Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The ultimate Machines: Part two ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yubel was still laughing at Sabrina, and urging her to give up, “Why don't you just forfeit, and surrender to me peacefully. It's far easier that way…”
Sabrina gritted her teeth. “Never…!” she sneered, “I may be a Princess, but I'm never a damsel in distress.”
I was proud the way Sabrina recaptured her determination. “That's it Sabrina…! Don't give in. Just believe…!” I whispered under my breath.
Sabrina drew her next card and the duel continued…
SCORE:(Yubel: 6600 / Sabrina: 4300)
Sabrina: “First up… I play POT OF GREED so I can draw two cards…”
(Draws 2)
“Now, I activate the spell, TIME FUSION…!”(Anime Card only) “All I'm required to do is remove one card in my hand from play… and on my next turn, my Cyber Twin Dragon will be able to return to the field, which means I have no need for any fusion-requirements.”
“As for Your Dragon… I've something big in-store for it… BLOCK ATTACK…!”
Britney/ Yubel: “What…?”
(Def: 1000)
Sabrina: “Now that your Dragon's not as tough as it ought to be… it should be too difficult to wipe off the field, and I have just the card to do that with. I special summon my third CYBER DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 2100)
(Atk: 2100) VS (Def: 1000)
Yubel braced as the attack struck her monster down, but when the smoke had cleared. “Huh…?” Sabrina couldn't believe it. The Cyberdark Dragon was still in play. “I don't understand. Why wasn't your monster destroyed?”
“Simple really…” Yubel answered her, “You see… Seiyaru not only added more attack-strength to my monster, it protected it as well. You only destroyed Seiyaru, and not my Cyberdark Dragon.”
This meant that the Cyberdark Dragon lost 2500 of its attack-power, but Seiyaru was still sent to the graveyard, meaning that its attack rose by another 100 points. Giving it a total of 2400…
Sabrina had no other cards in her hand. So she had no choice but to end her turn.
Britney/ Yubel: “Now then… on we go.”
“Firstly, I shall switch my monster back into attack-position…”
(Atk: 2700)
“And now I shall summon forth this creature… CYBER PHOENIX…!”
(Def: 1600)
Sabrina groaned in frustration. “The Cyber Phoenix…! Now that it's in play I won't be able to strike her Cyberdark Dragon with spells or traps…”
This didn't look good from where I was watching… “Hang tough, Sabrina…”
Britney/ Yubel: “Now my Cyberdark Dragon… Demolish her Cyber Dragon…!”
(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 2100)
SCORE:(Yubel: 6600 / Sabrina: 3600)
Sabrina: “Ugh…!”
Sabrina yelped as the force of the attack, and destruction of her monster knocked her off her feet and sent her crashing into the wall. “Awe… ow!”
Word's couldn't describe the anger that was boiling inside of me. “I've got to find a way to dispel this barrier.” I said to myself. So I decided to concentrate and focus my powers, hopefully Yubel would be too distracted by the duel to do anything about it…
I had to get to Sabrina now…!
Speaking of whom, she heaved herself up to her feet, much to Yubel's annoyance. “You still wish to continue…?” she growled.
Sabrina, while panting, nodded her head, “Yes… I do…!” she said. She took her position back at the duel, and focused on her situation. With the Cyber Phoenix out, the Cyberdark dragon was nearly untouchable, but even so, by destroying the Cyber Phoenix, it would only power the dragon up even more.
Even still… she wouldn't give up.
Sabrina: “It's my move now…”
“And there's something you should know about the card that I removed from play last turn… it automatically is played now… CARD FROM A DIFFERENT DIEMENSION…!” (Anime Card Only)
Britney/ Yubel: “I see… and a very clever move. Now we both must draw two cards each.”
Sabrina: “Correct… so draw!”
(Both draw 2)
“Mmm…! And now, since I played Time fusion on my last turn, my Cyber Twin Dragon returns to me…!”
(Atk: 2800)
Britney/ Yubel: “And should I be afraid of this… because I'm not. You forget… yourmonster is unable to attack on this turn. Meaning my monsters are completely safe.”
Sabrina: “Don't be so sure, because I have a way to stop that… I play… POWER BOND…!”
Britney/Yubel: “Wait a moment… how can you think of playing that card when you haven't any fusion material monsters to fuse…?”
Sabrina: “Oh, I don't…?” Well that can be changed, when I play this quick-play spell from my hand, CYBERNETIC FUSION SUPPORT…!”(Anime Card only)
“I can use it whenever I play a fusion card, then it's a case of paying half of my life-points…”
SCORE:(Yubel: 6600 / Sabrina: 1200)
“Now… all I have to do is remove all three of my Cyber Dragons from play… and I can once again bring forth the ultimate machine, CYBER END DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 8000)
Britney/Yubel: “AAH…! I can't believe it; she actually summoned her strongest creature?”
Sabrina: “Yes… I did… and with my Power Bond doubling its attack power, your life points are in for a serious clobbering. Cyber End Dragon… Destroy Cyber Phoenix!”
(Atk: 8000) VS (Def: 1600)
Britney/ Yubel: “ARGH…!”
Sabrina: “Oh, and by the way, thanks to my Cyber End Dragons ability, when it attacks a monster in defense-mode, the difference in the attack and defense are dealt as damage to you.
Britney/ Yubel: “GRR…!”
SCORE:(Yubel: 200 / Sabrina: 1200)
Britney/Yubel: “You still destroyed my Cyber Phoenix, so I get to draw a card…”
Sabrina: “It makes no difference to me… because on my next turn, I'll wipe out the rest of your life points, and put an end to your dreaded evil for good… and to make sure that happens I summon forth CYBER KIRIN…!”
(Atk: 300)
“Now I send him to the graveyard… so that I don't have to take any damage from my Power Bond card, and it's your move…”
Yubel was in a tough spot now…
All she had was her Cyberdark Dragon, and its attack power was nowhere near the Cyber End Dragon's 8000. There wasn't really anything she could do to make her monster any stronger… but that didn't seem to bother her at all.
If anything, she was laughing maliciously as she drew her card.
Sabrina wondered what she was laughing at, and Yubel answered, “You only think you control the ultimate machine monster, my dear… But I'm going to show you just how wrong you are…!”
Sabrina was confused, “You're bluffing…!” she snapped, “There can't possibly be another machine out there that's more powerful than my Cyber-End Dragon.”
Yubel only sniggered more, “Maybe not from you're world there is not… but then again, you don't know the true meaning of power. Well then… permit me to demonstrate…!”
Britney/ Yubel: “This spell proved useful to you… so it shall serve me good too; FUTURE FUSION…! As you know, I can now send any monsters used in a fusion into my Graveyard. So I believe that I'll send them all…!”
Sabrina: “What…?”
Even though I had to concentrate on breaking the barrier, which seemed to be working as I was almost through, I couldn't help but over hear her saying she was sending all of her monsters in her entire deck into the graveyard. Leaving her deck only filled with spells and traps…
And because all of those monsters were sent into the graveyard, thirty combined with the four she already had, that granted her Cyberdark Dragon a grand total of 5400 points.
(Atk: 5400)
Sabrina: “Some move that was… But your Dragon is still far weaker than my own.”
Britney/ Yubel: “That may be so… but you forget… I'm planning on making a fusion. One that requires every single machine that I just put in my graveyard…”
Sabrina: “What…? Every one of your machines…?”
Britney/ Yubel:“That's what I said… now observe and behold the power of OVERLOAD FUSION…!”
“With this spell… I can remove all the machines in my Graveyard from play, and I shall also remove my own Cyberdark Dragon from the field as well. Now I can bring forth the true ultimate machine… whose power will make you sweat in fear.”
“I summon… the all-powerful… CHIMERATECH OVERDRAGON…!”
(Atk :?)
The grounds were shaking violently as the huge monster appeared. “Look at the size of that thing!” cried Sabrina, “It's Enormous...!”
“Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah… indeed!” sniggered Yubel, “And It grows even larger as well… for every single machine that was used to make this monster… it gains 800 attack points for each.”
“Eight… Hundred… EACH…!” cried Sabrina.
Even I was beginning to feel my fear growing, and I was starting to lose my concentration on the barrier… “But that means--” I paused, and indeed it did… the Over dragon now had a grand total of…
(Atk: 28,000)
Sabrina: “No! This can't be happening!”
Britney/ Yubel: “Oh but it is… oh, and one other thing… my monster has the power to attack all the creatures you have on the field, just like that…”
“So… you may attack NOW…!”
(Atk: 28,000) VS (Atk: 2800) (Atk: 8000)
FINAL-SCORE:(Yube l: 200 / Sabrina: “0000”)
The biggest holographic explosion ever happened, and Sabrina screamed as if she had been raped. I finally opened my eyes in the midst of the chaos, “SABRINA…!”
The noise could be heard from all over the island, and even the Spies heard it on their investigation. “Hey, that sounds like Mykan.” said Alex.
“He sure sounds in a bad way…” Sam added.
Clover suddenly had shivers running down her spine, “You don't think they've met up with…” she gulped, “Britney, do you…?”
The girls didn't say anything and then, changed into their spy-suits, and flew across the grounds with their jetpacks…
It was already too late however. The duel was over, “You have failed, Princess.” Yubel laughed. She began to walk closer to towards Sabrina, who was backing into the walls like a cowardly cat for the first time in years.
“Please… I'll do anything! Anything…!” she cried, “Just don't hurt me…!”
Yubel sniggered again, “Why my dear… I don't plan to hurt you...!” she said as the Millennium Puzzle began to glow, “I intend to take what is now RIGHTFULLY MINE…!”
Sabrina screamed in horror as the bright-lights began to blind her, and make her feel strange. “SABRINA…!” I called as I finally broke through the barrier and stepped in the way of the light.
“Huh…?” Yubel gasped, “What are you doing? GET OUT OF THE WAY…!”
“RRRR… NEVER… YOU LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE…!” I screamed as I did what I could to absorb the blast with my Millennium Necklace like I did before.
Finally the spies passed by the door, and then doubled back. “Hey guys… over here!” cried Clover, and they all gazed into the door in horror. Yubel saw them and knew she was in trouble, and thanks to my heroics… Sabrina's soul was not completely captured, but she had no choice and had to run for it…
“I'LL BE BACK DUELING DORKS…! JUST YOU WAIT…!” and in a huge flash of light… she was gone. At that moment, Sabrina and I both collapsed. The spies dashed in.
“Mykan… are you okay…?” asked Alex as she helped me get up. I felt as if I had just been hit by stampede of Elephants. “RRR… I've never felt… anything so powerful…!”
“Uh… Mykan…?” cried Sam.
“We got a problem here…!” added Clover.
Sabrina was lying in they're arms and she looked rather pale. It looked as if she was dying. “Sabrina…!”
I moved towards the girls and took my wife into my arms, “Sabrina…? Can you hear me…?”
Her eyes were hardly open at all, and she spoke so softly it was almost hard to make her out, “Mykan…!” she pepped, “I feel.. weak… s-s-so weak…!”
Sabrina needed help and fast. As for me, “Yubel… !” I growled, “So help me… I will get you for this!”