Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Break in, Break up. ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

TK and Kari got A-pluses for their helping out their team-mates, Davis did received a passing grade, but it wasn't as high as TK and Kari's. True he did help TK out a bit, but his actions as well as his attitude were rather shameful.
As for Mandy, she got an F. The whole point of the test was to cooperate and work in sync with her tag-partner, which she failed to do with her selfish acts, and her bullying and badgering. She got the lowest grade out of all the other students. And whoa did that make her mad…!
She went back to her dorm room and threw her things all over the floor in rage. She never felt so humiliated in her life. “Well I show those losers what humiliation is like…” she swore, “I'm going to break into that castle and get me some rare cards… TONIGHT…!”
Meanwhile, as the spies headed home to grade some written papers, they still couldn't help but ponder over what was the matter with Davis and why had to act so bitter and rude to Kari and TK…
“What's up girlfriends…” called a voice which snapped the spies from their trance. It was Britney. “Hey… how come you weren't there in the stadium?” Alex asked.
“Yeah… you missed ten different duels… and all the hotties on campus.” Clover said. Sam and Alex pursed their lips in utter disgust.
Britney explained that she volunteered to clap erasers, which explained why she her hands looked a little chalky, “But I did hear about that guy, Davis. He sure is tough to the bone isn't he…? I should know… his dorm's right next to mine.”
The girls agreed, but they just knew what they could do to get to the bottom of what was up with Davis. “Well… we've gotta go… and you should to Britney.” Sam said. “After all you're still the student, and we're the teachers.”
Britney sniggered, “Yeah, I got some homework to do… I'll see you all later.” She smirked before running off across the grounds. The spies waved at their friend until she was out of sight, but Alex began to feel something wasn't quite right. “She sure seemed to be in a hurry to leave…”
Sam began to agree with Alex, but they couldn't really assume anything and probably dismissed it as she wanted to get back to her dorm to get her work done quickly…
…But actually that wasn't it at all, and her hands weren't chalky, they really were pale. The reason for this was because of what she had just done after the exams were over.
She waited near the entrance of the woods where the Rogue-Gang hung out, and waited for her servant, the leader to come. “You… are late!” she hissed at him.
“Duh… ya think…?” he said, “I got stuck in detention writing an essay.”
“You have what I want then…?” replied Britney.
The leader reached into his jacket-pocket and pulled out three more soul cards. Britney carefully took the cards and grinned wickedly, “Yes… very good. With each soul captured, I grow one step closer towards the ultimate power. Soon it will be mine, and then I shall rule the world.”
Just then, her servant cleared his throat in indication that he held up his end of the bargain. “Hand `em over…”
Britney sighed and handed him a new pack of rare cards. “Now go, before I change my mind.” she said, “And bring me more souls…!”
The servant simple grunted and walked off mutter about what a boss from hell he worked for. Britney then looked up at the dusk skies where the moon was already up. Obviously she was waiting for something more than just souls to increase her power…
Davis was on his way back to his dorm room when he ran into me at the door. “Professor Mykan…? What are you doing here…?” he asked.
I walked closer towards him. “I think I understand your actions as a duelist now…” I said. Davis tried to pretend, “I don't know what you mean…”
“You know perfectly well what I mean…” I replied. “I know about you and Kari.”
Davis winced slightly, and that confirmed that the reasons for his actions were because of Kari. He let me into his dorm and explained to me about everything…
There was a time when he and Kari were close… really close!
When Davis was little and Kari first moved on the block, and went to preschool with him, little Davis asked his mom, “Mommy… is that an angel?”
The two became fast friends, and always had a great time together, and as they grew older and went to grade school, Davis was starting to realize that he liked Kari more than he realized.
He looked out for her when she was being picked on by bullies, and she helped him with his spelling and numbers. As they grew older still they both became interested in duel monsters. Davis thought it was going to last forever… and they would go all the way… but when it came time to head for Junior High-School, that's when things went bad…
Kari and her family moved without even telling him. Kari left Davis with a simple Email, Davis felt crushed, and he thought she was gone forever. He hadn't seen her for two years, until it came time for High-School… but that's when he saw her again, with TK…
They seemed to be growing just as close as he and Kari used to be. She didn't even mention a thing about Davis and never even noticed him there in school. Not even when he was right in front of her.
Davis now felt hurt and betrayed, and that was what started him down the bitter and cynical road. That's also when he started to wear his shades… vowing never again to show his face to anyone, because he was shamed.
Sadly, his being reminded of him and Kari slowed him down a little. No matter how hard he tried to put it all behind him, his mind would always go back to what he once had and how he felt he lost it. His dueling skills decreased badly because he couldn't focus.
Davis decided to leave, and enroll at duel-academy where he could pick up on his skills and get strong again. It was almost as if he was trying to gain only power, and forget about love all together.
But then Kari and TK just had to enroll at duel-academy, and his anger began to spike. Davis didn't care much about them anymore anyways. He preferred to stay focused on his anger and power… after all it got him much further than he did without it.
“I won't let Kari and TK get the better of me…” Davis snapped, “I won't make the same mistake twice! I want power, and I want nothing more…”
I had heard just about all I needed to hear, and I could tell that whatever it was that kept Davis in the dark, he would have to deal with it on his own. “I'm not going to lecture you Davis…” I told him, “I will tell you this… having great power and lots of it won't really be all that you think it is. Just think about it…”
Davis sighed with an angry expression on his face, but he wasn't mad at me, but at himself. He couldn't understand why all this was happening to him, but that didn't mean he was willing to change.
After it had gotten dark, Mandy decided to make her move. She dressed up in all black; even though the color was really ghastly to her fashion tastes… she was all set to go, and snuck out of her dorm making her way to the castle.
“Once I get a hold of those rare cards I can finally ditch this good-for-nothing island, and go home with a deck so great not even those losers can stand up to me again.” She thought to herself, but what she wasn't aware of was that she was being followed by another presence…
Two glowing eyes spotted her from the bushes and followed her from behind… into the castle, down the dark corridors, and near towards the restricted-area that lead to the card-making-facility where all the game's cards were printed and finished before being released.
Of course, all students, and unauthorized staff were forbidden from entering that area, and Estevan's security camera quickly began to sense a presence, and the screen near the big-doors activated “Who's there…?” Estevan called, “Identify yourself or I must sound the alarm.”
Mandy stayed out behind the corner, thinking she just blew it.
“This is your last chance…!” Estevan called, “Give yourself up, or I'll sound the alarm.”
Suddenly, Estevan's computer began to fade. “Huh…? What's going on…?” and then KAPOW! The screen shorted out and blew. Mandy was surprised and couldn't understand it in the least, but suddenly the doors near the screen began to open wide as a man came out to inspect the loud noise he heard. “What the heck happened here…?”
Mandy saw this as yet another opportunity, and she leapt out from behind the corner, and smacked the man hard on the head which knocked him out cold. Mandy then took his clearance-card which granted her access inside…
“Gee... Maybe I should consider being a spy…” she thought to herself.
Before the doors closed, the stranger who was following her slipped inside as well. She sniggered wickedly and then snuck off to do her business.
King Monroe was in his office just finishing up some paper work, when his clerk came in, “I believe it is closing time, your majesty.” he said.
The King checked his pocket watch, “Yes I believe so…” he agreed, “Another day, and another job well done. Do you agree…?”
“Oh yes, sire… I wholeheartedly agree…” replied the butler. “Everything working like clockwork, and nothing has gone wrong whatsoever.” But he spoke too soon when suddenly the alarm sounded, and security had contacted the King, but with the use of his Millennium-Eye, the King managed to look ahead and see what was wrong without even having to change computer screens…
Some of his men were lying unconscious at their work-stations, all apparently suffering from the same condition; having their souls been stolen. To make matters worse, a few of their newly printed, untested cards that had just come off the table, were missing.
The King tried to raise Estevan on the computer-monitor, but all he got was static. “Oh, no… it's worse than I thought.” The King said. “Send for Sabrina and Mykan. The three WOOHP agents too.”
“Yes your majesty…!”
While all the hustle was going about, Mandy had already made her escape without getting caught and was already outside the castle gazing at the several cards she managed to swipe
She sniggered with her trademark laugh. “These cards are perfect…” she said softly to herself. She especially admired one of them. “Now that I've got them… watch out loser-team… I'm coming for you.”