Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Temper Temper: Part one ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The duel was ready to begin, and Sam allowed Davis to go first…
SCORE:(Sam: 8000/ Davis: 8000)
Davis: “Hmm…”
“Not bad… I'll throw a monster in defense mode, and I'll place one card face down and end my turn.”
Sam: “All right! My move…!”
Sam's thoughts: “Hmm… I can't tell what type of deck he's using. I guess it'll be better if I learn that first and then decide on how to deal with him.”
Sam: “I summon, OCEAN'S KEEPER…!”
(Atk: 1500)
“Thanks to its special ability, when it attacks a defending monster, the difference in their points is dealt to you as damage. Go keeper, Attack!”
(Atk: 1500)
Davis:“Not so fast…!”
Sam: “Hmm…?”
Davis: “My trap activates; BACKFIRE…!”
“Whenever you destroy one of my fire-type monsters, you take 500 points damage to your life points, and just so happens that what you attacked is UFO TURTLE…!”
(Atk: 1500) VS (Def: 1200)
SCORE:(Sam: 7500/ Davis: 7700)
“And what's more… when the UFO Turtle is destroyed in battle, its special ability allows me to summon forth another Fire-monster from my deck… so I'll summon another Turtle…!”
(Atk: 1400)
Sam: “Hmm… not a bad play Davis, but there is still something I can do. I'll send my Ocean's keeper to the graveyard so I can trigger its other effect. Now I summon forth THOUSAND EYES JELLYFISH…!”
(Def: 2100)
Davis: “Ah…!”
Davis growled angrily. As long as Sam's new monster stayed in play, Davis would have to play while showing the cards in his hand. This would really put up a dent in his strategy if he didn't find a way to stop it and fast…
Sam ended her turn, and got a quick glimpse of all the cards Davis was holding. Pretty much everything was used for Fire Attributed monsters.
“So… you're using a Fire-deck now?” Sam asked.
“So what if I am…?” Davis snarled at her. “It's the perfect deck that I've been waiting for.” He went explaining how no one had defeated him with this sort of deck, and that he was sure to be unbeatable with… but only one ultimate test remains. “If I can just crush you, and your Ocean monsters, I'll have definite proof that I have the ultimate deck. Then I can move on to face that Yubel and show her and everyone else that I'm the strongest of them all…”
Sam couldn't believe that Davis was so stuck up and stubborn. “Davis, will you just listen to reason! You're going to drive yourself crazy if you keep going on this road of hatred and anger…”
Davis wasn't interested, and actually mouthed-off to his teacher, “Pathetic! I'll show you what my anger is capable of…” and he took his turn.
He drew his card…
“Ah ha…!” he snickered. “Since I have no choice I'll show you what the monster is that I just drew…” he flipped the card around, “It's THESTALOS THE FIRE STORM MONARCH…!”
Sam gasped when she realized what would happen now…
Davis: “I'll sacrifice my Turtle, and summon it…!”
(Atk: 2400)
“And now thanks to its special ability. Since it was tribute-summoned, I get to select one card in your hand and send it to the graveyard, and if that card is a monster, you take 100 points of damage equal to how many stars that monster has…!”
Sam growled, and Davis chose the card on her far left, and it was indeed a monster. It was Oxygeddon, and since it had four stars in its level, Sam lost 400 points…
SCORE:(Sam: 7100/ Davis: 7700)
Davis: “Now isn't that a shame…! Looks like no matter how hard you try, you just can't shield your life points from the burn!”
“And speaking of the burn… I'll remove my UFO Turtle from play, so I can special summon this… INFERNO…!”
(Atk: 1100)
“Now I'll send my Monarch to destroy your jellyfish…!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (Def: 2100)
Sam: “My Jellyfish…!”
Davis: “And now, Inferno… go get her!”
(Atk: 1100)
Sam: “Whoa…! That's hot!”
SCORE:(Sam: 6000/ Davis: 7700)
Davis: “Yeah it is. This is a fire deck… which means it will burn you…! Now I'll throw one card face down and end my turn.”
Sam: “My move…”
Sam gazed down at the card she just drew, “Hey, it's my “Penguin-Soldier”…
Then she gazed out at the field and began to get this really neat idea of how to stop Davis in his tracks… but she also made sure to have a backup plan incase he would try and out smart her again…
Sam: “I'll throw two cards face-down on the field, and now I'll summon a monster in defense-mode. That ends my turn…”
Davis: “Yeah… whatever…! Defending your monsters isn't going to help you this time…”
“Inferno… Attack…!”
Sam: “Got'cha… you just attacked PENGUIN SOLDIER…!”
(Atk: 1100) VS (Def: 500)
Davis: “Hmm…!”
Sam: “Now its special-ability activates… forcing both your monsters to return straight to you hand…”
Davis had no choice but to send the monsters back to his hand, but he was also grinning sinisterly, and then Sam saw why when she checked the Score…
SCORE:(Sam: 4500/ Davis: 7700)
“What happened…? How did you do that…?” she asked.
Davis thought as a teacher Sam would know everything, “It's because of Inferno's other special ability. When it destroys a monster in battle the opposing duelist automatically loses 1500 life points.”
Sam couldn't believe that Davis slipped right through her again…
To make matters worse, “And you seem to have forgotten that all I have to do is remove another fire monster in my graveyard from play… and I can summon Inferno straight back to the field…”
(Def: 1900)
Davis: “And while I'm at it, I'll activate this trap GRAVITY BIND…!Now with this in play, all monsters with 4 stars or more can't attack.”
Sam could see that this would be a little more difficult than she thought. Despite the fact that her deck was full of Water-Creatures, and would normally have an advantage over Fire Types… the way Davis was playing was just remarkable.
So far she had already lost nearly half her life points, and Davis had only lost a few… but she wasn't willing to give up. She never forgot what made her a dueling champion and a teacher of the game in the first place, and that was never giving up, and continuing to fight for what was right…
Sam: “It's my move…”
Sam's thoughts: “It's my “Cure Mermaid
But it's a level- four monster. It won't be able to attack. Even if it could I can't take out that Inferno, and even if I do, the Backfire trap will deal me more damage. Still… I can just stay defenseless, and at least her special ability can help me gain my life points back…”
Sam: “I summon CURE MERMAID…!”
(Atk: 1500)
Davis: “Is that the best you can do… don't make me laugh…!”
Sam: “GRR…! I'll end my turn now…”
Davis: “You may as well…”
“Nice…! First I'll play the spell MAGICAL MALLET…!”
“It lets me put any cards I don't want back into my deck…”
“Now I shuffle, and draw the same number of cards I threw away.”
“Mmm…! Now I activate the spell SOUL OF FIRE…!”
“Now the first thing that happens is you get to draw a card…”
Sam: “Hmm…”
“So now what happens…?”
Davis: “Well, now I get remove a Pyro monster in my deck from play, and then you take damage equal to half its original attack-power.”
Sam gasped in anger, she remembered facing off against that monster before, and it had a very deadly power. Not only would Sam lose 500 life points every time his turn came to an end, but as long as another Pyro monster was on the field, Solar Flare couldn't be attacked at all.
Still it was removed from play, and she lost 750 points…
SCORE:(Sam: 3750/ Davis: 7700)
“Now that that's all dealt with, I'll pay 2000 life points and activate DIMENSION FUSION...!” So now I can bring my Solar Flare Dragon back instantly.”
SCORE:(Sam: 3750/ Davis: 5700)
(Atk: 1500)
Sam: “Are you about finished yet…?”
Davis: “Far from it… I have one last card to play… INFERNO RECKLESS SUMMON…!”
Sam gasped, for she knew fully well what that card was capable of; It could only be activated whenever Davis would special summon a Pyro-monster with 1500 attack-points or less… then Davis would be able to summon any other, or all duplicates of that card.
Then Sam would be able to select one monster on her side of the field with 1500 points or less, and summon all those monsters. So she summoned forth two more Cure Mermaids, while Davis now had three Solar Flare Dragons in play…!
Still, even though all the monsters had equal attack strength, Davis had quite the upper-hand. With three dragons in play, and Inferno still on the field, the dragons couldn't be touched…
“Now I end my turn, and you lose 1500 points of damage just like that…!”
SCORE:(Sam: 2250/ Davis: 5700)
Davis: “Do you give up yet?”
Sam: “Never…! I won't give up…”
“You may know this much… but now my Cure Mermaids each boost my life-points by 800…”
SCORE:(Sam: 4650/ Davis: 5700)
Davis: “Mmm…!”
Sam: “And now I'll summon forth this monster in defense-mode. That ends my turn…”
Davis: “Fine by me…!”
Davis began to realize that with Sam's Cure Mermaids in play, he wouldn't be able to drain her life points as easily because she could boost them up to more than what she started with… but he didn't dare to want to deactivate his Gravity Bind trap…
“I've got to find a way to get those mermaids off the field…” he thought to himself.
Davis: “I activate POT OF GREED so I draw two cards…!”
Sam's thoughts: “I don't like that look in his eyes. What's he got now…?”
Davis: “This monster clenches everything for me… I summon forth ULTIMATE BASEBALL KID…!”
(Atk: 500)
Sam was most confused at what Davis hopped to achieve with that monster. “Wait… don't tell me…”
Davis smirked at her, “You catch on fast, and the answer is yes… Baseball kid does have an effect, and very powerful one at that. See… except for himself, for every fire type monster that's out on the field at all, my monster gains 1000 attack points…”
Sam almost jumped out of her spy suit, Davis had four fire monsters on the field, which meant his Baseball kid instantly gained 4000 points just like that…!”
(Atk: 4500)
Sam: “Whoa… talk about power...!”
Davis: “Now then… I think it's time that I retook control of things…! Ultimate Baseball Kid… attack the Cure Mermaid on the right…!”
(Atk: 4500) VS (Atk: 1500)
Sam: “Ah…! Activate Trap…! GIFT OF THE MYSTICAL ELF…!”
Davis: “What…?”
Sam: “Now I can quickly gain 300 life points for every monster on the field…!”
SCORE:(Sam: 7350/ Davis: 5700)
“Now I can take the damage safely…!”
SCORE:(Sam: 4350/ Davis: 5700)
Davis: “Whatever… I still have my ways. Like this… I can send Inferno to the graveyard and Baseball kid's other ability causes you to lose 500 life points…”
Sam: “Ah…!”
SCORE:(Sam: 3850/ Davis: 5700)
Davis: “Now I'll end my turn, and my three Solar Flare Dragons will drain you another 1500.”
SCORE:(Sam: 2350/ Davis: 5700)
“That ends my turn, but next turn you'll be finished…! I swear on it!”
Sam was in quite the predicament now. even though with a Fire monster now off the field, The Ultimate Baseball kid lost 1000 of it's attack power, leaving it with 3500… but neither of Sam's monsters had that kind of power, and even if it did, she still couldn't attack. Even if she could, destroying the Baseball kid would deal her 500 points of damage, and she couldn't get rid of the three Solar Flare Dragons…
What was she going to do? What could she do? Was Davis' anger and rage really get the better of her…?
To Be Continued