Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Rages and Ransom ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina was placed in bed, and hooked up to a powerful respirator to help her breath. The others doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with her from the start, but I already knew what was wrong…
When Yubel had blasted Sabrina in an attempt to steal her soul, and I leapt in the way to intercept the blast and absorb it, I did manage to save Sabrina… but only a little. Now she was lying in bed with more than eighty-percent f her soul missing…
No wonder she was feeling so weak…! It was if she were practically dead already. You can bet I was most devastated over all this. The spies and the King could see me still standing outside in the corridor, in the dark, with my head dropped down as I faced the window that over looked the dark and shadowy skies…
The King sighed in pity for me, and then he asked, “Give it to us straight Doc…” he said, “Is she going to be alright…?”
The Doctor nodded his head, “You're daughter should be fine, so long as she doesn't move around. I suggest she remain in bed” he said, “But she won't ever recover until the rest of her soul is retrieved. That's all I can tell you…”
Alex sniffled and wiped her eyes on her spy-suit, “Aww… how could we have let this happen…?” she said.
Sam sighed, “Yubel's powers must be stronger here in the Shadow-Realm… who knows what she's capable of?”
Clover was gazing out the door at me, and could see how bummed I looked, and who could blame me. My wife was lying in bed, sick. Clover sometime she would vision if she had a husband… if were as bedridden as Sabrina was she'd bawl her eyes out…
She walked out to try and perk me up a bit, “Mykan…?” she asked, but I didn't even move. She put her hand over my shoulder, and I still didn't respond.
“Come on Mykan… you can't keep beating yourself up like this.” she replied, “It wasn't all your fault.”
I finally turned to face her, “Yes it was, Clover…” I said. “I just shouldn't have left her alone by herself.”
The King came out to join us, “Awe, come on Mykan… pull yourself together, son. At least she's still with us. You did save her…”
“Yeah… but just barely…” I replied. In my view Sabrina would never had been attacked if I hadn't run off like that. At least we still had a chance to try and save Sabrina. All we had to do was find Yubel, and get Sabrina's soul back.
Then we could corner Yubel, and finish her off for good, the only problem was we couldn't tell where she was. Not even the King and I could do it with our Millennium Items.
Worse than that, the Shadow-Realm vortex was clouding any vision of the future I tried to view through the Necklace's power. The spies were still unable to call Jerry, so there only one possible way…
Sam suggested, “She's after souls right? Well maybe, we can determine her next victim, and where she'll be likely to head next.”
We all agreed that it was our best and practically only move. Alex also suddenly had an ideal of who would be next, “Davis…”
The rest of us began to think she was right. Yubel was after the souls of strong people, preferably duelists. “Davis would make a perfect capture for her…”
The girls decided to head to the Obelisk dorm, and they invited me to come with them. I hesitated for a moment… and my father-in-law told me not to worry about Sabrina, “I'll watch-over her, boy. Don't worry.”
I nodded in thanks to him. “M-y-kan…!” Sabrina peeped. I gently bent over and pressed my lips against my wife's forehead. “You're going to be okay. I promise!” I said to her, and I always kept my promises.
“Let's go girls…!” I said, and off we went.
The King never saw such bravery and honor in anyone's eyes before. “It such these things that makes me proud.” he said to himself.
We all flew to the Obelisk blue dorm with the spies' jetpacks; Alex kindly carried me the whole way. “I have definitely got to get me one of these…” I said as a compliment.
On our way however, we passed by the Ra-Yellow territory and saw the main dorm-building had only one guard standing watch and the rest of the place seemed to be lit up and bustling with trouble…
We all landed near the guard, “What's happening…?” Sam asked.
“Oh, Professors… it's horrible…” the guard said. “Two of the Ra-Yellow students have been kidnapped.”
The girls and I shared exchanged worried expressions, “Which students…? Did you catch their names…?” Clover asked. The Guard nodded, and showed her his clip board…
Takeru Takashi… and Hikari Kaymiya
“TK and Kari…?” cried Alex.
The guard also reported that the last time they were checked on was when the services were going around during feeding-time, and then they heard someone scream… and they opened up and TK and Kari were missing… vanished into thin air.
“What's more… we found this.” the guard said as he handed us a note that was found in the dorm… which read:
“If you ever want to see these students again, tell Davis Motomiya to head to the forbidden-caverns, and Professor Alex to come into the woods. Come alone!”
“The Leader of the Rouge-Gang”
This really surprised, and annoyed us. “How can the rouge-gang want to cause more trouble at a time like this…?” Clover snapped.
I however wasn't as convinced, “I don't know Clover… it's not like the Rouge-gang would do something like this.” I said, “Sure they may be creeps and all, but they'd never want to be involved in a kidnapping.”
The girls suddenly began to agree that there was something more to this than what we knew. We couldn't just do what the note said, that would be walking right into the trap. Still… we couldn't just ignore it either.
“I have to go…” Alex said, “At least I got some gadgets with me. I'll be okay…”
Clover and Sam weren't convinced that Alex had everything. “Here…” Clover said, “You'll need these too…” and they passed her their respective Spy-Girl cards from their decks.
“But guys…?”
But Sam and Clover wouldn't take “No” for an answer, “If any of them would have gotten caught in a duel, their Spy-Woman monster would be desperately needed, and Alex had more experience controlling it than any of them.
Alex resisted the urge to argue, and bid us all, “Good luck…” before she took off towards the forest, I decided to head back and report this to the King. Clover stayed behind at the Ra dorm, and Sam went off to the Obelisk dorm to search for Davis…
In a secret hideout in the islands caverns, Britney, still being controlled by Yubel was watching the action through her Millennium-Puzzle. “Excellent… they're all split up. The perfect opportunity to make my move…”
She only required one more soul or so to finally open the path to the Sacred Beasts… and this was her best chance. She signaled her servant, the Rogue-gang, “She's on her way… you know what to do, and no mistakes!”
“Whatever…” the leader said before Yubel broke the contact. She then turned to face TK and Kari whom she had chained to the walls of the cavern. “Hmm, mm, mm… I miss the old days when I had hostages held against their will.”
Kari and TK struggled and pulled all they could to try and get free, but the chains were too tough. “Whoever you are, you won't get away with this!” TK snarled.
“TK…!” cried Kari, “I don't think we should try and make her mad…”
Yubel actually didn't mind. It entertained her watching her prisoners squirm and make fools of themselves. “No one has ever escaped from my wrath before, and no one ever shall.”
It didn't matter to her whether Davis showed up or not, or if her servant succeeded or failed with Alex. Yubel had it set that no matter what happened she would end up with what she wanted.
Somewhere, on his way to the caverns Davis, who didn't seem to be frightened by any of this was walking with that same angered expression on his face, and even though it was so dark and spooky outside, he still hadn't removed his shades.
Suddenly, he heard someone call out to him. “Davis…!” He turned round and saw Sam touch down from the skies. “Davis you shouldn't be out here like this. It's too dangerous”
Davis wasn't afraid, “I'm a big guy. I can look after myself.” he said to her, and he continued to walk down the path, but Sam wasn't giving up. “Davis, you're rushing into a trap… you can't save Kari and TK alone.”
Davis stopped dead in his tracks and smirked, “Why should I worry about TK and Kari?” he snuffed, “Anyway, I'm not really interested in saving them. It's this Yubel person I want to get a look at. If she's as tough as she says she is, it's a good chance for me to get stronger.”
Sam felt shocked to hear him say such a thing. Davis was only going to face Yubel just so he could get stronger…? How selfish and aggressive could he be…?
“Stop right there…!” Sam said, “And as your teacher, that's an order!”
Davis saw no choice but to stop. “Look… I just don't care about Kari the way I used to. She didn't care about me… why should I feel about her.”
Sam finally understood, “I see… you have feelings for Kari.”
Davis gasped in anger and shock. “Ah…!”
Sam continued on realizing that Davis had a crush on Kari years back, but he got stepped-on. “Don't you think that all this pent up rage, and being mean to people is worse than things already are…?”
“Can't you just be happy for Kari… and forgive her that she forgot about you…?”
Davis hesitated for moment… and then he finally said, “That's… just not my thing!”
Davis made it clear that he fell victim to the sting of love once before, and he would never fall for it again. “I want to get stronger, and nothing more, and dueling this Yubel creature is just what I need…”
Sam refused to let him go, and finally Davis lost his cool and challenged her to a duel. “I could use a warm-up match before Yubel anyways.”
Sam decided that at least it would give her time to talk to him some more, so she agreed. Even though she didn't have her Green Spy-girl card on her now, she knew she wouldn't need it.
Their duel-disks were readied, and their cards were drawn, and life points were set… “DUEL…!”