Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Reaturn of the Shadow Realm ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Infirmary was completely filled up with soul-victims. Sabrina had never been so busy before, especially late at night when she and I had to get out of bed so suddenly.
The spies were outraged to hear about what had happened, and both Sam and Alex were doing their best to repair the computers and get Estevan back online. “You know you could give us a hand Clover…” Sam said, but to Clover “Sorry… computers… not my thing.”
Alex and Sam sighed and then finished connected the wires. Estevan repapered on the screen “Good work, spies…” he said, “You've reestablished the computer-linkup to my virtual console.”
“Good to have you back, son…” said the King, “Can you tell us what happened?”
All Estevan could tell them was there was an intruder last night, but he couldn't see who it was because something shorted out his systems. “That's strange…” I said, “I tried to look into the past with the Millennium-Necklace but nothing appeared.”
Clover suddenly had a sneaky feeling, “You don't think that...”
The rest of us began to feel the same thing, “Estevan…” I said, “Scan the secret-vault. Report the conditions of all the Millennium-Items inside.”
“Right… all set with that check…” Estevan said. Then suddenly he gasped, “Total number of items… five.”
“Five…?” asked Sabrina. “But how can that be…? We recently put in a sixth item.”
Estevan had done some scanning, “It's the Millennium-Puzzle… it's a fake!”
We all gasped in shock, and Estevan showed us an image of the camera's in the vault. Sure enough, half the Millennium-Puzzle we had placed inside was cracked like ceramic, and we all knew fully well that Millennium Items were not made of ceramic.
“It is a fake…!” cried Alex. “Then that means…”
“Britney…!” Sam cut in.
In her dorm, Britney's Millennium-Puzzle began to flash in warning. “GRR…! It appears that those fools are cleverer than I gave them credit for.” she grumbled. She gazed down at the collection of soul-cards she had gathered, “I still haven't got enough to lead to my ultimate power… but it seems that I have no choice.”
She stood up and walked out onto the terrace, “It's time that I took this shadow-game to a higher level. Hmm, mm, mm…!”
She held her arms out as strong winds began to pick up, and her Millennium-Puzzle began to glow mysteriously. At once, the sky began to change color…
The King made up his mind, “There can be no argument. The school or rather the entire island must be evacuated immediately.” he said, “We can't risk anymore of our student's and staff being hurt.”
All of us agreed with him, but we heard Sabrina gasp, “Uh… I think we might be a little too late. Look out there…!” she cried as she pointed out the window.
The sky was changeling into a swirling dark vortex. The whole island was suddenly transported into the Shadow-Realm so that no one would be able to leave. “Oh, man… not this creepy place again.” Alex cried…
She still never even got over the time she got locked in the Shadow-Realm and was nearly lost forever.
We all immediately established that Britney was behind this, the King was about to call security to apprehend her, but then he realized that if he did that his men would probably meet the same fate as those who had their souls taken.
Sam tried to call Jerry, but her Ex-Com gave her no-signal. This was to be expected as we had been transported into another dimension. “Great… now what do we do?” she asked.
“There's only one things we can do…” I said, “We have no other choice, we're going have to find Britney and confront her. She's the one who brought us here, and only she can send us back.”
Alex was up for that, and so was Sam, “Yeah… reality-check…” Clover said, “Britney is totally large, and IN CHARGE…!” she once again implying that Britney had way more power than all of us put together, “And you're saying we should go and face her… into the lion's den?”
“The others have a point Clover…” said the King. “Only all of you have the necessary potential to stop the evil and send us back home. It may be our only chance.”
With things put that way, Clover decided she was in too. The King quickly made the royal announcement regard all the students to stay in their dorm rooms until further notice, as well as beware of Britney or anyone who might be associated with her evil-plans.
He did however promise that guards would double the security, and that provisions from whatever they had left would be sent to every dorm and divided equally so there would be enough for every student.
He did not tell them though that he wasn't sure that our food and water supplies would last. “Then we'll just have to find a way out before then.” I said. “Estevan… can you find out where Britney is…?”
Estevan shook his head, “My sensors can pick-up no trace of her on the island.” He said, “She must be blocking me out with her magic, but regardless I can't track her down.”
This was bad news. If Britney was out there, who knew what sort of trouble she could've been causing. “We have no choice…” I said, “We've got to go and find her.”
The spies agreed, and the King agreed to let us go off. Sabrina however couldn't shake off this feeling that something really bad, far worse than being trapped in the Shadow-Realm would happen. Her father pecked her on the head and tried to soften her worries, and then he went off to go and Check on Erica and Misty as Sabrina had to stay and look after her patients.
But that's when her scary feelings grew far worse… “You're here…! Aren't you…”
“Hmm, mm… yes little Princess, I am here…” hissed and unpleasant voice. Britney leapt down from up in the ventilation shafts. Only she no longer looked like herself, her face had weird markings on it, and her eyes were glowing yellow. She also wore a black cape over her Obelisk-Blue Blazer.
“Intruder Alert! Intruder-Alert…!” cried Estevan as he sounded the alarm, but Britney quickly shorted him out again. “Estevan…!” cried Sabrina. “Estevan…?”
“Your brother can't help you now.” Britney sneered, “He was virtual, and of no use to me anyway. Now you Princess… you have something I want… and I aim to take it.”
Sabrina clenched her fists and could see exactly where this was going. “You're that evil spirit! The one Estevan told us about; YUBEL…!”
Britney nodded, “Very good… I see your memory serves you well from our last encounter.”
Sabrina remembered, Yubel took over Britney's body, and trapped everyone in their favorite cards. “I also remember that thanks to Mykan's thinking, we defeated you and sent you to the graveyard.”
“Yes…” Yubel nodded, “But I never actually expected to win that duel. Hmm, mm… no, I was merely testing out everyone's power, my alias-decoy served well for its creation, and now I plan to finish what I started.”
Sabrina realized that she was after the souls of duelists. She was the one who stole all the souls from her patients, and now it seemed that she was after her soul too. Sabrina wasn't about to let that happened, “If you want my soul this much…” she snapped as she threw off her doctor's uniform revealing her dueling outfit underneath, Red leotard, bage leotard bottom, and long black boots(What she wears in Saffron City Gym)
“You're going to have to duel me for it.” she took one of the duel-disks from her patients, and took out her deck.
“Hmm, mm… that's exactly what I plan to do…” said Yubel as her right arm began to morph into a scaly, but perfectly functional duel-disk. “Now let us begin…”
While outside on the grounds, I suddenly stopped running. “Awe, man… how could be so stupid!” I cried, “Sabrina's alone in the infirmary.” And I quickly began to dash towards the school.
“Mykan…!” called Alex.
“Never mind Alex… he can look after himself.” said Sam.
“We've got to find Britney before anything else happens.” cried Clover, and she ad the others continued to race across the grounds.
I had just reached the infirmary, but I was too late, Yubel seemed to have erected a barrier at the door to prevent intrusion during the duel. “Oh, no… Sabrina…!”
She was on her own now.