mole's special ability, that's what. See, when he attacks a monster, or is attacked by a monster I can return both monsters to each player's hand without taking any damage.”
This mean that Clover's Grand-mole went safely back to her hand, but the Phoenix Enforcer returned to the fusion Deck as it couldn't be summoned back straight away.
Clover: “And if you think I'm through with you yet, think again. Ocean… Attack his life-points directly!”
(Atk: 1500)
Reaper: “Oh really…? Guess again, for now I activate NEGATE ATTACK!”
Clover: “Ah…!”
(Attack Fails)
Reaper: “You should know my dear that I always aim to get what it is that I desire…”
Clover: “Mmm… In that case, I'll throw down a face-down and end my turn.”
Reaper: “As you wish…”
“First I play FUSION RECOVERY… which lets me add retrieve my Avian and my Polymerization… and now pay close attention my dear… you've never witnessed anything like this before…”
“I activate the spell… DARK FUSION…!”
Clover gasped in confusion, “Dark Fusion…?”
The Reaper sniggered, “Yes, my dear. This is whole new form of fusion that can open up gateways to powers beyond your wildest dreams. Now I can send Fusion material monsters either from my hand, or the field to the Graveyard…”
“So I fuse together Avian, and “Elemental Hero Wildheart”…! So I can summon forth a whole new creature. Behold, the EVIL HERO WILD CYCLONE!”
(Atk: 1900)
Clover: “E-vil Heroes…?”
Reaper: “Like I said… you may be an expert my dear, but you have much to learn. As for my new monster, when he attacks you, your facedown cards become inactive.”
(Clover Gasps)
“Now my Hero, attack her Ocean!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Atk: 1500)
SCORE:(Reaper: 8000/ Clover: 7600)
(Face-down, H-HEATED Heart; destroyed)
Clover: “Hey! What happened to me spell card…?”
Reaper: “Hmm, mm… it was destroyed, because you took damage from my monster's power… and this, my dear is only a taste of what my evil deck has in store for you.”
Clover: “Yeah…? Well I'm not out of this… not by a long shot.”
“Sweet…! I summon forth ELEMENTAL HERO BUBBLEMAN…!”
(Def: 1200)
“And since he's alone on my field, I can draw two cards.” (Rules Fudged)
(Draws 2)
“Heh…! Now I activate the spell, BUBBLE-SHUFFLE…! Now I can turn Bubble-man into attack-mode, and your Evil Hero into Defense.”
(Atk: 800)
(Def: 2300)
Reaper: “A bold effort my dear… but highly worthless if you ask me. My Evil Hero's defense is far too high for your puny little bubble to anything at.”
Clover: “Duh… I know that, but you see that's whole point. Once the mode-change is complete, by sacrificing my Bubble-Man… I can summon one Elemental Hero from my hand… and I have just the one… ELEMENTAL HERO BLADEDGE…!”
(Atk: 2600)
Reaper: “Ah…!”
Clover: “Now go Bladedge… and attack!”
(Atk: 2600) VS (Def: 2300)
“And thanks to his special-ability, the difference between the attack and defense is dealt to you as damage.”
SCORE:(Reaper: 7700/ Clover: 7600)
Clover was by herself with excitement, “So, what do you say to that, Hood-head!”
The Reaper simply laughed, “I must say, you really had me there for moment, but don't believe for one instant that I'm through with you…”
Reaper: “Now then…”
“I play CARD OF SANCTITIY so we both draw until we each hold six cards…”
(Both Draw)
“Ahh… yes… Now, since I control no monsters at the moment, I summon forth the EVIL HERO INFERNAL PORIDGY…!”
(Atk: 300)
“And now I shall use the help of another monster-ability. Since you control a monster, all I have to do is tribute one creature, and now I can summon forth this, EVILHERO MALICIOUS EDGE…!”
(Atk: 2600)
Clover: “Whoa…! Another hero that looks like my own…? Can't you try anything original…?”
Reaper: “Oh, I can… and I shall start with this… BLOCK ATTACK…! This lets me change your Bladedge into defense-mode”
Clover: “Oh, no…!”
(Def: 1800)
Reaper: “And I assume you realize what happens now. Go, Malicious Edge! Attack…!”
(Atk: 2600) VS (Def: 1800)
SCORE:(Reaper: 7700/ Clover: 6800)
Reaper: “Ha, ha, ha… another score for the evil heroes. Now I shall place one card face down and end my turn.”
By this point Clover was actually starting to feel more impress than she was feeling upset. These evil heroes were incredible creatures, and to think they came from the very monsters that she dueled with.
“I got to admit, you're evil-heroes may be something…” she said, “But don't think that means I'm out of this. If there's one thing I learned, it's never to give up.”
“So… here goes something…!” and with that she drew her card
Clover: “No, Way…! This card totally makes things way easier for me. I play the spell card, MONSTER REINCARNATION…! So all I have to do is discard one card from my hand to the Graveyard, and I get to bring a monster back to my hand, and I'm choosing to discard, Elemental Hero Necroshade… so I can send Flame Wingman back to the Fusion Deck.
Reaper: “What can you possibly hope to accomplish by sending that card of yours into the graveyard-- Ah, unless…!”
Clover: “Unless I did that so I could use his special ability to summon forth this… ELEMENTAL HERO NEOS!”
(Atk: 2500)
“But wait… there's more… now I activate the spell SKYSCRAPER…!”
(Buildings appear)
Reaper: “Oh, no…! Not the Skyscraper…”
Clover: “Oh? So I guess that means you know that if an Elemental Hero with lower points attacks you, it instantly gains 1000.”
(Atk: 2500) becomes (Atk: 3500)
“Go Neos… show him what you got…!”
(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2600)
SCORE:(Reaper: 6800/ Clover: 6800)
Clover: “Oh yeah…! That's doin' it. Now I'll throw down a face down and end my turn.”
Reaper: “GRR…! Perhaps I underestimated you my dear…”
“But perhaps I'm getting more ahead of myself than you are…? Or have you forgotten that Evil heroes are not the only things I possess…?”
(Atk: 1600)
Clover: “Hello…? Reality check… that monster is way weaker than my Neos.”
Reaper: “That may be so… but have you forgotten about your own Skyscraper field spell…?”
Clover: “Ah… shoot…! I forgot it works both ways”
Reaper: “Indeed it does. So go my Sparkman, and destroy her Neos…!”
(Atk: 1600) Becomes (Atk: 2600)
Clover: “Not so fast… I got a trap to play. HERO BARRIER…! Since I control an Elemental-Hero monster, your Sparkman's attack is negated.”
Reaper: “Silly girl… I knew you had a trap waiting for me, so I came ready for it… Go TRAP JAMMER…!”
Clover: “Ah…!”
(Hero Barrier, destroyed)
(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 2500)
SCORE:(Reaper: 6800/ Clover: 6700)
Reaper: “Brah, ha, ha, ah, ah… you may as well give it up, my dear.” No one defeats the Reaper of the cards, and I have plenty more Evil Heroes lined up and ready to make your soul mine forever.”
The scores were still as close as ever, and the Reaper didn't seem to mind. He enjoyed toying with Clover and taking her down bit by bit.
Clover, though annoyed with this reaper, she was more than convinced that she was enjoying this duel. Even though her life was on the line… she never had felt so challenged in her life.
“Hey reaper…” she said, “Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually starting to enjoy this a little.”
The Reaper looked confused, never before had anyone ever complimented him on his dueling status before… and that was mostly due to the fact that he preferred to scare people into cowering, and begging for mercy rather than give them a good fight.
Even though he had to admit that Clover was putting up a good fight, he couldn't let her start to enjoy herself now. He had to find someway to break her spirits down, and fast…
Either way, the duel was only just getting warmed up…
The Reaper was still doing his best to try and keep Clover under his blanket of fear. “Just look at you my dear…! You know that your soul shall be mine.” He mocked at her, “Why not give up now and spare yourself the agonizing pain that I have yet to unleash upon you…?”
Clover's eyes softly shut, and she smiled, “Get real…!” she simply said.
The Reaper winced, “What did you say…?”
Clover once again tried to make it clear that, “Look, I told you already, this may be a matter of life and death, but we're still battling a great game here. Can't you just drop the evil rudeness…?”
…but the Reaper had no interest. “Just make your move so I can hurry up and end this.”
Clover sighed, and moved to take her turn…
SCORE:(Reaper: 6800/ Clover: 6700)
Clover: “You know… you shouldn't have left your Sparkman out there alone on the field like that…”
Reaper: “Hmm…?”
Clover: “Because it makes it all the more easier for me to play this card, Welcome Back, NEO SPAICAN GRANDMOLE…!”
(Atk: 900)
Reaper: “I see… so you wish to return our monster to our hands again? Very resourceful…”
Clover: “Well… you'd think I'm going to do that… but no I'm not. See, I have a much better Idea; I activate the spell, O-OVERSOUL. With this card I'll special summon Neos from the Graveyard…!”
(Atk: 2500)
Reaper: “What's this…?”
Clover: “And now… thanks to the power of Neo-Spacians, I don't have to use a fusion card to merge them together…”
“Now go, Neos, and Grandmole... and I now bring forth, ELEMENTAL HERO GRAND-NEOS…!”
(Atk: 2500)
Reaper: “What? It can't be…! A contact-fusion…?”
Clover: “You better believe it is… and you might not like his special ability either. You see, Once per turn I can send any monster straight back to your hand instantly… so your Sparkman is gone.”
Reaper: “Ah…!”
(Sparkman vanishes)
Clover: “And if you think that was bad enough, just wait until he attacks you. Go, Grand-Neos…!”
(Atk: 2500)
(Reaper yelps in pain)
SCORE:(Reaper: 4300/ Clover: 6700)
Reaper: “You will pay for that…!”
Clover: “We'll see who pays who, but for now I'll throw down a face-down, and next Grand-Neos returns to my Fusion deck…”
(Grand-Neos vanishes)
“Over to you now…”
Reaper's thoughts: “This foolish mortal continues to make the brightest sport of this duel as possible. I better find a way to silence her now before it gets any worse…”
Reaper: “Oh…? Heh, heh, heh… Excellent…! First I shall re-summon forth my Sparkman…”
(Atk: 1600)
“Prepare yourself my dear, for now I activate the spell DARK CALLING…!”
Clover: “Huh…?”
Reaper: “Your speechless I see… Well you'll be even more speechless when I tell you that this works as a Dark Fusion, only I just have to remove monsters in my hand, or graveyard from play… so I'll choose to remove my Malicious Edge… and my Wild-Cyclone from play…”
“Allow me to present the most powerful of all the Evil-Heroes; EVIL HERO DARK GAIA…!”
(Atk: 3500)
Clover: “Whoa…! Really Creepy Much…!”
Reaper: “Yes it is creepy my dear… Now go my Sparkman, attack her!”
(Atk: 1600)
Clover: “WHOA…!”
SCORE:(Reaper: 4300/ Clover: 5100)
Reaper: “And now prepare to feel Gaia's wrath! GO MY MONSTER…!”
Clover: “Not so Fast…! I activate A HERO EMERGES…!”
Reaper: “What's this…?”
Clover: “Now you have to pick a card from my hand, and if it's a monster I can summon it right away… but I only have one card in my hand…”
“So I summon forth, RED SPY GIRL…!”(Mykan Card only)
(Def: 2000)
The Reaper was amazed to see how much Clover and her Red-Spy girl resembled each other, but still it didn't stop the attack. “But at least I'm still safe…” Clover smirked.
The Reaper finally placed a card face down and ended his turn. He was deep in thought that his victory was assured. “Once my monsters are unleashed on my next turn… this young mortal will be finished, and I will be free to claim her soul for all eternity…”
“Make your move… I promise it will be your last.”
Clover was finally starting to lose her cool, and almost actually believe him. Her field was empty and so was her hand, but she knew she couldn't give up. She wasn't about to let some hooded shadow take her soul away.
“Here goes something…” she said as she drew one single card.
She gazed down at her draw…
Clover: “Unreal…! I can't believe I just drew this; CARD OF SANCTITY…!”
Reaper: “Hmm… so we each draw until we hold six cards again. I see no harm that can befall us there…”
(Both Draw)
Clover: “Ahh… check it out, I got the perfect hand that can totally wipe you out.”
Reaper: “Impossible…! I can't be wiped out!”
Clover: “Sure you can, and I'm going to start off by playing MIRACLE FUSION…!”
“This lets me remove Avian and Burstinatrix from play so I can summon Flame-Wingman back to the field.”
(Atk: 2100)
“Next I'm activating THE WARRIORRETURNING ALIVE…! This lets me take Necroshade back to my hand.”
“Now I'll play the best fusion card there is… I discard Necroshade back to the graveyard and activate SUPER POLYMERIZATION…!”
Reaper: “What's this…? What's happening to my Sparkman…?”
Clover: “As if you didn't already know, Super Polymerization lets me fuse monsters that are on my opponent's side of the field, as well as my own. So now, Sparkman, merge with Flame-Wingman, to form… ELEMENTAL HERO SHINNING FLARE WINGMAN…!”
(Atk: 2500)
“And if you think he's tough now, I should warn you that he gains 300 extra attack points for every Elemental Hero in my graveyard and I see five…”
(Atk: 4000)
Reaper: “No! This cannot be happening!”
Clover: “Oh, it is happening… and it's still happening in fact, because I got more cards to play. MONSTER REBORN Which I'll use to bring back my Red Spy Girl…!”
(Atk: 2300)
“And finally to add another life to the party; now that Necroshade is back in the graveyard I can summon forth Neos… without making a sacrifice.”
(Atk: 2500)
Reaper: “Oh, dear…!”
Clover: “You can say that again… and don't think I'm going to be attacking nay of your monsters. You see… I can use my Spy-Girl's special-ability to trade one-quarter of my life points…”
SCORE:(Reaper: 4300/ Clover: 3825)
“And now… she destroys all monsters on your side of the field…!”
Reaper: “My Gaia… No!”
Clover: “Of course… she isn't allowed to attack after she performs her ability, but she won't need to… that's for them to do! Go Shining Flare Wingman… you too, Neos…! WIPE HIM OUT…!”
Reaper: “I won't let this happen… so I reveal my trap GRAVITY BIND…! It stops both your monsters…!”
Clover: “Oh no, it doesn't… I still got one card left in my hand, the quick-play spell MYTISCAL SPACE TYPHOON…!”
Reaper: (GASPS)
Clover: “Now your Trap is destroyed… and my attacks continue…!”
(Combo Atk: 6500)
SCORE:(Reaper: “0000”/ Clover: 3825)
“That's game…!” Clover smirked as the Reaper's body began to vanish into the darkness, but as it did, the whole world around began to shake and vanish… and she suddenly felt herself falling down into total blackness…
Clover SCREAM in panic before opening her eyes and realized, “Whoa… Deja'vu much!” she cried.
Sam and Alex, who had heard her scream called her up on the Ex-Com, and that was where Clover was surprised to hear that they too each just had a dream about dueling some Reaper.
They began to wonder if this was a sign, or a warning…? They didn't know… but if only they had…