Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Team Spirit: Part two ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was Kari's turn, and she didn't care if Mandy wanted her help or not. Her next move was sure to give her an edge…
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 6700)
Kari: “Here I come…
“Yeah… this will do nicely. I summon forth, THE AGENT OF CREATION -VENUS…!)
(Atk: 1600)
“And now I'll activate her special-ability. By paying 500 life points, I can special summon one MYSTICAL SHINE BALL from my deck…”
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 6200)
(Def: 500)
“And now I'll play this equip-spell card… PREMATURE BURIAL…! My Marshmallon was never removed from play so I'll pay 800 points and, summon him to the field…!”
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 5600)
(Atk: 1000)
Davis couldn't understand what Kari was up to. Neither of the monsters she had summoned would be able to destroy his Spirit-Reaper… and with TK's Machine still at 4600 attack points… it too seemed virtually untouchable.
“Ah… wait a minute…!” he suddenly said.
Kari smirked, and nodded her head cheekily. “Oh I have something planned…” she said.
Kari: “But first I have another spell to play… CURSE OF FIEND…!
Davis and TK… even Mandy gasped in shock as the effect of Kari's card forced their monsters to change battle-positions. So those that were in attack-mode went into defense, and vice-versa…
However, Davis' Spirit-Reaper; since it got affected by a card effect, it was destroyed instead by its own ability, leaving him wide open….
“Kari, just what do you think you're up to…” he asked angrily.
Kari's smile grew wider. “You'll see…” she said…
Kari: “Now that have what I need, I can sacrifice all three of my fairies, activate the Ritual-Spell; END OF THE WORLD…!”
“Now I summon forth… RUIN QUEEN OF OBLIVIAN…!”
(Atk: 2300)
Davis and TK gasped in shock! They both were well aware of the Ruin Queen's special ability… and it explained Kari's strategy perfectly; the way she laid down the field and change their monster positions…
Kari: “Ruin Queen… Attack and destroy the Rescuroid…!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Def: 1800)
TK: “Whoa…! Aw, no… that was my best offence.”
Kari: “And now that my Queen successfully destroyed a monster, she gets to attack again. Now my Queen, attack Davis directly…!”
Davis: “Eh…!”
(Atk: 2300)
(Davis: 5700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 5600)
Davis was breathing angrily, “You've made many mistakes before, Kari…!” he hissed furiously at her. “But that was your biggest mistake ever. You will pay for it!”
He roughly rubbed knuckles across his face, as if someone had just punched his jaw, but his eyes, though they couldn't be seen behind his shades, never left Kari.
Some of the other duelists had finished their tag-duels, and were now gazing upon the duel with nervous expressions exactly like those in the stadium-seats. This duel was really starting to get intense. The girls had the lead over the boys, but it still felt like anyone's game.
“Check out Davis' face…!” Clover said. “He really wants to get at Kari.”
The others agreed. They remember what I said about how I could sense Davis felt lonely, and his being mean and rude was to hide it and keep it strong, but what they couldn't figure out was why…?
Only the King and I were the only ones who knew the answer, as our Millennium Items showed us images of his past.
He and Kari as friends in preschool… Davis looking out for her, and she helped him. As they grew older it looked like it was going to blossom, but then she moved away, and the next time he saw her, she was with TK. She even teased him…
It explained to us that Davis was a duelist driven by bitter-vengeance, as well as rage and anger… and it was now his move as he drew his card…
Davis: “Now I can special summon my DARK NEYPHTHS that I removed from play last turn…!”
(Atk: 2400) becomes (Atk: 2900)
“And when it's summoned, one spell or trap on the field is destroyed, and since I can't destroy my own cards I think I'll destroy that one…!”
Everyone could see that Davis was pointing at the first face-down card TK had set. “Davis…!” Kari snapped, “What do you think you're doing…?”
TK however didn't object to that at all, “Actually Kari… I don't mind he does that, because my face-down is the WONDER GARAGE…!”
Mandy chuckled, and pointed out, “Just one problem kiddo… that card has to be destroyed, and sent to the graveyard…” she referred to the fact that Davis' spell card forced all cards to be removed from play instead of going to the graveyard.
“Oh I know about that…” replied TK, “Which is why I have my other face down card to help me, MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON…and I'll use it to destroy Dimensional Fissure!”
Davis wasn't too keen on what was going on, but for once he decided to let it slide. Now that Davis' spell was destroyed, TK's trap-card was successfully sent to the graveyard by Davis' monster effect which allowed TK to summon forth any level 4 or lower “Roid” monster from his hand.
TK: “So here comes my SUBMARINEROID…!”
(Def: 1800)
TK gazed over at Davis with an expression of thanks on his face, but Davis just gave him the cold shoulder as usual. “So you got lucky…” he sneered. TK's expressions changed again… “What a creep…” he muttered.
Davis: “Now I also play POT OF GREED so I can draw twice…”
“Not bad… now I activate SOUL RELEASE…!Now I can remove from play all five cards that are in my graveyard.”
The other three were really curious now. Davis had been removing so many cards from play… most of which were his own… but that sinister look behind his shades told them that whatever he was going to do… it was coming right now…
Davis: “Now I summon another monster like no other; GREN MAJU DA EIZA…!”
(Atk :?)
“I wouldn't be fooled by his attack-power now… because for each and every one of my cards that was removed from play, Gren Maju gains 400 attack-points for each.”
The other three gasped in shock, and from up in the box, “Uh… just how many cards did he remove?” Clover asked.
“I believe it was… seven.” Sabrina answered.
Alex did some counting on her fingers, “Uh… 400… 800…”
“It's 2800, Alex…” Sam said with a low-down expression. Alex really felt silly now “Uh… I knew that…”
Dark: “Go Dark Neyphthys…! Destroy the Ruin Queen…!”
Kari: “GRR…!”
(Atk: 2900) VS (Atk: 2300)
(Davis: 5700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 5000)
Davis: “It's your turn Gren Maju. Attack Kari directly…!”
(Atk: 2800)
Kari: “Ohh…! WHAA…!”
TK: “Kari…!”
(Davis: 5700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 2200)
Kari had taken so many hits from Davis' monsters. That she got up to her feet a little slower as if she really had been attacked. “Davis… why do you just keep going after me?” she asked.
Davis just scoffed and turned away, “That's really none of your business see…!” he sneered, “It's the rules of the game. You don't like it? Don't play…”
“Davis…! That was real mean!” TK said.
“Who asked you…?” Davis scoffed at him.
Mandy just let out a huge yawn, “You know what I think the real reason is…?” she said as she drew her card, “Hmm…! The reason you go after her is because your afraid of what you're about to face now!”
Mandy: “Now I sacrifice my Kaiser Seahorse… and by doing this, I can summon a really powerful light monster from my hand instantly. So I chose to bring out my greatest offence; I summon the BLUE-EYES WHITE-DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 3000)
Davis: “AH…!”
TK: “So… it is true. She really does have the deck with that Dragon.”
Mandy: “So… you seem to know a bit about my Blue-Eyes eh…? Well why don't we make things just a little more interesting. I activate MONSTER REBORN…! I think I'll special summon my LORD OF DRAGONS…!”
(Def: 1200) becomes (Atk: 1700)
TK was most surprised, “Hey… wait a second, I don't ever remember that card being sent to her graveyard.” he said.
“Oh, please… how pathetic are you?” Davis mocked him. “Don't you remember when I played my Torrential Tribute Card…? It destroyed all the monsters in play, including the one she set face-down in defense-mode.”
TK realized that Davis was right…
Mandy: “Well, now that we got that settled in, I think you know what I'm going to do next…! I'm going to play, THE FLUTE OF SUMMONING DRAGON…!”
“Now I can summon forth two more Blue Eyes to the field…!”
(Atk: 3000) x2
TK: “Whoa…! Three Blue Eyes all at once…?”
Davis: “Mmm…! Looks that like that's it.”
Davis suddenly began to act as if the duel was already over, and turned away. “Davis…?” TK said, “What are you doing…?”
As TK continued to try and get Davis' attention Mandy thought up her move carefully. She had three powerful Dragons in play, and the Dragon Lord protected them from being targeted by card effects. All she had to decide was where to attack.
All TK had was his tiny Submarineroid, which meant she could have attacked it, and then send another Dragon to wipe out the rest of his life-points. Then again, there was Davis and he did have those two other monsters in play… and both of them, though weaker, were almost as powerful as her three Dragons…
She decided it would be best to take them out first, and weaken Davis, but she also planned ot get rid of TK's Submarineroid too… this way there wouldn't be anything to stop her on her next turn.
Mandy:(Trademark Snigger) Now my Dragons go for the sour-puss over there. Destroy his monsters and attack him directly!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 2800)
(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 2900)
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 1800)
(Atk: 1700)
Davis: “Humph…!”
(Davis: 3700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 2200)
TK: “Uh…!”
This as very intense for everyone watching the duel. Mandy now had total control of the field with her dragons, and TK's turn was coming up, but he only had one card in his hand. Also, except for the Mystic Plasma Zone, neither he nor Davis had any cards out on their side of the field.
“Wow… would check out TK…” Sam said, “I think he's finally ready to lose it.”
TK was indeed sweating a lot, so much that the inside of his hat was damp. The only card he had in his hand was a De-Spell card, and that was totally worthless in a situation like this.“What am I going to do…? What can I do?” he thought fearfully to himself. He fell to his knees with his hands on head and he yelped in frustration.
This really amused Mandy, but Kari felt worried about TK, but not as worried as we were in the box, except for me and the King, “How can you two be so calm at a time like this?” Alex sneered.
“Yeah… don't you like have compassion?” added Clover.
I stood up, “Clover…” I said, “I've already seen how this match will end, and believe me it will surprise you all, but it will prove something powerful.”
The spies seemed confused but Sabrina had already realized what that something would be… “The power of the Heart of the Cards she said softly to me. I looked down at my wife and nodded.
“Hey…!” Sam said, “I think TK's moving.”
TK was trembling in fear with his eyes shut tight, and he was moaning for a card that could help! Suddenly he opened his eyes, “Huh…?” and gazed down at the field and in his hand. “Hey…!”
He stood back up, “I think I may have just gotten something that can work, and Davis is going to help me make it happen.”
“Huh…?” The girls went at the same time. “What are you getting at?” Davis asked, “How do you expect me to help out you…?”
TK snickered, “Just watch…” he told him.”
TK: “Now I activate, DE-SPELL… and I'll use it to destroy the Mystic Plasma Zone!”
Davis: “You what…?”
(Field changes to normal)
(Lord of Dragons: Def: 1100)
Kari: “TK, why did you just do that…? That Field Spell was on your side of the field…”
TK: “Hmm, mm… well you see… I had to get rid of my De-Spell card so now I can play this spell card; CARD OF REVERSAL…!”
Mandy: “Hey… just what do you think you're doing?”
TK: “Well you see…both my hand and my field needs to be empty when I play this card. So now… I get to draw as many cards for as many face-up cards you have on your field.”
Mandy gasped. Since she had four face-up monsters, that meant TK got to draw four cards which he did… and then he got to play a Graceful Charity…”, this also let him draw “Pot Of Greed” … and which increased the card sin his hand to five. “Now I have everything that I need…” he warned the girls.
“No… you got to be bluffing!” Mandy said as she began to feel slightly uncomfortable.
TK: “Just watch me…!”
“Now I summon DRILLROID…!”
(Atk: 1600)
“Next I'll use Monster Reborn to bring back an old friend; STEAMROID…!”
(Atk: 1800)
Mandy: “Big whoop! Not one of those buckets of bolts can stand up to my all powerful Dragons…”
TK: “Maybe not alone they can't… but watch what happens when I play this card. POWER BOND…!”
“Again…?” Alex asked in near disbelief that TK would try something like that again, especially seeing as how it nearly cost him dearly the last time.
“Wait a minute…!” Sabrina said, “I think he's know what he's doing this time. I remember… I've this before many times.” She was referring to the fact that sometimes when she played Power Bond she wouldn't have to worry about negating the damage effects, because usually they didn't have time to work. “Just watch…”
TK: “Now with my Power Bond card, I can fuse my Steamroid, Submarineroid, and Drillroid… to summon forth, SUPER VECHROID JUMBO DRILL…!”
(Atk: 3000)Becomes (Atk: 6000)
“It's attack may have been doubled by Power Bond's effect, but don't think that's where it ends, because I activate LIMITER REMOVAL…! Now I can double his attack again…!”
(Atk: 6000)Becomes (Atk: 12000)
Kari: “Twelve-thousand Attack-points! That's nuts!”
Davis: “I hate to admit it… but that is pretty impressive.”
Mandy: “Hey…! You can't just get a monster that's stronger than my Dragons…!”
TK: “Oh yes I can… but you should feel grateful that it's not your Dragon's I'm going after.”
Mandy: “What…?”
TK: “You see… my Jumbo-Drill's special ability is, when he attacks a monster in defense-mode, the difference between that monster's defense, and my attack is dealt as damage to you.”
Mandy: “Uh…! Wait… no…!”
TK: “Jumbo-Drill… attack her Lord of Dragons now… WIPER HER OUT!”
Mandy: “NO…!”
(Atk: 12000) VS (Def: 1100)
(Davis: 3700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: “0000”/ Kari: 2200)
TK: “YEAH…! There goes my worst problem!”
Mandy: “I lost! AGAIN…!”
TK: “And now I'll finish things off by playing one last spell… DE-FUSION…! So now I can split up my Drill into the three machines I fused to make it.”
Kari: “Mmm… well I guess there's nothing I can do now. Go ahead TK… and great dueling too.”
TK: (Nods) “Steamroid… Submarineroid… Drillroid… attack Kari directly!”
Kari: “MMM…!”
(Davis: 3700/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: “0000”/ Kari: “0000”)
The crowds began to cheer for joy as Davis and TK were announced to be the winners. The spies were amazed that TK pulled through that, and even TK himself was impressed by how he did…
Kari and TK slapped each other a high-five in a good-sportsmanlike manner. “Hey, Davis…” TK said, “I couldn't have done it without your help though. I guess maybe we can make a great team.”
Kari thought that was sweet, but Davis, “You're so pathetic!” were the first words out of his mouth. “We should've won the duel long before Mandy summoned those dragons, but we didn't, and most of that was all because of you.”
Then he reached into his duel disk, and threw away his cards, yet again, “This deck's finished! Completely useless.” and he walked off. “What is his problem…?” TK wondered.
Whatever it was that bothered Davis so much, once again he was walking away, still with no intentions of cooperating with, or being nice to TK and Kari.