Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Tag, We're it! ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina gave each of the girls a physical before their duties, once she and I heard of what they had dreamt. “Well you all seem physically fine…” Sabrina said, “You were all probably just having ordinary nightmares, what with all that's gone on.”
She was referring to the fact that the three soulless students were still lying in bed. They were pretty much still in good shape, but it wouldn't last much longer if they remained in their current condition.
“You guys don't think maybe there's some other evil out here one the island…?” Alex asked all nervous. It was possible she could've been right, but we had no way of knowing.
“Well whatever it is… we better stay wide and alert.” I said, “I just spoke with the King… and he says if anything else like this happens… the school may have to be closed.”
The spies felt as if they had just lost their souls that very moment. The very thought of the school closing was frightening enough as it was, but who could blame them… with souls vanishing, and the Rouge-Gang still causing trouble…
Regardless, the school wasn't closed yet, and we were all to carry on with our work. Sabrina had to go and change outfits, for it was Friday, the day of the tag-team duel exams I had scheduled, the spies and I would all get to sit with Sabrina's father where we would be able to view all the matches... particularly one special match that I myself was quite looking forward too…
The dueling-stadium was packed with all the students, and those who were participating in the tests had already entered the building. Each one of them was given a special card that had a number on it, though not one of them had any idea what it was for yet…
Soon, the royal fanfare sounded, and “Presenting his supreme highness, Monroe! King of all dueling…”
The students and staff cheered for joy, “Hail Duel Academy.” the King said with pride making the crowds cheer louder than ever. Then the King allowed me to explain the concept of the exams, as I was the organizer…
I explained to all the students that this test was to show how much students could interact with each other and learn to combine strategies to actually help one another out. Basically it was a test on teamwork, and trust, as well as cooperation and coordination.
The cards that they were given would determine who they would partner up with, and then once the teams were decided, it would be time to determine the opposing teams. There were twenty students taking the test, and it was two against two which equaled five separate duels. All the teachers would grade the other tests because there one duel I wanted to grade…
“Okay Mykan… will you please tell me what's going on?” Sam asked.
I gazed over at the King who nodded his head at me, “Daddy… what do you know about this…?” Sabrina asked. I placed my hand over my wife's, “Just watch…” I told her.”
The large screen in the stadium began to show all the numbers, One through Twenty, and then randomly shuffled them up, and then poof the teams were determined.
The duelists began to seek out their partners by matching their numbers, Kari, who was 18, and TK, who was 15, hoped they would be parried-up together, but they weren't. Kari was parried with number-3, and TK got Number-5, whoever they were…
“Ah well… we should find our partners.” TK said.
Kari agreed, “Good luck, TK.” and off she went, but it didn't take long for her to find her partner, and of all people it was Mandy! “Well… looks like I Ra dueling with Me.” she said almost rudely, “I was hoping for an Obelisk…”
Kari couldn't believe what she just heard, but rather than try to argue with her, she had a feeling that after this duel she'd be able to show just how strong she really was. “I wonder who TK's parried up with…?” she wondered.
TK was still looking around for the duelist who was Number-5. He even held his card up high so that all the others could see what number he was. Then finally, he heard someone grunt, “Of course you have to be fifteen.”
“Huh…?” TK turned round, and saw “Davis…?” standing there, grinding his teeth and holding the Number-5 card. TK checked the computer-screen again and there was no mistake. It's was 15 paired with 5, which meant he had to duel alongside Davis.
The spies and Sabrina immediately got the picture. I had planned to pair up Davis and TK all along. It wasn't really to force them to be a team, but in fact to test them on a whole other level.
“You sure that's a good idea what you did?” Clover asked. “Just look at them down there…”
Davis crunched his card up in his hand, “Look, I don't care if we are stuck together. If you want a good grade, you just keep out of my way and let me handle all this.” he said gruffly.
“Hey… That's not very team-spirited like…” TK protested, “That's whole point of this test.”
Davis just scoffed and turned away.
Then, once all the teams had been chosen, the computer began to the next phase. The teams were randomly shuffled, and then the results came for which team faced which… and Davis and TK were pitted against Mandy and Kari.
“Oh, no…!” TK said.
“Oh, my…” cried Kari.
Davis merely growled in anger by the fact that he had to face against Kari, with TK. As for Mandy, she twiddled her fingers wickedly, “Well… this ought to be a good.” She said to herself, “Time to get back at that Obelisk guy for making a fool out of me back at the cliffs.”
The spies thought that this duel wasn't going well. “Davis with TK, and Many with Kari…?” Alex said, “Talk about a bad mixtures…”
The girls then cast their look at me, and I nodded that yes I did want it arranged so Davis and TK would have to duel against Kari at least, as for Mandy, a lesson from TK and Kari's kindness towards dueling would really help her learn something…
Regardless, the duels were about to begin, and all the students in the stadium seats were given special viewing-monitors, so they would be able to tune-in to any one of the duels they wanted.
Finally, as the students took their places and readied their duel-disks, I gave the final announcement that the tests were about to begin. I basically explained to the students what I had said to the girls about how this was a test of trust, and coordination. “So duel your hardest, and may you all pass with honors.”
The crowd cheered with joy... and the duelists began their matches. However, the match between TK and Davis, and Mandy and Kari hadn't begun yet, for Kari and TK were staring each other down, still unable to believe that they had to face-off against each other.
“TK…?” Kari said almost as if she didn't know what to say, but TK cut in by telling her it was all right. “We're here to duel and give it our bests. So, why don't we just sit back and enjoy an honorable match…?”
Kari's expressions suddenly changed, “Mmm…!”
“You two both should've been on the same team…” Davis suddenly cut in, “You're both pathetic!”
Kari and TK suddenly felt mad, “The duel hasn't even started yet, and you're already making comments? How mean can you get…?” TK asked, but Davis didn't even look at him. “Hmm…!”
Then Mandy, giggling with her trademark snigger, “You three sound like you're in one of those old boring love-triangle things.” she said rudely. “This only makes things way easier than I hoped.”
She suddenly stopped talking when she noticed Davis was facing her with a confused look on his face. “What are you lookin' at?” she scoffed at him.
“What am I lookin' at…? Who are you?”
Mandy's eyes widened, and her head began to throb as her anger boiled, “Excuse me your-lameness… but we have so met before; back on the cliffs… the name is Mandy!”
Davis shook his head softly, “Don't remember.”
Steam was shooting through Mandy's ears and she tried to lunge at Davis and duel him with her fists instead of her cards, but Kari held her back. “What…ever…!” Davis scoffed as he prepared his duel-disk.
TK and Kari couldn't believe they got stuck with such rude duelists, but now wasn't the time to worry about rivalries. The disks were ready, and so were the life-points, and the turn-order was set…
First: Davis
Next: Mandy
Then: TK
Finally: Kari.
Each duelist was not allowed to declare and attack, nor activate any spells, traps, or monster effects on the first turn until each duelist had a chance to move.
Life points were set, and the first five cards were drawn, “DUEL…!”